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  2. I just wanted to see if anyone else has used Guilded and at least share the platform, its most easily described as a competitor to Discord, but it does so much more and the organization it can allow for Teams and Clans is ridiculous. From Scheduling Events on a Calendar, allowing members to schedule their availability, applications for recruitment, and sub voice channels so a Squad Lead can talk to multiple voice channels below them. Has anyone used them? Worth checking out if anyone wants to! https://guilded.gg?r=EdV575R4
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  4. Beta 19.4.2 Released

    I don't seem to be ableto update despite 58GB free. I thought that daft issue had been solved?
  5. Operation Broken Arrow

    Operation Broken Arrow Date: Thursday, June 4, 2020 Time: 6:00pm EST | 5:00pm CST | 3:00pm PST | 1700 UTC As the Russians gain a larger foothold in Belaya, the US was forced to withdraw from the region. With one last remaining US FOB in the region, and behind enemy lines, the Russians are trying to cutoff any chance of asset retrieval. The Americans must push past enemy lines, repair, and retrieve any vehicle assets, and bring the remaining men home. If the extraction is a failure, then the Americans will have to call in a strike to ensure nothing falls into Russian hands. This will be a 2 hour max event. The US Team will need to break through the Russian Line, and repair and rearm all US vics at a specified compound, and then extract the remaining troops in the compound. The Russians must stop the US from retreiving their assets and returning to their HQ. FaT Discord http://discord.gg/FaT Link to the signup Sign up https://discordapp.com/channels/398543362476605441/398543362476605443/717050885317984317
  6. And I can't stand joining into games anymore to see nothing but 9 men unlocked free kit squads, without coordination, communication or with it, but it's better to mute them than to listen to their irrelevant bullshit of reports about enemies behind a tree all around the map Squad has failed to show the community the way to evaluate competence. So now there are a lot of veterans with thousands hours who spam G for saying to everyone that they should send their medic to revive the SL, walking to the flag through desert for 10min and superfobbing A1, unloading 3 logies on one fob 5 meter from each other who believe they are great at game I'm getting better teamwork and communication at COD Warzone than from many clan players of Squad, not mentioning competence in all of the rest areas, where people actually stick together and support each over unlike what happens in those open Squad squads. Locked squad and group of friends are the only way to play this game. Anything else is bs
  7. prerequisite experience option for server admins

    I play Squad to actually play the game, not teach someone else how to play the game. There is zero reason not to force new players through training course(s) AA-style. How would you know they can learn anything in 2 minutes? If Squad only needed 2 minutes to teach then this thread wouldn't have existed.
  8. Discord Rich Presence?
  9. I wouldn't be opposed to it if they required it before you were able to join a server. I just wish the tutorial explained a little more about what is expected of the player when he joins a squad. Too many people just join into the game and do whatever they want. Most, I assume, simply know no better. It would be nice if the tutorial explained that you are expected to stay with your squad and listen to the squad lead's directions a little better (if it even does it at all, been a bit since I played it when it came out).
  10. Am I the only one that is kinda put off by the addition of a party system? I can't stand joining into games anymore to see nothing but 3-4 man locked buddy squads. I can only think of this kind of thing only adding to that frustration. This game wasn't made for playing in little groups with your buddies. I have no problem as long as they either integrate into a larger squad or leave their squad open for randoms to join but lets be honest, that doesn't happen as much as it should. This is one of those things that has good intentions but just seems to me that it would have some pretty big unintended consequences.
  11. Will this run squad well?

    You should have no issues at all. I run a laptop 1060-6gb/i7-8700 @ 1080p and get 70+fps with the latest update (everything but shadows maxed). What resolution are you running?
  12. Will my PC Run Squad?

