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  2. Hello, I rented a SQUAD server and need help getting it tuned up. I'm not new to running servers, but today's games (SQUAD) are not like BF2/BF4 out the box and go. I've done some research but still need help getting started, so if you're able to provide assistance I have a TeamSpeak 3 we can chat on. The IP is; DANGER CLOSE GAMING. Also, how do I get the server to show in master list? Thank you, WifeyBiscuit
  3. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Sgt.Turtle Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198021357089/ Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 32 Timezone or Region: EST Nature of Interest: MilSim Gaming Background: Many years of milsim like Squad and Arma. Additional Skills: 8 years Army infantry two tours Iraq Status: "Unsigned"
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  5. Marksman Changes.

    although I'm less supportive of the bipod as I am of the enhanced optics notion, a bipod would be a reasonable supplemental because SDM is supposed to deliver CONSISTENT accurate fire of which any MG with optics does better simply because of the bipod (and tracer rounds). M40B really justs kicks ass over what the marksmen should be doing because of the bipod alone (and that it's default ranged to 300m). in response to that just because good ol Font can hit shots over 600m with an ACOG does not mean the average player (including me) can. In fact, I usually don't even bother calling out people who make debunkable claims like scope sway doesn't matter or enhanced optics won't make the marksmen class more viable. Also, in reference to your irony, there is literally no other way to buff the marksmen rifle other than making recoil more manageable or to enhance the zoom level. Quite literally none beside making the DMR a one-shot kill and I think everyone can agree this game is not call of duty. So if it's already as you say, marksmen class is just quite useless all across the board and no buffs whatsoever would make it any more competitive or viable. The things you say irk me on a balancing basis.
  6. Why can't tanks blow up...

    Then you wouldnt need the sapper. Think thats the whole point of destruction mode. Not got issues with just sapper but think need 1 per squad of 9
  7. List of Suggestions (with justifications) on FOB building system.

    Crew served weapon spamming costs a crap load of resources, which in itself, would be a deterrent toward putting up a million MGs. However, in those once in a blue moon games, I can definitely see someone trolling and putting a shit ton of crew served weapons in inappropriate positions for the novelty of it. But I still strongly suggest that the cap of weapons be increased even if we have to put certain caveats or strings attached to limit weapons. Thus, I propose that to increase crew served weapons cap, you need multiple SLs (atleast 2) to drop a radio on the same position. You lose out on the capability of two regular sized fobs for a super fob. I always hate speaking about hypothetical practicality so I believe balancing on a quid pro quo basis is justified.
  8. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    First of all the spandrel is a great addition to vehicle combat and so is T-62. Still waiting for that emplaced spg-9 to be picked up or rotate in position better. Movement speed seems to be a bit too much while sprinting, It makes me feels like a certain retired sprinter running with full combat gear. All new animations are great and so on. The new demolition game mode seems a bit weak so to weak. In my opinion conventional forces would be more focused on enemy´s field "depots" rather than just a simple ammo cache. Like a fuel/ammo FOB so to speak. Like the defenders have no real purpose to defend the cache.
  9. Why can't tanks blow up...

    ... the weapon cache in the destruction game mode?
  10. Marksman Changes.

    The bipod becomes necessary when you’re engaging more than one active enemy at a time. See my example I talked about. I had an enemy squad of at least 5 come through an area I was trying to lock down, and they were at about 280m. I popped the first guy, go to engage the rest and can’t do it effectively because my guy can’t keep the damn gun steady. While trying to keep the enemy locked down so my squad mates could step in, I get picked off because I couldn’t effectively engage the enemy. A bipod would’ve turned that situation around and I could’ve taken at least 3-4 out and diminished their ability to fight and likely have kept them in place or driven them off. An effective, competent marksman should be absolutely lethal and feared by the enemy. Right now, a soldier with an ACOG is about as effective so most SDMs in this game aren’t a viable option compared to grenadier, AT, etc.
  11. When joining make sure to mention you came from the Squad forums ! -DISCORD https://discord.gg/bhNPdyb
  12. Many players I know are using 90, however most of the best/competitive players are generally using more.
  13. Marksman Changes.

