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  2. System Requirements outdated?

    When it "finished", it is "finished" (noone plays it). I tried this approach: not working with online games. 1000+ hours played (most of them without stutters) - too late to charge back. I just have got an idea: never asked people about OS version. A15 was almost same time my PC was infected with 1903 update... Not effected any other games, but still may be a problem there. For me it's not "unnoticeable": during intence fight at least every 5 seconds screen freezes for about 1 second. With "high" sound settings it completes with sound distortion and FPS turns into SPF.
  3. v16 HAT vs Russian Helo

    BRDM take 3+ clips to kill radios. Conclusion: choppers made out of radios
  4. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    I'll just leave it here
  5. System Requirements outdated?

    What you have to understand here is that none of this is the cosumers fault. OWI is basically just really bad at optimizing their game for everyone, and every setup. I run with pc specs that far exceed new games requirements, games that require ten times more power than squad, and they run perfectly fine, sometimes updates come, and it goes down-side, but then they fix that issue. With OWI we're dealing with individuals whom seem to forget that programming takes time and obviously rushes out content, new configs and other things too early on that just destroys everything. Some experience issues, others dont, not because of their specs, but because somehow new updates, or other things interfere with peoples equipment even though its way up to date. Its the truth. Best advice so far, is to just wait for a finished product, if they sell this project to another company, or bail out, or finish a product that is bad, ask for a chargeback of your purchase. You didn't get what they promised in the end. That's kinda what I am looking forward too, unless they actually fix their game. And the craziest thing is, I have two computers, the outdated one, with a graphics card from 2013, doesn't have issues, but the pc that is my main does. OWI is a laughthingstock atm.
  6. Get your Helicopter Control Binds here!

    It seems that currently the collective only accepts increase/decrease input and not a positional input. I tried setting only the "Collective" with my joystick throttle axis and removed the "HelicopterUp" entries, but it didn't work. Is there a way to have the collective to accept positional input (i.e. if my throttle is at 75% then it stays at 75%, if my throttle is at 30% then the collective stays at 30%; instead of increasing/decreasing constantly)?
  7. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    If destruction were planned, it would need to be implemented from the very start of the game's development. Games like Battlefield basically run on a game engine that's built around destruction, UE4 is not, neither is Squad.
  8. System Requirements outdated?

    I've got an SSD, 32gigs of ram, intel i7-6700K 4.4ghz and a gtx 1070 8gb gpu. Every patch recently has improved my performance, not getting any stutters, unless i'm too stupid to notice them.
  9. Founder skins

  10. 100% already posted
  11. v16 HAT vs Russian Helo

    BDRM incendiary rounds kill a fresh logi in one clip, less with some precision. Same rounds against heli seem to kill the occasional passenger but rarely, if ever, a pilot and seem to do very little damage to vic or crew. I'm sure it will change...
  12. Alpha 16 Released

    Good point. Logis already have this mechanism in place for unloading stuff. So this should be an easy addition. Another thing I forgot to mention is that I really enjoy the new movement inertia. There is a log less zig-zagging since v16 and I also noticed myself that I can't easily evade bullets anymore. A step in the right direction.
  13. Founder skins

  14. Alpha 16 Released

    Block the exit from the helicopter when it is still flying please! Or at least when it's almost stopped. Right now there is no need to land, just fly at low altitude and, even at high speed, players can jump out of the helicopter, bandages, medics and all right. You lose a lot in tactics and reality
  15. Founder skins

    Is this fixed yet?? I knows there’s a 1001 things to be fixed and added but instead of useless crap like voice emotes I would much rather have this back in the early days it worked fine and when you other games on the UE4 engine where you can customise everything without a problem it seems like the people that kickstarted this whole thing have been forgotten about and that makes me sad
  16. After A15 release I have huge drop in game performance: from 45-60 FPS down to 1-15 (Still 60FPS in training or empty server). First i wiped out config and cache, reinstalled game - nothing changed. Only one thing actually worked - low sound quality and only "100%" in sound settings. After this i was able to play skirmishes at half-populated servers; more players, or vehicles fight = unplayable lags. In-game I asked players about this problem, and most of them complain about stutters during intense combat. I was thinking it's bug, that will be fixed soon. But A16 released and I see, it is probably new iteration in game's development. After comparing system configuration examples I was given by the players, who have no stutters after A15, I suggest following changes to System Requirements: (Both parameters changing in configurations simultaneously, don't know what actually fixing it) RAM: 32GB or more CPU: at least 6 core at 5+GHz Storage: 60GB There is also a probability, that it's still a bug and all players have stutters of different magnitude, but owners of "top overclocked watercooled rigs" are fraud. P.S. Only 3 questions allowed in poll, so no SSD, GPU, connection width and delay to servers...
  17. Klappspaten frei!

    Servus, die Möglichkeit den Klappspaten als Waffe einzusetzen wäre gerade beim abschaufeln von Objekten besser, schneller und auch realistisch.
  18. Helo spotting HABs.

    Devs forgot about deployable AA guns. Helicopters should not live long outside friendly territory.
  19. v16 HAT vs Russian Helo

    Almost all my squad was shooting enemy helicopter langing in the field less than 100m away. I wasted 3 clips firing singles before it finally touched ground. Landed troops was killed instantly, but during prolonged descend and ascend noone was killed inside helicopter, neither itself was damaged to some smoking state. Gunner and pilot took a lot of hits, but they are probably immortal. I saw someone killed in helicopter only once - when AT hit it.
  20. New to squad

    Hello, what region are you from? I've got both EU and NA players to play Squad with if you want.
  21. SPG complains

    I will be brief. 1) SPG aim moves after you reload. This is super annoying. Say you aimed with the 4, then hit, miss, reload, try to adjust a bit, and the whole aim moves a lot down, like to 8 or so. 2) SPG charge has to be put all the time when you switch seats, why? Super annoying also. Why can't it be like in PR? 3) Same as 2, but when you press 1 then 2, if you were in 2, then it will start the reloading sequence again even if you didn't actually changed charges.
  22. With the introduction of Helo's (Great thing) you now have spotting of HABS from the air. It's making having a HAB a little pointless to a degree, can we either get HAB with Camo netting or maybe a Camp Tent with Cammo. Not saying they should be invisible but removes the fun of Hunting for FOBs.
  23. 2. is really frustrating, especially in Oz where you have +7 players waiting in queue.
  24. I would think so. I run 60+ fps on a 1060gb and i7-8700 with everything cranked up and shadows low. @1080 that is
  25. Yesterday
  26. Alpha 16 Released

    1. Glad I'm not the only one to notice this. Chopper speeds and damage taken are redonkulous. 2. Crashing to desktop on pretty much every round along with half of my team as well. Sending error report.
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