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  2. I've found being color blind helps tremendously.
  3. Another way to deal with running speed in v13

    there is already a low stamina aim penalty
  4. a new scoreboard stat for taking enemy tickets

    iirc the devs already have plans for more stats at the end of the round I think it's time they prioritise this, vehicle kills especially are needed I'd prefer they go back to PR's system of having stats available during the round but with a 5-10 minute delay, but I doubt this will happen
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  6. a new scoreboard stat for taking enemy tickets

    That’s not an exception, though, not the rule. Extra stats will be worth a few more self-serving Squad players.
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  8. i have run into an issue with the game when Squad will show "Steam is currently offline" when i Run my server from my PC then Open the game it's instantly offline. I can't figure out why. I have done the necessary steps to clear my dns and all that jazz but it doesn't seem to fix the issue. Should I be able to run my server from my PC and the game at the same time ?. PC Specs: Intel i5 7600K - OC 5.2GHZ Trydenz - 16GB DDR4 525GB EVO 860 SSD GTX 1070Ti 8GB GDDR5 thanks.
  9. Performance issues

    I had performance issues when i started playing v13 . I use Razer cortex which is basically something that optimizes the game for better performance because without it would run "playable" (30 fps- 40 fps) but in heavy combat it would go down to the 20s. My pc is medium spec: icore 5 7300HQ 2.5 ghz ucpu gtx1050 gpu 12gb ram when i used razer cortex it improved my performance considerably. Now , my razer cortex doesn't optimize the game even though it says it does. It shows: items opimized when i launch but then i launch Squad without cortex i get the exact same framerate which is worse than in v12. I tried clearing cache but it doesn't solve it. I reinstalled razer cortex but still. I need help pls because everyone says they had improvements in performance in this update.

    Good to all, I've been playing squad for years, but since I changed the pc it does not work for me and it throws me the different errors: 1) Out of video memory trying to allocate a rendering resource 2) Error Crash The game opens to a server at times I can play a game or media and some of those errors, I find it strange about the video memory because I still use the same one I used years ago Mi pc: - AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 3.50 GHZ - 12 Gb ram ddr4 2400 - MSI Nvidia gtx 970 4 gb
  11. pinkos 3rd paragraph pretty much sums it up. If your sl is not doing this, then you do it. He will thank you for it. Learning to anticipate enemy movements can only come if you have Intel, even if its not directly observed, say someone spotted a logi going somewhere. Is he setting up a hab? Rtb? Follow up as best you can and react accordingly.
  12. I'm a freak and prefer to play with a 120 FOV. This is great for close quarter fighting but it makes using scopes pretty difficult (especially the marksman rifles). It would be great to set a specific Aim Down Sight (ADS) value so I can still have my glorious 120 deer vision (I know a deer has a wider FOV than 120) while making scopes much more useful as I can have the ADS FOV lower. Being able to specify the FOV based on scope magnification would also be a nice bonus, but just having a general ADS FOV value would be enough for me.
  13. convoy game type

    THer are already one life events and they have such scenarios from time to time. I think that would be too much for the average pub player
  14. Buddy rally poll

    why? The one Owi is conducting is secret. This one is public and with public comments at least. +1
  15. needing to individually dole out roles to players wont work. "SL can I have LAT kit there is a vic wrecking us at the HAB. " "Sorry, too busy. Under fire." ... Setting roles allowed is a bit easier to manage but it can all be done with words and the kick feature. Micro management is only needed if planning and communication are a problem for you. Simply talking to the squad for a bit at the start can set the expectations for the round and by listening to the responses to simple requests you can see which people can be trusted to get things done.
  16. Double Neutral and Ticket Bleed

    Still seems unfair to the winning side, and exploitable on the losing side. Just hold the double neutral and you're on even ticket bleed. Why even bother trying to take your flag back?
  17. Hello, lately I was not being able to confirm my selection, and some times I missed the deploy in the list and appeared somewhere I didn't want to go. Also, I could not cancel my selection and I would not have time to switch if less than 5 seconds remains until deploy, for example. Has this confirmation been removed or is it configurable some way? Thanks
  18. Buddy rally poll

    How so? It seems to be representative of the general opinion of folks I've talked with. Buddy rally is gamey, exploitable, and a "solution" to a problem that didn't exist for competent SLs. Rally got wiped? Next time make sure there's a HAB up, and put your rally in a safer spot. Coordinate some transport. Defend the next objective. IMO the fix is to ensure transport options throughout the game on large maps, not to handhold squads who lose their only respawn point.
  19. convoy game type

    what if there was a 1 life game type. where 1 team has to successfully get at least 1 of 3 logi trucks across the map, the enemy can see the logi trucks general location on the map but not the supportive armor and infantry.
  20. Excessive Weapon Inspection

    yep , too much
  21. Multiplayer Loading Issues

    Hi, so I recently bought the game and have been trying to play on some of the multiplayer servers. But everytime I try to join I always get stuck in the loading screen, then with a result of a kick from the server. I will always spend 30+ mins in the loading screen before the kick, Any help please?
  22. So my squad started to act up, It was fine Thursday playing it all day for weeks. Than this weekend about five minutes into the game, it crashes every single time. I have reinstalled the game, cleared the cache and verifty the game files nothing seems to have work. Please Help. Must play squad lol
  23. Buddy rally poll

    the legitimacy of this poll is questionable
  24. Buddy Rally and other alternatives.

    One idea could be to have unarmed and unarmored vehicles available with short respawn time and low ticket cost so that you always have some mean of transport available at main. US/UK/Rus could have a regular 4x4 car similar to the G-class and milita/insurgents could have a regular car, preferably a VAZ.
  25. Alpha 13.1 Released

    I'd strongly, strongly disagree with this change for two reasons. 1. This what vehicles are for. Lifting and moving troops across large distances. People who 2-man APCs like a minitank are just doing a disservice to the team when they could be doing the actual job of an Armored Personnel Carrier. We have the solution to the long-jog problem already. We just need to convince people to use it, either through better training or design. 2. This will add a huge pile of frustrating gamey interactions, like crippling enemies by shooting somewhere near them before going for a kill shot. Or the screaming maniac with a knife scenario where you can avoid taking the speed penalty by rushing into combat without technically taking a combat action. All around I'm disappointed to see Buddy Rally and CoD movement still in the new version.
  26. Maybe we need more Mil vs Rebel layers, I guess they don't want to pit it against the T-72 or Abrams. Seems like a difficult vehicle to balance. T-62 vs 4x Warriors on Al Basrah Invasion reminds me a lot of 3x 30mms on Kohat to counter the Bradley, it's not a great situation when you are expected to field tons more vehicles to counter some really powerful one.
  27. Buddy Rally and other alternatives.

    1. Remove vehicle respawn timer and give the team ability to get trans/logies trucks from main at any point of time they need it, or lightly restricted 2. Buy vehicles from FOBs for resources 3. Respawning inside HABs and main bases should be ticket free
  28. Hope that more AAS/RAAS versions have it
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