    I just don't see why the bipod is needed. I never miss it, and I have 3 confirmed kills over 600m (one with M4+Acog), and plenty of kills over 400m. My favorite thing in the game currently is to headshot bipodded MGs . And I generally prefer the AK74/M4/L86 because of the lower recoil while the stopping power is about the same, they only bleed quicker after a 7.62 round, and a 5.56 or 5.45 can usually kill with 2 hits, and the lower recoil allows for faster follow up shots. The sway is not an issue. If you have a tiny bit of stamina left, you can hold breath for long enough to hit/kill an enemy. The only reason why should be the marksman buffed, is because in v13 almost everyone gets an optic, so the marksman will be kind of useless. And a bipod and a higher magnification won't change that. 4x zoom is plenty for 400 meters, and most of the engagements happen within 200m anyways. Usually a 400m target doesn't know where you are, so I don't shoot, I wait or flank rather than giving away my position, especially because hitting a 400m+ moving target is will require more shots.

    Ouch, the salt, it burns ^
  15. Bipod limitation

    when you are stationary with a bipod you have a certain range of movement. It is very anoying to die because you spotted somebody but where just out of reach because of the bipod movement limitation. What i suggest is that as soon as you reach out of your bipod movement limit, the gun snaps to hand held. As soon as you move the gun low enough to the ground it snaps to it's bipod wich you didn't fold. Only by pressing C again the bipod gets folded. In essence it boils down to skipping the bipod folding animation before you can start to engage.
  16. [WIP] Iron Dawn (Vanilla)

    Good stuff. looks pretty clean.
  17. Vehicle Respawn Timer On Map

    In PR we got a view of all assets available on the map and their respawn times for your team. I would like it if this also got added to Squad as it can be a struggle to see what vehicles are in the next map or not and seeing what is taken. However the respawn timer being shown might not be that good, as people would be more likely to just sit in main and watch the counter go down. Like maybe a heads up a minute before it respawns might be nice but that might be the extent.
  18. Towing vehicles. (Not the weapon)

    However is vehicles are disposable then there is no risk in using them except for having to wait a minute. Then you just have fun in your tank doing stupid shite because getting killed doesn't matter. The whole thing about it taking time to respawn and costing tickets is that the vehicle becomes precious and you try to be careful with it. Removing that just makes people spam btrs and the entire worth of the vehicle being gone. If it doesn't cost anything then I might as well solo a truck, logi or APC to the frontlines to get there faster because if they get destroyed it doesn't matter.

    This is a lazy as shite topic, take a generally accepted position on a subject and circlejerk. Instead it should be about why it is superior or how the other gamemodes could be improved to be better. Or even how the "best gamemode" can be improved. But then again this is your topic so if you want to circlejerk that is up to you.
  20. On the first thing, I would say that a part of the limit is probably performance. If somebody spams MGs everywhere with no limit it will likely impact performance. Additionally it would be horrible for any vehicle squad to attack a fob if there were 6 or more TOWS or SPGs set up around it. Sure it would add to the area denial but then in combination with the machine guns it would practically be impossible to destroy a manned super fob. On the second thing, is probably just a glitch and I agree that some placements should be possible like stacking hesco's with ladders to get up higher roofs and such. On the third thing, in my opinion some mechanics around the point system should be reworked, preferably in to a crate like system. But the arbitrary costs of setting up certain structures will always be arbitrarily so some things don't get spammed and others are available when starting to build. It is mostly just a matter of balancing of which is more important and thus should cost more.
  21. [WIP] Iron Dawn (Vanilla)

    Surprisingly nice. Everywhere except for the big military base, the drawcalls are within reason (less than 3k). The base though... I'll have to optimize it somehow. Otherwise, everything's good enough

    Can't because you're right

    change my mind

    Talil and Yeho RAAS. I usually lead a mechanized infantry squad, sometimes i work with another squad, and one of us takes infantry while the other takes the apc's, and we go in together.
  25. Community Clan Fight Night

