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  2. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Happy to see many of the new things in squad. ( Double HAB's for non regular forces.) but feel more its the things that don't work need mentioning. Thanks for the hard work and update. But here's a couple from me. Rally sound Too much white noise (hoping its a placeholder) Needs bit of Anders magic. Buddy Rally system needs a tutorial note for SL's or removal not sure for it does keep squads together but is very over powered only time will tell. Speed Increase has reduced the time to traverse the maps, which thought previous updates reduction was because of vehicles. And does feel too fast on sprint. Vehicle manifest removal of seeing who's in the truck with pressing F1, used to as the driver press F1 would bring up the crew if you where driver that's gone, would like it back. Destruction mode. Area seems very small for where the cache will be with the child like lines to say where you should be going plus the check marks. Thought we where getting away from this stuff with the RAAS and fog of war. Already seeing people adapting to the next attack positions. Also Make it 1 Sapper per squad of 9, lost a round for not being able to get a sapper to the controlled area. Weapon Cache Allow people to resupply from it. Or at least non AT.
  3. Back from longer break - Thoughts

    This is the internet. Hold tab and click the mute button on anyone you want. I like to inform them before I mute them because I'm nice like that I often swap teams to work with other squad leaders I know. A team work game with a random selection of internet users is always going to be tough.
  4. Ping or No Ping

  5. Today
  6. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I'm not saying don't post feedback, My point is that certain things within the current test build are merely there to be an experiment, to see how they affect the game and if the community likes said experimental changes. People are saying things like "Squad is going in the wrong direction" etc - How? They're just experimental changes and should be treated as such. It's not a final build of A13; Some things in the playtest are 100% planned and will be in the final build(with certain tweaks) and some things in the play test are not planned, and are not guaranteed to be there in the final build, they're just there to be an experiment. It's important to keep that in mind. Also, discussion can be had without involving silly remarks. I myself am not too fond of the Buddy rally system either - But if OWI have an Idea and want to test different Ideas out, then I encourage them to continue to test random things out, via the test app. Keeps us in the loop , and is more of a hands on approach.
  7. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I love the updated graphics/engine. Things seem crisper and I am running an older card. I have had 2 engine crashes so far, but sent the reports in. BUGS The random sound of an SPG reload happening every once in a while. Even when no where near a vehicle. Spawned in on rally with minimum mags on a GL kit on US side. Went to the transpo truck to rearm. Pulled 3 more mags to have a total of 6 mags of ammo. They just replaced the 3 I already had and used up that ammo from the truck. GOOD The sounds at the rally and repair stations. Combat Engineer kit Removing the range finder from FTL markers. Love the Spandrel and TOW MATV! BAD The MATV/MRAPs seem to have gotten a serious armor buff. Took about 7 shots from a 30mm at 50m to kill it. Front armor. Have also heard from another TG that their BDRM did very little damage with its 14.5 cannon. Increased speed seems excessive. It should be a gradient. If you are going to run that fast then it should be a sprint and then decrease from there. Maybe a separate sprint timer? Buddy rally - just no. Fatigue sway needs to come back Suppression is really pretty weak now - almost pointless with the exception of the fear of getting winged by a random round. Reload times at Main seems too fast Remove destroyed vehicles - haven't seen it. Changes some of the metas of blocking bridges with destroyed vehicles, but the better fix is making them movable or destructible. JURY IS OUT Stamina bar at center of screen Changed spawn process - keep spawning too soon before I change kits as I am still used to having to confirm. Graphics for the mags at the bottom right. Cool and all, but the smaller bars took up less space and gave the same info. WISH LIST Ammo/Material drops from vehicles. Leaves a map marker for friendly troops. Can be used to stage for a radio or drop supplies on the field for troops maneuvering. Destructible by enemy troops. Disappears once they are all used. Maybe degrade over time to prevent over reliance/misuse.
  8. The Military Media Thread

    @Thegreenzzz What the (6.8mm cartridge)? https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/armys-new-rifle-will-fire-bullets-pressure-equivalent-what-tank-would-fire-47842
  9. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    LOL @ the people White Knighting OWI They asked for feedback. That's exactly what they're getting.
  10. Ping or No Ping