    I play with a 1060-6gb/i7-8700 @ 1080p and get 70fps+ with the latest update update with just about everything but shadows maxed. You should be able to source one fairly cheap these days as an option. I wouldn't recommend playing on a system sub minimum requirements, it will drive you crazy.
  13. [WIP] BMPT "Terminator-2" Tank Support Vehicle Mod

    1. it can easily be 2 Tandem + 2 thermobbaric. 2. dual autocannons do not do that much to helicopters at long range due to sharp penetration/damage dropff & inaccuracy. 3. if LAT can easily cripple turret then it's clearly not as armored as T-72. 4. grenade launchers were hull mounted and iirc removed from BMPT-72(Terminator 2 the retrofit kit).
  14. Beta 19.4.2 Released

    @flappie Which server crash are you referring to?
  15. Last week
  16. Beta 19.4.2 Released

    devs when fix server crash plox
  17. Beta 19.4.2 Released

    Devs are gold! Thank you!
  18. Just because they are the standard issue rifle on paper doesn't mean anything. This is Russia that we are talking about. These AK-12's are probably in very low issue. Plus there is almost no difference in an AK-12 to an AK-74M in terms of how it performs. For all that matters they just added a railed dust cover and a bit of new furniture. I can guarantee that there is very little use of AK-12's in your basic Russian Motor Rifle divisions. VDV and special forces maybe but not you generic infantry.
  19. [FRENCH/QUEBEC] Squad Time Canada

    SQUAD TIME CANADA (STC) recherche de nouveaux joueurs pour la sa communauté francophone et de membres plus compétitif. Qu'est-ce que Squad Time Canada? Principalement nous sommes une équipe compétitive de Squad, nous participons donc a divers événements spéciaux, entrainement et compétitions. Nous jouons sérieusement, avec une chaîne de commandement in-game, pour les prises de décisions sur le terrain mais rien de milsim ou de prise de tête en dehors du jeu. Pour le moment nous avons qu'une vingtaine de membres actif alors nous participons aux parties CCFN, tout les dimanches. Ainsi qu'a quelques événements spontanés de la communauté Squad. L'aspect compétitif ne vous intéresse pas? Pas de problème, rejoignez le discord et rencontrer d'autre joueurs francophone sans aucun engagement, seulement jouer, lorsque ça vous tente. https://discord.gg/PXHEd6
  20. Beta 19.4.2 Released

    Hey Squaddies, We hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready to dust off those boots once more as we deploy some more fixes for you. In today’s update you can expect: More performance fixes for AMD users. A final fix for whitelisted mod servers to correctly appear in the server browser. Added a fix for the EAC index. We hope this will help alleviate issues you may have been experiencing, and as always sound off if you continue to experience technical issues by contacting our support here. Offworld Out.
  21. Wild West | LA [uC]

    Server Rules 1. No discrimination or bigotry. 2. No cheating, hacking, glitching or ghosting. 3. No intentional team killing. Acknowledge team kills in all chat or it will be considered intentional. 4. No asset wasting (helicopter ramming is allowed) 5. No hindering (ex.: running in the middle of nowhere 3000m from active objective with a 9 man infantry squad). Warnings will be given before hindering bans are issued. 6. Squad leaders must use the appropriate kit and have working microphones. 7. All Helicopter squads are limited to 4 players total. 8. All vehicles requiring crewmen must be manned by two players. 9. Vehicles are claimed by the first squad with the squad name reflecting the name of the specific vehicle(s) / helicopter 10. Use common sense Seeding Rules 1. Seeding is when the server population is under 20v20 players 2. Play around middle flag 3. Do not attack enemy FOBs 4. Listen to the Admins Discord: http://discord.me/wildwestLA All ban appeals and server affairs are conducted on the discord.
  22. PSG Server , Admin Fox

    Not a place to discuss bans, air out dirty laundry etc This is better suited towards being dealt with privately either via private message or through provided places for appeals hosted by server hoster, like their server discord. If you have legitimate proof of guidelines being broken or admin abuse, follow this post, there's a link at the bottom which will take you to the report form. /Locking thread.
  23. PSG Server , Admin Fox

