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  2. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    yea fair point.. would need perhaps restrictions on no.s of fobs or make the build area and the 400 metre radio vs radio larger too.
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  4. Run speed control

    Sorry for my english ! Actually for sprinting, we must press 2 keys ( "Sprint" key and "Forward" key). Why not just press only the "Sprint" key !! cause sprinting is awlays forward. And then we will be able to adjust speed control by pressing "forward key". To be clear: "Sprint" key alone = normal sprint "Sprint" key + "Forward" key = Intense Sprint wich will obviously cost a lot of stamina or maybe a total control of speed by pressing "forward" and "backward" key. What do you thinks about this ?
  5. SSD Clan | New Clan Recruiting

  6. Project Reality vets sign in here

    It was whenever we had to buy BF2 to play it, I still have it in my steam games. User: Annoying_Rooster Still like to play it.
  7. pc needed

    Ryzen 5 1500x or better. Intel I5- 6600k or Better 8 gb DDR 4 ram, RX480 or better GTX 970 or better. Avoid AMD FX series they have horrible performance. For reference I run a Ryzen 5 1600 OC @ 3.6GHZ 16 gb DDR 4 ram, EVGA 1070 FTW and get 60 - 80 fps on all maps on full servers at epic settings.
  8. Project Reality vets sign in here

    PR since 0.5! Looking forward to Squad evolving over the years like PR
  9. Good luck with your server lad's, i'll be sure to hop on and play see what's what.
  10. Advanced Delegation of Responsibility: Simply put I'd love the ability to take my nine man squad and organize it into two fire teams. This would allow for a whole new array of strategies and tactics to be executed more effectively. While we can make it happen without UI and dedicated mechanics having these elements designed around this concept would make executing it much easier. I'd also like to suggest that the Squad Leader be able to hand off the base building controls to any one designee within the Squad. The idea being that as an SL I may need to focus my attention on more immediate concerns but I also need to get a FOB built. While I'm focused on communication, coordination and directing the Squad I can have whomever I've designated work on constructing the FOB. One of the key functions of a leader is being able to delegate responsibility in a responsible and effective manner, currently I feel as SL my focus is being pulled in too many directions. Advanced Radio Options: In Arma 3 there is a Radio/Comms mod called Task Force Radio, one of the extremely convenient features it offers is the ability to have your radio, or radios play in the right ear, left ear, or both (Stereo). This is very useful for when you are leading a squad and have a command channel and a squad channel. It's easier to parse what people are saying and decide which channel to focus on when you have, say, the command channel in your right ear, and the squad channel in your left. If my squad is relaying information among themselves during a fire fight and I need to coordinate with another squad, as any SL can tell you, it becomes a spaghetti salad of voices making effective communication very difficult. It has been my experience that being able to choose which ears my various radios are playing in is extremely helpful. Thanks!
  11. 10th Special Forces Group

    Close to 50 members and growing. If Structure and Teamwork with a laid back group out of game and serious in game is what you're looking for, hop in and check us out. See you soon!
  12. Stack-Up Air Assault with Squad!

    So you guys need to do more motion capture for the new animation system? What kind of actions will you be recording?
  13. What are you working on?

    Made few explosive devices for our combat engineer for the FDF mod this week, VP 2010, directional anti-personel mine, and KP 87, off-route EFP anti-tank mine.
  14. Website Error 500

    Thanks for helping me out its just pending approval
  15. [ZFG] | Recruitment

    [ZFG] "Zer0 ****s Given" INTRODUCTION Hello and welcome to Zer0 ****s Given , I would like to invite you to join [ZFG] a new group/clan that has only recently just started, we are here to either help experienced players find a group/clan or even new players a place on how to learn to play squad, and give a good gaming experience , we are based on Teamwork. We do not expect anyone to do anything that they do not want to but we would like all players to take a part in trying to push ZFG forwards and working better together. ZFG is all ran by its members so their is no arguments about what people will be doing if one person does not like it. We are a group/clan that have a passion for squad and have a particular game style that is very relaxed. Zer0 ****s Given [ZFG] Currently 20+ Active Members Zer0 ****s Given [ZFG] are a group/clan that do not currently own a server but are working towards one in the near future. We are a clan/group that like to have fun but at the same time work as a team to dominate the opposing team. We accept players that will be active from all around the world. Zer0 ****s Given Rules Be Respectful to each another Do Not Recruit from other communities servers Respect everyone you encounter Have Fun Zer0 ****s Given - Recruitment We are looking for dedicated players that can play at least 2 times a week, can listen to SL, bring skills in to the group/clan. How to Join [ZFG] ? Age 16+ Any Amount of hours in game Having a Discord Working Microphone and Headsets English Speaking and Typing When joining [ZFG] you will be put on to a Trainee role just so that you are able to test out if you enjoy playing with us or not. Trainee is for minimum of 1 week. In this week you are expected to play as much squad as you can so that you are able to get to know the members with in [ZFG] and get confident to speaking and communicating. So that you are able to efficiently work in game with those you are use to talking to. To become a full member you will find out when you have entered the trainee stage. Zer0 ****s Given - Discord Join us on our Discord Server, we have many friendly people that are willing to help. We also play many other games together but our main one is squad but if you are looking to play other games come and check out our discord. If you are not thinking of joining us you are still able to play squad with our members if the squad is not full of ZFG and that way you are also able to experience a good time. See you on discord. https://discord.me/zer0-****s-given Recruiters http://steamcommunity.com/id/JVoyle/ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198077956187/ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198439096184/ If you are unable to get in touch with any recruiters try the steam group or message someone in discord. Zer0 ****s Given - Steam Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ZFGSquad
  16. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