    I would like to start a discussion on the Map-Ping feature and try to understand the different views on it and why so many people actually like the removal of it. I am SLing most of the time and i really appreciated this feature for following reasons: - Its easy to call out GRIDS, but hard to FIND them When i hover over the map i can see the grids on the bottom left. When i have to find them as SL i actually really have to follow the actual GRIDS to find the Location. Someone called it "Grid-Hunting". While its complicating communication in general again in a game which is about communication which kinda is absurd, its further on complicating the Life of a SL and the SL only. I know most of you feel that the SL has too less to do and is generally a very unchallenging Role in Squad but im not too sure about this. A lot of comments also on reddit were, that most SLs will thank you for removing the PING-Feature because all the "Enemy on my Ping" Calls will dissapear. But now all those calls will be the same, only with GridCoordinates. Filtering now the useful from the useless information will again be harder for the SLs. Not the Callers. A lot comments also were that SQUAD is about Communication. Ping was also kind of a Communication. Its not like someone could mark the enemy on its own for the whole team. Only downside of PING-Feature imo is that it might discouraged people to communicate in a way like "100m West of Rally" but not too sure about it and this wont change if its as easy to mousehover over position and just readout the coordinates.
  11. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Tweaking and testing things like speed is totally fine. Trying to implement something like the rally points with a mechanic (Teleporting troups without effort) we already tested versions ago (Cooker-Fobs) which was considered exploitable and not wanted is something i dont get. Someone has to put time in coding and implementing this i guess. When i read in the Notes that a "simple" Marker for Mortars (not sure how simple but i guess more simple to implement than the buddyrally system) is not making it into the next patch than this is whats triggering me a little then.
  12. Marksman Changes.

    most definitely considered. the thing is..typical infantry columns or squads don't have a dedicated sniper for engagements past the range of what their prescribed weapon doctrine says...at that point, it's usually up to crew served weapons to start nailing people past what the small arms can't hit. so where would a bolt action sniper fit in? their usually chambered in .300 win or .338 lp mag so would it be a one shot kill? i would love to see it but squad dev's can be iffy about good ideas if it doesn't fit their vision of what the game should be edit: worst part about it is that i'm almost arguing against having a dedicated sniper in the game even though that's completely opposite of my interests.
  13. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Hence the feedback, to assist them with this!
  14. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    You guys have to remember, OWI is just testing different things out - As in experimenting different things, which is good. It's a good use of utilizing the public test branch, to allow the community to explore and test out features to see how they play out. Obviously some changes or additions in these little experiments will be lack luster, it comes with the territory of trying things out. Things are going to change before v13 full release, and some of the experimental features/additions might not even make it in the final release of v13.
  15. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    not been in squad for months.. but what this reads like is that Squad is trying to compete with the wrong games, I had a discussion last year on the forum about no. of players and which games it competes against and how it wasnt really stacking up against its real competitors.... I would never have thought Squad would be going anywhere near the Apex lot and any changes that appear to want to placate any players from that genre would imo be the death of squad for the players that wanted a military sim esq game. Reads like there is a bit of confusion in the direction of the game and as Zylfrax has said many times, trying to straddle multiple game styles is going to cause issues. Many of these changes dont encourage me to come back any time soon and I bought this in EA with over 2500 hrs it originally hit its niche... know what you are.
  16. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I am going to be very honest in my personal feedback - please consider it constructive as I intend it to be. Good Stuff * New vehicles like TOW MATV and Spandy are very welcome, as is the Engineer kit and ability to blow up wrecks. * New Engine - long overdue but I understand the crazy leg work the team had to put in to make this happen, so good stuff. Has resulted in a much smoother game for me overall, and the future potential with this is exciting. * Removing FTL Range exploit and ping - Good move, something I have been asking for since day 2 of its implementation. Once people started exploiting it it had to go. In a game where the squad and team are meant to work together, giving AT god power over range is silly. * RAAS Fog - Likely the best change of all. Will help with map fatigue that most of the community is suffering with right now, and hopefully help the map makers make decisions going forward in their design. * Shovelling changes - self explanatory - good work. Bad Stuff * Flogging