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  2. New animation system differing by factions?!

    It's shallow compared to Squad. I got bored after 20 hours but have 1000 in Squad.
  3. What maps/places would you like in Squad?

    so is dustbowl , from its respective game. So what about "Chernarus" or "Takistan" then for large maps ? big enough . Amirite while were at it lets add doom maps for nostalgia.
  4. What maps/places would you like in Squad?

    Actually since de_dust 2 is considered by many one of the best maps in all times , we could try to have it played in squad in 5v5 with the new upcoming animations and shooting systems lol
  5. What maps/places would you like in Squad?

    But De_ dust ( counterstrike?) wouldn't be? (aka hence why my post was not serious.)
  6. Classes you will never see

    I am not blaming you specifically dude , talking in general about an ugly mentality we have in on the forums for example when new player comes in and tries to suggest something on the forums that might make the game stray a little from it's "realism" aspect - he will immediately get respones like - "this is squad not battlefield.." , ( oh and please don't bring business practices to this ...I fully agree with you that most AAA shooters today are cash grab bullshit but that's something else ) You were talking about the class system in the recent battlefield series ( which in my opinion battlefield 2 had the best ) , which it's ok to you to think it is flawed ... Although i think it did a great job with compiling main roles Into just 4 classes , but you mentioned the ammo thing with the support class .... ( dude the ammo box implacement we have in squad isn't any different )like you trying to do your best to bash battlefield , but do you really expect from a game like battlefield to have a realistic rearm system ? ) . Please don't take it personally , i maybe shouldn't have called you out , it's just thst i am so pissed off by fan-boys on these forums some times ( that funny enough act exactly like battlefield fan boys that always bash COD and CS for players for not being "realistic" )
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  8. Text way too small in 4K

    I do play on a 40 inch 4k screen myself and find the text size to be ideal. It's easily readable to me but not intrusive. It's a matter of personal preference more than anything. The only solution to this would be adding a scalability setting for UI in the menu but making all of the UI function with that would be several weeks of work.
  9. Classes you will never see

    But can't modders come in and add every one of these things to a mod? And make all you eat crow... ha ha...even add dogs to search and sniff out bombs.... LoL! Im going to mod an Eagle that is really a remote controlled drone, that enemy will think is just a bird...pretty sneaky... Come to think, there were attack dogs in Wolfenstein weren't there? And COD? There could be AI attack dogs inside empty buildings, or guard dogs for insurgents inside buildings...A modder could make it so you could put IED's on attack dogs...they got this in FO4 on rats... Im not sure you can count the dog handler class out, this could be a weapon insurgents get that regular Army dont, that evens things out a bit...an explosives class that comes with two attack dogs to place.
  10. Hardware input for choppers ?.

    I know that OWI has the Trackir SDK in-house as part of the development for free-look (per a tweet to Trackir). So, I would suspect if they get it to work with their free-look system then that part is a yes. Don't know about Hotas.
  11. Classes you will never see

    I agree. But this isn't the case. I have nothing against 'arcady' or arcade games. In fact, Squad is an arcade game, which has nothing to do with realism(I don't care what OWI say on the main page of the website to make Squad players to get their hard on while playing Squad or something, it is still an arcade game). Don't think I don't understand what you mean. I played in the past and play nowadays arcade games(in your description) myself. In the past I played CS 1.6, BF1942 and BF2, which are very nice examples of gorgeous arcade online games. There are also a lot of nice arcade offline games, like Half-life or GTA 3. I still play arcade games nowadays, there a lot of nice arcade games nowadays, like, Plague Inc, Portal 2, Starcraft 2, Tekken 7, etc. It isn't about players. It is about the games itself. Let's say there's a game where you have to literally throw pieces of shit at each other. So when someone calls that this game is bad and it shouldn't even exist, etc., it isn't about hating 'arcade' games or about blaming players in something or whatever else. It's about calling a bullshit game - a bullshit. And one more time, I'm not. This isn't about 'other games are not like Squad'. This is about a lot of other games being bad and scum. Games like Cattlefield and CSGO are cancer of gaming industry. They're made not to make a good game but to increase profits of share holders. That's one of indirect reasons why they're trash, shit and cancer. Direct reasons come when they can't even fix 4.0 and 5.1 audio properly in CSGO(for example), which is broken for the last 6 months, or when they can't fix unsync between hitboxes and visible models of the other players, because it is much more beneficial to release new skins. Same with Cattlefield: all they care about is to make new DLCs, so players can buy some, instead of making adequate game, with adequate netcode and other polished features.
  12. Anyone know if we will be able to use Hotas + Track IR in Squad for choppers ?.
  13. Serious clans

    Will do, already got one on my list for the future. (y)
  14. Text way too small in 4K

    40" 4K is perfectly fine from that distance. i would even say that YOU are the one doing it wrong. 23-24" 1080P displays are just not enough, and you dont get the full experience on those tiny displays in my opinion . also im playing racing simulators so i need the size because i sit further when i set up my racing rig. other games like BF4 and CSGO are great in 4K, there is no reason why squad should be different. maybe they didnt think about it when they started developing the game and now its too time consuming to make the text scalable. if running 1080P with 4X resolution scale is just like 4K, then there is a simple solution- just give us a 4X option instead of 2X. but i dont think its exactly the same.
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  16. [WIP] Samland Peninsula [Vanilla]

    I love the layout, it feels different and I can't wait.
  17. New animation system differing by factions?!

