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  2. The a14 Stutter Problem

    I built a rig in February primarily to play Squad, after watching some Karmakut videos. It worked fine, even with only 8GB single-channel when one of my two sticks arrived DOA. Version a13 got a little performance bump and looked better. But since version a14 it is unplayable, stuttering with huge frame rate drops. It works fine for a few minutes after joining Shooting Range or a server, then performance degrades. When it stutters, CPU usage and GPU usage both drop. My PC specs are: Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 i7 8700K, not OC, mild temps 16GB RX 590, mild temps, latest driver Squad launched from SSD 1920x1080 fullscreen with mostly Epic settings for 1080p 60hz monitor 2560x1440 fullscreen with Medium to Epic settings for 1440p 144hz monitor Here are a couple recordings of it behaving normally then things going south.
  3. Bad game culture at the moment

    You guys raise some good points. I think the problem is as well that in the mind of a newish player, in order to win you should throw down a good fob closer to key objective than enemy team and when your team all dies they will spawn closer than the enemy and thus quicker. But actually that's like one of 100 different intricate factors you need to consider in order to win... on it's own the strat is essentially just a zerg rush. As for spamming hand grenades, it's a great strat, you cant just throw one or they'll throw one back at you... you should have a source of ammo close by anyway if the squad leaders are doing their job properly, and not sucking up all the supplies from your defense fob to go zerg rush anyway, you usually get a few good games per night on the aussie servers where people communicate etc, you just need a bit of luck.
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  5. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    NWI just dropped another update to Sandstorm improving the hardcore mode, come on OWI, where is the Hardcore mode in Squad?
  6. Bad game culture at the moment

    Good to meet you! I'll let you know when I start mod development.
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  8. Bad game culture at the moment

    YOu should go over the HARDCORE GAME MODE there and add up to the voice of people who at least want to see a game mode added. Or a game mod supported by devs.
  9. I had a moment the other day (Aussie server too). We were defending a flag. I overheard another squad leader saying "chuck down your ammo bag and lob grenades". I then watched on as the player then proceeded to lob grenades, refill from the ammo bag and continued to lob grenade after grenade in the enemy's direction. The devs clearly want this game to go in the BF/COD direction. I wouldn't be surprised if we get crosshairs and player radars in the near future...
  10. Bad game culture at the moment

    The closest I have come to a moment like that in Squad was this one time when I managed to get my entire squad to actually hold fire for once, and we more or less crawled around an enemy infested area. We located their HAB, and everyone got into position in a hedgerow / treeline overlooking the enemy HAB. We had a good mortar squad on our team, so I marked the HAB and asked them to send one shell for confirmation. Perfect hit! "Perfect splash!! Give 'em hell boys, give 'em hell!!!" "Hold your fire boys until the shells start dropping" in local voice. Moments later the shells were dropping accurately and consistently and all of us opened fire simultaneously. It was an absolute slaughter. Memorable moment. It would have been even better if those ferocious 30-40 seconds of absolute carnage would have meant more than it actually did in the end. With the right set of rules and game mechanics implemented in Squad, this would not be a one time in hundreds of hours of gameplay-moment. I think most players simply fail to realize this. They don't see the big picture. They wanna spawn and shoot, not build up to that moment and have that overwhelming feeling of accomplishment wash over them. Maybe not because they "don't want to", but because they do not realize the potential.
  11. server issue

    hi guys, we had our server allready working with the license key ! and we where doing great but yesterday we changed the server name !! and it popped us back in to custom browser i allready signt up for a new license key with the same email and information only a different server name! is this the right way ? thankyou for your time Jordy
  12. Bad game culture at the moment

    AMEN!!!!!! +1 (although rallies in a vanilla kinda game that disappear after a while dont bother me) Dude.... Oh dude... I had a moment... oh dude... I only experienced that in PR (mostly ONE LIFE EVENTS, which are actually the only reason i´m still interested in the game)
  13. Server Licensing General Info

    hello guys, can someone help me please ? we had a server allready active with a license key and everthing. but my buddy changed the server name and then i popped back in the custom browser can someone help us with that maybe ? thankyou Jordy
  14. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    A much better explanation. Thank you veyr much. +1
  15. Bad game culture at the moment

    Those moments of respite are among my favorites. You and your squad have just accomplished your mission, to secure and capture an objective. A sigh of relief, and a hell yeah in local voice. "Alright boys, I want a 360 defense. Check your map, cover any vulnerable angle". Then you have a moment to chat a bit in local and bond with the guy next to you. Spit some USMC movie clichés, have a laugh. Keep an eye on the map, how things develop around the next objective, trying to come up with a plan for your next move, while the guys pick off a couple of stragglers, successfully defending the objective. It's a complete mind f*ck to me how often players lack the attention span to chill for 3-4 minutes before the next move, or the next incoming assault. (excuse me if I spam the thread, but I am at work and having a slow night)
  16. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    I don't think he means that what you're saying is irrelevant, because it does matter. Maybe he's saying that your example is very specific (a specific location on a specific map) for a problem that is quite widespread and affects numerous factions across a variety of maps. Vehicle driving mechanics are "funky" to say the least and from what i hear, it's been that way for quite some time. That's a matter that definitely ties in to the considerations of this thread because it affects supply runs and the ease of traversing the battlefield, but maybe the exact specifics of the issue belong in a dedicated "fix the vehicle torque/traction/handling" thread, just to make things easier to follow. One thing is mostly about game design choices that affect the gameplay loop on the broad strategic sense, the other is fixing a specific asset class to behave closer to its real-life counterpart. They are related issues, but still worthy of separate discussions.
  17. Bad game culture at the moment

