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  1. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Some videos from the range. Mk14 Mod0 https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZAuNJlvAhzcLQpMn2 Mk23 https://photos.app.goo.gl/jQ3KiXrT6uaAwgtT2 M590A1 https://photos.app.goo.gl/Y0zFWGa62CzfO8eo1 Fog of War https://photos.app.goo.gl/GYq1JFsrxO9r6uqd2
  2. Special Forces

    Your sarcasm senses should be tingling. But it is rather ironic that a squad based game adds air and land warfare without liason or means to coordinate forces, don't you think?
  3. Special Forces

    Suppressors are not just SF equipment. The M110 comes with the suppressor and is designed to be used by regular infantry. Special Forces in Squad would not make sense. Everyone seems to be special already. And the militia/insurgent forces are very special, indeed. They have beards, no dress code and play with explosives. However, with air forces in Squad, there needs to be eyes on the ground for coordinating air traffic and communicating 9liners. Imagine every SL requesting priority CAS or MedEvac. In the end, it is a matter of hierarchy and command structure. Someone needs to be more special than the others to plan the grand scheme of manslaughter and logi-madness.
  4. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Yeah, that is black Stingray hide. The grips are Cocobolo wood. Nothing too fancy, but the pattern and mosaic checkering make it look great with the damascus pattern.
  5. The obligatory gunporn thread

    My latest addition, she's now all mine
  6. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Yeah, compared to the Trijicon glass, the Elcan does not stand out (also price-wise). However, they offer some additional features the ACOG does not or only with additional weight (RMR for example). Tenders are always sketchy. Most of the time the cheapest product wins, not the best for the job. Since I only have user testimonals, I can not comment on the actual features, or lack of, for the KAC products. They are unobtainium over here anyways. I only shot with snipers from A-Teams. They were using LaRue OBRs and Rem MSRs. You are right, it always depends on what you want and what you actually need.
  7. The obligatory gunporn thread

    It's funny you'd prefer the KAC rifle over the HK one. I am not a big fan of the HK417 per se, but the KAC was replaced for a reason in the Special Forces. I've spoken to a few who were quite unhappy with both the SR25 and M110 and eyed the fellow (German) shooters with their G28s DMRs. However, their field of use differs from yours I assume. The SCAR is a nice rifle, if you like plastic. Works as intended, though and that is the main criteria. If you got the dough, the Elcans are nice. 1-6x, red dot and backup sights in one bullet proof package. And it would suit the SCAR just perfectly. Other than that, I am biased by european brands like S&B and Kahles. Using a S&B on my long range rifle and only heard good first hand experience from the Kahles scopes (military branch of Swarovski). On my DMR I've got the ACOG TSN01. Works well to 800m with .223Rem and has the proper hold-overs with 63grs although I am using an 18" barrel compared to the 14.5" the M4 the scope was build for. As for mounts, I am a Spuhr fanboi. He's a good pal.
  8. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Long time since I posted on these forums. No time to play any games in the last few months... Glad the thread is going on. Here is something special, a pal will bring it back when he returns from the US.
  9. Sniper Rifles

