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  1. Balance of AK74, M4, and L85a2

    This makes a lot of sense, I would back this change.
  2. The Last Echelon Server

    Just going to bump this up. We'll be on Squad for the holidays. Come join us!
  3. Devs Need Your Help! 4k in game screenshots

    Looking at the 4K shots I took for this thread, it's incredible. When viewed at 100%, the game looks like a painting! Has anyone else noticed that?
  4. So glad to see everyone using our server. It's great to see repeat users! Please come join us, let's have some fun.
  5. Devs Need Your Help! 4k in game screenshots

  6. Glad to hear that VaaSHARK! I look forward to seeing you on there again! The competition is just fierce.
  7. Dreaded Black Screen Issue

    This for sure. I have also noticed that sometimes when the server successfully goes to the next map, the new next map var will not be set, and has to manually be set with adminsetnextmap. I'm not sure if the blackscreen error and the next map error are related. I'm wondering if the next map var is empty and the server tries to go to the next map, it just gets stuck and doesn't load anything.
  8. The Last Echelon Server

    You guys should regroup at the FOB. See you on the server!
  9. Glad to hear that MrChaggy! It has been a great few days since the release on Steam. Had several really close matches today! Hope to get everyone back together tomorrow as well!
  10. Our server was launched today, and had an excellent first day. The server was full and had many new Squad players. It was a pleasure to assist these new players to become acquainted with the game!
  11. Who here is in High School?

    Do you mean a judge or your other personality that likes to wear robes?
  12. Update coming?

    I'd like to buy a consonant
  13. Do you find this justified?

    It seemed this was resolved on page 1, how did it get this far??