    Regardless of the server, layer or map no sooner than an AAS flag is captured everyone runs away from it as fast as possible like its some kind of Ebola hotspot. Nobody wants to defend because of course its boring and bad guys may or may not even show up anyway so peace out, push the next flag and of course every single time the team gets back capped, everyone's completely out of position and the command chat blame game starts. Its really no wonder people lock their squads at 1 or 2 and go feral just looking to pad their K/D ratio. Honestly there needs to be a built in game mechanic that forces people to stay on defend flags like say for example as soon as everyone leaves the flag goes neutral.
  18. Bad game culture at the moment

    Yea, there will always be admin responsibilities. My hope is that the gameplay can run itself so admins can focus on trolls and griefers, or other server objectives.
  19. Bad game culture at the moment

    99% of your points are valid, i just disagree that it's asking too much of admins to police their own servers. People did in in PR all the time with a much more limited tool set and it was very successful. Of course it was not done 24/7, but during the server's prime time when a lot of the owners/admins/clan members were online, it was the norm. You can automate quite a few things to be done by the game itself, but i prefer a human in the loop because he can make decisions based on the circumstances at a given time. For example, the most popular PR servers had very strict rules and the most common was that if you wanted any vehicle assets of a higher tier than logis/transports/techies you had to create or join a dedicated squad for it and there could only be one such squad per team. So on vehicle-heavy maps you usually had a tank squad, an APC/IFV squad, a squad for transport choppers and a CAS squad for the attack choppers and jets. Soloing vehicles when it's against the rules? "Stealing" vehicles that belong to a dedicated squad? SLs that don't communicate? People who join squads just to get kits and then leave? 3 warnings and then you're out. Rejoin the server and do the same? Enjoy your 10-day ban from the server. It worked very well because the game was structured efficiently for the people who enjoyed teamwork, while the occasional troublemakers didn't have a choice but to adapt to the rules or find somewhere else to play. Now, some of those things that admins did in PR have been automated in more recent games. Squad has the vehicle approval function for example, as well as reverting you to a recruit kit if you are not assigned to a squad. These are good examples that make it possible to punish non-teamwork playstyles, but they are not enough to cure everything. Still, i think this is the way to go, automate the small stuff and let admins deal with the rest on a case by case basis. For example, Post Scriptum has pretty much hard-coded dedicated squads. But sometimes there can be problems with that. In PR if a server was below 50% capacity and there were not enough players online to form dedicated squads for every vehicle class, you could ask an admin if you could take a transport chopper or APC to move your infantry squad up to the front, and in such cases they allowed it (think of it as relaxed rules during server seeding). When it's something hard coded into the game though, you don't have those choices and i've heard a lot of PS players complaining about the rigid and predefined squad hierarchy during times of low server population. Finally, active admins were also good for keeping the server enjoyable by handling map rotation on the fly whenever they were online. Sure, the server had its own predefined sequence of maps. Sometimes things would go bad though (eg, an update might cause server crashes) and you might get the same skirmish map (used for seeding at the start of the rotation) 3 times within 2 hours. Admins would put up a vote and players responded in chat if they wanted to bypass the map. In a similar fashion, whenever admins were online they were talking map suggestions. Then you'd see a poll with 2-4 map choices and as soon as a map was voted, there was a game mode poll to choose between insurgency or AAS. Players voted, results were calculated automatically and flashed across the top of the screen for everyone to see, and the admin just set the next map and layer through a console command. It's a much more hands-on approach for sure. But it helps servers retain players for longer (if you can convince your squad to vote for your favorite map, you'll probably stick around for one more round) and it makes it more of a community. You gradually come to recognize all those guys that provide this service for you and start to respect them more, so you in turn start to play by the rules and if the rules are sensible like they were, everyone gets better matches as a result.
  20. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    Trouble is you're not seeing the big picture though. Squad is a combined arms game and billed as such from the start so considering all the elements that would go into a "Hardcore Mode" including the all the parameters of vehicles would have to be considered as well. Simply focusing on insta death and buddy rallies and a few other details related to infantry seems a bit myopic to me is all. As such, my example of the Logistics truck and how its currently a contradictory juxtaposition of realistic performance and handling yet dovetails with an essentially neutered logistics system is completely relevant to the topic of casual vs. hardcore mode.
  21. Bad game culture at the moment

