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  2. Have the developers ever given an indication if they are open to damage drop off for some weapons at long range? Like some PR veterans, I miss the long range firefights that could develop and last for a long period of time. The cone of fire mechanic was clumsy for sure, but I did like how it would make you consider before opening fire. Sometimes it was worthwhile to hold fire on someone you can see because of the general inaccuracy of the rifles. This really made the rifleman infantry's role that of capture and hold GROUND. That said it was of course frustrating at times to have bullets come out of your gun that sometimes created a cartoon style outline of the enemy you had it sighted on without actually hitting anything. Currently I feel Squad is too far in the opposite direction. In Squad I feel like any engagement close or far ends very swiftly due to the high accuracy of the weapons. Long range pixel sniping where both one or the other side is killed off rapidly just doesn't feel as good to me. It also limits any real use or advantage of the squad machine guns. So we don't want to drop actual accuracy or increase sway to some crazy amount, but at the same time I think the game should make sniping 4 pixels with a standard rifle (no zoom optics) more difficult. I think the answer is to have damage drop off for non marksman rifles at long range.
  3. The first thing I want to do is apologize to any of the active squad leads I might have offended, if you take the time to comment on this topic I think you actually care. Second, I have no idea who Omar Khayyam is but I never heard of anything that was not explained being understood. You would have to be one smart dude to learn this game in an hour, considering thats about one round. Not saying it cannot be done but ok. Maybe I have been away from the pc for to long but I think this is the closest thing to a Military Simulation that it can get and how someone can even compare this to CS or battlefield disturbs me. As far as I am concerned this is the best and closest thing to real as it gets, I have been at it for a lot of yrs but that game is Absolutely amazing.
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  5. Poor framerate

    I played for the first time today along with four of my old PR pals, and all of us had fairly terrible performance. I had only occasional bouts of 60 fps, mostly in the lower 40s and even dips to 30s, as well as horrible stuttering in more urban levels. I have an i7 as well as a GTX 1080, and so do two of my friends, so running this poorly even at 1080p, everything on low is totally unacceptable. Aiming with stuttering 30fps is absolutely terrible. I can just hit stationary targets but tracking running targets is not really reliable. It's kind of laughable that despite the 'amazing' engine upgrade, Squad runs worse than PR did on most maps. Is everyone's performance this poor, or is there something special in our setups? You'd think with three different PC builds some of us would fare better. Are there any tricks you can do to improve performance or are we just stuck with this clumsy mess?
  6. Limit locked squads

    No thanks, I want to play with my clanmates who are all in TS with me, not babysit random idiots who barely listen to anything I say. Just because someone else made their squad first I don't want to be limited to a cat herding role.
  7. Remove desert, remove Russian

    US vs RU is boring, granted. I'd rather like to see a conventional African opposing force, like South Africa turning evil or something.
  8. Remove desert, remove Russian

    But I like radical muslim insurgents Whenever there's a US vs RU map I just join another server, extremely bland and boring for me for some reason, also unimmersive. I too would like to see Norks and maybe even african fighter militias.
  9. Remove desert, remove Russian

    I'm not the biggest fan of including NK because of the tech disparity, but they do have some fun unicorn units. As long as it's not NATO vs Taliban for all eternity, desert is fine too.
  10. Remove desert, remove Russian

    Cool first post btw... get right in there and rustle the stick around in the yellow jackets nest. Bold & Tangy. Yeah personally I never got the Russia vs. USA simulation as they'd never have a platoon level engagement in real life however it's just a game so I just go along with it and have fun. Personally after the Brits I'd like to see China or the Norks and some jungle maps. I mean lets be realistic though dude there's really only desert, woodland, alpine, jungle and urban environments on this planet... so yeah... drink more when you play and you won't even notice what class and environment is...
  11. [LGN] LEGION - NA Squad Clan

