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  2. Alpha 15 Released

    I hope it’s a bug, because it would make no sense otherwise.
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  4. West Coast Tactical

    HI i attempted to resolve a issue regarding a blanket kick me and another member went to discuss the issue with an admin we were promptly banned from the discord with the link you provided to reach your admin team. as now we are banned from reaching your admins and thus cannot discuss the issues. there were 14 of us on the server at the time the reason given was yabou4kz in an effort to protect people i had to kick my squad mates when i saw the blanket kick initiated i had kicked from my squad several individuals who were trolling and graving my squad mates they also began clouding the chat with remarks of toxic behavior and initiated tks and other grievances using local chat to harrass us. they also stated several untruths about our actions as a squad the blanket kick only targeted it seemed those in the chat i stated to one individual a member of spartan to change his roll and he said kick me i which i did kick this individual i kicked a number of 3 individuals from my squad to wich they went into the text chat and complained the reason i am reaching out to you on the forum is that i stated we were banned from the discord
  5. The Wrench, July 2019

    I want that LAV-25 with double tow missile's on turret for USMC faction in future!
  6. Recently, Game crashes less than a second after booting up. Is this common? Logs: https://pastebin.com/wKP96NF2 FYI, I keep getting crashes in Mordau as well. Since it's UE4 game, there might be some sort of correlation?
  7. The Wrench, July 2019

    Jumping on the bandwagon, here's my mod map; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1235044873 I've trying to make a post on he forum but I still have a tutorial thread pending approval which appears to be blocking me from posting more threads, so if some one could approve that.would be great.
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  9. Alpha 15 Released

    I've had this issue too, with both shooting a Scout car with an MRAP, and shooting an MRAP with a Scout car. I've had instances of shooting a 30mm BTR with a Stryker on Skorpo and no noticeable damage happening either. From what I've noticed, it's usually when both vehicles are at differing elevations and across distance. I have a feeling it's something to do with damage output at varying ranges and the angle of the projectiles when hitting armor with it's own sloping. Might be a bug with how it's calculated, or it could be intended.
  10. Alpha 15 Released

    Scout car seems to be bugged. Emptied 3 mags into an MRAP on Logar and it just drove off with no smoke.
  11. The United Front

    no "locked squads" rule, at all?? @RedItUp
  12. Please remove that sound, it's annoying after just a little while.
  13. CPU: i7 7700 GPU: 1050 Ti RAM: 16 GB DDR 4 Previously had 60 fps, now have 15 - 25 fps on low graphical settings when previously on medium. What? Any suggestions on why this is happening and how this can be resolved?
  14. 24/7 Territory control server

    hi i like tc, it is a good game mode, but i think it was better in the previous patch, in alpha 15 it fells like the zones dont matter, even if you get the main zone(the shield) not much happens. can someone explain in detail the changes made to tc or where i can see the info?
  15. Alpha 15 Released

    I like all these map updates in general, but Yehorivka and Fool's road looks way worse now. Yeho is too brownish and with all this variegated vegetations makes me feel like i play in a cartoon. Previous version was like a late fall, this version looks like a summer on a terraformed Mars. And all this yellowish fir-trees on Fool's... They must be ill...
  16. I like to think of it as the squad leader as the blue force tracker and the rest of the squad has maps.. they can make their own makers etc but they are only visible on their own map. The blue force tracker the squad leader has (i think that fireteam leaders should get it too now that i think about it) maybe revamp sharable squad markers tools. Say squad 1 draws their movements, same with squad 2,3 etc. I think that will make battlefield awareness much better too. You know you wont have squads moving this way randomly, or this so any movement can almost be guaranteed to be enemy.
  17. No Spawn confirmation is fine

    You are able to just doubleclick your spawn locations,
  18. The Wrench, July 2019

