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  1. Co-op PR style?

    You are disappointed by the bots compared to what other game's bots? They are at least twice as good as Insurgency 1 since they now camp, use the bigger maps effectively and play several game modes. Compared to Battlefield 2/PR's bots they are like 300% times better/more human like. Also, no need to use dev time to implement bots as they are available for purchase from several sources on the Unreal Engine and buying a bot pack would also cost just a fraction of a dev's monthly salary and basically cero to a few hours of dev time to implement. Squad is even more unforgiving than PR and if a COOP mode is not implemented to teach new players how to play then Squad is already dead.
  2. Co-op PR style?

    Insurgency Sandstorm has been in development for 3 years and already has Ai bots that feel and react realistically and also use vehicles. All of this on the Unreal Engine.
  3. I was wandering why does Post Scriptum looks so much better than Squad? Is it just their foliage/pallete/assets or are they even using different filters/shaders? It looks very photo realistic. The shadows are really dark, everything is very sharp and basically on point. My guess is that they changed lots of stuff because it also runs a lot worst than Squad but the amazing looks are more than worth it if you ask me. Anyways, this gives me high hopes for Squad to improve its graphics because specially on some maps Squad can very gamey/innacurate in terms of colors, ambiance, shadows, asset variation and in some cases even the level's layout feels outdated even when compared to PR. In Squad some levels feel more like mazes or even imaginary places rather than based on real life locations but that has been improving over the lasts updates.
  4. I actually like Squad more! But I can't deny that HLL got me hooked right now... I am sure when Squad V10 is released I won't be able to go back to HLL anymore until it is released =) I think HLL does gives Squad devs an example of how to ease some of Squad's current issues or at least things that can be improved post V10.
  5. You can compare what both team did with the same canvas (unreal 4). There you can point out differences in graphics, performance, map design choices, amount of players, amount of vehicles etc. For example, if HLL's foliage looks sharper/less blurry and that means that Squad can also improve upon that aspect being on the same engine. Likewise, HLL could improve its animations and weapon quality to match those of Squad. The idea of this post is not to make a comparison just for the sake of it but for the betterment of both games by refining their features. I believe Squad and HLL have a lot to learn from each other and we can point out to the devs which features one or the other does better.
  6. I've actually played HLL as a tester but I guess it is indeed too early for most people to make comparisons... in that regard I have an unfair advantage Backers will have a playable version very soon thou.
  7. Just to point out some stuff that alpha and beta testers of both games can comment on the current strengths/weaknesses/difference of both games. Hell Let Loose is going to be, in my opinion, the most relevant game to compare Squad to right now since: - Both run on the unreal engine 4. - Both have roots on Project Reality. - Both aim to have very similar features, specially in terms of gameplay/teamplay. As a recent tester for Hell Let Loose and a Previous Kickstarter backer for Squad these are some things I can already point out that are the most significative differences to me: Graphics wise: - Hell Let Loose is a lot less blurry than Squad, including long range vistas and specially has a much sharper foliage. This helps to distinguish between friendlies/enemies making initial play a lot less frustrating than squad. Squad currently does requires more practice before you can actually identify enemies/friends effectively. - Hell Let Loose has a much wider and varied color palette and its map design resembles PR a lot more. The single map I was able to test feels and looks a lot more like PR WW2 or Forgotten Hope 2 but in HD rather than how Squad feels and looks compared to PR maps. Because of these points the maps are more vivid and feels more like the "real thing" in hell let loose, also its effects like reflections and shadows are a lot more refined compared to squad. - Squad maps are a lot bigger than Hell Let Loose, but for some reason don't feel bigger. - Squad just feels like there are more and bigger? objects blocking your long distance view most of the time making it feel like you are in a corridor, somehow hiding its huge maps. Perhaps this is because of how high the players "eyes" are from the ground?. In Hell let loose you always feel like you can see very far away and over most objects. Maybe that is because the maps are flatter or the objects are smaller or the far away objects are just sharper and easier to distinguish or perhaps a combination of all those points but the difference is quite significative. Gameplay wise: - Squad is far superior in player and weapons animations at this point. Specially the weapons look and feel a lot better in squad but perhaps it is because of the WW2 era weapons vs. modern ones. - Squad has suppression effects while HLL doesn't also contributing to HLL's faster gameplay. - HLL has some kind of slight recoil auto adjustment, meaning that when you fire your weapon will recoil a lot (WW2 style) but then recenter itself kinda automatically while in Squad you have to manually recenter your aim with the mouse. - Squad's running and walking speed are slower, making Squad slightly more tactical than Hell Let Loose. - Hell Let Loose movement feels a lot more like Battlefield 1 where you move faster and feel lighter and there is less momentum compared to Squad where movement and aim/turning speeds are slower and your character in general takes a little bit longer to respond to your inputs (not nearly as bad as Arma thou). - One thing Hell Let Loose does better is its ease to distinguish between friend and foes and for one particular/main reason: Aided by its sharper long range visuals and very different player model silhouettes for both the germans and the allies (perhaps also their walking/running animations are different). They made it so that the german models are slightly bigger, wider and their helmets are easily recognised even over very long distances. Also because its colors are more varied and vivid you can easily tell an allied "Light Green/Beige uniforms" vs. German's dark grey over huge distances as well. Therefore I've seen less players complaining about how hard it is to distinguish between friends and foes in hell let loose than in Squad, but that might be because there are a lot less "new" players in Hell Let Loose right now so they seem to know what they are doing better. All in all, I think that at this point if you come from playing PR you will feel more at home with hell let loose or if you want a new experience, never played PR before or come from another shooter like Arma/Insurgency you will like Squad more. PS: There is an off topic post related to Hell Let Loose but since this particular topic is about Squad and its current differences with it I believe this topic better fits in the Squad's General Discussion forum.
  8. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    RS2 is slightly ahead of Squad since they aready have working helicopters and more weapons... but it is the same engine and it shows... pehaps both teams can learn from eachother but Tripwire has been working with the unreal engine since like 16 years ago or something.
  9. PRX Map pack (Project Reality)

