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  1. What Kind Of Ai Would You Want?

    Just tried again and can't find which server it is. Maybe it was a temporary ban? I'll let you know if I find it though. Still clueless as to whats going on, which is kind of annoying
  2. What Kind Of Ai Would You Want?

    Funny thing, I finally managed to get everything installed. Played ONE game in which I accidentally fired an anti-tank launcher at a bmp on my own side. Got immediately banned from the only server that seems populated when I'm able to play. So erm.. yeah, thats a good start isn't it.
  3. What Kind Of Ai Would You Want?

    Hey all, new to the forums and the project (I found it via a few videos by BlueDrake I watched on youtube believe it or not). Love the PR gameplay I've seen, although I've not been able to try it out yet and I'm wondering if its going to suck up too much time if I get into it. I'm an AI programmer by background and an indie game programmer in my spare time. I also teach game development at a University and do AI research. Anyhow I was thinking of working on some AI toolsets for Unreal Engine and wanted to find a few different types of AI to work on with the tools I develop. I was thinking of at some point doing an AI pack or some such for the Unreal Engine marketplace. You can see my current AI tutorial videos for Unreal Engine up on youtube (under the name zoombapup). It struck me as I was visiting the site earlier that it'd be interesting to get some feedback here on the forums about the kind of feature set an AI toolset would need to have in order for it to be useful for a squad shooter such as this. So here I am I just wanted to ask the developers and community of their needs for an AI in a game such as this? I've played plenty of FPS games and the usual suspects like Arma etc. But I've never really seen anything in a game where people didn't just think it was stupid. So I'm asking you guys in the community, what would an AI need to do to NOT look stupid? Would you be interested in more civilians in order to flesh out the world, or would you like AI combatants (if they presumably weren't quite so retarded). Quite a few of my friends in the game AI community work on AI for military simulations, so I've got a good feel for the types of architectures I need to implement to have feature parity with them (there's a guy called Kevin Dill who used to work for LockHeed Martin and RockStar games that keeps banging on about using Dual Utility reasoning in his work, so I'm implementing that this week to test some ideas out there and do tutorials for my students). For those interested, here's a few papers by Kevin: http://elearning.bolton.ac.uk/file.php/10220/Kevin_Dill_GAIA_article_10_23_18_kp.pdf http://elearning.bolton.ac.uk/mod/resource/view.php?id=292219 http://elearning.bolton.ac.uk/mod/resource/view.php?id=292221 (not sure if those last two are publicly available, as I've uploaded them to my class's website). My personal research background is in character acting and animation and "believable" agents that I term "digital actors". So I'm actually more interested in player perceptions of agents than this tools stuff, but I'm writing the tools anyway to support my research and maybe earn a few quid from the Unreal Engine developer crowd along the way. I'd really like to make some AI tools that are actually mod-capable for the game community too. So things like allowing external editing of response curves and the like seem like a good idea. Has anyone seen any GOOD AI toolset for a game like this? Overall, just wanted to say Hi! and I wish you luck with the game! Phil.