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  2. Same here. Need to play with Effect Hight. From Hight to Cinematic i lost 15 fps. Again, on Kohat i play (in hard moments) at 35-38. I do not explain it with a 8600 4.9ghz and 1080Ti. If I really want to have fps constant at 60+ in 3440x1440, I should remove the Super Sampling (which I have at 1.25) ... which is the option that makes the game more beautiful graphically. I do not want to imagine when there will be 100ppl servers ... 20 more people with 20 fps less. Should I downgrade my new 34 ultra wilde with a 27 full hd ?? Frustrating situation
  3. Main Battle Tanks (MBT's)

    I agree with designed interior of vehicles. Like Red orchestra. In red orchestra I feel I get inside the tank, whereas in Squad I feel I BECOME the tank. I wish that could be incorporated in the game.
  4. Main Battle Tanks (MBT's)

    Roof punching tow's 2b however, can defeat Armour from the front by punching downwards through the roof. Might consider putting a few of those in the game for balance.
  5. [BB] Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)

    Had some great games on this server yesterday. loved the teamwork and all around great people. Looking forward to more!
  6. New player from Germany

    Hey all, just introducing myself. Started playing Squad yesterday so still a total noob and learning the ropes via Rifleman and dipping into machine gunner fire support. Looking forward to getting better, playing and getting to know know more people.
  7. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Shyfty Primary Language(s): English + German Age (optional): 43 Timezone or Region: EU (Germany) Nature of Interest: Casual and MilSim Gaming Background: Played Battlefield ever since BF:Vietnam and when available on Hardcore Servers. Also an avid MMO Player Additional Skills: Fast learner, at least I think so :D, enjoy team work, dabbled in Photoshop a bit (forum sigs etc.), I am pretty relaxed but when I put my mind on to something I see it through to the end, IT Admin in RL so pretty good with computers and building them Status: Unsigned
  8. A11.1 Medic bandaging fails

    Couldn't we have both, a backup.
  9. Played it and didn't enjoy it, wondering on others playing this mode.
  10. Balkan (ex YU) Clan/Community

    I kaj bude kaj ili ne?..ali ako nas je 4-5 to je preeeemalo ..da se skupimo. Treba bar 20tak ljudi da naletis na nekog..a da se svi bas nademo ja odmah mogu reci da nema sanse za mene...ja sam fakat leteci ..uhvatim kada imam vremena dogovarat je tesko. Mislim svaku vecer bacim jednu ili dvije partije..ali to je od 18 do 2 ujutro ..kada uhvatim vremena.
  11. Alpha 11.1

    hi ,from V 11.1 I noticed that the bandages are bugged, I have to use at least 3 times to treat myself and I noticed many lag that I had not before, (note that I have 100 mb/s fiber) however great job Dev,now i's a great game
  12. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    kamdesh is not vehicle friendly off road......
  13. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    Good explanation. I learned my lesson a while ago. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/31035-where-did-my-fps-go/?tab=comments#comment-319483
  14. Hello

    Hey Samwise, yes it is still happening, shows an error 500 on chrome and just a white screen on firefox.
  15. Hello

    Is it still happening? If so please let me know right away so I can get you proper help and Welcome
  16. Missing HUD elements

    2. Make sure you do it manually 3. After deleting game cache do this Enter the game and put console command r.setres 1920x1080f (assuming you are on 1920x1080) and hit enter
  17. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    Keep it civil in here, if you didn't get the answer or reply you were after then there's no need to target that person with hostility. Make sure the content you do put on these forums are within the rules we have here.
  18. I'm not arguing that the TT33 must stay for Militia. I just don't think it's a big deal that they have it and see it as a plausible weapon in the hands of this fictional faction. They are definitely more organised than the Insurgents but I don't think they're to the level where they would have standardised pistols. To me it seems like they've had a few shipments of makarovs, but not enough to equip everybody, so a few of them have old TT33s from their grandpa or wherever.
  19. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    What you're doing, is like a 6 year old pointing up in the air "airplane, airplane" after I've said, "Hey, look at that 747." You have yet to give an "answer". Literally everything you've said as an "answer", is a regurgitation of what I've said. Or lets try this. I said, 3 + 2 = 5. You said, no, 2 + 3 = 5. You haven't given an "answer" LOL but keep thinking that bud. It's still "5". Mesh not matching "collision volume", or vise versa is still 3 + 2 or 2 + 3. LOL gave an "answer"...
  20. Balkan (ex YU) Clan/Community