    I understand your reasoning, Angry Mexicans. Squad is a small scale infantry combat game. Currently testing 100 player servers. Let's assume it will be 50 vs 50 players in a regular infantry engagement or any balance in an asymmetric scenario (eg 20 / 80 or 30 / 70). There will be vehicles and aircraft eventually. Latter will give one side a definite advantage (air superiority). To keep up to the "Team play" first credo of Squad, there will be alot ot logistics involved to make that happen. You can not expect the Pilots to chat on the same channel as the infantry squad leaders and tank commanders. You will definitely need hierarchy. The commander will issue commands to his RTOs to organize the air/ground/mobilized branch individually. This reduces the player number significantly. If the devs do not add hierarchy, Squad will be chaotic and less tactical than CoD. Good, brief and straight forward communication is a KEY element for success (having played ArmA in large scale mil-sim events as a JTAC or Sniper/Spotter for years). Since this thread is about sniper rifles and basically snipers using those scoped rifles, there needs to be some high command who is coordinating with the air force, (mech.) infantry unit and armoured unit commander. Even if we drop the high command and let the three individual commanders try to plan ahead in cooperation, the infantry commander has to issue commands through the respective channels. The sniper team, depending on the nation, is either part of the infantry unit deployed (Russia) or operating independently (USA and Insurgents). That means the commander is giving out tasks like reconnaissance, (hard) target interdiction or discriminating fire/targets of opportunity. From that point on, the sniper squad will report to the units they leave the wire with or are operating with and might report to higher echolons should the need arises (eg. tanks approaching an light infantry unit) et cetera. In this case snipers are more or less a liason team, negotiating their recon data with the respective branch, not necessarily engaging enemy units. Integrated into a squad, like designamed marksmen, it is easier for the squad leader to issue commands, since those troops only report to one guy. They are not moving on their own ahead or afar from the unit, they are not even equipped for those tasks (usually no secondary long gun, instead using a variable power scope or backup sight for short/mid range engagements) All this can not be "forced" by a game, it is the player picking up that kit, who needs to know what a sniper/spotter does and what not. If the player does not participate in communication, he is useless, just like any grunt in the front line units. My concern would be the aircraft and vehicles, since they need to be coordinated separately from infantry. There won't be 20 aircraft (depending on their implementation, one helicopter is not manned with a single pilot), and there won't be many tanks on the ground. But those units can wreck havok in short time, even friendly fire is more likely if not used correctly. The number of players chosing tanks and aircraft without a clue how to use them might be even higher than those picking sniper kits. At least from my experience. An aircraft alone can not work without ground crew telling them where the enemy is and how the pilot can egress. Snipers are not the issue, the player is. Depending on how the developers manage to cater to the niche player group, they are either great assets to the them or simply waste of time for anyone on the battlefield. Same is true for vehicles. :D
  10. Sniper Rifles

    The engagement range for moving targets is way less than what people think. Most military snipers do not go for head shots past 400 or 600m, depending on conditions and caliber. Hitting moving targets at the distance does not make it easier. Most of the times, static targets are picked off, you need some patience to wait for the right moment (and weather conditions). In some cases you have to take the shot regardless because either your allies or non combatants are in danger. Sniping is not the Hollywood galore most people think sniping is. It is basically waiting for the enemy to show up, call in the movement and watch the Air Force or Artillery take care of your problem. With modern deployments there are many targets of opportunity, careless wandering insurgents/terrorists, detected ambushers or hiding troops waiting to attack the ground units from roof tops, windows or behind walls. Sniper rifles are just a tool for a role that does not use that tool much. For gaming sake, most games take away the observation duties and only keep the "action" part. Sniper rifles do not make the user a sniper, the sniper makes the rifle a sniper tool. And since this can not be enforced in a game, sniper rifles, as much as I love to use them (irl and in games) need to be carefully implemented. Without wind, advanced ballstics or other "challenges" besides lag and latency, they do not improve the game play for others. If you have a private server where you can play with your buddies, sniping can be extremely fun and at the same time scary for the receiving end. You can not stroll around in the open, you can not enjoy the landscape through a window or wait behind a wall for the enemy to show up. You will need to think before you move. This would slow down the pace of Squad significantly, but people do not care for tactics, they care for kills and victories. Their lives are not worth much, a ticket a time, so why should they bother? The same is true for medics, but this is a different story.
  11. Sniper Rifles

    With mods coming for Squad, expect good coverage on Snipers and the like. Heck, if I could mod in Unreal, I would. I did mods for ArmA, Söldner, SWAT4 to give it an authentic aspect. Squad as a game is not suited for a sniper kit as long as there are no proper ways of dealing with long range fire. Imagine a Syria scenario, where everyone plays sniper until a RPG or tank shell shows up in your window. With tanks or armoured vehicles, snipers are less of an issue. However, Squad is an infantry based team game. Sniper/Spotter teams are independant and therefore not really practical in Squad. If you want to play Sniper, try ArmA 3 with ACE and TFAR. None of the so called "sniper" games are actually worth a cent. They mistake Snipers with one-man armies and observation is hardly required. Sniping only is fun, if you fire a precise shot after calculating a fire solution based on weather and atmospheric conditions, range, target movement, incline and magnus force (coriolis usually reduces one hit propability). If a game does not support any of this, it is a mere point and click and will be abused by anyone thinking K/D brings bragging rights.
  12. Sniper-Spotter