    Bump Bump Bump
  12. Welcome to the Potato Farm! Established November, 2017 99.99% Uptime Location: Texas (Dedicated Machine) 80 Players, All maps, All modes Discord - https://discord.me/LGNsquad The Rules Racist, Sexist, and Abusive behavior = Permanent Ban Cheating- Any use of glitches, exploits, and/or hacks. = Permanent Ban Intentional Team Kill = Permanent Ban Unassigned/AFK = Kick Squad Leading w/o a Microphone = Kick Squad Leaders who refuse teamwork = Kick Advertising = Kick Overly-negative behavior, Trolling, and/or Disrespect = minimum 2 Day Ban Overly-negative behavior, Trolling, and/or Disrespect (any further offense) = Permanent Ban Disrespect toward mod or Admin = minimum 7 Day Ban Disrespect toward mod or Admin (any further offense) = Permanent Ban To Rejoin after a server auto-kick or admin/mod kick (7 teamkill server auto ban is in place) is a 5 minute timeout delay. No need to appeal, there is nothing we can do to shorten this wait. Locked Squads - Every squad must have a minimum 2 people in order to lock, maximum of 8 squads per team. Any role-specific squad MUST help the team and not "lone-wolf". Responding to Command Channel is required. Admin/Mods reserve the right to remove anyone at anytime. Complaints and/or reporting players on the server are handled on our Discord.
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  14. Remove desert, remove Russian

    I don't miss Kashan, Khamisiyah was alright though. Conventional vs. conventional is the thing I want to see anyhow.
  15. Техническое обновление: На странице 24 (Стационарное оружие - Пулемёт) добавлена первая иллюстрация картинкой. Картинка, что важно, кликабельна -- при нажатии в новой вкладке браузера откроется полноразмерное изображение. В дальнейшем для всех картинок будут подготовлены миниатюры, которые будут вставляться в документ, чтобы не увеличивать его вес (сейчас в документе по сути тоже полноразмерное изображение, просто съёжившееся). В начало документа добавлен раздел "Курс молодого бойца". Это пока лишь заготовка. По задумке здесь должен быть связный текст, проводящий новичка от запуска игры до первой победы. Все изменения так же можно увидеть на репозитории (ссылка выше) в истории изменений текстового документа. Тут конечно обнаружилась сложность -- изменения в нумерации глав тоже считаются, это усложняет чтение истории. Изображения иллюстраций теперь тоже дублируются на репозитории -- можно будет отслеживать и их изменение. Сейчас я активно ищу наилучшую технологию редактирования и представления гайда, отсюда все эти эксперименты. Уверен, что получится круто.
  16. Remove desert, remove Russian

    We actually don't have a proper open desert map like Kashan or Khami from PR. I'd love to see an environment like that with a MEC-like faction vs USA.
  17. Could we please not have to fight irregulars and insurgents all the time? It's all I have seen in games since 2001 pretty much -- that's 16 years now. Desert, AKs, turbans, desert. In addition it's been all green men this and green men that since 2014. Russia is getting pretty ****ing stale too. Where's the MEC? China? Any other interesting REDFOR faction? Are there even going to be more conventional red factions? What's so great about all that desert wank? It's all I have seen all millennium!
  18. +++Germany1+++

    Server Name: +++Germany1+++ Server Location: Germany hosted by Gamerzhost in Germany /// (FLV Clan) Slots: 77 + 3 reserved slots Rules: Our full rules are: 1. Every Squadleader must have a mic 2. The main language is english or german 3. No Rushing the first and second Flag 4. No Trolling and Teamkilling 5. Follow the chain of command: Do what your squad leader says. If you are a squad leader, do what your CO says. 6. Keep the fight away from the mains. 7. Use the Discord or the Teamspeak to contact us Contact: Teamspeak: ts3-009.lan4play.de:11015 Discord: https://discord.gg/fZs5KDd Edited August 5 by disposableHero
  19. SDK: updates and issues

    Noticed Icons for official MOD support.
  20. What disappointed me the most about free weekend.

    Every free weekend event i am more than happy to help new people. For the most part i can get someone understanding the basics in the first round. Most re join my squad the next round and learn even more. There are new players that just refuse to listen and those are the people that deserve to be kicked and forced to lone wolf. It goes both ways. Vet squad leaders are not obligated to babysit new guys. You either want to learn and win, or call of duty it out and get kicked. Simple.
  21. Evento comunidad española vs italiana 16 noviembre