    Ajmo se organizirati nas ima jedno 4-5 ljudova. neku grupu napravit clan...
  21. I listed the "ukrainian: militia as one the examples i saw similarities to. But In game they dont have Mosins or PPSH. and these were not the most common weapons either. Gorka Suits are Military style coveralls. They are camofluage, they look alot like former Camo patterns of the Spentznaz or other units of the former USSR or 90s period post USSR breakup. So rather than being homemade Gorkas , or even manufactured replicas bought from online, these are very likely to be Surplus Dresses once used by Russian military. , and they arent self armed, They have "sponsors" Depending on Which militais you look at ( either Western or Russia backed) They are still better organized, more professional and still better armed than Insurgents which have similarties to the Taliban or other Afghan fighters. So i dont see why vastly more proliferated pistols like Browning HP and especially former Comblock CZ75 using the very common 9mm cant be present, especially as there are limited western weapons ( vanilla M4) and M429 thrown in.
  22. Militia is more inspired by the recent Ukraine conflict groups rather than the Yugoslav wars. During the early days of the Ukraine conflict there were some rebels using old WW2 weapons like Mosins and PPSHs so in that way it makes sense. The way I see the Militia in Squad is that the soldiers are mostly self armed, bringing their own equipment like the Gorka suits and leather gloves. So it makes sense to me that they'd be using an old WW2 pistol as a side arm since it's a personal piece and sort of outside of the regular logistics chain.
  23. the US/RUS/GB faction only have 1 spare mag for thier pistols. However its really unusual to only have 1 mag in gun and only 1 spare ive read that generally there are 2 Spare mags ( total of 3) and sometimes 4.
  24. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    That's not quite how it works. Now, my knowledge of this is mostly based from an artists perspective but here it goes. You've got geometry which is the wireframe you're talking about, that is the visual mesh that has the material applied. The collision mesh is a simplified invisible version of the geometry used to interact with other collision meshes. The reason it's simplified is because complex meshes cause issues especially with concave shapes. This causes the issue you've recorded because the log is an irregular shape so even though it visually seems like they're not touching, the collision boxes are. So while this aspect of the game does need improving it's not as simple as 'framing' the objects better.
  25. OFF map Support for Commander

    # flares could be added. but then again Helos do prctice flying low altitudes and are expected to do so at treetop level if operating in an environment with anti air. there is no Fog IN Rising Storm 2 and helos work just fine. ( and they dont have MANPADS to shoot em down) I only see Gunships being a problem Only if Smart weaponry was realsitically represented ( Ie spamming TOWS or Hellfires) against armored vehicles but this isnt DCS , so....... against Individual infantry especially if Hunkered down behind cover wont be the end all weapon especially if aformentioned Anti air weapons are thrown in.
  26. hwo does the TT33 make sense when its arhaic pistol? ITs less common than a ww2 - Vietnam era surplus 1911A1 . Milita is a better armed faction, and not using nearly as old weaponry. It makes more sense for the Insurgents to have an even older assortement of Weapons given thier nature. The Milita is eastern european, Comparable to say the sort of Militas in Yugoslav wars or more closely to the Conflict that happened ( or continues) in Eastern Ukraine. AS a organized milita they are are more comparable in terms of equipment and structure to a 3rd world army of the region than Insurgents which are basically locals bands that need to rely entirely on asymmetrical warfare. As a European based Force it makes sense for the INsurgents to get such above pistols. CZ75 in particular because IT was manufactured in the COld war by a former Warpact state. Given many of thier weapons like Ak74 are former Stocks of Warpact Or USSR weapons, its perfectly plausible to get other Service pistols that arent as Archaic as the TT33, that use a more common pistol cartridge and are available in larger stocks. Especially considering as the above pistols either of them are Pistols with higher cap magazines ( dual Stacked) It makes more sense for the insurgents to get it. Or ( at minimum also get it) IF the insrugent faction can get a PPSH which shoots the same cartridge, why not a tt33? Milita does not have a PPSH or any other weapon that shares the same Cartridge as the TT33/ thats also true.
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