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  2. helicopter and health

    or make the trucks so they give reasonable protection against small arms. The cab's seem about right.
  3. Huge announcement, I was wrong.

    When i came up with the with overall design of Mutaha it came from the name.... i believe maze in Arabic is pronounced mutaha or very close to. So i wanted to come up with something new.. with basrah you have multiple windows to watch out for so with Mutaha i wanted multiple lane ways and then youve got to worry about the roof tops aswell. Not only that, you also get a very good balance of vehicle and gameplay in and outside of the towns. Its a very solid mixture of chora, basrah, sumari, tallil and yet still its own unique map
  4. will it run squad on epic setting?

    thank you for you're reactions, this helps me a lot. in a few weeks ill be on the battlefield! teamwork shooters is my thing just like project reality. cant wait! thanks again! greeting, Mulder
  5. Huge announcement, I was wrong.

    it's shaping up to be a great map for sure!
  6. One could easily have magnified optics use a fixed FOV. This results in people with higher FOV getting relatively higher zoom out of optics, but doesn't let them cheese high power optics for CQB. An example of a game that uses this method is PUBG. If you disregard how they treat non-magnified optics (ie. as magnified optics), the method used there addresses your issue.
  7. New Squad Communities

    The difference between custom and standard browser is not just modding. Licensed Servers means that they have a guaranteed quality confirmed by OWI, like server infrastructure and administration.
  8. That would lead into constant stomps in competitive matches. Cause teams only defend cause they dont think that they are able to stomp the enemy team, so they secure their lead by defending. If defending is always an disadvantage, the better team will simply always play full aggressive and stomp.
  9. Problem: In competitive clan matches, if a large map was choosen, then often when one side managed to secure more zones in the early stage of the game, they simply dug in and refuse to go on the offense cause they can. This, in inturn, forced their opponents to not go on the defense as well and only send out harrassment attacks in an attempt to close the ticket gap, as any major assult against a whole 40-man team in well-established defensive positions would be suicidal. As such, the remaining game became trash time. Solution 1: HABs and rally points near a defensive zone would have their spawn delays doubled, and the opposite for those near an offensive zone, so that the attackers would eventually outnumber the defenders. In this case, it would mathematically sound for both sides to keep attacking regardless of who had more tickets or zones. Solution 2: If I remember correctly, in PS no rally truck could be deployed inside a zone, which means the attackers would have a better chance stopping the respawned defenders from getting back into the zone.
  10. (Nani!?) Hip fire is weird [not normal!]

    For some reason, sharpshooter rifles always hit the center in hip-fire stance.
  11. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    +1 on this damn Im crying, so my prayer will come true? YES.
  12. Hi and welcome to squad! I also start playing project reallity mod around 14-15 too but at those time I still have difficulty communicate with other in English so instead of talk I type a lot to communicate with other people in squad so they never find out that I are teenager at the time lol Now 12 year had pass, my enlish is improve but people still make fun of my asian accent and sometime act like I am chinese player by saying "Ching-chong" it really not fun, but hey not everybody is a jerk right? So my advice is to have patience and find a freind, a comrade that you feel comfortable playing with. Good folk won't make fun of people regarding their age and race. I hope you have fun in playing Squad buddy!
  13. .Well look at it this way.. If you have a painting size 50cm x 50cm (the 1080p) then you take the painting and stretch over a frame thats mutch bigger, say 75cm x 75cm (the 2k) it will not be a wery nice painting after that. This is what you are asking basicly, twise the size of screen, with only paint for half of it. You cant do anything about it (other than buy a gpu that can handle 2k) if only, then nobody need to use money on gpus. Or you can try to supersample it ingame. It should draw on the cpu instead. Allso download extra GB of RAM just to be sure haha;-p
  14. v16 HAT vs Russian Helo

    It is my observation that occasionally AT rounds hitting fast moving targets might fail to do damage.
  15. SuicideHelis....