    @Bennyboo Awesome man, feel free to jump in our discord and say whats up. We're pretty active all weekend and weeknights. http://discord.sigtac.org/
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  18. Website Error 500

    Hello and welcome to Squad @J. Voyle, try it again.
  19. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Waiting for new version
  20. Nice Thanks ...now I`ll have some idea as to what the h**l I need to do :).
  21. Hey Squaddies! We know Stack-Up.org needs no introduction among Squaddies -- you all absolutely crushed it during Veterans Day -- but did you know about their Air Assaults program? What could be more awesome than Air Assaults? The opportunity to be part of one, of course! Stack-Up and Squad are back together to bring two veterans from our amazing community into the game. Like, really, really into the game. We're honored to be able to offer the opportunity for two lucky folks to join us for a motion capture session. Stack-Up is going to transport a couple of lucky veterans out to Vancouver this March for the full Tron treatment. If you remember our last motion capture session, you know there's no better place than Animatrik and we're pleased to be going back. How can you get involved? Our amazing partners, who have made our work with Stack-Up such a success, will be providing the application until February 4thduring their streams, directly to the community that makes it all possible. You can find them here: Want in? Tune in! HAYNICK31 will be broadcasting the FEAR ACADEMY v FULL+PROG ISKT match on 1/21/2018 @ 9:30 AM PT JohnnyOmaha presents the Weekly Modding Roundup on 1/20/2018 @ 11:30 AM PT and NAS 1/21/2018 @ 5:00 PM PT. Karmakut will be broadcasting on his new stream schedule. DesmoLocke will be performing DesmoLockely. Aww yeah. So, what do you say? Want to really get into Squad? Prove it! Tune in, sign up, and sound off at us @JoinSquad. Don't forget to get your passport ready! (Whoa! Did you read all that on the forums? As a special reward, the link is bit dot ly/FastRope ) Please note that the Air Assault is only open to military veterans residing in the USA or Canada. A valid passport may be required! All entries must be completed by 2/4/2018. Offworld Out.
  22. Website Error 500

    Hi every time I try and post in Teams & Clans I always get a error 500 and unable to post my topic.
  23. Good Stuff. It's always good to provide some resources for those newer players. A bit more concise and easier to read though. Gotta be able to easily understand and have quick strong points to easily remember and apply to the big picture.
  24. Medic Practice

    Medic training eh? I can facilitate that What do you want to see or know?
  25. Deployment

    Kuwait? I've spent a total of maybe a week there in transit tops throughout my past 3 deployments. Depending where you'll be, you'll have a PX available that's normally WELL stocked. Its Kuwait you'll have everything you need there just about. But then again, I'm Army, don't need a whole lot to be happy
  26. We are a team of couple Finns working on a Finnish Defence Forces, a faction that combines elements from both conventional and unconventional forces in the game in a way that also reflects the traits of the FDF, such as focus on infantry and defensive maneuvers. We are also planning to release new maps, faction-specific mechanisms, and a new game mode. Weapons: RK95 assault rifle Kvkk 62 LMG PKM GPMG HK69A1 grenade launcher FN HP-DA pistol 66 KES 88 light single-shot AT-weapon APILAS heavy single-shot AT-weapon TM 65 77 AT-mine KP 87 off-route AT-mine VP 2010 directional anti-personnel mine M43 grenade ITKK 96 HMG 81 KRH 71 mortar Vehicles: XA-203 APC BMP-2M IFV Sisu E11T truck Land Rover Defender 110 Td5 off-road vehicle Polaris Sportsman 500 6x6 ATV KTM LC4 640 Enduro motorcycle Custom roles: Combat engineer; equipped with variety of explosive devices and tools, this role can can be used to enhance defensive positions or to setup ambushes to take down enemy vehicles and personnel alike. If you are interested in the mod, feel free to express your opinion on what you would like too see in the mod through our survey at https://goo.gl/forms/5PzfKgzreTm4I2WG2, or join our discord at https://discord.gg/NR7khex. Work in Progress:
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