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  1. Virtual_Buddy Entertainment

    CAF Squadleader gameplay Maybe you guys think that i am an unfriendly asshole. I think i'm not. Maybe i take the game a way to serious. But this is what this game is about. War - is serious. Immersion is very important for me when playing Squad. So i always try to infect others with my passion and play together taking it very serious. I hope you understand this type of gaming.
  2. Let me know iwhat you think of my noob content <3

    i can only say wow dude, awesome graphics. I don't know how you have recorded it, but the quality is awesome. I love the contrast and the graphics quality. How ever, when i record with OBS and later on edit the videos with Da Vinci Resolve it doesn't looks like the video that you have. I have poor resolution and not such a nice contrasts. Can you maybe be give me some advise how to get better quality? Is the contrast coming from your graphicals settings or is this edited feature of some program? Not only the quality in your videos is nice. I love how you edited the sniper kills with zoom in. You can add me on steam and be my sniper. Davai za mnoj atakowac wraziski pazicjo pacan. I am from Europe, Germany. It's not a noob content
  3. Virtual_Buddy Entertainment

    My unrated Horror "Movie". Subscribe if you enjoyed it.
  4. Virtual_Buddy Entertainment

    Today i had a little more time, not to only edit videos, but also to play. So i tried the new alien mod out. Want to show some respect to the dev which created it! I do highly recommend this! if the other players are acting, it creates an amazing atmosphere. https://clips.twitch.tv/GracefulColdbloodedVultureFailFish
  5. Squad VR

    Yea, i know the video from youtube. I know they removed that option. Also because of the ability of looking behind corners (?) <--- maybe this is wrong. My friend told me so.
  6. Squad VR

    Hello, Please don't kill me if someone already asked this question, i was not able to find anything about it. So let me ask, will Squad someday support VR headsets? Or can we fund such a project on kickstarter? What do you think about it? I mean, VR is really ready already. There is a game like onward. But it's not the same as the KING OF PVP - Squad. We could wait until Squad is done, with helicopters, new factions etc. And then you guys, OFFWORLD INDUSTRIES, you could open a new project on kickstarter. Transfer from Squad vanilla to VR shoudn't be that difficult. EDIT: (Is this difficult?) Let's say we could fund 50 to 100 $, so you would be able to invest in more marketing for both games. Let's discuss about it. Greetings Dave
  7. Virtual_Buddy Entertainment

    Aftermath, if you destroy or kill someone, it has an effect on the future. Enjoy!
  8. Virtual_Buddy Entertainment

    New almoust 12 minutes of pure action from Squad. It was a lot of work to put all together. Enjoy!
  9. Virtual_Buddy Entertainment

    Hey guys, i finished my second action video with some retro gameplay from squad. Enjoy!
  10. Flavor's YouTube Time

    Thank you for shering.
  11. Squad Gore Mod

    Thank you, i will join it on tomorow. I have samsung evo m2 ssd
  12. Virtual_Buddy Entertainment

    Not a music video this time, but 5 h squad gameplay. If you want to see action go to 00:19:00 min, because the first round was senseless.
  13. Squad Gore Mod

    Hey guys, after a failed vote poll on squad gore, i decided to put the hands on myself. I would like to create this mod. So everybody who whishes to use it will be able to upload it on his server. There is a little little problem. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to modding. So it would be really helpfull if someone would write a roadmap for me, to learn all of the processes to create such mod. What I know is, I need steam sdk to create a mod. But at this moment I don't know where I have to start. I can imagine that I have to use my photoshop skills to create a blood decal. And I also know that I have to learn scripting to allow the game load the decals if xyz happens... Like I said, I don't know where or how to start. Which format for the decals is needed and I don't know if I am able to edit and add textures in sdk. If you are a skilled and patient teacher, it would be awesome if you would write a roadmap for lessons for me. I need only a list. For an example, learn how to edit textures, learn how to copy textures, learn how to add textures. And how to write a script to activate the textures for all models in the game. Is this roadmap ok so far? Share your experience. At the very beginning I would like to edit the gun wounds which we already have in squad. Where can I find it?