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  2. No multiplayer. You need a server licence for multiplayer.
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  4. SW:Battlefront 2

    @LaughingJack Recently heard the games microtransactions were removed at the request demand of Disney CEO. I am sure EA wouldn't of removed them because of player complaints but when Disney's IP is getting hammered the big stick comes out. I don't know how EA are going to monetise things now. They can't just lootbox cosmetics because Disney have so much input into Star Wars lore they won't let players have fancy outfits and multicolored weapons.
  5. SW:Battlefront 2

  6. [NWG] Northwest Gamers - Now Hiring / Recruiting

    Quarterly BUMP! Also, hosting some seriously wicked awesome LAN Stuff on Mt Hood, and also doing some shooting of IRL Guns stuff, and Airsofting if anyone of yall from the PNW are interested.
  7. SW:Battlefront 2

    Screw that title and franchise. Let them get the benefit of your purchase power when they've fully earned it! Until then, withdraw financial support it speaks the loudest. That needs to be the standard for consumer : developer relationship, buy when they've earned it, otherwise its blind loyalty.
  8. Mini-map

    yeah, seems quite simple, if expensive. (anyone) can't really call people out for wanting a minimap if this can happen ...
  9. this allows multiplayer matches/tests?
  10. Mini-map

    I don't know of your new to realistic shooters or what, but minimaps are totally out of the question. Soldiers don't have them irl, we're not getting them in game.
  11. After downloading the mod (subscribe), start Squad and go to Training mode. Adminchangemap to map you want.
  12. SW:Battlefront 2

    thanks for the replies fellas, much appreciated. i agree wholheartedly that EA (not neccissarily DICE) have become lord-high-phuktard-c0k-gobblers in thier treatment of the gaming public. i am so glad, like hundreds of thousands of others on the planet, that this has backfired so spectacularly for EA (and that Disney ordered them to stop killing a franchise, effectively). they deserve every grain, every wafer, of derision and abandonment that they recieve from the peeps that pay for thier "products". as a casual shooter, that's not bloody CoD/BF/nausea-inducing-twitch-shooter, it holds more than a little attraction (and coz, StarWars!!). since P2W has been removed (until when...?) i am still considering it, but only just barely - i have heard that the gameplay is not that great and maps full of bots instead of humans - so a few weeks to let things settle and i might have another look. maybe.
  13. +1 for offline (aka LAN - Local Area Network)
  14. Footsteps

    it's part of the Physics Material, IIRC. also i found the surface the PhysMats were put on had to have the Generate Overlap Events tick-box activated (either way - matters not which) to "refresh" the PhysMats on the surface, otherwise things like squibs and footfalls would not work. - also, you have selected/set physical attributes for the mats and mesh, yes? - ie: "this surface is Dirt" apart from using the same Mat from Mestia, you could maybe backtrack and locate the sound attached to the physics properties of the Mat - of course i just guessed all that and can't check it till after work at earliest. anyone please correct me if i'm wrong
  15. SDK: updates and issues

    ^ yeppers! and looks like all the other maps are back - w00t! ps: there seems to be some mats still breaking/broken - as per Fisho's earlier post - don't ask me i can't remember which ones atm.
  16. +1 would like to know as well, particularly as i will want to test in multiplayer.
  17. [Poll] What is the most wanted mod by the community?

    off topic, for interests sake: could you post a vid of you playing with 100 peeps (even 80)? i think pubg looks great - but i also think it looks rather empty, compared to some of Squads maps and i have yet to see a vid with any more than a handfull of players.
  18. Remove desert, remove Russian

    so, really you just want more factions. yeah? why remove some that you don't like? if this happened then the new ones - MEC, China, NK, woteva... - would become boring as well in no time. why not add to the options, rather than just shift the choice sideways to another limited set of options?
  19. Map loading. Server side image.

    i think it should be mostly the map layout with POI's marked and info about the map/layer being played, with some short/concise clan/server -rules noted as well, but anything relating to clan advertising should be minimal, like a by-line ("served by |XYZ| clan - visit our www's for more info"). personally i don't want a fullscreen clan image in my face every map load - it will become annoying and it adds nothing constructive to the game. i would have thought that reiterating the map/layer objectives and rules, like this ^, would help with general education of players in a non-offensive, not overbearing way.
  20. =WFT= We Fight Together WFTclan.nl [DUTCH]

    Very good Dutch server
  21. Nvidia Driver Update (388.31) Issue

    Somebody have problem with fps too? I got fx8320 and gtx 1060 before this update i got like 60+fps now 40 50 rarely 60
  22. Okey We are still recruiting scandinavian players!
  23. Thoughts on these Specs

