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  1. Feedback on the guy who gives out server licenses

    funny. He banned me on Discord. Wonder what will happen to him...
  2. Well it was balanced in PR that a Squad could revive itself because kits could be picked up and dropped. therefore a rifleman or someone else could pick up/switch kits with the doiwned medic and start picking ppl up. In the way I described, Medics still play the vital role in being able to be the only one who can revive and heal players back to full strength, but if he goes down (the medic) than the surviving squad mates can still salvage the situation by reviving the medic. Similar end game experience as to PR. If that messes with your "immersion" than chalk it up to the medic talking you through what your doing medically to him, Saving Private Ryan style.
  3. 1) nope, no 9 spawn counter, just the regular PR 60 second rally than disappears. We need to get away from these ****in permanent Rallys for **** sakes. 2) Yup. 50 Cal and above should be ID in my opinion. 3) AAS is fine. No first flag rushing rules are okay and enforced on some servers, but otherwise the AAS format works fine and having a Squad or element of your team rush a middle or advanced flag is a tactical decision that has both rewards and risk attached to it. 4) A Medical system like the one coming in from Athena Mod is ideal where you have a bleeding system that requires a medic to fully stop bleeding and only medics can revive, yet anyone can revive a medic. Literally any medic changes to Vanilla that emphasized medic importance and takes away reviving from everybody's arsenal would be a step in the right direction. 5) Infantry running speed should be decreased and a weight added back to the player, I agree. And instead of having a jogging animation kick in after you have exhausted your stamina I would appreciate if your character model would eventually slow to a walking pace if stamina is not allowed to refill, making tactical movement from cover to cover and managing your stamina a mindful decision.
  4. Rally Point Changes Needed

    I'll just leave this here. https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=149544
  5. Close Thread, no need to carry on. https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=149544
  6. Rally Point Changes Needed

    Fuzzhead has stated very recently (on another post, OWI Devs and Mods don't respond on my threads for fear of meeting reason head on?) that OWI will be testing changes to the spawning system, both Rally and Fobs in the upcoming play test versions. What those changes will be or when? Nobody knows because OWI has adapted this turtle like posture where they don't share anything upcoming with their community and color it as a surprise, when in reality all it feels like is the Dev's either don't know what they are planning or are afraid of the backlash from corners of the community on what they are planning. Either way, I'm thankful to hear that there will be further changes upcoming to Vanilla with regard to these mechanics, but I'm not gonna hold my breath until I see those changes happen. Fuzzhead and some other Devs have involved themselves at least peripherally in Squads more PR-like inspired mods (Athena and HBB) which hopefully has shown that there is both an appetite from Vanilla players as well as a viable way forward to transitioning SQUAD into a game that former PR Devs and players could be proud of.
  7. Rally Point Changes Needed

    Great Discussion Lads, Glad to see its sparking some conversation from both sides of the isle. I'm not holding my breath on seeing any of these changes take place in Vanilla Squad, as I would have expected the Dev's to have implemented the PR spawn mechanics by now and have already spent all this pre-1.0 release time having players adjust to the more tactical/challenging, yet extremely more satisfying game play. That being said, with B19 around the corner, there is a Mod being developed that I highly suggest you watch which is implementing both the FOB spawning and Rally spawning mechanics mentioned above. There is also a unique medic system that more closely mirrors Project Realitys bleeding/wounded state and puts the importance back into the medic class . That Mod is called "Athena" for those who are unaware of its existence, and they are waiting on B19 to release for public release and update of their Mod. Not that Modders should have to fix the game but that's sadly the reality in so many circumstances.
  8. Rally Point Changes Needed

    ^Supports me in everything except my most important/critical change. The Rally point should only be temporary because it represents an opportunity for your Squad to "rally" together after having a successful engagement where you have defeated the enemy and have sustained casualties that are Dead-Dead, or you have lost a firefight and your SL and enough Squad members have been able to escape and evade far enough from combat to piece together your squad again. Anything else, Permanent rally as it is now, 9 limit rally, or Buddy rally are all garbage examples that are essentially crutches for both attacking and defending Squads, whether in a firefight off the objective, or working on an objective itself, it makes no difference.
  9. Rally Point Changes Needed