    I guess I have found myself another brutha! Good to see "we" are still out there, even if a very small minority.
  22. Bad game culture at the moment

    @Nightingale87 I am going to paint a picture of a short scenario, one of many events that "could" take place during a match. You are leading a squad. You command a nine man squad and a logi-truck. Your objective is to push up north through an Afghani type landscape, with poppy fields, hedgerows, and small ridges dividing these fields. You have Bravo, consisting of six soldiers, pushing north slowly and in cover, as you, the logi-truck, and the remaining two grunts trail about 100-150 meters behind. Bravo tries to push through and over a field-dividing strip of elevated ground, they take fire from the north somewhere. "Cover, COVER!!!" is shouted in local voice, and Bravo retreats and takes cover. The FTL realizes that the enemy has a good fix on their position, so he commands two guys to push west along cover while the other four moves east, to avoid being hit by enemy artillery that could be dropping within 40-50 seconds. If their medic is taken out, their fighting capability is greatly reduced. Not taking any chances. The FTL radios back to you, informing you of the situation. You tell him to pin-point the enemy position as you find a good spot, throw up a radio and two mortars. The FTL orders the two guys pushing west to fire and maneuver, direction west-north west, to draw attention while they try to locate the enemy. You are set up, mortars directed in the general direction and estimation of the enemy position, ready to fire. It's pretty quiet, other than the occasional couple of rounds being fired. All of a sudden your FTL shouts out coordinates, marks on map, "Unload hell, squad lead". You relay given information, make sure mortars are accurate, and tell the guys to let 'em fly. "Sending 12 shells" you report back. Some time later, you hear the splashes, closely followed by small arms fire. A moment of silence. "Enemy squad wiped, clear to move up". Confirmation, pack up mortars, dig down radio, let's go. These types of moments were what I was hoping for, and expected. Those hopes and expectations are long gone, my friend. Long gone.
  23. Bad game culture at the moment

    My dream system would have spawning at Main, ammo-dependent spawning at HABs, and no rallies. Movement across the map should look like an RTS game capped at 50 supply. The Main is where units are trained or enter the field. HABs are bunkers which can be filled with reinforcements requiring resources (ammo). All transport of assets and personnel would be by vehicle or by foot. Oh, also Commander/SL vehicle purchasing at Main, where vehicles cost tickets at purchase, not when they go down
  24. Bad game culture at the moment

    Hey buddy, Man, I don't want to follow those threads. It would give me an aneurysm pretty damn fast, as the arguments to remove anything trying to simulate authentic combat never have any form of logical reasoning behind them. It's just the usual "waaaah... it's no fuuun!!" or "It's boooring to respaaawn!!". Yeah, I feel the same when I play, but as it's been a while I do enjoy the gunplay, sounds, and the odd crazy thing that happens every now and then. Give me another "weekend" with a couple of sessions, and I'll probably be taking another long break.
  25. Bad game culture at the moment

    Hear, hear! If I was the omnipotent ruler over Squad's development I'd remove rallies completely, only allow spawn at main and on a HAB, but only allow one HAB per team, and make it quite the effort to set up. Bring back instant death, only medics can revive, etc. The whole hardcore milsim advocate shebang. Make the game as unforgiving as humanly possible, to encourage true team work and coordination, "never leave a man behind"-mentality, making real life tactics as viable as possible within the limits of the digital world. But that's me... will never happen... ever, in any game. It's just not appealing to players for some, to me, very strange reason.
  26. Bad game culture at the moment

    I´ve been forcing myself to play lately. After a round I always go "meh! this isn´t special anymore" The experience is to "normal". No immersion. No need to communicate. And the funny thing is that my K/D ratio is better tan ever. I don´t need my squad in this versión. And my squad doesn´t need the other squads. Just some rally where to spawn. Period. If you follow the other threads there are people arguing for removing suppression. They argue that it´s basically not FPS skills that are tested with this mechanic. So basically the new changes have made people feel, and attracted new people that have no idea what the initial philosophy of SQUAD was. Don´t even asl about experience or knowledge of PR. For these new people this is just the new BF, and to be honest…..for me too.
  27. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    Yeah! Sure! I think that´s great name. Just read it again if you didn´t understand. It´s quite clear. I´m pretty sure that most people who are advocating for a "hardcore" gamemode are not very cncerned with the actual load a specific vehicle is able to carry. Even if they did I think you´re example is SO specific that makes the argument extra complicated and doesn´t reach the point of whether a new game mode is necessary/desired and how that game mode should be. Do you want to make that mountain smaller? do you want to make those logis more capable of carrying things? I don´t get the point of that. I think that at this point those questions are not that relevant as questions like, do we eant insta death in that desired game mode? do we want buddy rallies? or rallies at all? Why or why not? Which part of the community would like to play that mode? Would it attract new buyers? Why exaclty do we need that?
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