    V10 should please you even more then.
  24. 10th Special Forces Group

    10th Special Forces Group We are more than a unit, We are a brotherhood.The 10th SFG is a professional MilSim unit adapting Real life tactics for use in game, if you are tired of playing with public players who have no structure, and no sense of leadership. Then the 10th Special Forces Group is exactly what you are looking for. We are not a realism unit. We are a Military Simulation Unit. Our training system is ran and taught by actual Combat Veterans that have served in the military at home and overseas.Our unit currently has 3 sections, however we are all part of 10th SFG. Each performs a certain task that works in unison with the other sections. These Include: 75th Ranger's - Currently Closed Light Infantry: Our primary Infantry section. Offering the largest variety of roles from Infantry, Medical, Department Shops (S1 - S5) Once completing BCT(Basic Combat training) fixed to the mechanics, and in game use of tactics, basic marksmanship, and discipline installment. You will be placed into the 75th as PV2 with a front row seat on the battlefield. Where further training will be implemented through out your career. SFOD-A/B - Currently Recruiting Special Forces Detachment: The 10th SFG's Pinnacle of training, and experience Special Operations team. Providing Asset and Strategic Demolition, Intelligence and Recon, and HVT Neutralization. Qualifying Rank of SGT E-5 or above may opt in for the process of becoming SF qualified and joining our Primer force, becoming one the follow MOS: WEAPONS SERGEANT (18B)ENGINEER SERGEANT (18C)MEDICAL SERGEANT (18D)COMMUNICATIONS SERGEANT (18E) 160th SOAR - Currently Closed Rotary Wing Assets used for transport of troops, equipment, and Close Air Support. A Few of Our Many Features: Quote: Veteran's Experience: As mentioned earlier, the 10th Special Forces Group has many Veterans/Active Duty among the ranks, who contribute from their personal experience towards Trainings, Tactics, Discipline and other Attributes. This makes the unit the creditable MilSim unit that it is today. Delayed Entrance Program If you don't know if MilSim is for you, then consider our DEP(Delayed Entrance Program) Where you get membership for 1 month as a Recruit to follow us in game, and come to our training's to get a feel for how we do things in our unit as a MilSim. Code of conduct for 10th Special Forces Group members: Quote: The following rules and regulations are in effect at all times. These rules are not flexible or negotiable in any way. 10th SFG members are required to abide by all rules and regulations at all times. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action, up to and including dishonorable discharge from the unit. 1. Real life comes first. Many of our members are parents, have jobs, and in some cases serve in the military on active duty. Real life will always take precedence over gaming or unit business. We will tolerate no disrespect towards a member that has to stop what they are doing to attend to real world matters. 2. Discipline and professionalism is required at all times. This is required on all 10th SFG servers as well as in any other server, public or otherwise. 3. All members are required to maintain proper rank discipline at all times, in all forms of communication. This courtesy will also be extended to members of allied clans. 4. Insubordination and disrespect are not tolerated in any way, shape, or form, regardless of the situation. All members are required to conduct themselves in a professional and disciplined manner at all times, in all forms of communication. 5. While participating in a match in game, regardless of the situation, all members will maintain a professional and disciplined demeanor. It does not matter if an opposing player is cheating, hacking, or behaving in a rude or disrespectful manner. Our soldiers will not stoop to their level. 6. Dishonest game play is completely unacceptable, and will result in an immediate dishonorable discharge, as well as a ban from all 10th SFG servers. Dishonest game play includes, but is not limited to hacking, ghosting, comms ghosting, glitching, or abuse of any other game mechanic for personal gain. We have zero tolerance for dishonesty from our members and on our servers. 7. While in game, all members will refrain from unprofessional communications of all varieties. If there is an issue, the highest ranking NCO or Officer present will handle that issue. Under no circumstances will a 10th SFG member participate in an argument in game chat. If the situation can not be resolved peacefully by the OIC or NCOIC, all 10th SFG members will exit the server in question in a quiet and professional manner. 8. We require a minimum age of 16 for membership in the 10th Special Forces Group. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religious preference, or any other criteria, and will not tolerate any type of discrimination from our members. The 10th Special Forces Group Potential Applicants Requirements for Applicants are as follows: Age of 16+ Working headset/mic Teamspeak3 How To Join Look for a recruiter on our TeamSpeak3, or contact COL Smith.J[10SFG] on Steam IP: TBD Password: TBD Find us in game, look for anyone wearing the [10SFG] tags Find us on our Website: https://10thsf.enjin.com/
  25. Admin scramble command

    So this is where the record scratch *freeze frame* and we have to pause for a minute.... Adding more "vain stuff like animations and helicopters" are (by a far margin) more important to luring new players and increasing sales as well as appealing to the backers and fulfilling the promises the devs made to players. Those things that this game was basically promising for 2 years now are their highest priority (parallel to fixing bugs) as it will put the game on important radars which, again, will increase exposure and therefore playerbase. Trust me when I say that I understand your frustration as I went back to play a few rounds after a long 2 week break only to find an abundance of inexperienced players and a ton of trolls which caused stacked teams and shorter rounds. It sucks! I agree...
  26. При вылете появляется текст ошибки. Какой он?
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