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  1. Gude, ich dachte ich melde mich hier auch mal wieder mit Schleichwerbung:
  2. Smart Tactics English Videos

    Finally I could do a video in english again:
  3. Hier im Video sehr schönes Teamwork, sogar squadübergreifend. So soll es sein!
  4. Come share a drink with some of the devs!

    A shame I have finals... Would love to join you guys. Have a drink on me Melbo! ;)
  5. Gude :) Nach einigen gescheiterten Operationen auf dem Schlachtfeld mal eine fast perfekte Runde!
  6. Supplies motha******!

    I do not agree with you. PR is the proof of concept. Actually I would love to run a little logistic squad to keep the troops supplied on the front. Organizing Trucks, ammo and material. I am German. WE LOVE ZIS!
  7. Nach meinem Urlaub bin ich zurück, um euch mit Material von der Front zu versorgen! :)
  8. Anyone here play Combat Mission?

    The system of the US Army is different from the German system. You can call it Trupp or Teiltrupp, but I guess leaving it by the original name is more accurate. Sometimes I even missing the german word for some military terms, because I read many books about military actions in english, played a lot with you guys and also saw many videos in english :D