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  1. Server hosting rental

    Any update on this for others wanting to host? I have hosted with a few people and currently host Insurgency and ARK: Survival Evolved with PacificES.net
  2. Hi there, I have been playing Squad since v1 as a founder/backer and with Steam Early Access coming soon, I have a lot of people wanting to start playing. Please forgive me if this has been asked before and answered. I only saw old posts which seem to no longer apply. Basically, I manage a number of large communities of competitive and casual gamers (www.insurgencyanz.com & www.aussierebels.com are 2 examples). At the moment, I host competitive Insurgency for the whole Oceanic region and they are looking at trying new games, such as Squad. This would not be a small task, we are planning a new website, forum, redesign of our Teamspeak and more, but a main part would be hosting a server. So far we host 13 Insurgency servers and our name and reputation is out there as a good community that does what is best for Oceanic players, so could I please get some information on how to host or if the hosting remains selective, how to apply for consideration. Thanks a heap in advance and keep up the amazing work!