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  2. Alpha 13 Test US Grenadier Sights

    I get that this may not be final but this sighting arrangement is pretty bad. That is supposed to be the 150 meter position but... 1. I can't see the front sight at all. 2. I can't see the rear sight at all. 3. This position is the minimum range meaning I have to straight guess where to hold for 50-100 meters. (which is the range 99% of my GL engagements are within) I propose giving the option to go back to the old Aimpoint optic so that you can sacrifice combat effectiveness with the rifle to get a better sight picture with the M203.
  3. suche Team

    Hallo husaaa, wenn du Interesse hast kannst du gerne mall bei Full Contact reinschauen. Wir sind ein 21+ Squad-Clan und haben uns mit anderen europäischen Clans (OMBD, HSR) zu der Squad.Europe-Gemeinschaft zusammen geschlossen. Dieses ermöglicht es uns anspruchsvolles Gameplay in Turnier-Atmosphäre zu bieten. Außerdem hosten wir noch einen weiteren deutschsprachigen Server. Post Scriptum läuft bei uns hin- und wieder, wir sind auch seit der Beta dabei aber hauptsächlich auf Squad fokussiert. So findest du uns: Homepage: https://fc-squad.de/forum/portal.php Discord: https://discord.gg/MdaPQVG Teamspeak: ts.fc-squad.de Man sieht sich auf dem Schlachtfeld
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  5. Bipod limitation

    If you would read then you would know that i only have a issue with the bipod folding animation while taking fire. Just a faster transicion between bipod and no bipod while engaging. and i mean from bipod to no bipod. not the other way around.
  6. SQUAD - Anti-Tank Best Kills 2 (v13)

    Really cool man
  7. Marksman Changes.

    Quality input, I obviously also couldn't agree more. Also damn dude 39 kills? I gotta start playing more invasion.
  8. Marksman Changes.

    Makes sense in my view.
  9. Ping or No Ping

    In my opinion with the current state of info in the map, I prefer the PING. It´s quite useful and replaces the simple act of pointing with your finger toward a position in the landscape or in a map. Something we cannot do in the game. On the other hand I would love to see something many people wouldnt tolerate because its "too realistic" and this "has to be a game", and that is, the only visible info you get on the map is your position and your sl´s position. And sl´s also get to see other Sl´s positions. (you can also see fobs and flags). I´d love to see somehting like this implemented, if only as a game mod or a one life event.
  10. [WIP] Iron Dawn (Vanilla)

    Loot of details and great infantry terrain, I like your map keep going !
  11. Bipod limitation

    disagree.. either sit up and reposition...which will automatically remove the bipod .. just sounds like you want to have a bipod that allows 360 degree turning without the penalty.
  12. SQUAD - Anti-Tank Best Kills 2 (v13)

    Nice vid.
  13. Marksman Changes.

    Long range (>300m) engagements in Squad rarely happen due to the maps and the amount of cover available. There are exception and that's where the DM can shine. At the typical engagement range (<300) DMs are no more effective than a scoped rifleman and usually worse due to the recoil. Personally I'd like to see all DM rifles get a bipod with significant increase in shooting stability (like the LMGs) to buff it over just taking the scoped rifleman instead especially as more optics are coming. The most infantry kills (39) I have in one game was fulfilling a DM role but actually playing as scoped rifleman engaging the US at <200m as Irregular. It was invasion on Chora and we'd been pushed back to the last cap (Monolith) and I was holding the northern field mostly singlehandedly. It had good sightlines and I feel the only way I could of done better with a DM rifle would of been having a slightly better zoom but mainly have better follow up shot stability as it was a target rich environment.
  14. 29th Infantry Division - [NA/EU]

    We currently have two training platoons coming up. EU - April 28th - May 2nd NA - May 5th - May 9th IF you are interested please enlist here: http://www.29th.org/enlist/
  15. Yesterday
  16. Marksman Changes.

    You're pitching this to a tough crowd dawg. The most infantry kills I have ever gotten in one game was with the L86 marksman class on Kamdesh. As I said before that class is a powerhouse and damn near everybody in a British section rushes for it.
  17. ticket count in AAS too high

    V13 is great. Just need to adjust the sprint speed, acceleration and transitioning to reduce the casual run and gun / sprint and snapshoot gameplay.
  18. West Coast Tactical

    I don't know how long Kruger has been a admin on west coast, but he is banning people for reporting Chinese trolls. These guys are driving logis to corners of the map and when people get mad and calls them "china dude" in all chat he bans them. I'm not saying that language was right, but this is a game were you can shoot someone for christ sake. He kicked my marksmin. I got made and told him to get the troll before he kicked players for getting mad. I really like West Coast, but we all know how reddit is and this is how a server dies. Please correct kruger before he becomes a server killer admin. This is what happened to Rick and Morty fun time server.
  19. Feedback ALWAYS appreciated! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXuB3irBCtY
  20. For some reason my mic sounds extremely garbled and distorted in-game. In other apps such as steam chat and xbox party chat it sounds fine to others. Does anyone have a fix for this issue? Thanks. Also, I usually run the game through Nvidia's Geforce Now.

    Sounds like the kind of gameplay that is the reason Why I dont play games like COD or BF.... I might be wrong though
  22. ticket count in AAS too high

    I´ve always loved the kind of mind set of players attracted by longer rounds.
  23. Heavy rain at sumari. Weather effects in Squad.


    Well it might be alright but you should change the name from "King of the Hill" into "SuperFOB Whoring" because that's what's going to happen.
  25. Heavy rain at sumari. Weather effects in Squad.

    You guys are thinking too small. I say a volcanic eruption!!! How about a Mt. St. Helen's magma mash up map!!! What is a little rain compared to a pyroclastic flow!!?

    Yup. Deleted v12. I'd rather mess around in an empty v13 server or in the console than play anymore v12 because it crashed so much. V13 is way more stable, looks better, sounds better, plays better and gets a way better frame rate.
  27. Ping or No Ping

    "Different views"? I thought there was only one reason for its removal because it was being glitched/exploited... Other than that it seemed pretty benign to me.
  28. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Rob M. Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/methheadfred/ Primary Language(s): English. Age (optional): 18. Timezone or Region: EST Nature of Interest: Very competitive game-play with a lot of communication and a skilled squad leader that knows his way around the map and the game. Gaming Background: Very competitive, above-average aim, good communication. Working mic and headset. Additional Skills: Vape tricks, growing weed, shooting guns. Good understanding of certain tactics, mainly a rifleman. Status: "Unsigned"
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