a dead horse here, but here goes. Speed and Stamina. What is interesting is finally the Squad community is united, even if it is in almost universal dislike of some changes in this patch. The speed increase is too much - I said this in closed testing when I was told it was a reaction to Apex Legends making Squad feel slow, and I say it again now publicly. Toning it down a little will help. However the animations still look ridiculous, and things like climbing stairs SHOULD have an impact on speed. The biggest issue, and one I can not understand is why stamina has been made redundant. Your stamina recovers at such a fast rate that it might as well not exist. You have the PERFECT opportunity here to fix so many issues - tie stamina to weapon stability, make players manage their stamina. Add sway back into the game after QA essentially pulled it out in the v12.1 hotfix. Make it so that low stamina is punished with poor accuracy. This seems so obvious in a game designed to promote teamwork. You, as an individual, should NOT be able to sprint 100m and perfectly ping a dude from 200m away. You should move with your squad and be more deliberate in that movement. And you should be trying to promote firefights that last and are fun, now instantly over. More sway, more suppression, all tied to stamina. Then slow down the stamina regeneration. One of the biggest problems you have is the fact that this change essentially undermines the message and public goals of the game, and creates confusion in the current playerbase. This game will forever be relatively niche, but this change is to encourage pubbys to pick up and play. A fine goal, but massively flawed in its implementation. The stated reason for this in testing was that players need mobility - thats what vehicles are for. So they lose all their vehicles? They should get punished with poor mobility. Giving individuals the ability to Usain Bolt across the map is not the solution. Bring back sway, bring back proper suppression, tie it to stamina. Real simple stuff. * Still no mortar calculator. Unfortunately the community is rife with people using external tools to get an advantage. If Squad is serious in its goal to attract new players and level the playing field, then an in-game calculator needs to be added, otherwise new players simply can not compete. In the meantime add some element of randomness to the mortars to stop the pinpoint accuracy - maybe 5-8m is enough in the meantime. * Buddy rally - another one of the changes that clearly was not thoughts out. HABs are redundant, and this is beyond exploitable. Again, your logic is to promote a fast paced game with no down time to promote new players coming and sticking to the game. You base this on the fact that no one likes to have to return to main, or spawn at main. A fair goal, though I would suggest the logic is incorrect. However 100% action destroys the gameplay. Defenders should be rewarded for wiping a squads HAB or RP, not face endless spam charges. What next, spawning vehicles in the field? * Perma Death removal - Again an entirely illogical change. Again made, I presume, to relieve the punishing nature of the game for new players. However this is open to exploit and doesn't reward the team with better movement, positioning and killing power. Overall some really good changes, but some huge illogical things too - 1 step forwards, 2 back with this patch. Hoping for some massive changes before this goes live. As some have stated, there is massive concern in the broader, usually more silent side of the community that OWI has somehow changed their goal in making a game that is supposedly the spiritual successor to Project Reality. This patch makes it seem like a pretty poor attempt at a BF4/Apex crossover. Currently there is even more mixed messaging than usual, and what seems to be multiple internal factions pulling this game in different directions to each other, and the public stated goals. This is resulting in huge gameplay changes, confusion, and then hotfixes to revert those changes. This can all be prevented..... It would also help if OWI could decide what they wanted to do in terms of feedback - there are so many Discord channels currently dumping feedback into them, then there is this thread, there are backchannels, and overall mixed messaging. There are OWI staff with job titles and tags in discord talking about things that is not in their purview, and apparently making changes and decisions to gameplay they should not be involved in, and releasing that information to their groups, creating even more confusion. The silly changes in this patch could have been addressed and rectified long ago in closed testing had a proper feedback mechanic been in place, not just "fight in the 300m squared box to see how the map feels" testing. In my opinion this is why the testing team has been shrinking week on week for months, and is becoming more and more just the area for bragging rights of a few with the right tags and friends. And I say this as someone who has been involved as a Squad tester since before the game was even announced to the public. I am encouraged by the dedication to having a more agile development and release strategy, and modding 2.0 as I feel modding might have to be the way to save Squad from OWIs internal confusion at this point. Hopefully you guys can get your future vision in order, make peace with the original kickstarter goal of this being a niche game based on the same vision as Project Reality, and rectify this bipolar patch soon. I hope this feedback has been useful.
  17. V13 Test Crash

