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  2. I am reusing the assets from Mutaha. And adjusting the map. There is like 4 buildigns that have to be redone, and 3 of them are in black gold. Ramiel might not need them.
  3. [WIP] Ramiel (Black Hawk Down) PR Maps Remastered

    Why not just use the assets from mutaha and just re-adjust the map where needed. Will save you multiple hours and youll be able to still get something very close to original.
  4. I do not have an ETA, but the factions will be US (Possibly other factions like brits) vs Militia and Insurgents. I would say most of the roads so 15% is done right now. It will be awhile but i will be working on it everyday. I will need help with modeling as that isnt my strong suit. Im currently making new songs for each map as well. Thanks Im really looking forward to get this map done. Excited, hopefully they will add little birds
  5. [WIP] Ramiel (Black Hawk Down) PR Maps Remastered

    very impressive!
  6. What % of the map has been completed? What factions will it feature? Do you have an ETA?
  7. Map is more closer to the original material, mini map updated
  8. West_Field WIP custom map

    you may have to @ Gatzby and see if he can point you in the right direction, tbh.
  9. Topography

    lots of talk about that already. have a search for "contour" in All Content
  10. INS/MIL VS HELI factions

    This is something i said in an earlier post. INS and Militia needs to be more like a pest. Have more random MAIN locations where they can spawn from. - This will result in being more chaotic for the enemy team which is more realistic fighting these forces in real life. Encourage terrorist cells versus larger squads of US, RU, CA, GB forces. - give squad leader access for booby traps to encourage more squad leads doing hit and runs - You could give them personnel mines, claymores or gas canisters that damage when in contact. Have the buddy rally system but not the US, RU, CA, GB. - This will let them reappear and be a force that will not go quickly. Give soldiers more mines, booby traps and other home made items to encourage ambushes. - This would slow down the pace for opposing factions ( watch out booby traps, there might be more! ) Instead of trying to balance the factions, create characters for factions.
  11. Building is useless

    Remove Buddy rally They can remove the buddy rally now that we have choppers as it was only invented to make sure factions don't die out. Choppers are allowed to create FOBs and will also reduce "dying out" symptoms anyway. This change will make FOBs more important. Overflow in construction I have been supplying FOBs with choppers for a while and notice we got 6 FOBs up and all of them have thousands of supplies in it. They should up the costs of construction or lower the construction income. Change the build process The speed of the game is fast and a FOBs will become useless very quickly. decrease the build time for defensive structures and massively increase build time for attacking structures. This will allow people to setup a quick FOB and focus on the game instead of shuffling and the squad-leader asking people to build. FOBs are worthless Add the risk of loosing a FOB by increasing penalty. Defending a FOB cost more giving it to them. Set a limit for FOBs we need to remove old FOBs to push up. Increase members of squad needed for build they need to build the FOB up to put the supplies in. Slowing those close quarters FOB builders ( this will give the other faction time to recover after losing a flag ). Add helipads Add helipads (with map marker) as a construct-able for repair functions (could just be a copy/paste repair station). This is more reason of having a good save FOB and guarded. Decrease building radius The hide the FOB and create a HAB on the edge is not working correctly. I know dead-zones and can place it off sync with the game and it wont get noticed and i just keep building HABs. Find the FOB is not fun and often more of a drag. It also removes having 15 ammo caches on a certain point. TOWs are overused To combat those TOW FOBs being dropped at mountain tops and taking out helicopters and tanks. Tows should only be able to build on captured points. I know it will increase building FOBs on Flags but it is better then veterans cleaning out the whole server. It also focus more on the flags. All my changes will make the game more slower paced and puts choppers and FOBs in a more important place in the match. In normal matches we should have a few FOBs on critical positions that serve more purpose today. They should rely more on logistical capabilities to get to their point. Creating huge FOBs should be more for advance and secure or insurgency. When is dying become so empty in squad
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  13. West Coast Tactical

    I would avoid this server altogether. Was on it with a friend and group (that was locked with 2 inside) was disbanded without warning. After it was disbanded in mid fight I mind you, a warning pops up saying need to have at least 4. Shitty timing but ok. Join another squad called Gains(something). I am calling out enemy FOBs and whatnot. No direction from the sq leader. We get down to 20 tickets (we were losing very badly at this point) explosive reaction starts blasting music on squad voice. My friend tells him to stop and they go back and forth. We are both kicked from squad and both Gains and Explosive start lying saying we were causing problems. Shortly after, we are kicked from the server. I don't care if I was only kicked, this server has the worst admin I have seen in the Squad community and I would warn everyone about this community.
  14. West_Field WIP custom map

    Hello, i tried to cook the map, but i have the issue: "uasset is being referenced by DLC" This is for all the foliage i use in the map, i tried to convert to staticmeshes, but it doesn't do a good job, i have all the meshes on the same location, the cook is successfull if i delete the foliage, do you have a solution to fix this ? thank you.
  15. Problem with microphone

    I had this problem last couple of days, I had to go through and disable/delete all audio options I wasnt using, not only mic related but speaker related this seemed to solve my issue. I am using Sound Blaster Audigy card for speaker output and Samson for mic in.. but also had realtec and nvidia in speaker options, after going in to sound options and removing the relatec and nvidia options my mic issues resolved.
  16. Alpha 16 Released

    I tried to bind my joystick but it doesn't work ; are joystick supported atm in Squad v16 ? Note that I use it in many other games with no issue, so its not an hardware related.
  17. when i join jensen range maps always nearly all exploded vehicles start exploding at start fix this pls
  18. Community Clan Fight Night

    We ♥ Squad Community #2 in
  19. Community Clan Fight Night

    We ♥ Squad Community #1 in Gorodok AAS v2
  20. Community Clan Fight Night

    LD in Gorodok AAS v2
  21. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    Last night's RIP vs World experienced some awesome Helicopter fights! Join us for next Friday's RIP vs World on: [RIP] Rusty In Places UK/EU SQ#1
  22. Helis on invasion

    I doubt anyone would just go around the backline, hunting FOBs. They are needed on the front. Maybe helis could do a few scout runs, but they are also needed. This is not Foxhole.
  23. Progressed more, mini updated.
  24. Helicopter Joystick Support

    Nice work! Is working but NEED solution to this problem!!! Please DEVS fix this problem. At the moment this is the important problem. Until the fix your players can not use they joy free. "Throttle = Atleast works (On/Off, no analog)"
  25. What happened to multi-lane AAS?

    This. Even if there were no issues to the layers, most servers don't run anything that you haven't played a billion times. I've still only played insurgency one time in my hundreds of hours.
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