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  2. March 2018 Recap

    I ve been looking for Squad since it was only announced, 3 years passed then. Lots of work done, game unique on market - thnx for a big legacy of Project Reality. I love this game but i wanna be honest - for 3 years not much content created. I remember there was plans on jets and helis. Jets aborted , helicopters and tanks still in development. Infantry still dont have full modern arsenal - US Eotech+ foregrips (who using ironsight in US army on combat deployment?), unpecs, flashlights, bipods ( its on MGs already, whats the problem with marksman?), tanks - main thing that has to be in game, still in development... Balance - Some people can disagree with me but with last updates games tempo/speed feels more like Battlefield 4 , but not like the Project Reality - and thats bad, i meen REALLY BAD. Ive been playing PR since 2008, and its was much better the BF and ARMA because of good spawn mechanics and tempo - spawn time is big, not much spawn points/rallys and tnx to that players was more worried for their lifes, if you die you have to wait long and walk long to your squad. Make sence to worried for you life. Right now in squad tempo is fast - rallys is easy to set, infantry movement is fast because of unlimited stamina and capture points is set up only on 50% of the map, rest of the map is not in use. I am not a hater, i enjoying playing this game, but I dont want it to become another Battlefield or COD.
  3. Main Battle Tanks (MBT's)

    You do realise the game is not that real actually.So i am sure the developers would not make them that good in game. Many of the older version tanks have different add-on’s like rubber skirts taken from the conveyer belts from coal mines (first used in Yugoslavia war,and Kosovo war by Serbian forces) many times when shoot from a far away with RPG type weapons the rubber thicknes actually made the rocket deflect or ricochet off the tank. There is also reactive armour against rockets and AT shells and so on,not to mention the procentige of ricochet shells hiting the tenk on an angle. And the thing you need to know about the Russian type of tanks especcially the T-72,T-90 and Serbian M-84 is that crew can chose if thy want to store the exstra ammo in the back of the turret as most of them would never load the ammo there in the real conflict as the ammo space in the turret is just for extra shells.Most of the tanks of that type have ammo stored in the bottom of the tank below the auto loader. Adding tanks in this game of ours will be difficult since you will always have some players that are not happy with how thy made that or made this.
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  5. Main Battle Tanks (MBT's)

    Yeah you have it already its called world of tanks ;-) hahaha just kidding thats actually not bad of an idea. T-55,T-62,T-72,And T-90 are the must have thanks in the game.For insurgents,Militia forces,And Russian Army. The first two with 4 man crew the last two with there auto-loader systems and 3 man crew.
  6. I think those asymetrics should be written somewhere when you start the match. So both teams can keep them in mind while playing. I for one have played a lot of squad, but ive never really realited those differences
  7. How to Not Suck at Squad [Guide] [Basics]

    Thank you for including the idea of active defense. It always triggers me when a whole team just camps inside a tiny compound, or even a small house, and be eradicated with one single push by the enemy. You can yell at them "move your lazy ass out and occupy the chock point and the high ground" all day but no one's gonna listen. It is quite obvious that most players, on their own, will never improve their skills no matter how long they've played the game. I bet 95% of the time the ones snatching scoped machinegunner roles have obsolutely no idea how to play it. It's even more annoying that often multiple players would just stay closely together in one place, like the three idoits on the roof of one single truck from Battle: Los Angeles, so that they could be taken out with one grenade. Speaking of which, do you think you could incorporate the above issues into your manual in the future? As I said, most of them just don't have the capacity to learn it themselves.
  8. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    Obviously, didn't you read my post? Clearly not because my very first statement I said, Everything in the game has a "wire frame" that you stick your skin on. Coding 101? 2ndly, only ONE TIRE is off the ground with at least 3 touching. Bad "wire frame" coding.
  9. Rules and Infos Why did we found Squad Germany? We like to play and know the problem of the full servers, so we want to offer you more servers and an active community Why are our texts English? We are a german squad community but to avoid any exclusion we speak english or german. Server 1 IP: We can currently provide up to 4 servers for you - just use the first one Teamspeak: ts3.yaaf.de Admins: Sir NonSinn | Hobbit, Mambluu, Viper Support: Write a FB message if no one is on TS3 Website/Forum: really needed? ... but in progress Facebook: fb.com/squadgermany We search someone to maintenance Discord! ----- Rules ----- Everyone deserves a second chance but NO third ! Speak German or English and name your squad with GER/EN please Play fair and respectfully No vulgar expressions and no insult Pay attention to teamplay Lone fighters get kicked Teamkill and trolling get banned
  10. Devs have stated after GB they want at least 3 more factions in Squad, but are unknown what factions they want - and the probability of having a new faction ready before 1.0 release is low. So INS/MIL will most likely be PH's for certain game modes, for a little while to come - and we will most likely have a new faction or two sometime in the future.
  11. Main Battle Tanks (MBT's)