    It could be bad ram, gpu, psu or a driver issue. You don't mention your psu but I assume it's decent judging by what you've spend on other components in your system and you don't seem to have issues with other games. Squad uses lots of ram especially with gfx cards with lots of vram. You could try running a ram stressing program to eliminate possible ram problems. Make sure all your drivers are up to date. Personally I've been using Driver Booster and is been great at keeping track of what needs updating with my system - 8700k, 1080ti, 16gb 3200. If you have a 2nd screen you could try running Afterburner and displaying useful info like ram usage, vram usage, cpu core temps etc while gaming to see what is stressing your pc and help determine where you may have an issue. Maybe your ram isn't fast enough ;-)
  18. Can I run squad?

    Yeah, it ranges from 45 to 85 depending. Like 80-85% of the time, it will maintain over 60fps but on maps like Belaya it really tanks down to just under 60 fro me. Ryzen 5 2600 16 gb DDR4 3000mhz (clocked at 2933) MSI GTX 1050 Ti GT OC W10 pro
  19. Turnout from Inside of Vehicle

    Hey devs what gives? There were tons of updates to tanks from patch 13 including the seat slots outside of tanks. But why there's still no priority for this (vehicle turn out) feature? Post Scriptum had this a long time ago, but still nothing from the main game Squad? I think we all know this is a necessary feature for a milsim game like this.
  20. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    here goes my final feedback about V13 - Stamina Hud should go back to where it was, vertical on right - New animations are much better than before, I loved the more agile soldier with faster movements, they felt like hippies before. - Stand sprint speed was increased too much, move it back to 3-5% over V12. (5% should be good enough for a realistic but more dynamic gameplay). Crouch speed is fine! - Ping is missing, todays soldiers can ping in real life GPS, why can't we? - New Recoil mechanic is very nice but way too much (up direction) and Iǘe noticed there is no Go back on Recoil when you stop shooting, we are not children holding rifles, I can easily shoot a full magazine of AK 47 without half of that recoil. But they are heavy so they should go back to original position after shooting. - I vote for faster stamina charges or a longer stamina bar, we can run much more than 100 meters in real life. - Performance is a bit better, but still awful.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Squad on Vulkan / Linux?

    EAC is working fine, they need to make it run natively using the -vulkan support that would bring huge gains over crappy Windows DX11 support Spyware edition. I'm not sure why V13 messed it up.
  23. Fob disable mechanic is too OP

    In some cases, you are right. If you let 2 poeple get with in 30m, it's your own fault. But this is why I gave specific examples, such as Al Basrah's VCP. There is nothing but desert for several hundred meters in all directions, you generally put emplacements in the entrances and the map-spawned hescos, and play around those. However, they don't even need to be inside the compound to overrun the HAB.
  24. Fob disable mechanic is too OP

    Well….you let 2 guys get withing 30 mts of your hab…. so... u either didnt defend well enough (or not defended at all) or they just outmanouvered you. I understand what you say but I think a semi decent squad defendinf a fob/hab wont have many problems. And if they do, well...the other team was better. YOu can overrun a hab with a "gamey" tactic. Either you fight for it or the other team didnt defend it.
  25. Tiger Platoon

    10 Years of Tiger Platoon just recently passed for us! Here's one way how we celebrated it! Enjoy!
  26. Solving the v12 Logistics Nightmare

  27. Marksman Changes.

    1. Deploying a bipod is a choice. You can have a bipod and just not deploy it if you don't need it. 2. I have made it very clear that shoot & scoot is a good tactic for marksman to use, however the marksman having the choice of supported or unsupported fire for the few shot's he's going to make before moving again is nothing but a positive. 3. Shoot and scoot tactics are even more necessary for the machine gunner than the marksman because of how exposed they are.
  28. Hello community! So, as the topic suggests, I have been staying away from Squad for some time and booted up few matches the past two days. As I haven't played in a while, I didn't wanna jump straight back to squad leading, so I joined with squads as medic and did my thing. The game is as good as it has ever been... but... The absolute f*cking cancer that is these try-hard squad leaders, screaming and shouting, on squad comms every goddamn second of the entire match. Holy shitballs, it's like listening to a one man show podcast with try-hard dipshit over there. Complete lack of social skills, no idea whatsoever how to communicate respectfully, but damn sure to press that B-button down as if the entire world depends on it. At the end of an invasion match, that must have lasted for 2 hours, where our squad leader had been continuously feeding us to the meat grinder for a good 40 minutes or so, I just laid down in the grass, went to the bathroom, and was re-setting for the next match. I came back, put my headset on and all I could hear was "WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING "PUDDLEMURDA", THE F***CK, WHAT ARE YOU DOING OVER THEEEEEEEEEERRRRREEEE!!!??!?!?! YOU HAVE DONE F*CKING NOOOOOOOTHING THIS ENTIRE MATCH..." and that was the last I heard before leaving the squad. I had some 15 revives, better k/d than most in the squad, and had been right there until the very last minutes. 3-4 matches later, with similar experiences in every match, I closed down the game. Probably won't revisit for a while. Or, I don't feel like it at the moment. This is one of the reasons why I started to squad lead, as the sheer incompetence and retardation literally forced me to take control of the situation. The problem is just that I stopped playing some time ago for a similar reason. The f*cking mouth breathing wannabe squad leaders that join every single god damn time got the better of me. I can only tell people to stay off comms, create their own squad if they wanna leave so badly, or kick players so many times every single match before it just annoys the sh*t out of me. This is not OWI's fault. It's just that a good percentage of people are a waste of oxygen, and should be euthanized for the good of the human race. However... Give squad leaders the option to limit comms to fireteam leaders only. Just give us the option, so we can lead without having a mental breakdown and wanting to punch a whole through our screens because of some loudmouth f*ckstick that hates his own life and tries to ruin it for everybody else. Then I could promote the one or two functioning adults in the squad to FTLs, and we'd have a pleasant experience playing squad. An on off switch somewhere on the deploy screen, so if I need to address the whole squad briefly I can do so and then go back to FTLs only. Not checking this post for spelling or grammar, so enjoy... until mods remove it, haha
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