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  1. Bravo. It's beautiful...
  2. I have unlocked the thread to allow for feedback, but I will remind everyone to please follow the first two forum rules in threads like these:
  3. We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.7 hotfix to ship our the new map Kokan. It is available for download now.
  4. We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.6 hotfix release. This is planned as the last hotfix before the free weekend begins! For those curious, the free weekend will begin at 6PM GMT Thursday. Here are the changes: Enabled the "relative net updating" system in preparation for high server load over the free weekend. This allows for variable update rates per client / networked object so that networked objects that are farther away from people can be processed at a lower rate and thus lower cost on the server for little change in functionality. Fix to prevent the steam integration in unreal engine from deleting the "steam_appid.txt" file, which has proved the cause of steam being unable to start attached to the game in a number of circumstances. Cosmetic change to the way server counts work in the in-game server browser so that a server with 70 players and 72 slots, two of which are reserved, will now be shown as: 70 / 70 (+2) instead of the old 70 / 72 (2). This is to reduce confusion / frustration in newer players who are trying to join servers that are actually full when considering the reserved slots.
  5. We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.5 hotfix release, here is the only change: Disabled a portion of the new EAC integration which was causing server crashing on round end.
  6. We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.3 hotfix release. For those curious, we are pushing out smaller patches in quick succession in preparation for the free weekend at the end of the week. Here are the changes: Fixed file integrity checks in EAC. Fixed players getting disconnected from servers by EAC without an error message. Fixed huge player models showing when watching someone switches seats in a BTR-80 far away. Fixed an invisible collision mesh sometimes getting left behind after a player dies.
  7. We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.2 hotfix release, here are the changes: Added a HUD indicator which shows the names of the players currently in your vehicle. Added color coded indicators showing the status of your squad members. The statuses are: not spawned in / dead (white), spawned in and not bleeding (green), bleeding (yellow), incapacited / revivable (red). Added new player first time help messages for fundamental events, including the first time: using the map, becoming a squad leader, becoming a medic, bleeding, using a vehicle, and using a supply truck. Added the yellow spawning dot to all spawnable points to make the spawning interface more intuitive and consistent. Made toggled crouch enabled by default for newly installed copies of Squad. Made the jump key untoggle crouch when crouch toggling is enabled. Increased round duration timer on 2k INS maps from one hour to 90 minutes and 4k INS maps from 90 minutes to two hours. Changed squad leader marker distance indicator so it is less precise at longer distances. Attempted fix for a server crash relating to vehicle claiming. Attempted fix for a server crash relating to players being ejected from a vehicle. Fixes to code for preventing players from clipping through walls. Fix for the draw distance on several deployables so they don't disappear after 80-100 meters. Fix for backblast rotation on RPGs and LAWs being in the incorrect direction. Fix for NSV not having sounds on low quality in the third person. Fix for giant player models appearing for a split second in certain cases where soldiers are entering or exiting vehicles. Fix for soldier's 3p mesh being shown when driving vehicles on listen servers, EG starting up Jensen's range in local training mode. Extended the logical scanning range of shoveling to improve it's reliability. Fix for certain server functions not being called properly and causing log spam. Fixes for the spawning mechanics of weapons caches. Fix for incendiary grenades to allow for better interaction with weapons caches. Disabled texture streaming on grass textures. Replaced missing and broken statics on Yehorivka.
  8. Will definitely be all hands on deck for Squad vets to serve as squad leaders. Super exciting!
  9. We are now pushing a version Alpha 8.1 hotfix release, here are the changes: Attempted fix for a rare memory related server side crash. Fix for players being able to see through walls when prone. Fix an issue where players would be given very large or very small scores. Fix for reserve slots not functioning properly. Fix for the EAC shield not showing up properly. Fix for Ambient Occlusion not being able to be turned off. Fix for healing sounds incorrectly overlapping each other until the sound fully completes. Fix for empty servers incorrectly showing up as having poor health. Fix for smoke trail effects not cleaning up properly in certain cases. Fix for suppression effects being disabled on low quality settings. Clean Razorwire has been reduced from 100 to 25 construction points. Militia and Insurgent Heavy Machine Gun deployables are now limited to 2 unshielded and 2 shielded DShKs instead of unlimited shielded DShKs. Reduced linear recoil pattern on HMMWV .50 and all emplaced weapons. They should be slightly more effective at long range engagements. Fix for interior engine sounds not beeing affected by effects slider. Fix for issue with KPVT 3p fire sounds dropping out. Adjustment of sound muffling when incapacited. Removed a UB32 technical from Chora INS. Added ambient sounds to Yehorivka. Updated Yehorivka AASv2 with the correct Militia Urals and removed guardrails from main roads. Fix for Yehorivka AASv2 Logi Supply Point uncappable state once capped. Fix for fences on Gorodok. Extended the draw distance of trees on Fool's Road. Fix for red and blue colored GP25s at various LODs.
