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  1. Backer Tag Redeem!

    I followed the steps in another thread i made. Now it works. At least i saw the skins in the game options when i started a few minutes ago. Didn't play yet. Danke
  2. Cannot see ingame Skin options

    I tried to go onto a server and went into the options, there i saw the skin options for a second... but the option disappeared pretty quick. Whats wront here?
  3. Hello guys, finally I am looking forward to get the ingame Skins for the founders/Squad leader edition to work. I have redeemed the codes for Music and the SL Perks on steam and theyre listed on my Squad. In my Steam inventory i have 7 Items from squad. Founder Badge, Squad Leader Badge, 3 M4A1 Skins and 2 AK74 Skins. On another thread somebody wrote to delete all game files from steam and delete the Squad folder in %appdatalocal% (not sure if it was exactly this link, but anyway, i deleted the folder in the correct path) and re-downloaded all gamefiles and installed Squad again. I went into the came to settings and game options, but there was still nothing to select... What am I doing wrong? As you can see, my steam account is linked to this forum aswell. But I am not sure if i linked it before i redeemed the squad leader perks... I wanna hear from you, Michael
  4. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Just testing if it works for me... dont have the skins etc. in steam. Got Squad Leader perks activated on steam
  5. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Hey Guys, my PR name is Scorpac. Playing since 0.4. Good old times. Usually I try to claim the C.A.S Squad. Usually i fly Trans or play as Grenadier, Sniper or Marksman. On the NEW, NwA or PRTA Server. Had a few breaks for about 2 months each. Glad to see so many PR vets in Squad. I hope the flight engine will be way more realistic than in PR.