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  1. *Purple Screen on Startup*

    Yeah cheers buddy. Its not a hardware issue as far as I can tell. no other issues with other games. First time with SQUAD. Solid purple screen, no artifacts. can move my mouse around and hear my cursor luckily/randomly cross over some parts of the main menu screen, but like I said before, cannot see anything other than purple. Audio is working flawlessly.
  2. *Purple Screen on Startup*

    Hey Guys, Just launched up Squad 5 minutes ago post update today for the first time and the game fires up to a purple screen with full working audio. tried verifying the game cache through steam. Nothing changed. Anyone else come across this Bug? i5 2500k GTX760
  3. Squad Leader Tactical Map..Suggestion/FIX

    Thanks for the feedback guys, and The Sgt.Ross for posting a reply :) Blitza, I hear you but I am in no means new to leading squads as I've been playing PR for years before SQUAD came out so I know how intuitive the SL controls can be when implemented to their greatest effectiveness. The very point that you can already rebind the tactical map which thankfully you can is a great addition, all I'm looking for is that when you rebind that key that the TAC menu can than be "hot dropped" by pressing the rebind again as it currently is with the default enter key. Even when you look at the default PR binds I rarely find anyone playing that hasn't done an extensive rebind of their controls to be more effective and cater to their style of play. Anyhow, very pleased to see this is being looked into. PS. the DEV team I'm sure is already aware of this, but there is a bug when you right click to place a marker/contact/move etc that doesn't allow you to complete or even click on it by having it cancel out or drop your action mid placement on the map. The only fix when this is happening is to hold your lmb down and drag it over marker. Thanks all!
  4. Hey guys love playing as squad leader and marking contacts,waypoints etc but having the default as the enter key I find clumsy personally and time consuming when your on the fly and in combat. You are able to rebind the key to a more useful and easy to reach key of your choice (THANK YOU) but when you rebind to a different key, unlike with the default enter key it does not quick drop the menu out of sight when you press the key again... which as you can imagine every second spent is crucial. Having to go and click the close button is time consuming and pushes me towards less marking on the map as a SL... Is a fix for this already in the works? Im sure it already is but I just wanted to mention anyhow... Side note- LOVING THE GAME SO FAR, THANK YOU DEVS!
  5. Do you slow walk?

    I would love to be able to move slower and with a steadier aim especially when assault and clearing CQB areas within the towns... I found when crouching or walking while ADS that it still felt too bumpy/jumpy and didn't quite accurately portray a trained soldier moving at a slow and steady pace But truth be told I have not used the walk function in its latest state since when it was first implemented.. so maybe its better now?
  6. Closed Alpha Announcement

    Fucking stoked for this chaps! Congratulations to all! My only question is that now that we will be introducing a much larger player base and 24/7 servers (YES) is there any ETA on when we will be able to expand server player cap? and what will you guys be running (player server cap) on release this Saterday? (friday for me ) Thanks for your time, and see you all this weekend!
  7. Where Are All My Canadian Brothers too?!

    British Columbia reporting in Brother!
  8. Calling directions

    At this point in the current build all these functions are still being added though, So until then. As said above, sticking together and speaking in local chat and making reference to terrain/objects is probably the best choice until further Squad leading and map functionality are added.
  9. Calling directions

    Personally when I squad lead in PR I find it most helpful as a squad leader when I have a Squad mate say " Contact my northwest" which gives me an opportunity to quickly hit -Capslock- and select that teammate and see his position and mark said location.
  10. PR. Constant checking map takes you out of the action

    I do agree that it is a bit of an immersion killer having to caps lock up the map or hit the map key constantly. But it is a undeniable tactical tool when it comes to coordination amongst Squads and simple geographic orientation. As a common ground between both those that praise and despise Project Reality's map implementation, I would love to see an in-game animation where the player actually pulls up a (tablet? type style i dunno?) device that incapacitates the players movement but allows the same functions as the PR map allows for SL and such. This could be a function for only squad leaders which could theoretically improve coordination and team work on a Inter-squad level or just have every soldier able to carry such "device". And I think it would also create a layer of tension and apprehension on spamming the "device" due to being incapacitated. my 2 cents... could be fun? could be shit? i dunno
  11. America's Army 2.5 Assist Anyone?

    Just discovered and re-lived some old AA action today thanks to this thread! cheers! will see you guys online.
  12. April 2015

    Looking amazing you guys! You are truly putting together the definitive and worthy spiritual successor to Project Reality that I have always dreamed of
  13. Scope(us) Vs No-scope(taliban)?

    Have to agree with all your points here mate. Well put. Korengal is one INS map that I dont go AFK for an entire round while I wait for AAS to undoubtedly return and that's entirely due to the above .
  14. Scope(us) Vs No-scope(taliban)?

    To say that Insurgency is the "most popular" and "played more often than not" is simply untrue. That would be obvious if you played the same embarrassing amount of hours a week of Project Reality as I do. But, with that being said, it points to my original concern (which has been revived thanks to these recent posts ) that I PERSONALLY wished that the Devs choose to showcase PR in its most voted/played form (AAS) conventional forces, as like one poster noted above^ its what keeps me coming back to PR week after week. Regardless though, shits gonna rock! side note -----> BRING ON THE ALPHA, I got Monies saved!!
  15. Scope(us) Vs No-scope(taliban)?

    Thank you everyone for your Responses. Yeah I agree to an extent, but I really think it comes down to the design of the map (Korengal for instance) and the coordination of the team to work together as INS/Unconventional Force which of course differs depending on whos online I have no doubts that it will be amazing and I cant wait to get my hands on it. Has the gameplay seen a significant change amongst the Devs/Testers since the addition of Sights?? Cant wait to see the next Highlight video, keep up the great work!