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    Highlight: [GER] POST SCRIPTUM! Squad greift an! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/266792019


    We are going online!

    Hello guys, I just wanted to let you know, i am streaming squad since kickstarter and post scriptum. The Channel is 18+ https://www.twitch.tv/david_armstrong1988 A11.1 British Soldier Gameplay down below (GER) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/264766710 POST SCRIPTUM BRITISH SQUADLEADER GAMEPLAY: HOW TO!? - ALMOST FULL ENGLISH LANGUAGE! You should start from 6 minutes... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/266174621 Greetings David
  5. [solved] Founder Skin

    Thank you VERY MUCH! Cheers Dave
  6. [solved] Founder Skin

    Hello i bought squad for 70$ on kickstarter, i should get the founder skins. But i don't recive them. How to activate it? And where can i get it? Greetings Dave
  7. Polish Steam Group for Squad

    Siema and Hello, If you from Poland and also have the game Squad, feel free to join our small Steam group. It is small at this moment, but who knows, maybe we will grow and someday we will size all of the servers. No... for real, :) if you play squad and you speak polish, join us and let the americans show how the real GROM is fighting. We have also a teamspeak server and we are also planing to get a own Squad server after the release of this game. C you and narka! Armstrong, Silna reka :) https://steamcommunity.com/groups/squadgamepl
  8. Closed Alpha Version 2 Announcement

    This is so great! This game was worth its money... I love your progress, its not like the other pre-alpha games which never comes out. Thanks for the kick from squad option. Now i feel like somebody was really taking it serious what i wrote on the forums. Very good developers. With Best Regards David
  9. 100 Man Server Feed Back

    Guys, its not very usefull if you just type something like this: ah i had 100 frames its fine.. Don't forget to let us know something about your game rig. It would be nice. With Best Regards David
  10. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Yes, Poland would be very nice too. Don't forget, Polish Army have very broad spectrum of own equipment. Like the BERYL http://remigiuszwilk.pl/plxxi/_plxxi_75.jpg or MSBS Kickass assaultrifle
  11. VOIP - local can be hear by enemy

    This is a nice suggest. I like it too.
  12. VOIP - local can be hear by enemy

    Hello, I have a suggestion. What do you think about this: SUGGESTION 1: The local VOIP transmission (default V), can be also heared by the enemy nearby (from 0 to 10 meters distance)? SUGGESTION 2: This is real hardcore. You can hear the enemy when they talking nearby on every channel (Squadcom, Leadcom, local - from 0 to 10 meters distance)? My opinion this would have a great impact on the tactical gameplay. Like in the real world, you must to be quiet to not give your position away. If your enemy is loud, than you have a better chance to localize and neutralize them. This system already exists in ArmA. I don't say that i don't like the VOIP System we have at this moment. It's just a suggestion and i also know its not easy to do. With Best Regards David

    Yes, the northern one. What do you think about this place?

    Hey there, a votekick would be usefull too. And for the muted players, there could be a Radio button like in BF2 or PR but with this commands, follow me, attack, defend, and cycle with all directions to choose, like enemy N, NE and so on... I don't know, maybe it was really a bad place to build a FOB. Watch screen below. But however it was, thats not the reason to insult somebody like this and scream over VOIP and teamkill. Good to know that this player RossyRaider, is a good known SL. This shows how really bad, players with more game expierence can be. He was the worst of them, he called me a german pig, troll, i have to sell the game etc. And he teamkilled me several times. I was not able to tell him to calm down, because he was screaming at me whole the time. I agree with you, i should practice and listen to players with more expierience, but only when they talking like normal human. Because it still just a videogame. http://i.imgur.com/2VwnCtT.jpg The thunders outside don't let me sleep. :) I hope i will fall asleep this time. With Best Regards David

    Hello again, I have read both of your posts, so let me tell you some last words before i go to sleep. I am not about to cry about that situation which was happened to me. I am about to give my feedback and to sugguest an option to solve problems like this in the future. Because i am not the only one who just started to play this game. There are more new players which are insulted for playing like they want, not like the "old community" wants to. I don't care about this old players, when they don't like the way new players playing, than they should make a brake. Maybe they are taking this game to serious. The only interesting thing for me is, to be able to avoid situations like this with the game features like squadkick or muting. I just don't want to listen how somebody insults me in english, calling german pig etc. while i have my headphones off and my speakers on, disturbing the whole gameplay. With Best Regards and Good Night David