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  1. Memory Could Not Be Written?

    I don't use Sweet FX and get the same error. Just started with the last update.
  2. Noneed2hate here

    Welcome to the forums. Had a good time playing last night with you in the 303rd server. "Git Gud".
  3. Looks like snow

    Much better.
  4. Looks like snow

    This .jpeg makes my antivirus go off. And will not open the picture. Time;Scanner;Object type;Object;Threat;Action;User;Information;Hash2/5/2016 1:04:52 PM;HTTP filter;file;http://www.win32-alerts-found.com;HTML/FakeAlert.BMtrojan;connection terminated It says the URL is HTTPS//www.spywareremove.com/images/2012/christmas-new-years-hackers-scam-online.jpgIP adress
  5. Squad at PAX

    Pax East is 15 min from my house I'm game. Come to Pax East to meet the Squad Team, Stay for the Squad bar crawl!
  6. Headsets

    I recommend the Turtle beach Z-60's. They are 7.1 and have two volume controls. One for game audio and one for Teamspeak, Ventrilo etc which allows you to turn the volume down when the Teamspeak chatter gets loud. It does not control in game comms which you should be using! They sound great and have nice bass response for a set of headphones. They are on sale and I just bought a second pair as a backup. http://www.turtlebeach.com/product-detail/pc-headsets/ear-force-z60/496
  7. Come join us in Fool's Road Rumble on the River scrimmage match.

    I was on last night and had a great time, looking forward to it again. This time we need to reinforce the bunker before we move on to attack like the other side did. :)
  8. Will Mods Ruin The Game?

    The thing about mods is the good ones will rise to the top like PR did in BF2 and look where we are now. :)
  9. Come join us in Fool's Road Rumble on the River scrimmage match.

    Damn I missed it. Is that the part of the river we explored the other night after the server went down?
  10. Will Mods Ruin The Game?

    Now that's funny!
  11. Get rid of Grenade Launcher already

    I seen one and that was at least two weeks ago.
  12. Music!

    This And this band which I just heard of. Thanks for the tip MVPiet13!
  13. New WW2 films to br released

    Yep Amazon only. It's a great show btw.
  14. Serpentine! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2_w-QCWpS0
  15. I loved to make maps in DF2 and BHD.