    Hi Squaddies, The month is rolling along and that means it’s time for another Wrench! Modders from around the world have been cookin’ up the latest and greatest just for you, soldier. Join us on the Community Modding Discord where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It’s a great place to share your ideas and passions with like-minded people that will happily help you create something awesome. VDV AIRBORNE ARMOUR BY MOMENTS_PROJECT Though hit with some unfortunate data loss, moments_project is recovering well and nearly ready to release the BMD-2 (Early). Models and textures are almost complete, with some polishing and fine brushwork to do in Substance Painter. The BMD-2 (Late) model shouldn’t be far behind. ARMORED VEHICLE REWORK BY AVR MOD TEAM Composed of some of the finest names in modding (SPECTR_Eternal, PureNexus, moments_project, and Pettr005) the AVR Mod focuses on, you guessed it, every armored vehicle. The first round will introduce a BMP-1AM IFV to replace the good ol’ MT-LB, a BMP-3, and a functioning fire control system where appropriate! Thermal sights and more realistic armoring schemes are on the horizon. IRON DAWN BY SPECTR_ETERNAL Speaking of SPECTR_Eternal, they’re not content to merely update every armored vehicle, but give them maps to play on too! This month’s Iron Dawn update includes some heavy lifting to tweak existing areas, smoothing out the experience even further. DODGEBALL BY BILL NYE You know the drill: if you can dodge The Wrench, you can dodge a ball. Bill Nye is bringing the joy of the playground to a mod near you, complete with the most painful of playground balls: the red ones. Everyone knows they go faster. PISHCHIV BY HANGRATH While peaceful at first glance, Pischiv’s Ukrainian farmlands pits Russian and British forces against each other to utterly destroy any sense of pastoral calm. Featuring wide-open fields for armored engagement, infantry will still be an essential way forward through small villages and forests. FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION FACTION BY FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION MOD TEAM Woot! The French Foreign Legion mod is back! They’ve been a little quiet recently, but still hard at work. In this update, they’ve included the Eotech 553, with help from Fishman, as well as vehicle improvements and the FRF2. Nice work, folks! AUSTRALIAN FACTION BY AUSSIE MOD TEAM The Aussie Mod Team is finally ready to show off a stunning new map known as Operation: Anvil. While only in the early development phase, the map is set in a fictional canyon with a rough top, steep rock faces, and a lush, basin of farmland. The new terrain seems well-suited to the new equipment coming our way as well: the ASLAV-25 and HK417, a little sumptin’ sumptin’ for the marksmen out there. If you’d like to see more or get involved, be sure to join the Aussie Mod Discord server. SQUAD MODDING HUB MANAGEMENT TEAM OUT. Please note: Offworld Industries is not responsible for mod content. Please contact the creator for assistance.
  19. Hi, When in game and looking at a teammate face-to-face, it always shows team mate being much taller. It almost looks like FOV is from the neck. Can this please be changed?
  20. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    I wouldn't say it ruins the game though. You could set a HAB on Gas Station to reinforce Outskirts, and use emplacements and techies to control the desert approach. The best strategies will allow flexibility to respond to the variety of tactics the enemy can employ. If a tactic like MSR camping is causing trouble, maybe the strategy of putting all your eggs in the Outskirts basket is ill-advised. The meta will always change in strategy games. Once counters to MSR camping are found you will likely see less of it. Also we're talking about the InvasionV1 layer, right? Why even bother holding Outskirts if they have vehicle superiority at that point? Fall back into the city and use your infantry explosives to deal with vehicles.
  21. Alpha 15 Released

    A really great new feature is the AAS flag status change notification that overlays everything else. Like I said previously I really dig the changes in landscape materials on Kohat and the way they blend at a distance with basically zero tiling. That said, it would be nice if the rock cliffs up on the ridges coming out of the main bases had textures that matched the landscape because now both the light and dark cliffs look really out of place.
  22. Alpha 15 Released

    It still works near flawlessly on Linux, and there's at least one guy (me) playing it via Steam Play. If anyone on the dev team sees this thank you for putting the time into this to make it work!
  23. What are the chances of things like buddy-rallies, dead-dead system, vehicle health and similair debated points becoming server-side options? Or would you rather leave such changes up to the modding community?
  24. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    I dont want to explain everything everytime to a topic which is clear enough. I am not saying there is a need to be compensation for team with inexperienced players I am stating that something ruins the game. I hunt down 4-5 warrior on Al-Basrah with SPG thecy. It's not about you what you can in many theories that counter things. If you come mto that point anything can be countered. You do not consider the countering cost. Also squad maps are very big and allows vehicles to pass through by distancing themselves from the where you have teammates. Nobody will stay at Gas Station while the current flag is on Northern Part and assualted by enemy team supported by 2 warrior even warned you can not allocated enough assets many times. Also you miss the point that I am not complaining this just as a defender but also as a attacker. This thing ruins game for both sides.
  25. Low FPS on High-end PC

    The 8350's single thread performance isn't really great, and with Squad needing exactly that it's not strange your framerate is low. Here is a list, the ones at the top are the best for Squad. I don't know if the 8350 is on the same chipset as any of them, but if it is you won't have to replace your motherboard - could be a relatively cheap upgrade.
  26. Microphone not working after updating to Alpha14

    Be ready to be disappointed. Mines been ****ed for the last 6 months, no fix. You can read a dozen or more post over many years on this forum, again, no fix.
  27. 100P Servers and Helicopters being the last remaining promised features, what can we expected after those milestones? Where will the focus be set on, content like maps and new factions, modding or optimization?
  28. Alpha 15 Released

    huh... strange decisions about grass patches on maps... don't know what to think about them... yeho and gorodok were my favorites maps, they had very good vibes... I hoped that other maps will get to that standard. Now they simply look plain and outdated. First time i spawned i thought: "...huh, did BF2 maps had more grass then here?" sorry for rant, maybe i need more time to get used to changes... On the other hand, great job with training mission, new vehicle, all new TC setups and more. Great work there! It's nice to see patches coming out more often!
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