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  2. Limit locked squads

    /closed As OP requested.
  3. High latency constantly.

    I've also been experiencing this on some EU servers but not others...
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  5. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    idk, seems like cancer to an FPS and promotes a more milsim approach imo. I hope they don't incorporate that.
  6. [LGN] LEGION - NA Squad Clan

    Another Bump. Happy thanksgiving ****ers.
  7. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    fx-6300 8gb ram r9 280x 3gb Min fps:45 Max fps: 75 epic settings. Shadows low and AO off.
  8. High latency constantly.

    I am in the UK, I play on UK servers mostly. I ping the server I usually play on through cmd prompt and got 17ms average. But when in game it goes all the way up to 500. So, the internet locations are fine and what have you. i live quite close to where they house a lot of uk servers. PC is up to date. The problem arouse straight after the recent updates. It was fine before that. Just tried it on for 15 minutes (QFF's server - my regular server) minimum 10, max 32, average 17. No spikes.
  9. Limit locked squads

    I disagree, but I guess that's the great thing about a forum... as suggested before, perhaps close it before it gets more salty.
  10. Lag After Update

    1. Are you Ocing any of your rig? Run it as default and see it still lags 2. Are you running AMD Raptr program 3. Can you provide us your log located in here 4. Are you behind any necessary driver/windows update I have seen a few people complaining frame issues after the latest update. I am going to assume it's rather an optimization issue rather than software/Hardware issue
  11. How do I appeal a ban?

    This is not the forum to appeal for a ban. If you are banned on the Discord as well, I dont think there is any way for you to appeal for that ban/get to play on that server anymore. It is always the choice of the server owners/admins who to ban and OWI has nothing to do with that decision. /locked
  12. Lag After Update

    Just after the Alpha 9.15 update I have experienced lag on several of the maps now. If I look at certain points in the game my fps drops significantly. I never experienced this before. Is anyone else experiencing this? Also, here are my specs. You can probably see I shouldn't be getting any lag. Oh and I have tried lowering the graphics. Nothing seems to work. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5820K CPU MSI X99A SLI PLUS(MS-7885) Two AMD Radeon (TM) R9 390 Series in Crossfire 32 GB Corsair memory
  13. Y Axis controller

    Please refer to and https://steamcommunity.com/app/393380/discussions/2/350542683196366075/ Please use search function on the top right corner of the screen
  14. Y Axis controller

    Hello, I am trying to invert the y axis on my controller. I have found an answer that references changing a line in a defaultinput.ini file that is located under steamapps/common/squad/squad/config. The problem is that this file does not exist as far as I can tell. I am on a windows 10 laptop. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. I cant even play this game until I figure it out. Thank you in advance and have a great day
  15. Unreal Editor Environments

    More garbage from my ghetto setup. My jungle quest has almost come to fruition. Because I've got a big family and work 10 hours a day wrenching on cars I gave up on dicking around with all my bitchin terrains and their super eye candy material instances in favor of using the vanilla landscapes and working on actually trying to go back to my Delta Force days and just be creative with the level design and all my assets. Anyways, I'm testing all my assets within the Narva environment now and getting some good results and stable framerates. I always liked the Narva lighting, sky and landscape material instance layers so I'm creating my first North Korean jungle environment using it. Maybe someday I'll get around to finishing it and uploading it to the Steam Workshop. Sorry for the choppy video.
  16. How do I appeal a ban?

    Okay I don't know what you mean by that. I was just telling you what happened. but i'm sorry for wasting your time. Have a good night.
  17. How do I appeal a ban?

    You done goofed
  18. How do I appeal a ban?

    I goofed? What do you mean? Thats the admin that is on Desmos Playground. Thats what we are talking about
  19. Devil's Brigade [DB]

    Devil's Brigade Link: http://www.hagdevilsbrigade.com/index.php Teamspeak: Devil's brigade was founded in 2014 and offers both EU and NA communities. We are a casual gaming community that plays mostly realism games but We do play to win and we see teamwork and communication as an important element to achieve that. We look for gamers of all skill levels who strive to want to be apart of a good gaming community. DB is actively recruiting and if you are interested contact [DB]Rgbman195 or check out our website. We also play Heroes and Generals, Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, Hearts of iron , and Day of Infamy Quote Edit
  20. How do I appeal a ban?

    Vivid is one of the admin of DPG... You've done goofed.. I can not help you no more.
  21. How do I appeal a ban?

    Yeah my brother was playing and he got into an argument with Vivid (I think that's his name its something like that) and he got himself banned for what he said was a week. I don't know what the argument was about.
  22. How do I appeal a ban?

    If you are keep getting the same message, you are most likely banned from Demo's discord as well.. I took a liberty to see the ban status of your name. It's permanent. Can you recall why you were banned and who was "the man" said your ban was for a month?
  23. Ok, i need help :(

    I smell faulty PSU
  24. SQUAD | I'm Glad You're Alive

    HahAHhHAHA Ooopsy!
  25. Admin scramble command

    sorry, i was refering to this > " I would even recommend, that all members of the same clan should always play on same side" > which infers you do - no biggie tho, i now get what you mean - the rest, i totally agree - glad you replied because it clarified things for me cheers!
  26. Ok, i need help :(

    I did that, disabled it in the Bios One curious thing, when using the GTX 970 the pc restarts way faster than when i'm using the GTX 770, with the 970 i cant even play a full match of Squad, with the 770 i can play 2 to 3 games... any thoughts on that?
  27. How do I appeal a ban?

    Is there any other way to access the Discord? I tried that link and got the same message. I don't know what is causing it
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