    An Abrams would likely be vulnerable to tow 2b, right? Unless it has those new fancy directed energy diverses of course.
  12. Fix Bullet Physics

    And don't forget this bull ****. Bullet proof head shot doesn't kill. That goes both ways genius. I would be able to see his arms before him as well, or top of his head if he's leaning.
  13. I like this idea a lot. There have been some good suggestions around RPs and making them a limited equipment item like smoke grenades that only get refilled when you respawn/rearm at a FOB or main. If RPs went down this route the hideout idea would work as an additional item irregulars get in addition to RPs that have the same sort of rearming restrictions.
  14. When do you wanna fix hand grenade throwing bug? I think here when we throw a grenade to the side of door that glancing back before door?(what about the billiard, or pool ) would be lifelike if the grenade bouncing to door, or a bit over on the line of door. (of course in the room) When do you handling that problem when i would like shot over on the barricade the barrel of the gun turning in to the sandbag, or any other things? Would be lifelike if the barrel is moving over on the barricade top because we would like shot over on that. When do you like fixing the problem by the laying solider shot in the soil before him self? (the magazine 150-200 millimeters between the barrel) So if we see the enemy with out the scope why we can not shot over on soil before as? That will be lifelike if we can shot over on that. Do you think? Why I got damage if only my guns barrel out of windows? Why grenade make damages on me if I am behind the wall? I love this game! I just curious. THX!
  15. 3 Man TOW

    I agree that emplacements and FOBs should be decoupled. Given most vehicles carry some ammunition now it would cool to see an overhaul of how emplacements work so you can move them in vehicles then use the ammo of those vehicles to load them. This would mean that FOB based emplacements would still be valuable since they take FOB resources which is a much higher capacity than any vehicle but you could also use emplacements more dynamically with vehicles. This principle could also be applied to ammo boxes and fortifications which I think would be pretty interesting. Making a change like this would take a fair amount of effort to pull off properly but I think it would make emplacements a far more interesting aspect of the game and would emphasize the ability of irregulars to employ hit and run tactics given they've got lighter vehicles and less resource expensive emplacements.
  16. I don't see any reason not to do this but it would and should be a very low priority given how little side arms are used in game.
  17. Clearing Cache after Every PC Restart

    Please read and give me more information so that I can help you properly
  18. Getting constant freezes MSG "Connection timed out"

    Please read and give me more information so that I can help you properly
  19. Game o Unreal engine crash while joining a server

    Please read and give me proper information so that I can help you with your problem.
  20. Given how outdated the TT33 is I think it would be more appropriate for the TT33 to get added as a weapon for squad leaders of the Insurgent faction rather than the Eastern European Milita Given that the Milita is better armed, it would be more appropriate for the squad leader recieve something different than the TT33 that is more common on the market ( but still vintage to more modern army weapons) , Perhaps the CZ75 , Browning Hi Power, or maybe even a Stechkin Automatic pistol. What do you think?
  21. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    Yeah. I think they need to feel a little more "weighted" overall. Their center of gravity or something feels off at times, especially the logi.
  22. 3 Man TOW

    There are so many reasons to decouple the radios/habs and deployables, this is one more of them.
  23. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    I find that the vehicles are only slightly harder to flip, while much harder to flip back over lately. Not the best combo.
  24. A simple teamwide RP that vanishes when in proximity like a rally, no need to dig it down and the same 50m enemy distance limit would keep it simple and easy to understand. Maybe you'd need 2 SL's and 2 from each of their squads to place? I like the idea of a limit per team. If we get a commander, that could be something they could place as well.
  25. Increase penetrative damage for explosive weapons

    There isn't any shrapnel in Squad, there are the visual effects, but not particles that will hit you, which is one reason that explosives out in the open aren't very scary once you figure out their damage radius. If we have bullet penetration, we should have explosive penetration, I agree. Shooting HE at an adobe or cinderblock building should make paste out of whoever is on the other side of the wall. Same with mortars on so many of the flimsy residential roofs.
  26. I've been playing Invasion almost exclusively lately, AAS has begun to bore me to death....... Anyway, it's a great showcase of how well asymmetric forces can be fun and succeed. You know the conventional forces have to come to you, you have time to set up defenses and if you can kill their vehicles, they really have a tough time of it. Tailor made for roaming AT squads, harassing marksmen, mines and fire team ambushes.
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