    Week 168 Teams "EasterCelebrations” Sunday 21st April @ 1730/1800 UTC Servers: CCFN 168 - COMMUNITY CLAN FIGHT NIGHT #1 / #2 / #3 Map: Talil Skirmish v2 Password: via discord #the_lightroom PLEASE NOTE: Each round will be limited to 90mins - Streamers/Hosts will end the match when the time elapses SERVER ONE: CCFN 168 #1 - Community Clan Fight Night Team 1 We ♥ Squad Germany The Last Rifles Guardians Team 2 Bomb Squad #1 Husaria Slovenian Special Forces SERVER TWO: CCFN 168 #2 - Community Clan Fight Night Team 1 ToG-Lithuania Bomb Squad #2 Release the Hounds Team 2 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment Old Bones Blood Bound RESERVES: ****** ADVISORY - All signed clans need to confirm attendance and numbers in discord at the 1600 UTC final call ****** ****** ADVISORY - Games will begin at hosts discretion between 1900-1910 UTC ****** Community Clan Fight Night event breakdown: (timings in UTC format) 1740: Join your server 1740 - 1800: Team up / Squad up / Warm up / Discuss tactics 1800: Change to map game LIVE - round one Halftime: Five minute break / server changes map twice Halftime: Break finished / Change back to map LIVE - round two Finish: Round two ends Games usually start at 1800 UTC. Make sure your team is on the server and on the correct side by 1750 UTC. We begin the twenty minute period before LIVE on the game map to be played. Use this time to warm up and discuss team tactics. The event will go LIVE on the change to the chosen map and LIVE will be announced. Same again at half time, five minute break, two maps changes to swap the teams, then LIVE will be announced. Pay attention to host broadcast messages as you may be required to wait short periods and listen to instructions NO TEAM KILLING prior to the start of the rounds or at any time. Use the time to squad up, warm up, discuss team tactics and brief your squad. Be sensible, formulate your team strategy and disperse it to your squad members. NO GLOBAL SIDE CHAT DURING LIVE if you have any issues during the game, inform your clan rep or squad leader who should contact the server host via steam. Please do not allow your squad members to post messages in global chat during game live. We will be playing Talil Skirmish v2 ***v12**
  26. New recruit..

    https://steamcommunity.com/app/393380/guides/ Also see : Some times you will play several games with good SLs and some times you will spend an entire night playing with random guys who do not know the game rules and the squad roles... Just navigate through servers, play on several and different ones, see which of them are the ones with good and regular players and stick to those ones ; eventually find a clan to play with HF and don't let those bad games stopping you from playing with us you know... sh*t happens
  27. Marksman Changes.

    From my browsing, my understanding of why the marksman class overall doesn't have bipods is due to "balance", which I think is a ridiculous cop-out. As the OP has stated, the intended role of the Squad Designated Marksman is to be able to provide on-demand accurate shot placements against enemy positions. While the Automatic Rifleman and Machine Gunner roles can provide some level of accurate fire, their overall use on the battlefield is intended to be suppression. If they get a few kills because the target of suppression stuck his head out or wandered into a bullet, that's just gravy on top. The marksman is supposed to be able to place a shot accurately on a target to effectively eliminate that target. It's sniper-lite if you will. The difference being a SDM operates in a squad environment to provide a level of accurate target engagement over distances the average rifleman might not be as effective, and a sniper usually operates with a spotter in a lower-profile capacity. Right now the only advantage a marksman offers over a rifleman with a zoomed optic like an ACOG is that they have a slightly higher magnification on their weapon. There ain't much I can do with a marksman that I can't already accomplish using an ACOG in this game. That should not be the case, and as has been stated virtually eliminates the utility of SDM in this game. A bipod to help ensure consistency of accurate fire is necessary. Example: Last night I had a good position to watch over a particular area of a compound that was being fought over by my team and the enemy team. I happened to catch an entire squad pushing up my area of responsibility who were as of yet oblivious to my position. I took notice of the medic, knocked him out. From there, the squad scrambles to cover but given my position choice they were not covered from my angle and I had the opportunity to continue engaging the squad. Due to the scope sway from not having a bipod, I could not continue to accurately engage their squad element and reduce their combat efficiency before they regrouped, figured my position and had me eliminated. That should not have happened in the manner it did. I should have had the tools necessary (in this case something as simple as a bipod or the ability to rest my weapon on a surface) to more effectively engage the enemy element to reduce their threat potential to my teammates. For what it's worth I'm sort of apathetic on changing the scopes for the marksmen kits , except maybe the British "lite" marksman that actually has a bipod. Giving more magnification than current could turn the marksman into more of a lone-wolf long-range sniper that is simply pecking at targets across the map rather than the intended purpose of sticking with a squad to enhance lethality.
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