    I understand why the developers are not introducing the sniper/spotter kits in the near future. There are always issues with these types of classes, although I highly suggest to add them at some point. The game is team oriented and can not force players to play as a team. This issue won't be solved with Squad. Not allowing snipers to be part of the experience would remove any authenticity from a full scale battlefield. With vehicles the sniper is not the problem anymore. You can easily abuse any vehicle to ruin teamplay or rack up your kill count. And be honest, K/D is always an issue. Usually it is game over, when the latter is >0. Since the game has only simple ballistics, the feel of the game will be more of a CS than an ArmA/ACE. This however will make sniping a no-brainer and indeed unbalanced. You won't have to think before taking the shot, there are no situations where precise sniper fire is out of the question or simply not feasible. Project Reality had snipers and simple ballistics, too. So there is no reason not to add this special kit later. There are many ways to try and "force" sniper/spotter into team players. But in the end, every kit will be abused if it has advantages over others. This leads to balancing and balancing leads to unauthentic gameplay in favour for teamplay. There are many games that balanced snipers to a point where the term is hardly appropriate. In this case, I would not want to see any long range kit in Squad. Since only a small number of players will and can play as a sniper/spotter, adding special features for these kits to be beneficial for the team is not high on the devs to-do list. I admit I did not play Squad for a long time now, because it feels too much like a shooter and not like a tactical game. It is too fast paced and lacks key features that will be added at some point. I might even wait for "hardcore" mods, but the idea behind Squad is great why I backed the game. I hardly contribute to the discussions on these forums and only post from time to time. Sniper/Spotter topics are one of those rare occasions, since I know a thing or two about what makes a sniper a sniper and not just a guy with a scoped rifle. Sadly, most games just add long range rifles without any means to make them a force multiplier for the rest of the team. What do you need a high powered scope for, when you only look for the next "kill"? What does camouflage do for the rest of your team, when you just keep firing at targets and not communicating enemy movements? How do you make these aspects rewarding in a game? This will be the difficult part for the developers to implement without investing too much time into a single kit.
  13. The obligatory gunporn thread

    The PPS is the cheapest build Walther pistol and we talked a friend out of buying a PPS or a SFP9. He bought the PPQ M2 Navy with a non-threaded barrel instead and is quite happy with it. I shot it today on the range, so i have hands-on experience. I also shot other Walther pistols, the PPS, as well as the HK SFP9, were made for the US market. Sounds offending, but they try to compete in the cheap Glock handgun sector. But a Glock still seems to be made to a higher standard. It is not a disliking of the gun as such, it just feels really cheap, the plastic has no quality "feel" to it and was build for a low budget market. With my (obviously polemic) post, I just want you to consider other options to have a good carry gun. While weight is alsways an issue, quality and durability are, for me, more important. I own an HK Mk23 (which can be seen in my first post or below). The next handgun will be a custom 1911 (picture in this thread). I am still in Germany. A "Waffenschein" is used for carry guns, but rarely permitted. We have so called Waffenbesitzkarten (firearms ownership permits) which allow you to own guns, but not carry them. There are different kinds, yellow, green and red permits. First is needed for bolt action long guns, single shot rifles and single shot shotguns, the green one is for semi-automatic weapons, handguns and pump-action shotguns. The red card is the most difficult to obtain. Either as a collector with a siginificant historical collection (mostly old weapons before WW2, highly resticted scope of firearms you can obtain). The red permit is also for an firearms authority and scientific researcher. I have the first two, and the last one is currently being processed. To obtain the first two permits you have to be either a hunter (you will receive the green one) or a competitive shooter (so you can obtain yellow and/or green, depending on the weapons you want). There are restrictions for all permits in numbers, length, calibers...quite complicated gun laws in Germany.
  14. The obligatory gunporn thread

    The PPS is a cheap POS. Sorry to put it that way. The HK SFP9 is the same crap. If single stack is your number one priority, there are better quality options. For me it would be a 1911.