    So Yetanother please fix dynamics for the helis topic.. With the "i dont know what was aiming for with those, def not heliflights", the low tic cost, and short spawntimer, I see often people find it much usefull, to actually use helis as "suiciderockets". Of all the goodies You allmighty dews manage to pull out of the Magic hat over the years, this realy looks like an late april fools joke. Even Arma has a better flightmodel, and Arma is soooo bad, even the dews refuse admit its wrong and wont fix it. Even tho alot of irl pilots tell them its wrong. So deeeeeer Santa, please make it right, and put it in my cosy Christmas sock. (The one by the fireplace and looks like a pink bunny, and not the one that smells like wet feet) May The Farts Be With You All.....
  16. No matter the magnification, you can always increase the FOV so that it works just like a non-magnifying red-dot sight in CQB.
  17. Map Idea: Kobani

    Well, Mutaha has pretty much nailed the aesthetic I was planning to go for. So excited to see these new buildings in the SDK.
  18. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    ermm ... " What is someone's best guess for the bandwidth used for destroying those 50,000 destructible objects with a server of 50 players? " ... just sayin'. IMO, no to destruction. because @Thr34t & @Dubs have it up pretty much perfectly explained, above. and because of this; " I can go on and on... visuals client side don't work unless the destruction is scripted, which would honestly look lame." full dynamic destruction would be, i assume, what the OP is looking for, considering he's looking for a more realistic feel.
  19. Get your Helicopter Control Binds here!

    in my previous post i was going to suggest this was how it likely worked but i forgot. most likely it would require adding positional/anlogue logic to the scripting, to overide the incremental/key stuff for the game - just my guess though
  20. Hey man, don't worry about those guys making fun of you. I remember being 14 and playing America's Army, the most realistic FPS shooter back then, while using VOIP but I was always teamplay minded and a team player. I was much more serious about playing than a lot of players back then, so I understand where you are coming from man! Stay on teamwork servers like Tactical Gamer or noob friendly ones. I think SquadOps is probably good but they are also competitive so you might have some issues there. The people will be less likely to hate on you. Also, stay away from Doctor's Office. They have a terrible history of salty admins and players. There are plenty of people who don't mind playing with a 14 year who wants to work as a team!
  21. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Have you been using Steam Controller? How well does it work? And how's Egg's profile? I'm just starting to get back into mine after being away for a long time.
  22. Literally cant get support for my game breaking issue.

    borderless is my temporary fix.
  23. Literally cant get support for my game breaking issue.

    would like to add that I had reinstalled my drivers, cleared cache manually etc. only thing that works is the test version. somewhat of a fix just found. not ideal but borderless works.....
  24. So I'm a tad frustrated. I backed the kickstarter, supported it through and through. convinced friends to purchase the game etc. I took a bit a of a break and never had issues with the game before my break including FPS. Here I am now, I literally cannot shut the game down without turning off my PC... The performance is terrible no matter what settings or resolution I put. it's so bad that I literally have to keep mashing escape to pull up the menu. I have tried re-installing like 3 times now, deleted all my settings etc. nothing has worked and I honestly dont have the time to be dicking around with this anymore. This is basically my final attempt at some support. I tried discord twice, steam discussion in support, and now your forums. It has now been over 15 days since my first post. please help, thanks.
  25. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    No matter how you do destruction, there's server side involvement required. RB6 Siege you can blow out majority of walls, floors, doors, windows and each of those destructible locations need to be replicated when destroyed to each client, that requires the server. Just like every deployable has to as well. The more things able to be destroyed, the more the server has to work to keep this up to date, and replicate it to all clients involved. The more players, the higher chance of replication being an issue. The larger the map, the more destructible things, the more the server has to work to correctly replicate it to each person. Client sided visuals create their own issues, for example think of smoke grenades that are client sided. On X players screen smoke is covering his position, on Y players screen he can see X player because on his screen the smoke is different. Now think of destruction and debri's etc Only way it works if it's completely scripted like Battlefields levolution, but again on a mass scale the more assets you add, the more the server has to keep track. Destruction isn't simple to implement, each way has it's pro's and con's, and things get far more difficult if the scale of the game is larger and more players are involved. Then there's the side of keeping things fair. On top of development time and resources having to be considered.
  26. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    Nobody here asked to have debris staying after destruction. Nobody asked to have collision on debris or synchronize them on different clients. Squad even have wounded bodies desynced client-side, don't see you complaining anywhere about it?
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