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  1. Death Ringing Sound is too much

    Nope, you changed to EPIC, which you will get the best experience from. The reason why there is a single rumble sound (cause I wouldn't call that a tinnitus sound), is, because on Epic we use more channels and soundmixes and on LOW there's only one sound allowed to play.
  2. Anders Feedback

    Yes I know that, it's just that some weapons still can have a little trigger mechanical "twist" by touching/pressing the trigger that creates a little sound depending on what type of weapon.
  3. Anders Feedback

    Thx buddies! Yeah that empty click sound got trashed (unintenionally ofc) when we converted our weapons into C++. I'm gonna get them back plus a click sound for the trigger aswell if empty.
  4. Anders Feedback

    Yeah I got that in for V10. Shockwaves creates sounds. Atm for wood and glass. But we don't have so much glass (yet).
  5. Anders Feedback

    Hahaha, well thx, but that got in with V10. I mean landing sounds.
  6. 9.8 Sounds

    That's weird, I haven't touched the sounds for 9.8.
  7. Of what may come in da future...
  8. Bullet Crack

    Thank you.
  9. No foosteps sound

    This guy got it right. No I won't increase the initial footstep sounds. The main thought of all this is to maintain the quality of very low freq sounds and at the same time make the powerful and loud. That goes to massive explosion sounds and also gunfire sounds. If there would be an even balance between exp, gunfire, ambient sounds and character sounds, it would sound very very unrealistic plus it would result in me cranking up the volume of the weapon and exp sounds cause people would say, they're too silent and it would cause these sounds to break. Therefore I've found the absolute correct balance between sounds. Wich is very very uncommon in games. But I would say. Enjoy it as this beeing the first.
  10. Sound - Bullet casing

    Yes hope to add this soon...
  11. Cinematic vs. Epic effects

    Nothing. It's only the tickrate difference between epic and cinematic. Makes the particles move in a smoother motion (higher fps) if you generally have high fps. If you have 120fps you definitely will notice a difference between epic and cinematic. If you have 40-60 max, then there's no need to select "cinematic".
  12. Vehicles Sound too close

    I agree and with occlusion I can decrease the volume if they're behind hills and also make them more muffled at the same time
  13. Vehicles Sound too close

    I'll look into this guys. I agree with smaller vehicles. Gonna work some more on the attenuation fall out curves. So that you can hear them far out, but really not as loud. I made the "new" adjustments as people complained that the engine sounds was to silent far out. Still gonna stick with the new distance, but make a better fall out as I said. IRL (depending) on the environment. But let's say an open "dry" field. Tested with civi cars, it's very rare you even hear idling sounds 10 meters out. Full throttle yes, but you actually mosly hear the surface vs. tires sounds. more than engine sounds. So that's that, but I still want to make a balance between IRL and gaming. And no, I won't make environmental engine sounds haha. Maybe different distance sounds. But yes, audio occlusion will improve the realism abit aswell. I'll sort that out.