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    Fund it. Do you need any admins?
  2. Thank you so much for the offer! I have also turned the sample rate down to 0.0 from the beginning. Yes i had done that. I just updated to the newest GPU drivers so I will report back within a few hours of gameplay.
  3. My specs: i7 4790K @ stock, evga gtx970ssc, 16gb ram. So like the title states. On Foolsroad I get NASTY FPS drops while IN hilltop encampment and the moment i get on the hillside of the fortress i drop from 70fps down to 3fps. And this is while i am looking in the general direction of the two. If i look the other way while on the hillside my FPS goes back to normal. Also on other maps not stated I would get fps drops when i look in ONE certain direction i drop from 70-80fps down to 20-15fps This never happened before until the most recent update. Does anyone have any idea? I have already tried turning hyperthreading off, cleared cache settings in game and restarted, turned audio quality from epic to low. All AA is off. Running borderless. Shadows is on low while the others are on high. The off/on's are all off while Eye Adaptation is ON. I have also deleted the appdata ssquad folder.

    @LaughingJack woah woah woah, i have an i7 4790"K" what is wrong with the K's?
  5. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    Does anyone know any possibility as to why I drop fps from 70fps~ down to 3~5fps when I look in certain directions? This all just started to happen after the most recent update. I7 4790k @ stocksettings GTX970ssc 16gb ram
  6. Backer Tag Redeem!

  7. PR: WW2 Beta

    I keep crashing every time on connect to a server :( I have even reinstalled and still no joy. Fml
  8. Crash on launch based on MSVCR120.dll error on Windows 7

    I honestly have no clue. I think i have read too many performance hits on the 970gtx for win10 and have been turned off from it. Also my friend was saying that win10 screwed up his laptop. Anyways. I have 16gb RAM @1866 with timing of 9-10-9-28
  9. Crash on launch based on MSVCR120.dll error on Windows 7

    Wow ok i thought i had installed SP1 on on my pc but i guess i did not. Windows update popped up saying Sp1 is waiting to be installed. Well that fixed my problem. Thanks CanadianBacon92 and ChanceBrahh for your help.
  10. Crash on launch based on MSVCR120.dll error on Windows 7

    Ok so i did a clean install with x86 and when i click on Squad it says i need C++ 2013 runtime. I just installed x86 lol...
  11. Crash on launch based on MSVCR120.dll error on Windows 7

    ok damn. So i restarted and installed the x64 and it did not work as well. I will uninstall and try justs x86
  12. Crash on launch based on MSVCR120.dll error on Windows 7

    Actually i installed the x64 version. Once that did not work i then installed the x86. So both of them are installed right now. IM gunna uninstall both.
  13. Hey all. So i followed the trouble shoot for this error. I had already installed teh C++ before extracting Squad. Once extracted to my desktop in a folder i then launched it and got an immediate crash. So i uninstalled C++. Rebooted. Reinstalled C++ and still crahed on startup of squad. Any other ideas? I had squad working on my previous build no problem Spec: Windows 7 Ult. 64 i7 4790k 970Gtx Asus z97-AR mobo