    I keep hearing so many good stuff about Red orchestra here on the forums is this game that good ?
  18. Classes you will never see

    It really annoys me how the squad community likes to bash other games even if it's really unjustified... Guys i hope you know that these are ARCADY games - which means that they are not disgned to be realistic they are just meant to be fun , like the other day i saw a post "why squad player can't play call of duty..." I know it wasn't a serious post but .... No shit guys ?! Call of duty doesn't have communications and everyone plays like a headless chicken ? For real ? So please be mature and thank SQUAD for trying to be something these games are not , for people like us , don't bash these games for not being like squad .
  19. I am for removing name tags or at least tuning them down. People will learn how to tell enemies from friendlies just like in PR.
  20. Comms network

    That's a gross overestimation, with proper radio discipline you can convey any relevant message inside of 5 seconds just about every time. On the other hand, having vehicle to vehicle comms would significantly increase the number of people with access to comms - if there's comms clutter now, giving more people access and expecting the situation to improve is completely illogical. Again, the problem isn't the amount of channels available, but rather the player's inability to communicate effectively.
  21. Comms network

    There's a minority that knows about proper radio'ing....And yess break-break means incoming priority message so everyone on that frequency needs to shutup and listen. Unfortunately, just because Squad is not mil-sim means that certain individuals find that to be a reason to be entitled to scream over the radio and talk over other people who are passing on intel.
  22. Thats the thing, the compass can stay, you need a barring and such for enemy's.
  23. partially hardcore - no name tags

    heheh ... but i thought you said you still have the Map to look at ... now, there's hardcore and then there's HardCore.
  24. Comms network

    what if Local voice was set to a common level (volume) for all players attached to the vehicle? - so local is not attenuated in any way whilst "in vehicle". maybe we could use the old CB courtesy term "Breaker"/"Break" - this was used when someone wanted to Break into a conversation or quiet the channel for important info - not sure if there's a military version but i would expect so. i think most younger peeps these days are too used to being loud to get attention, rather than being sensible about things.
  25. Filipino players

    FFS!! Finally a ****ing Filipino player! Hahahaha. Tara!!! Gawa ka na! IGN: Sperminator Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/AngrySperms/ Age: 20 Skill: Considered newbie. I guess? Hindi pa kasi ako familiar ibang mechanics ng game pero willing to learn and fast learner naman. Hahaha. Sandali ko palang kasi nalalaro yung game eh, hindi pa sunod sunod.
  26. Comms network

    What if the pilot sits in his or her wait pattern or search and destroy pattern in the sky and gets an icon show up on his flying HUD that paints the target on the location that the SL painted to have ordinance to drop on or some other request like a pick up or supply drop, the pilot may get several request at once on his HUD and must prioritize his missions as to what is the most important at the time, if he get equal important request he must decide which to do first. This can all be achieved without voice, just a way for SL's to mark on the map and have it relayed to the pilot in the air on his HUD. No voice coms needed by pilot accept to relay to the ground commander when he is on his way and to see if situation changed by the time he is ready to go on that mission.
  27. Text way too small in 4K

    Skul, if you do not understand something, you should not respond ;-). It's about the size of the screen .. not whether a Playstation 4K can handle .. With such a screen you will sit on the couch, not to play PC games.
  28. Text way too small in 4K

    Playstation? 4k? How? Pretty much all games on consoles are 720p, some are 1080p, and then you get a lagfest on 1080p. Consoles wouldn't even be able to handle menus in 4k resolution. And to topic starter, yeah, if you can't see letters, just lower your resolution and sit closer to your TV. You will run in a lot of problems with user interfaces in a lot of programs and video games, because pretty much all interfaces are developed for and on 1080p monitors. And all other resolutions have to adapt, if it works on other resolutions, then you're in luck, if it doesn', well, you're unlucky then. And it isn't going to change in any feasible future, because this kind of thing requires quite a lot of additional time from developers and it doesn't bring direct profit to share holders(capitalism in its beauty), unlike new skins, weapons and maps. It will just might be fixed in 2025.
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