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  1. Found my limit, for player names

    Baaawwwwww they hurt my feelings I should stop playing Stop playing video games, trolls and kids are common, you should already know that.
  2. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    Same, I just don't see why ( oh yes, money ? ) and how Squad could be ported to consoles.
  3. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    I 360 noscoped someone in Squad once.
  4. What guns would people like in the game

    *Fn Mag58/M240 *IMI Uzi *FN FAL *Handheld DSHK, just beacause *Perhaps a SCAR-H, but I've more interest in "old" pre-war automatic rifles
  5. Thoughts on good SL'ing

    I barely ever play SL, but if it can helps here's what I like about a SL ( sorry for my English, it's not so good :P ) : -A lot of communication. Not only from the SL, but from every member of the squad. SL should asks feedback from the squad members to have a good situation awareness and make the right decisions. -Medics are crucial, SLs should encourage people to get the role. Tell the guys to not give up too quickly, try to make new RP as you advance. -Motivate your troops, even little things like "good try", "well done medic", .... Personally it keeps me going, even If I must follow a more "boring" order like waiting for a while on a position to guard and watch just in case the enemy might shows up, I don't really care much If I'm feeling useful. -Have some kind of plan right at the beginning. Brief your guys on what you want do to, what kits you would like them to take. Do we go on a more offensive stance at first ? Are we going to build and defend FOB to help the others squad progress ? -Accept/discuss suggestions from other players. That means they just want to help you and so help the whole squad taking the right path to victory. -Keep in touch with the other SLs, it might help getting good infos of what's going on and help on decide on what do to next. Just my 2 cents tough. I feel like being a SL in Squad is pretty much the same as in PR. I'm curious to see how it's going to be to coordinate with vehicle support. It was quite frustrating to see armored group going to their little hunting and not supporting the infantry trying to push in PR.
  6. I loved Joint Ops, I liked the Delta Force games. Now Squad is closer to PR, wich I loved too. I enjoy Squad a lot now, I think you should give it a try. The price might be high for an Alpha but I think It's useful so COD kiddies lose interest in this game. :lol: The community is really good, there is usually a lot of teamplay. Personal skills with your gun won't save you anyway, if you don't coordinate with everyone you'll get slaughtered.