    From the server logs: 5:19 PM (All) PSG - Fox: nobody even associated with PSG took the vic From the server logs as posted by PSG admin: The other player "Mokrecipki" who is a PSG member who is NOT an Admin requested the MATV Tow from his SL and took control of it 13.663 seconds later. So yes, a PSG member DID take the Vic 13 seconds after a PSG Admin action forcing player out of the Vic. PSG, you are clearly lying.
  24. PSG Server , Admin Fox

    PSG admins, you are sorely mistaken that I care about being banned from PSG server. What I care about is PSG ruining the community. Your lies in this situation seem plain to see. PSG admins by own admissions in this forum was in violation of a Squad server admin rule #1.7 In addition to PSG violated rule #1.7, The action taken by PSG and admitted to on this forum surely looks like PSG took abusive admin action to grant a PSG member claim on vehicle using a rarely enforced very minor server rule as an excuse. TLDR for folks: With in 30 total seconds, PSG did the following actions in game: 1. Posted a server rule in red all server text "No 1 man locked squads" 2. Disbanded a 1 man locked squad, which forced player out of vehicle. -15 seconds after the all text server rule 3. PSG member took control of the Mrap - 13 seconds after PSG forcing player out of vehicle. BS you are lying PSG. You had time to talk among PSG selfs about the situation because 1 admin posted rule and another admin performed the squad disband. Yet, neither admin took 2 seconds to say something verbally in Squad leader chat or direct Squad leader to squad leader chat to the player in question. PSG admins don't have time to communicate directly to player as PSG claims here, BS lies. Not having time to warn the player is specifically counter to Squad server rule #1.7 PSG admins were in communications with each other and with the PSG member in question who claimed the MRAP. That is exactly what happened. You know it Fox and I know it also. 15 seconds is considered enough warning time? 15 seconds is crap and you know it. That PSG member had to have been standing by the vehicle ready to take claim when the squad was admin disbanded for him to take claim with in 13 seconds. This is a clear admin abuse case granting favor to PSG member at the expense of a player. When I challenged the PSG admins in game about the timing of the sequence of events, they didn't even attempt to explain...All they said was "Too bad, read the rules" in affect. PSG is lying, PSG does not normally automatically enforce this "No 1 man locked squad" rule. PSG normally does communicate with a player in violation of minor rules. PSG specifically did these actions to unfairly and abusively grant a vehicle claim to a PSG member. Had I seen PSG automatically taking actions for this rule and other minor rules, I would have stopped playing on PSG a year+ ago. Bunch of lies PSG, I got many many hours playing on PSG server(at least 30+) and seeing PSG admins in action. What PSG admin did yesterday was not normal, and by your own posting of the server logs timing sure as hell looks like admin abuse. --15 seconds is NOT enough warning time for player. --A server wide rule statement is NOT a warning "to a player" in violation unless the statement mentions the player or the player squad. --13 seconds later, a PSG member takes control of vehicle means that PSG member was standing by. That same PSG guy standing by the MRAP had already said to me in local verbal chat shortly before, about 1 minute before. He said something like this: "Oh, you are in the vehicle". PSG member then walked away, but then came back shortly before the PSG admin action.. Then 1 minute later, the shameful sequence actions by PSG admins started. Community, PSG is bad admins community who will abuse admin actions for in game gain and will spout lies to cover this abusive actions.
  25. PSG Server , Admin Fox