    ^This. And yes, every point you made thereafter Nightingale87 is true, but I'm gonna continue to yell from the rooftops until I'm Banned on JoinSquad.com as well. It would be nice if the Dev's actually came out with a definitive stance and actually addressed the veering away from PR mechanics that were crucial to how a public Squad preformed and interacted with eachother and what they are planning to introduce or improve upon to fix or fulfill those missing components. Logistics for an example? Physical Crate system from PR being "improved upon" by instead having an invisible circle, no physical supplies represented being dropped off or depleted. Can someone from OWI explain to me how this is an improvement over PR's crate system?? Choosing how much ammo vs construction? Not worth the trade off in my opinion, and I'd imagine that sentiment is shared by many others. Rally Points... need I say more? Both the wave system and BR (which OWI have finally backtracked on) are current examples of how the Developers seem to have forgotten what game they are developing and who the majority of their founders were. I could go on and on for ****s sake.. HE damage, Ammo availability, Death, Medics and reviving, even marking contacts on the map have been made retard proof. It's all been dumbed down/broken or removed to be more forgiving for casual "pick up and go" players that OWI think don't have the time or patience to enjoy a slower more grounded PR like experience. But what is funny is that OWI have underestimated the overall webbing or structure of all those systems put together by PR Devs over the years that actually facilitate the game play you see between public players over the years in PR that you would hope to have emulated in SQUAD. When you have the ability for public players to join a squad, spawn over and over again with little penalty, keep the player "entertained" by constant action, which overtime becomes very drab, with little communication needed and barely any penalties for the individual player to play as a SQUAD or maintain their position on the map, than what you end up having is the often lackluster and unfulfilling game play we see today in Squad, which frankly just wont hold up over the long term as the learning curve for Squad leading and the tactics involved fall flat.
  10. Biggest issue facing Squad right now is its Permanent Rally, needs to be reverted to PR style rally to force squad mates and pub players to play and value their life/position on the map more than what the forgiving permanent rallies currently implemented. The currently damning Rally mechanic in Squad combined with Broken Fob overrun mechanic (see 30 meters) and an everybody is a medic/can revive approach has crippled the underlying framework that made public PR matches with strangers successful and a "SQUAD" like affair.
  11. How should armoured vehicles be used?

    Change the Rally so its not permanent (see mini-fob) and have one of the features of APC and INF working together be that when the SL places a Rally, if It is within 2x large map grid squares of an APC or IFV than it will remain operational and not disappear after 60 seconds as long as APC stays within those 2 grids near the Rally. This worked in PR nicely. And could be an easily explained feature through a manual, loading screen or boot camp scenario.
  12. Rally Point Changes Needed