    Rabbit! Amazing work and it is so good to hear that you are adding coop support. Quick questions, what tools do you need in order to add bot supports for maps in BF2? I want to learn the ropes so I can add coop support for the WW2 mod. Cheers
  10. Night maps

    Night time will be available to every map once the new day/night weather system is fully implemented, in fact you will experience dawn, dusk, morning etc. Imagine Fallout 4 on steroids without radiation blowouts. =)
  11. Animations and Detail

    Agony screams when the soldier is hit, lost the movements and visible bullets wounds. Insurgency got this part right and it is not annoying while adding lots to the immersion! You also automatically tell your team mates when you are reloading, being suppress, being hit etc, you basically fell the stress and the heat of the firefight. In Squad and PR and many other games being shot at is so calm and peacefull... when it should be chaotic and shocking.
  12. During all my matches I found that very long range engagements are alot less frequent in Squad compared to PR. This in turn makes gamplay alot less realistic as very long range engagements are almost the norm on the locations featured in the game. I will try to guess what is causing long range engagements to be currently so impopular compared to CQC in Squad: 1) Walking and running speeds alot higher than PR 2) Walking and running on steep surfaces (like hills) do not have a negative effect on stamina and speed (and it should). In real life if you want to take a heavily defended position on top of a hill first you need so "soften the defenses" with long range engagements (mortars, machineguns, marksman etc) and then procede to assault since rushing in such contitions is pretty much suicidal (not in Squad where that strategy is the most employed). 3) Even with Scopes and vision zoom (shift), there is a noticeable blur/washout effect that makes it super hard to aim at a target at long range, not to mention identifing the target to tell if it is friendly or foe. (This might not be the case when playing on all settings on EPIC but honestly, how many people can do that?) Targets and objects should be just as clear to someone playing on medium as someone playing on EPIC. (And that is not currently happening). Point 1 are 2 are probably going to be fixed with the introduction of vehicles since part of the higher running and walking speeds are because that is currently the only method to get to places on maps made with vehicles in mind. Also the Devs will have to implement a penalty to vehicles depending on the angle they are heading towards and that same limitation could be added to infantry to make it slower and more stamina consuming to run uphill. Point 3 I am sure the devs will tacle at some point. It seems like an engine/settings limitations right now so I guess some experimentation is needed to get it right and consistent across all settings.
  13. PS: I wanted to add pics to the post but I couldn't (You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.) So I post the links instead (you need to check those out to understand) After playing the steam version and the fools road map I am ready to give some feedback on the color palette and color variation found on the current maps. We are all aware that Squad is currently in alpha so this is not a complain but rather a feedback and sugestions to improve gameplay. Before I start I would like to state that compared to the first versions of Squad, color and asset variation on its maps have improved greatly in these latests itterations so the will of the devs to improve upon this has been present since the beggining of the project. The first maps of the game still lack a little of color variation but that is more than understandable based on their real life counterparts. (Even in real life many of those locations have structures, landscapes and flora that does not favor color variation so the devs/engine are not to be blamed there) https://img.washingtonpost.com/wp-apps/imrs.php?src=https://img.washingtonpost.com/rf/image_908w/2010-2019/Wires/Images/2014-08-08/AP/Mideast_Iraq-03061.jpg&w=1484 