    Después del evento, vamos con una breve crónica. Desde el punto de vista organizativo me atrevería a decir que las cosas salieron razonablemente bien, aunque esto es algo que debéis juzgar vosotros, los inscritos. Los anfitriones tuvieron algún tipo de problema de última hora que retrasó el inicio de las partidas, pero esto es algo normal. Es complicado cuadrarlo todo y a tanta gente a una hora exacta. Esto hizo que jugásemos una sola partida. Nuestros amigos italianos jugaron bien y nos ganaron, aunque no sin cierta dificultad. Se organizaron bien, sus patrullas iban unidas y a pesar que les arrebatamos “Charlie” en un principio, no pudimos retenerla mucho tiempo. El miércoles por la noche hicimos un briefing en el TS del grupo ADN, propietarios del servidor [ESP]ADNgamers. con todos los SL’s y los jugadores que quisieron asistir para perfilar diversos temas. Durante más de dos horas tratamos asuntos como la estrategia a seguir en cada mapa, aunar criterios en el uso de las comunicaciones, configuración de las escuadras, y una de las cosas más importantes y hasta cierto punto novedosa, al menos para mí, como fue la incorporación de la figura del comandante. En esta ocasión, la tarea recayó sobre <A2>histeria6363, un veterano del Grupo Armados. A pesar de ser la primera vez que realizaba un papel de este tipo en Squad (no así en Arma 3), desarrolló un bue papel. En conjunto quizás nos faltó algo de rodaje en este tema, pero es algo totalmente lógico porque era la primera vez que jugamos coordinados por un comandante. Con todo y hasta donde yo vi, la experiencia fue altamente positiva y me quedo con esto. Sin duda alguna, la considero aconsejable para futuros eventos. Las comunicaciones fue otro tema en el que incidió mucho la organización. A nivel particular funcionó perfectamente, al menos en mi escuadra, pero entre los SL debería haber sido más fluida. Al ser un evento abierto a todo tipo de jugadores estuvimos viendo la forma de integrar a la gente con menor experiencia y/o sin grupo o clan. Los grupos consolidados como Armados, ESPS, FSG o el mío propio que, todo sea dicho, todavía no tenemos nombre y adoptaos el de ADN por un día, no había problema, pero debíamos ver la mejor forma de facilitar las cosas al resto de jugadores. En lugar de juntarlos a todos en una única patrulla, con el consiguiente perjuicio que habría tenido para ellos, optamos por repartirlos por el resto de escuadras en pequeños grupos, aunque finalmente y si no recuerdo mal, el grupo FSG integró a buena parte de ellos en su escuadra. En este punto sois vosotros, los jugadores, los que podrían comentar si la medida fue acertada o no, para pulir detalles de cara al futuro. Con respecto a la partida en sí, sólo puedo hablar desde el punto de vista de mi patrulla, la de ADN. Actuamos como de punta de lanza del equipo, yendo a tomar y mantener si era posible “Charlie”. Conseguimos el primer objetivo, pero no pudimos sostenerla durante mucho tiempo debido al acoso del enemigo. Aun así, peleamos contra un volumen de enemigos superior a nuestros efectivos, causándoles un número importante de bajas. Una vez perdido organizamos varios contraataques para recuperarlo, pero resultó imposible. Los italianos se defendieron bien y con gran cantidad de efectivos. Poco más puedo decir. Ahora entráis vosotros que, si os apetece, podéis comentar cualquier cosa relacionada tanto con la organización del evento, como el desarrollo de la partida. Espero que, a pesar de no haber ganado la ronda, al menos hayamos contribuido a fomentar el buen ambiente y camaradería entre la comunidad española de Squad, que es el verdadero objetivo que perseguíamos. Conforme vayamos jugando más partidas de este tipo, cogeremos más y mejor experiencia e iremos mejorando. Gracias a todos por vuestra asistencia. Saludos, Super Coco
  22. SW:Battlefront 2

    Lol. Pic should have 'Mummies Credit Card' shoved in the slot though.
  23. SW:Battlefront 2

    Multiplayer beta was garbage, watched a guy play the campaign - also garbage. At least we got some memes from it. New controller customized for star wars battlefront 2
  24. SW:Battlefront 2

    Another tunnel feeding game. Waiting to see if they bring anything new.
  25. SDK: updates and issues

    Started the SDK update before I left for work, anyone know what it consists of?
  26. Potential Squad Purchaser and need info please

    You should also list your PC specs so we can tell you what kind of performance to expect.
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