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  2. Better filter tab for server list. Specifically option to filter out language requirements by having a language tab. Other options could be based on experience, and by country
  3. Squadleading in Clan Matches

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  5. In the matter of rally point

    Wish that would come back though, the action in Squad was intense because of the downtime inbetween, now the constant action gets boring after 10 minutes.
  6. More C4 or increase the damage

    Did you remember the days where you be able to disable the radio with a single knife swing? I can relate to both sides in this discussion. A lone wolf shouldn't be able to remove a radio so easily, on the other hand, if the team didn't secure or watch the radio they literally asking for being punished.

  8. More C4 or increase the damage

    C4 being unable to kill the radio from 100% health is good. Combat engineer shouldn't be able to destroy radios alone, without any notice, if there's any kind of defense Nobody wants to sit at radio and watch it, defending it 24/7 If radio can't be fully destroyed with 1 C4, you have to dig it before explosion, making sound alerting defenders This increases radio suitability against solo engineers without support, and make engineers work in team instead of soloing it to ensure success. If anything, it increases requirement for teamwork, not decreases it Fob takes 2 person + logy truck + supplies to place, combat engineer c4 shouldn't be the one click killer to it C4 still gives you ability to destroy radio faster, with less manpower applied, but doesn't let you do it unnoticed alone without any teamwork anymore Going back to BF2:PR breachers can't destroy fobs immediately, even if they stack their multiple C4
  9. Even worse, I shot friendlies being revived in front of me, because they got up during revive just to lay down again Throwing people into the air during revive, standing up just to lay down immediately after revive, these are some kind cheap workarounds, probably against being stuck in floor/objects. Funnily they stuck many people in inaccessible building parts, roofs, bunkers and other overhead objects at this point you don't expect much from devs. Mb if polishing time ever comes...
  10. Just in case you answer me with that, I'm siding you with that explanation. New ragdoll is degraded
  11. But in the V15, it's all the same. No inertia every time
  12. This is in from the beginning and its pretty annoying. When you get revived you will always get bumped up. Pretty annoying when you try to sneak and the enemy just sees you getting revived. Seems like the origin of the position of the body isnt getting set correctly
  13. Video: Part 1. v15. The body drops directly down like it had no inertia. There's no X-vector in body movement during ragdoll, only y. Leaned forward during sprint, the soldier still falls on his back instead of chest Part 2. v13. The body falls with the top part of it keeping similar speed to death moment, i.e. keeping x-vector But maybe physics works differently on your part of the planet
  14. Virtual_Buddy Entertainment

    Very cool. Besides that other dudes extreme rocket compilation this is one best Squad videos I've seen to date.
  15. Some suggestions

    Please regarding #4 try one of the Narva layers it actually has the feature you're speaking about. Not sure which one it is though. As far as moving clouds go they're a super duper major performance killer is why I'd imagine they chose to use a static skybox. That said, I love the look of the skyboxes, some are very elegant.
  16. I am expecting more realistic urban echo sound effects in maps like Al Basrah, Nava, Sumari etc. I feel current echo sound effects in urban areas is similar to non urban area. The sound which produced from gun, explosion and vehicle are not reflecting in closed urban areas. Insurgency sandstorm have good urban sound effects I feel it's more realistic.
  17. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Oh BF2 was a technical mess don't get me wrong. I mean, I will basically defend BF2 to the death no matter what, but cmon, nobody designs a multi-tiered voip system with commanders and order confirmations and all that and doesn't have milsim ambitions. What the game actually ended up being was different, but it's the fact that BF2 actually Went For It in a way Battlefield has never done did before or since that PR was able to make something much better and rules-grounded out of it than ARMA. In particular, the SL spawn fundamentally worked. As long as the SL provides the absolute best spawn point in the game, the SL can direct the squad naturally even without communication. PR kept these ideas fundamentally intact (rally did put restrictions on spawning infantry into combat, but BF2's revive system was also less restrictive, so SLs really could still fight rather than just hide in a corner or whatever). The takeaway though is that squads, acting on the SLs initiative, were much more powerful than anything else in the game. So there's a natural squad cohesion and squad coordination that all stems from that. In Squad, Squads are no longer the most powerful thing in the game anymore, FOBs are, and they need constant reinforcement to keep them alive. The SL's main job is to play the strategic game and know where and when to place spawn points. Even if they want to play tactically, the rally can't even be used to get the squad all together anymore, it's just another type of FOB. It all unravels from there, SLing is very hands-off compared to PR (Or BF2!)
  18. Flashbang

    oh mate, absofriggnlutely!! "I know it was Cheesy & the Engine was Shite," yeah but you know what, it actually worked and in the end it was the gameplay that made that game so damn good. <psst!> i have to make a PSP-zone(Cap) and then i'm nearly done (still waiting on feedback about the SDK missing AAS).
  19. guy in the first bit went another couple steps after the hit-reg icon pops up before falling. the second guy went down as soon as he was hit - don't see a problem here really, unless i'm missing the point of your post. looks like both did.
  20. Squad on Console

    I know the Devs said previously that they wanted to,but if this is the case now? Get yaself a PC. You know it makes sense.
  21. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    lightning in a bottle? seriously? it was just another military-based make-work cheese-grinder shooter and was broken badly enough by the second patch, supposed to "fix" the netcode, that we could not play any more so we went back to playing JointOps instead. milsim ambitions?! ... well if you consider that the only (that we found) "functional squad tactic" in BF2 was hide-the-SL-and-use-them-as-a-spawnpoint to instantly pop the entire squad back into action within seconds after being wiped ...
  22. Yesterday
  23. Flashbang

    I know it was Cheesy & the Engine was Shite, but mate, it was bloody good fun!. I don't think I'll ever have that feeling again. * cries *
  24. What is Squad?

    I do believe that our Devs experiences in DF:/JointOps/BF/PR etc is what is Pushing this game to be what they want to be...(another classic). I'm getting Old to this Shenanigans by a few Raging has lost his Rage... But those who are to young & naive. DeltaForce 1998 was “Birth of the Modern Military Shooter” Nuff said! This is why we have so many Shooters to this date & this includes "Squad" Peace Out...
  25. Virtual_Buddy Entertainment

    Hello people, today I have had a little more time than usual. So I made a video with small clips from our numerous actions in squad. It's my second video on youtube. I'm still learning to handle the video editing programs. See you on the battlefield. Enjoy https://www.twitch.tv/virtual_buddy https://steamcommunity.com/id/da1988/
  26. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    lol! says the guy using my old profile pic! Hilarious stuff!
  27. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    and I stand by all of them, you're obsessed
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