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  2. FPS drops since V16 update

    1060!!!!! Upgrade
  3. This is the second post from you suggesting we change things. How long have you been playing the game for?
  4. I am really enjoying the game so far. I have a suggestion for the game, I would love to see the ability to use enemy logi trucks to take ammo. There has been several instances where I have ambushed a logi truck and the ability to have resupplied from the truck would have been amazing. Even the ability to use the enemy logi to create your own FOB would be pretty cool too! .
  5. Nvidia Freestyle settings

    Contrast/highlights and vibrance will depend on your monitor and color settings + personal taste. I use 51% clarity since I use TAA(+IceKK's tweak) to help balance out distant blur, by making it less blurry at distance since TAA can cause a bit of it.
  6. Worked on a the sound track a bit, so far its a quick idea of where im going with it. I wanted to create an feeling of "going back" or going back into the fight, more of a emotional track for the map.
  7. What settings, post a screenshot.
  8. FPS drops since V16 update

    I tought of buying ram to improve frame rate but seems as this is not a solid way. I now have 8GB RAM with a 1060 3GB and i7 CPU ans SSD. I think a part of it has to do with optimization. The older maps have a much more steady frame rate, then for example Mutaha. (atleast on my system with the settings on high) Squad makes my system sweat for sure but being patient for optimization will make a big differene i believe.
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  10. I have a 1060-6gb and getting massive FPS improvement since v16 i7-8700 1060-6gb SSD 16GB RAM
  11. FPS drops since V16 update

    Well.. reinstalling the game on SSD did help a little.. But I'm still having FPS drops to 20 or less every few minuets, checked in the fire range, at first got about 90 and then it dropped every few minute. This is really frustrating, I never had these kind of issue before, and it seems that I am the only one having it. BDW- the GPU I have is GTX1060 w/ 6GB of Vram
  12. said this many times before ...weapon resting could solve some of this.. but the windows seem to all be placed at a level that is just too high whether kneeling or standing... very odd.
  13. FPS drops since V16 update

    Ill try moving squad to my SSD. Keep you posted
  14. FPS drops since V16 update

    Is your HDD an SSD? My guess is your caching the textures and on an old shit mechanical drive it's going to slow as ****. How much RAM is on your video card? I got 8 gig on mine and I never have problems. Try turning off "cache textures" in the video settings. If it runs fine and only goes tits up for a second or two it's definitely loading textures up, and if you have a shit drive it's going to stutter.
  15. ROADMAP - but why?

    Insurgency sandstorm is just a slightly more realistic version of Counter Strike. Sqaud and Insurgency play different roles. He'll I played insurgency way back when it was a half life 2 mod. Back then it was much closer to squad then it is now.
  16. I was wondering if anyone else is suffering from FPS drops every few minuets since the last update. I am usually getting 50-65 FPS in most cases, and all of a sudden the FPS drops to 15 or so for few seconds and then goes back up. I'm having this issue no matter which server I'm playing or the player count , I also had it it the fire range. Also tried playing with lower settings, no change. All of my drivers are up to date rig specs CPU i7-7700HQ GTX1060 16GB of ram Thanks for the help.
  17. Squad has a true first person perspective so you can see your body & legs instead just your arms & weapons. That said, if I recall from a passing glance at the blueprint in the SDK the digital pew pews come from the business end of the barrel. Just for reference in CS:GO pew pews come out of your forehead if I recall correctly.
  18. Nvidia Freestyle settings

    What kind of values do you use?
  19. A ton of effort was put into the animations on v10 and the movement & gunplay is perfect in my opinion. My vote is leave it alone. ARMA3 animations are the obsolete ones not Squad anyway. So what you have all these other body positions etc. but at what expense?
  20. The idea is that the gun is simulated as close as it can be in real life. irl you can shoot above your sights based on how they are zeroed, this can happen in squad. I think the collision on props (or ground) is a bigger part of the problem. I’ve had instances where my barrel is very obviously above the ground and I still shoot dirt.
  21. I disagree, please provide stats to back up your claim.
  22. hi, so my game is lagging. i think it might because my dedicated gpu ram is always at peak (7,9/8gb).i got a rx vega on win 10 and playing on 4k monitor, with second screen idle.cpu is always 30% with peak 50%. Ram is around 10-12 gb/16gbbut my graphics card (which should be more than enough for squad) is always at 100%. the funny thing is, no matter what graphic options i choose. it doesnt matter if i have preset low or custom high/epic. no changes in vram bottleneck.i deleted the cache. first i got 6,5/8gb vram but after a short while it went back to 7,9.i disabled steam overlay, no changei tried amd setting changes, did nothingi tried changing to 1920x1080 this got me down to 6,9/8gb but was extremly ugly... also thats no acceptable solution pre loading textures did no real differencei have no idea what to do by now some maps work better than others, but lags are no rarerity
  23. Mk 19 in project reality not squad why?

    Well BMPs and BTRs are crap armour anyways. Still 2" is quite impressive actually but I bet you could get almost the double using AP sabot 30mm. Also long range MK19 is difficult to hit anything because of low velocity arc trajectory. All being said, weapons have different use cases but were MK19 the omnipotent weapon against all threats you claim it is then would have mounted it on every AFV, APC out there.
  24. We need smaller maps for more close combat action

    You want close combat action and nearly every Objective in the game is already focused on close combat action ~40-80m, if you expose yourself and getting shot from the distance it's your own fault. Btw the "big" maps like skorpo, yeho, talil, gorodock are at best medium-sized and all of them feature close combat action on nearly every single flag. Usually, the combat takes place in and around the flag zone but rarely between them. If you want instant action, very small maps and a more action per minute just wait a few months if Squad gets even more casual or play something different that has such gameplay u like.
  25. Struggle? What struggle? It has already chosen its path. Just not the one that I like...
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