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  1. Normandy Map

    Been real busy with schoolwork for an important semester at uni these past couple months. Will be getting back to the map soon
  2. Normandy Map

  3. Normandy Map

    havent been able to make a ton of progress these past couple weeks due to work but wanted to make a quick vid showing the Normandy map's current state. https://streamable.com/2oc0 pardon the music if youre not feeling it haha
  4. Normandy Map

    No momentous progress to report on but progressing slowly on the map nonetheless
  5. Normandy Map

    yep definitely give that a shot and see how it looks
  6. Normandy Map

    Thanks for the feedback man and no offense taken at all! I agree completely, at the moment it looks like something out of a "Spring Bunker Catalog" or something lol. Everything including the model is definitely still WIP. Definitely expect the bunkers to feel more authentic, weathered, and lived in by final release
  7. Normandy Map

    Some bunker hype
  8. Normandy Map

    I agree the WM erosion can look out of place but once Ive started populating the map with vegetation, Im happy with how the landscape looks
  9. Normandy Map

    Some more images of the map so far
  10. Normandy Map

    Finally done with Finals and situated back home from college with my PC. I am starting an actual 4kmx4km map, everything up to this point has been practice and seeing what I can do with the current assets. The first 4km map I tackle will be based off the omaha beach sectors and surrounding inland. I won't be going for 1:1 historical or geographical accuracy to make things easier on myself but will be going for as authentic a map as I can. Here are some early images of the beach and some trenches up the beach.
  11. Normandy Map

    Im happy to announce going forwards this map will be made in collaboration with and especially for the Fallen Heroes WW2 mod for squad. Ive finally got a bit of time this weekend to hop back on the SDK and cant wait to work on some new stuff. For now just want to share these additional reference albums I put together to share the landscapes and environments I hope to emulate in my map. http://imgur.com/a/G1LoH http://imgur.com/a/DdiSE Also wanted to share this quote from Stephen Ambrose in regards to the hedgerow fighting that dominated inland Normandy
  12. Normandy Map

    UPDATE some early morning fog shows off nicely the new cliffs of Normandy and vegetation i've been working with
  13. Normandy Map

    Correct, as stated in my original post, that beach pic is not mine haha, It is however a beautiful example of the types of environments and feel I hope to recreate in this map.
  14. Normandy Map

    Yeah Im hoping eventually I can create a set of modular building parts and prefabs more fit for the area, the barn and walls shown above are just the beginning
  15. Snailer's Foot Tracks v0.2

    Very nice work man! And done in so little time! SDK has been out under a week and were already seeing tons of awesome stuff out of the community, can't wait to see where wel be even just a couple months down the road.