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  2. Currently the M110 SASS marksman rifle for the US forces has a coat of tan paint for camouflage, which is aight. But I think it would be more beneficial to individual camouflage if the rifle were to change to a more woodland paint scheme for woodland maps. Examples of some simple rattlecan woodland paint schemes (Sorta for reference but also for your viewing pleasure).
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  4. How 'bout desctruction?

    But one thing i would really like to see when it comes to interation between explosives with objects it's the damage dealt by the explosive projectile , what i mean by that is like we have a penetration system for non-explosive projectiles , we should have something similar to it with explosives . We all know that explosive radius damage in most games is like a 3D sphere that deals damage in all dirctions from the explosion point , what we should have it's a system where the explosion damage radius should go through objects and deal damage to people behind it , but with a reduced radius depending on the object it hits ... For example if a guys is hiding behind a wooden fence and i shot the fence with a rocket , that guy should absorb the damage , but if i shoot the same guy while he's hidings behind a think concerte wall the damage blast radius should be decreased drastically or fully absorbed by the wall, where if he stands far enough for that wall he should be safe from any harm .... This system would give people that find it really bugging when they shoot a high explosive at a small clay building the people inside are safe and the only way to hurt them would be to enter to one small doorway which they camp . Ofcourse when heavy assets will arrive this system would give an insane advantage to conventional forces over unconventional and there would have to be something to prevent just spamming bombs into buildings ( like maybe a deployable by insurgents that would act like "civilains" that would turn an area to "a civilian area radius" without actually having civilian npc's , and if that area radius gets explosive damage the conventional forces would lose tickets so they would have to think twice before bombing a building .
  5. How 'bout desctruction?

  6. How 'bout desctruction?

    About the vehicles ... I think the devs do plan on bringing a deeper damage system for both vehicles and infantry in the future ... Now that's the type of features i would give away destruction for any day !
  7. When are the British coming?

    I personally don't play the game for now ... But after the animation system will be released , and if it will bring better performance and mechanics as i hope it will .... God i am going to ****ing rape this game !
  8. Page File and Squad

    Ok until very recently I didn't even know my rig had one or indeed what one was and what it did. So I monitored it's use in Squad across a few maps and noticed I was using between 13GB and 17GB of page file when running Squad. Checked my page file and it was set to 5GB. So I allowed 2GB-20GB. (this is off a super fast M.2 with loads of room). Excuse me not using MB but that's to much maths for me, but you convert to MB when making adjustments and setting the range of page file in windows etc. Just wanted to understand, have I suffered all this time re my small page file? And learn a bit more about it in relation to Squad. cheers
  9. MLRS/Field artillery tank ?.

    Thats not a bad idea but manly for bigger maps.Just my opinion
  10. HE Hand granade

    Its a training nade no shrapnel's in it
  11. MLRS/Field artillery tank ?.

    They were nice toys for psychological pressure....but effective not at all due lack of accuracy. Mi24 with blind angle firing is spoopy none the less. I mainly came with this suggestion to introduce heavy support for areas that are highly contested and could use that firepower. We all been in a tug war game on a cap that took way too long for the game to progress anywhere.
  12. IF

  13. Why Squad players can't play Call of Duty

    I did play BF2 i had somwhere around 800 hours and BF3 had around 600 i think not sure really.Stopped playing because of to many hackers and no one give a s..t the worst thing was even the admins in game started hacking.And not to forget you needed to empty the whole clip in someone to kill him.
  14. MLRS/Field artillery tank ?.

    Some of you forget why the Insurgents got the rocket technical in the first place,because thy where overpower by any other opponent in game.
  15. When are the British coming?

    Ooo come on no need to go that far.
  16. The AK yes its an older type weapon with a higher (better caliber) but you did not shoot the better AK type since you where in Serbia next time ask to shoot with M-80 AB-1 or AB-2.Its Zastava made version of the AK using 7,62 caliber and has so little recoil and i was using the folding stock AB-2 one when i was in the army.
  17. How 'bout desctruction?

    Yeah i do agree with you and the poster.Thats more in the long term it would be sooo beautiful to make buildings destroy like in BF take them down to the ground.And when we are talking to a long term stuff it would be cool to make vehicles blow up better even making them getting disabled and stuff.But thats all in a long term.
  18. =WAR= Community [RU]

    =WAR= - We All Russians © 2007 ------------------------------------ Russian community of players Squad & Reality Project. We have been playing together since 2007. Are ready to accept new fighters in the collective. More information about as www.war-community.ru/forum or https://discordapp.com/invite/Vn6zhcT
  19. Release - Alpha 9.11

    Does it really help? ..
  20. =WAR= Community

    Я тоже не понял автокорректор.) Но Бог с ним.)
  21. How 'bout desctruction?

    Look man .... Destruction would be awsome that is certain ... And many people think the same as you , but gotta face reality ... We have more improtant features to get and i don't think we wouls be able to have both ... I don't know if it helps but FYI fortifcations and FOBs are destructable
  22. How 'bout desctruction?

    Very simple yet a bit unimmersive solution would be for heavy vehicles to just no-clip through small objects like these .... I personally don't mind it to be like this as long as we have other cool features .
  23. Militia PKM machinegunner skin

    Looks very badass , maybe on snow maps lol
  24. Release - Alpha 9.11

    Yes, it was the first thing I tried.
  25. How 'bout desctruction?

    only destruction most people really want is small tree one
  26. How 'bout desctruction?

    this isnt battlefield man
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