  10. Server health is online now, enjoy!
  11. We are now pushing a version Alpha 7.7 hotfix release, here are the changes: Fixed crashing in Squad's custom full auto sound and voip sound code relating to sound rendering in Unreal Engine 4.12 being asynchrounous now. Fixed a crash related to gunshots not having an audio device under certain circumstances. Fixed some issues with sound concurrency, causing certain gunshot sounds to cut out. Fixed exploit relating to FOV. Made a minor fix to deployable placement logic so you cannot place deployables on a roof from the ground. EDITED FOR CLARITY: You can still place deployables on a rooftop when you are standing on that rooftop. Added code so server admins can view the framerate of their servers in the scoreboard. Fixed distance delay on certain explosion sounds. Fixed an issue where the camera changed to third person on exiting a vehicle in single player Jensen's Range. Fixed issue where vehicles get bogus rotations after destruction (e.g., sideways vehicle wreck). Fixed an issue where players lose mouse input in the main menu / map. Updated the Ural wreck collision.
  12. We are now pushing a version 7.6 hotfix release, here are the changes: Fully disabled Valve Anti-Cheat on servers as it is not currently used (Squad uses Easy Anti-Cheat). This is to resolve issues where certain players were unable to connect to servers. Fixed the bug where vehicle drivers are unable to see any players around them after driving a long distance away from the location they entered the vehicle. Added a fix for a rare crash relating to visual effects. Added a number of additional performance measuring code markers to aid developers with working on Alpha 8.
  13. We are now pushing a version 7.5 hotfix release, here are the changes: Fixed a client side crash relating to effects code in the engine introduced following the upgrade to Unreal Engine version 4.12. Fixed some possible memory corruption which may have been leading to crashes relating to the initialization of the console on startup. Fixed a rare server crash in vehicle claiming code. Pulled in a performance fix for Alpha 8 using a much faster method for drawing nametags. Note that in order to facilitate this, nametags will now be rendered through walls for nearby friendlies. Performance improved on the maps Op First Light, Kohat, Sumari and Logar by fixing improperly sized terrain textures. Fixed soldiers being invisible in local play on Jensen's Range, a bug introduced in a performance fix for alpha 7.4. Fixed an exploit relating to users tweaking their FOV outside of acceptable ranges. Increased the starting velocity for the spectation camera from 2.5 to 15 meters per second.
  14. We are now pushing a version 7.4 hotfix release, which contains: Fixed the round start crash and a number of other crashes, all caused by the improper deletion of physical materials in memory. Pulled in a performance fix developed for Alpha 8 relating to the rendering of other people's character meshes. Fixed up the deployable repair station blocking lean and deployables. Made reflection spheres not appear in game. (As an aside, we would like to assert that reported sightings of UFO's in squad are *completely* unfounded and baseless!) Made the wire fences at the fool's road train station penetrable. Fixed not being able to enter certain tunnels at the Fool's Road hilltop. Fixed players not being able to drive vehicles into the fortress on Fool's Road. Fixed the Sumari AAS 3 flags being cappable by 1 person. Fixed the Sumari skirmish layer cap zones being too high in the air. Fixed some road and spline bugs in Chora. Finally, please note there is at least one other moderately occurring crash that we are still aware of and actively investigating.
  15. We are now pushing a version 7.3 hotfix release, which contains: Disabled async loading as an attempted fix for loading related crashes, and possibly a number of other crashes & bugs. Added an attempted fix for a crash caused by a specific effect emmiter. Added fixes for materials and material settings on a number of maps to prevent a specific type of crash. [This means a very large download for this patch] Removed an unused analytics plugin as a fix for round start stuttering. Updated the Easy Anticheat SDK. Updated turret bounds to avoid them popping out. Fixed some ambient sounds on Sumari and Kohat. Removed a number of unused materials. Fixed errors with two fence materials. Fixed an improper texture size which was causing a small loading delay. Increased the max data cache size as an improvement for both Squad and Mod developers. Cleaned up unusued references to trace channels without actual properties which were causing log spam. Cleaned up some orphaned break points in Blueprints as a reduction of log spam.