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  1. Little sneak peek at arma 3 i44

  2. Devs Need Your Help! 4k in game screenshots

    Why not just build a script in the game that can be turned on/off by the user to render and save the image at a set interval, with a key-press, etc?
  3. Prevent Camping of FOBs/RPs?

    Granted, how many times have you joined mid-game, saw a bunch of player markers on the map around a FOB, no one feels like constantly broadcasting that it's being camped, and you spawn in for the first time only to immediately die? I think it takes away from the whole experience and makes it feel cheap. At the very least, something along the lines of highlighting it red/orange/yellow even if they aren't actively digging it up, just for the sake of preventing cheap shots.
  4. I'd like to see some kind of mechanic that will disable spawning if someone was killed within X number of seconds and/or Y number of feet from the spawn. Obviously it's not a viable location if someone is able to camp it, so why not disable it instead of allowing summer kiddies to rack up as many kills as they can, completely ignoring the tactical aspects of the game?
  5. Special Forces

    This sounds a lot like what they're doing with SLs. Set spawns, build fortifications, destroy caches... I imagine in the future it'll include things like fire support, etc. Ever notice how no one wants to be an SL? Maybe give people some incentive to take charge while not completely throwing off the balance of the game.
  6. Use Mouse Wheel

    I think a better use of the mouse wheel would be for range adjustment on weapon sights.
  7. Blood spray should be removed.

    Crosshair? What's that??
  8. Afghans don't speak Arabic.
  9. I just shot my first 3 bullets of Squad

    It's shaping up to be one of those games that reminds you why you game on PC. Depth and scale, not "Call of Dooty".