    "Considering how many Broadcasts you should have read I would say you got a good second chance."" No where earlier did PSG claim that admins checked my play time to see that I was logged into the server for 2 hours. Saying 2 hours seeing the server message rules was ample warning is a bunch of crap. No communications was given or reason for "Disbanding the squad" saying "playing 2 hours in violation of rule no locked squads". You are lying PSG. You are using this previous 2 hours played as "ample warning" only after the fact of PSG admins being abusive to players and after I stated being there for 2 hours. Yes, I knew about the rule. Yes, I many many hours on PSG server where I rarely if ever seen that "No locked squads" rule enforced. Rule #1.7 again since PSG has such a hard time reading: 1.7 - Admins are allowed to enforce a server wide rule disallowing locked squads if they so choose. If the server does this, it should be clearly displayed in their server rules and players should be warned for violating this rule before any action would be taken against them. That rule specifically says the player should be warned. BS 15 seconds is enough time to be considered a warning. And BS that simply repeating a rule in all server chat is considered a warning to a player. BS that PSG admins consistently enforce this rule. Pretty sure I have even seen PSG members have 1 man locked squads. PSG is lying. PSG unfairly performed an admin action to give a PSG member control of a vehicle. PSG does not automatically ban for 1 man locked squads on regular basis. Damn right lie that statement is. In the 2 hours I played, I had already been doing locked 1 man squads... So had other people.. On almost every server and PSG server, this "no locked squads" rules is very selectively enforced and then when the rule is enforced there is bi-directional communications with the player by PSG and other server admins. This selective enforcement of the rule is done on PSG also, calling BS lies on PSG saying PSG "automatically" enforces this rule. I was there for 2 hours, doing 1 man locked squads numerous times. No one complained at all..only time a PSG admin complained was when a PSG member wanted to claim a MRAP. Not only the day of this incident, but in my 30+ hours on PSG servers I and MANY have done locked 1 man squads without admin concern at all on PSG. I am very positive drbker26 was playing most of those 2 hours I was playing where myself and others were running 1 man locked squads. So don't give me crappy lies about how PSG "Automatically" takes action for 1 man locked squads or there was no PSG admins playing for the previous 2 hours either. "Automatic" admin actions by PSG for a "locked 1 man squad" is a down right lie. Yes, I knew about the rule on PSG...but again as stated and by experience on PSG: This rule is very rarely enforced on PSG and on many servers in the Squad community. There is a reason that Squad developers have rule #1.7 which PSG is admitted to violating..How about your PSG admins focus on the Squad rule #1.7 instead of being such rude admins. Either PSG is being very rude by doing automatic bans for this rule(which is a lie from my high play time experience on PSG ) or PSG did exactly as I posted: PSG used admin action to unfairly and abusively take a vehicle from a player so a PSG member could claim the vehicle. Earlier in these threads the PSG admins said 1 admin (Fox) posted the warning and a different admin(unnamed) performed the ban. Quote from IgnisAlienus own post: "The admin at this time took some discretion in the matter and only disbanded. Considering how many Broadcasts you should have read I would say you got a good second chance." So either : 1. IgnisAlienus is lying 2. drbker26 is lying Quote from drbker26 own post: "About what happened to you, you were removed from the squad because it was locked. which was by a completely different admin. The person you claimed was a "PSG admin" was actually just a random player and his SL let him have the MRAP not knowing what was going on. " Curious which one you PSG folks are lying or at a minimum making mistaken assumptions about the sequence of events and the admins involved. drbker26 made very clear in this forum that "He watched the whole event unfold". Yet, IgnisAlienus is saying what drbker26 posted is wrong because drbker posted 2 separate admin actions occurred by different admins. This "no locked squad" rule is very selectively enforced on PSG AND on every other server at there in the Squad community. Squad rule #1.7 specifically says the admin must give warning to the player. Just relying on posting the rule in red text or "Read the rules" is a bunch of crap. A warning example would be "PlayerX, unlock your squad" "PlayerX, unlock your squad or we will disband the squad" "using verbal chat to say a form of the above 2 items". No where did PSG admins even attempt to address the player or give ample time for the player to correct the situation. 15 seconds? BS that is enough time. This is clearly posted evidence by PSG admins being abusive.. All PSG admins had to do was wait a few seconds longer and the squad would have been unlocked. All PSG admins had to do was attempt bi-directional communications with the player violating the minor rule. A PSG member was standing by the MRAP ready to take claim soon as PSG admins took action. BS that PSG admins and the PSG member were not talking to each other. If I remember correctly, the PSG member that took control of the MRAP was a member of PSG admin Fox's squad. PSG, You are lying. PSG, You are clearing in violation of Squad server admin rule #1.7 and of abusing admin powers for gain in game. PSG, you actions are bad for the Squad community.
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