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  2. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    I was a bit dissapointed about the QUESTIONS IN THE V14 SURVEY.
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  4. The 20th Regiment of Foot - SQUAD RECRUITMENT EU/UK

    The 20th is currently recruiting! Join our Discord if interested: http://discord.io/20rgaming
  5. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    Currently in the server and one of the guys on I56 posted "hey yo 13 girl, You got a snap"
  6. I found it! It's now hosted at https://wottactic.eu/squad GitHub repo here btw: https://github.com/karellodewijk/wottactics Thank me later
  7. It had nothing to do with the team. The enemy was already firing into our main before we could even leave it.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Move your mouse pointer to the reload or kit selection after pressing F. If it stays in the middle, thats for entering/claiming it
  10. Kicked for swearing?

    Servers are private. You dont have freedom of speech there.
  11. Irregulars ATGM

    Now that that irregular factions have gotten the BMP-1 with its 9M14 Malyutka ATGM wouldn't it be a good idea give the irregulars a deployable ATGM of an old soviet design. The reason i'm proposing this is because these factions don't have a long distance area denial of vehicles and relying on friendly vehicles to take out much heaver vehicles, which could jeopardize a strong defense.
  12. RPG 29 Arming distance seems too long

    Was playing a game on al-basrah today and I got on top of the hi-rise roof and there was a warrior below me and I put a rocket into it but it had not armed. I think the arming distance should stay but give HAT the ability to choose what type of launcher he gets
  13. Kicked for swearing?

    So I just got kicked from a server for swearing. In a mature rated game, where the soldiers themselves shout out swear words. Can anyone explain the logic behind this?
  14. Be part of a community, join the team! We offer you a tactical, teamwork oriented and pleasant group of gamers to be a part of! We are an international group, most members are from Europe and North America. Interested in joining? Go ahead and check us out here! 508thpir.com 1. Go to 508thpir.com and hit the Enlist Now! (these steps are also there). 2. Check in with us and meet the guys on Discord and on our gameserver. 3. Complete a probation period after which you will take our Basic Combat Training (BCT). We welcome anyone that wants to play Squad as a team-player to our Discord, no membership required! Edited January 14 by Skeet
  15. Suppression

  16. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    That seems to be the implementation. I haven't heard that it affects server performance, or noticed any adverse effects. It works great actually, it's seamless, I hope OWI borrows the code and brings it over.
  17. Suppression

  18. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    I thought people would know how to interpret this. I was wrong. Some understood though. It had nothing to do quoting example of realism. It was about "different lvls of difficulty". I could have used (old versions) of EA sports games. In which you could Access a lobby dedicated for players with FULL MANUAL SETTINGS. In that lobby, the game forced you to use certain things that were much harder than the regular semi-asissted default controls, thus creating a much more "realistic" experience because the pace and the mistakes felt more like soccer/football mistakes and rythm. See? That was a sports game... look I used a sports game as an example for my point. I hope it´s easier to understand now. BTW. WT simulation mode has no name tags,...SQUAD does. A HUGE COLORFUL NAMETAG appears through walls and wods at any distance so you don´t shoot your mates. So...
  19. Turret Sounds

    After playing with the challenger tank last night with some buddies I realized just how absolutely awful the turret sounds get. I like that there is sound, that part isn't the problem. The problem came from where the tank wouldn't sit perfectly still on an incline and would slide ever so slightly. The stabilizer would constantly adjust for the tiny movements of the tank when the engine was off and we would for the entire match hear that whirring sound of the turret moving. Even then, the gunner still wanted to spot targets alongside the commander and the machinegunner so he'd be looking as well and good lord that turret turning is so loud and repeated from that half a second audio clip it was starting to drive me insane. Could the turret sounds be muffled or smoothed out a little? I don't know how people deal with it.
  20. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    Only thing I absolutely disagree with. This wouldn't even remotely make the mode any more hardcore. Squad is already a abysmal eye-straining simulator, removing zoom would make no-zoom weapons literally useless outside of CqB. In real life your eyes can focus and get a much clearer sight picture than you can on a flat monitor. The zoom is absolutely essential and would ruin the mode entirely. Outside of that, If this is what it would take to get Squad back to a more enjoyable state I'd be all for it. As I don't see the devs going back on their recent choices(pro-arcadey/casual ).
  21. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    ================================================================================================================================== Name: Caddywomper Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069197144/ Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 20 Timezone or Region: MST (US) (AZ) Nature of Interest: I have been played a lot of squad and the casual play has gotten boring to me and the challenge competitive poses has interested me. The shot calling and play making is mostly what I am interested in with roughly 400 hours of play. Gaming Background: Played since original release of Squad, was at one point an admin of a US West Squad server that has been sold to the main ones now. Shot-calling skills for other games. Additional Skills: Have always played RTS games and have the shot calling rooted in my play. Status: Unsigned, please add on steam for offers ==================================================================================================================================
  22. Vehicle imbalance

    Russia will get the BMP-2 and later the BMP-2m afaik.
  23. When pressing F on a vehicle (to reload ammo or change kit), I have to wait my squad leader to approve claim of the vehicle, even if I don't want to use it. My suggestion is to let or assign another letter o the vehicle for reloading ammo or change kit, and let F for claiming.
  24. Suppression

    New Squad meta = more counter-strike players and make Squad like CS.
  25. Suppression

    It incites a lot of doubts about your claim that you are this authority on teamplay when it doesn't even seem to register with you that the suppression is obviously a perfect way to encourage players to work with their teammates and simply ask for help when someone's got a bead on them. You seem to be exactly the type of a player whom I had in mind when I mentioned the "community we now have" and the "1v1mindset" earlier, perhaps feeling that I was talking about you was what made you reply to that particular post. Case in point from this very same thread, you seem to expect that you should be able to handle every possible situation on your own, purely because personal skill of an individual should prevail. That is clearly an antithesis of a what the words "team player" stand for. When you got suppressed in HLL as you described, you absolutely had a chance to react, but the only possible reaction that occured to you is to shoot back, and finding that the game didn't allow you to do that well, overreact. What about taking cover and requesting aid from a nearest teammate? Did that even occur to you before going for the "uninstall" button? Please, someone convince me that Squad doesn't have a huge problem with player mentality.
  26. Honestly considering ammo bags, increased run speed and buddy rallies Sumari should basically only be an AAS Skirmish map at this point with zero vehicles including logistics trucks.
  27. Suppression

    I think you don´t read more tan one para. So I reduce it.
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