Now comes the "second gen" maps from Squad devs with the release of the Steam version, paving the way for a much greater variation of assets, landscapes and flora. The first one is Fools Road (The first non desert map). Fools Road has become among the early adopters a much needed fresh air but the map itself being in its first iterations it still lacks the polish, bug fixing (ethereal rocks) and assets to make each location in the map unique and easy to identify. Yet Fools road despite being in its early stages still brings such variations and nice locations that sometimes it has the power to draw the players away from the fightning making you just want to explore this land (this is good by the way). Despite Fools Road's current lack of assets, buildings, towns, natural (like waterfalls) and man made (like bridges) landmarks etc the map also suffers from something found on the very first maps and that is a lack of color variation, specially on its fauna and buildings. Now, don't get me wrong... the same issues are present on the Fools Road map from PR, but this can be improved upon on the Unreal Engine and I see no reason too keep the old map limitations since, even thou this is inspired by the old Fools Road there is alot that could me made better. http://image.tsn.ua/media/images3/original/Oct2014/384549791.jpg Now, if you look at the previous picture you will see that: There is a color variation among the trees leaves (some look like in autumm, some are healthier and look brighter other look older). There is a color variation between the grass and the bushes. Some parts of the grass are dry and not the same color etc. And here is Fool's Road as it looks today. http://media.joinsquad.com/2015/Nov/OctRecap/foolsroad_1.jpg Notice that the very similar shade of Green is used in many flora, like tree leaves, grass, bushes and even part of the uniforms. As you see in the previous (real life) picture, not matter how good the cammo patern is, its colors are never exactly the same as the fauna. Not shown in the picture, but even some of the buildings in the game use green as it main color (roof, fenses etc) All this contribute to two things: Locations, even if different in layout, soon feel repetitive. Infantry, and specially identifying friend from foe, becomes very difficult at any range in this sea of green with no contrast (different shades of green). Posible solutions: - Add different shades of greens for the fauna, specially differentiation trees leaves from the grass and the grass from the bushes etc. - Change the way the sun lights interact with the uniforms. In real life it is easier to tell a person from the background mainly because of the way clothes naturally reacts to light. Maybe there could be a way to make this stand out even more. - Shorter (greener) grass in some places and the tall Grass being less green etc. One last point before I close this already lengthy post: Maybe this "apparent" lack of color will be fixed by the soon to be implemented weather system that will create many different sun/light conditions that will add alot to the color variation. If there is a rain the blue from the lightning will change the color of eveything or the sunset will make all this green turn to something else among the orange sunrays. All in all, this is the best alpha I've ever seen. Keep it up Devs! Love you all!
  14. Forest Map Ideas... + FeedBack

    I love the forest map but I don't like the fog everywhere... Naturally foggy areas are near rivers and humid locations (lower lands) not whole combat areas. Luckily this will all be fixed when the new Weather/Day/Night System is implemented so we can have selective, rotating fog and weather conditions.
  15. Thanks Nightingale... my point was showing this in another (Open world) game to give Devs some Ideas. Also... the game (Showcased on my first post) featuring the Animated Bushes, even thou it is on the Cryengine, also features huge scale maps (64 Square KM) so if it can be done on the Cryengine I am sure it can be done on the unreal engine.