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  2. What is Squad?

    no one played your shit game and I have no idea why you two boomers keep going on about it
  3. Alpha 15 Released

    Is this the correct thread to report bugs? if so if it helps, I leave this here;) They could correct the following: When the bullet of any type of weapon.When shooting the bullet, when it hits the wall, the ground or an enemy, the dust is not well represented, this is very important because it serves as a reference and you have to see the dust correctly in the same place where the projectile impacts. Important GLICH !! Another flaw that I see is when you move the weapons aiming (it does not matter if you move smoothly) with telescopic sights with a reticule like ACOG etc.. You can hardly see the range lines of the reticle, and it is impossible to know where you have to shoot, you have to stay still to be able to shoot 400 meters so that the black line of the reticle does not become untraceable, sometimes transparent. It makes you have to do much to the monitor and force a lot of sight.Looking at the target in any direction pointing the reticle has the effect of a ghosting image. The same happens with the fog in most or not all the maps, is it because of the performance or to limit the marskman and tanks to reach long range? you really see the enemy with a tank or a marksman and you can knock it down with decision because you see a silhouette, but what you have said you have to force a lot of sight and annoy, a more subtle fog in the maps that require it for the design, but others would leave it a full without fog would be great;) It is very enjoyable to have to calculate where the bullet falls is a great mechanic, and the theme of leafy fog, limits it a lot for the great game that it is. Also the guided missiles, rpg etc at 50 meters sometimes do not impact with the environment. FATAL GLICH: In narva there is a fatal glitch that can break the experience of the game totally.Exactly it is in the tallest buildings on the map, I leave some images that are worth a thousand words Samples: Greetings, until next time
  4. Thanks for your response. I guess my question is more along the lines of white kind of mods can be whitelisted. As in will only content mods be whitelisted, or will gameplay modifying mods be considered for whitelist as well?
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  6. Gonna take this one now since there's not much either of the guests can say on it: we're working out the final details and should have some more information in the near future. =) If the mod rose to a level of "release quality," I don't think we'd have a problem with that, but we'd have to evaluate it specifically when it came time.
  7. generator sound in main menu

    I have 0% music but still have generator sound
  8. Please my question would be considering all the hard work and effort that you folks have put into fully integrating tutorials etc. into the game in order to increase new player retention when will you start hosting some of your own servers to be your official front end so that those same players can get a completely vanilla experience and actually stick around and assimilate into the community?
  9. Yeah, they'll be back. Steam integration went weird again after the last engine update and requires some work to bring back. It's on the docket, but I don't have a specific ETA for you right now.
  10. Is the current balance with armored vehicles here to stay? What is y'all's vision with that? Any plans to increase the lethality of both armor, and AT, like it was in PR?
  11. Perfectly describes how the game feels and direction it seems to be taking to me. Call a spade a spade.
  12. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Eep. Comp + Arma hybrid sounds like my personal version of hell. Damn if BF2 wasn't lightning in a bottle. A mainstream game with milsim ambitions and functional squad tactics that still fundamentally worked even without communication, just waiting for some clever modders to crack open it's potential. It's influence is greatly missed.
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    3. Abteilung in
  14. It’s the first comment following this post on Reddit.
  15. @fuzzheadBtw, who’s lead game designer now? I thought it was you until I read Merlin’s post on Reddit.
  16. What is Squad?

    The concepts of squads most likely came from the original 2001 Ghost Recon which had them first along with a whole host of other features/modes that seemingly got integrated into many later games in the genre. Plus the GR modding community was huge. As far as JO AAS mode goes you don't have to watch videos to get a feel for how it plays out you can just buy it on Steam and actually play it for yourself as it's still a fully functional game and currently this minute has 9 players online worldwide so PR has it completely beaten in that respect with a whopping 51! https://www.realitymod.com/prspy/ https://steamcharts.com/app/32770 Regardless of all this arguing about semantics specific as to who did this or that first the fact remains that Squad is the only game left in the genre that has AAS mode. Not only that, in my mind with intelligent programming OWI has completely perfected the mode with RAAS combined with Fog Of War which is absolute genius in the way the matches play out. So face it, times change and along with it games evolve. Very few people would play an exact Joint Operations clone anymore than they would play a Project Reality clone as both would simply be niche products. That's why the game has to evolve towards a product that continuously appeals to a younger generation in the mainstream in order to drive sales on Steam. That's simple marketing, evolve or die.
  17. Controls for vehicle menu/entering

    posted in error, soz
  18. Flashbang

    id say he means cheaper, as in less logi cost, due to it not being a "deadly" weapon, maybe? not sure why it would matter tho. ohh they were so much fun, yeah?
  19. [100%] United Gaming recruiting!


  21. Its a pretty hot topic on reddit. And i Agree with most of them. Give us back the Dead - Dead and insta death situations where when you get downed within x amount of time you cant be respawned. Also when you get shot by a tank / rpg / headshot / .50cal make you insta death. Someone made a unofficial strawpoll pls show the devs we want it back! https://www.strawpoll.me/18342471/r
  22. and why vehicles has low torque ? btw dont make trucks more slower already hard to find logy drivers but make empty ones faster at least
  23. No Spawn confirmation is fine

    i didnt liked too doubleclick works but still didnt liked making game harder to play isnt means makes more realistic
  24. generator sound in main menu

    No no the music in the main menu is always muted since thy introduced the music. I just went to the sound options and under game music or menu music i scrolled it down to 0 and i do not hear any song or sound in the main menu.
  25. FAQs: I'm interested in earning the ❄︎. What should I do? Great! Just join our discord (discord.io/snowflkae), and let us know of your interest. We'll then see to it that you're given the opportunity to show off your squad leading abilities. What's the group dynamic like? We're mature, casual squad players. Why is this group catered towards squad leaders? We believe good SLs are at the heart of memorable Squad experiences. Moreover, good SLs are sought after by both players and other good SLs alike. As such, we wanted to create a community that recognizes and rewards talented SLs. Is there any benefit to receiving the ❄? Yes, snowflkae recipients receive free whitelisting on a number of the top ranked U.S. based servers on Squad. We receive whitelisting in exchange for our ability to improve gameplay quality on these servers. How long have the snowflkaes been around? 1 year.
  26. RE: Insta-death I think you guys were considering a solution where insta-death would be in effect after a revive until you were healed to 100% by a medic. Any chance we could see this, or another solution implemented? Seems like a lot of people are not happy with the current system (no insta-death). RE: Maps I'm hyped for Fallujah, will this be the next map to be released, or are there other maps in the works? Also, which maps are next in line for optimizations/ visual improvements?
  27. Squad crashes every round end since V15

    I assume you already have, but cleared your cache files?
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