    Seeing as the Rally point has/will always be a hot topic and have varying views on how it should be implemented, I assume the Devs have been vague on this front to allow feedback and ideas to flow while they consider which route to take it. Therefore I will lay out my own arguments for the way I think OWI should take the Rally point and its importance on not only its function and impact as a spawn point, but how its implementation touches on everything from tickets, balance, tactics, intensity and overall teamwork and flow of a match. Lets take a look at some very available and proven data in front of us: A Squad Leader has the ability to set Rally Points (RP). This allows fallen squad members to regroup in a safe area with the rest of their squad. The following conditions must be met for the RP to be placed successfully: You need to have 2 squad members close to you. Enemy is further than 50m away on 1x1km maps or 125m or 2x2km and 4x4km maps. The rally point automatically disappears after 60 seconds unless: It is within 2x large map grid squares of a friendly FOB It is within 2x large map grid squares of a friendly APC or IFV. Only those of which you can request kits. which in turn improves Teamwork and cohesion between APC SQ's and INF SQ's. An enemy that comes within 50m on 1x1km maps or 125m or 2x2km and 4x4km maps from the rally point will disable it. On larger maps it is 600m. A rally point rearms every 1 minute. Unless it has become overrun. In which case you need to wait 5 minutes. Deployable FOBS or hideouts become unspawnable for 30 seconds if 1 enemy is within 10m, 2 enemies within 50m, 4 enemies within 100m or 8 enemies within 150m. These changes can realign Squad towards a more tactical focus and experience, where speed and individual effectiveness is less of an equation compared to moving with care, spotting contacts, communicating and engaging as a SQUAD vs as an individual. The Fear and intensity of coming into contact with the enemy can be restored in a game that is currently lacking good firefight pacing and consequence for performing poorly in an engagement. The above is the current in-game mechanics and data ported over from PR, and proven to work. Furthermore, looking more in depth at Death and respawning, some positive gameplay changes could also be made if the following was adapted: Change a players respawn time to at least 45 seconds and at most 60 seconds plus temporary penalties. Time spent while waiting for a medic is subtracted from that time. Once a player dies he has to wait at least 5 seconds before spawning. These actions influence the respawn time: Sometimes players will not be revivable, such as when a player is killed in a vehicle. If you were recently revived and you become critically wounded again within 2 minutes, you will not be revivable the second time. If you are wounded and you are not revived within 5 minutes you will also go dead. If there is no chance of being revived, left click on Give up/Call Medic on the spawn screen. Now the screen will show that you are dead and you can prepare to respawn. The time you spent waiting to click give up counts toward your total respawn time. Re-spawning Player death: +3s Capturing CP or destroying objective: -3s Doing a defensive action: -1s Squad built forward outpost: -10s A temporary spawn time penalty which only affects the next time you die (building up to 5 minutes) is added by these actions: Teamkill: 15 seconds per teamkill Suicide: 15 seconds Own weapons cache destroyed: 300 seconds All of these changes combined I believe would more closely align Squad with it's original vision, and improve/encourage teamwork, sticking together, and creating an intense battlefield that you actually fear strolling through instead of sprinting around in like a track star. Considering that every Squad member in SQUAD can revive each other and Rifleman kits make revives essentially endless if coordinated correctly, I feel that the current revive system allows for a more consequence, reward and punishment system such as the one I described above. This would elevate the INF gameplay in my opinion and would mean that every engagement had greater weight and a sense of fear to it. If your squad cant manage to close with and destroy the INF its engaging than the best course of action is to ensure your SL and 1 INF member can escape and evade to an area far enough away from the enemy to than drop the Rally for a proper Rally point and move out all together to either retreat and defend or find a new way forward. This Spawning mechanic was critical to the way firefights played out in in PR and stems from the fact that you need to value your life, you need to be spotting and moving a little more slowly and tactically and that you need to ensure you are staying nearby your team mates because at the end of the day, a Rally point that isn't permanent like it currently is implemented in SQUAD, makes for better, more methodical infantry gameplay and engagements that would solve a lot of the small pacing and intensity issues with SQUAD currently. The current spawn system just doesn't play into SQUADS strengths and goals of keeping a SQ together and communicating and working together."What we really want to encourage is player’s using the revive feature more often and working together with their Squad in proximity." I really hope that with this statement from OWI that they can consider testing out a Rally mechanic that somewhat mirrors the above and take a step away from the safety net of the permanent, and over all seperating nature of the current rally system. The Meta is essentially hide your rally in an unlikely position nearby the enemy FOB/CAPZONE and have your Squad trickle back into the area as they die, than have SL refresh in new area if Enemy getting too close or Rally becomes compromised. I appreciate the move and future plans to incentivize staying in the incapacitated state longer and having that contribute to your overall time spent having to wait in the dead-dead screen before spawning, but having this system tied into what is essentially a lottery/random countdown timer where if you wanna have any guess at the current countdown you have to ask a dead-dead player which just doesn't feel right or play well, especially when said Rally point is permanent. Not only do the spawns slowly break down Squad cohesion overtime on an extended failed assault, it also adversely effects the overall flow of the team and Squad and the enjoyment and satisfaction of infantry engagements as a whole. If your Squad is dying and wasting tickets than they are doing something wrong, they need to fall back and find another plan of action, or perhaps have their feet indeed wiped out from underneath them and restart from the nearest FOB. Squad is so close to being exactly what I hoped it would be when I first saw it linked to its kickstarter on the PR forums... I think that's the most frustrating part! Just a few mechanical changes to spawning and reviving/death etc and you would have a pretty worthy PR successor, but instead we have what you see currently in-game.. an often fractured and unorganized Pub experience that really only successfully displays Squads message in Clan or organized events. Show PR some love and respect in the form of reimposing those pillars that made the PR public server experience so enjoyable. The mechanics that force Squad cohesion and teamplay at a minimum. Thanks for your time and hopefully this catches the eye of some Devs, or atleast starts some fires around here for a bit again. Yours truly, The Squad Discord Banned-it - Wehmann
  13. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    I think something could be built off of these ideas surely, but personally I'm hesitant about any idea that promotes teleporting and removes the necessity of traveling safely and holding ground. Buddy Rally's have already degraded and removed the intensity of maintaining your front line Spawn points.
  14. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    You seem to be convinced that I disagree with everything you just wrote above? Or that I am for some reason in favor of this gamey solution vs the more unforgiving alternative that we have had previously in development ? but if you read any of the above responses you would see we are discussing a solution to Buddy Rally's and their current implementation in relation to abandoned vehicles, which in my opinion is more game wrecking, than any kind of vehicle reset feature. But if you think they are going to revert these changes or prefer to keep Buddy Rally's in? I don't really know how else to respond to your comments because I fail to see any solution or thoughts brought forward? I think we would both like to see the same kind of PR game play and experience likely, but I'm trying to brainstorm on ideas and ways to make some of these more gamey changes be reverted or tweaked before Beta.
  15. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    I've read this suggestion before and could see how that could work quite well too. Of course it would take some balancing such as what vehicles could be spawned/how many/how many total etc to avoid overloading the server which i already see as a potential issue to this suggestion. Well having a vehicle that you are camping such as a logi or BMP that explodes out of nowhere ("oops" button as mentioned above) would fit your demoing scenario. We are just regular INF after all. Spec ops just C4'd it without you seeing.