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  2. Logi passengers able to fire.

    That's ok in real world but in squad being in a grid square that's important is time sensitive. We all know this but you continue to hang onto this poor argument. You at no point have provided any sort of productive criticism during this. You continue to explain your tactics that dont cover most of the scenarios that happen in squad. I'm not trying to be rude but your really have not given us something we can work off of . I'm all about crushing my idea but with articulated points. My tactics or your tactics means nothing if its doesnt cover the majority of the gameplay. I'll be honest I checked out your thread and it just seems like you attack change but offer little constructive criticism. I dont know these are just observations I dont know you and it's not personal. I just dont see how this change would do anything negative. Its giving a weak target a chance. That in real life it would have. The reality is no one can argue people can't shoot from trucks plain and simple. Give me something we can discuss no one cares about your individual tactics no one cares about mine either.
  3. Make Militia/Insurgents more common

    ive been thinking about this a lot and while all those things would be fun, the problems lie with the Infantry gameplay. Unless they give insurgents lots of cheap vehicle tickets that don't require crew man and maybe also allow them to deploy bipods in the back of the pickup trucks to do drive-bys lol.
  4. Make Militia/Insurgents more common

    The iron sight buff and was a step in the right direction but I still don't think it was enough.
  5. Logi passengers able to fire.

    i would have thought that wanting this - to move/rotate to fire from - would require the player to detach from seat and be able to move/rotate within the moving vehicle, at will. as Squad has fixed seating (ie: no way to enter/exit without using seating system) that spawns you outside the vehicle on exit, this may be problematic to achieve. i would love to be able to enter the helos from the doors, not have to 'teleport' through the fuselage to my seat, but unless you are 'attached' to the underlying vehicle properly any lag/latency will have you rubber-banding all over the shop or in the need of a parachute, at high speeds.
  6. Lonewolfing nerf through gradual health damage

    good idea and makes fair sense. might be too hardcore for some though.
  7. The new iron sights ruin the game!

    yeah and soon 8k but who uses them? granted 4k is becoming more popular/available but the vast majority of current gamers are not using it, i would suggest - unless of course you have credible information to show otherwise. is this due to the Focus "steady-aim" mechanic?, which i disagree with, btw. your photo has a severely short DOF compared to eyeballs. however compared to eyeballs, i believe that the rear part(s) look like what real eyes would see, it's just that real eyes would see everything beyond that clearly, as our eyes have a very large DOF.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Logi passengers able to fire.

    Remove ability to have more than 3 people in the truck. Add more APCs. Transporting people in trucks in a fight is not a realism.
  10. Community Clan Fight Night

    66th in yeho
  11. Black Lives Matter

    What did he contribute? Buddyrally? lol
  12. Logi passengers able to fire.

    Drive better. Have infantry go first.
  13. Black Lives Matter

    No, I am not saying that at all, I am saying that giving credit is acknowledging that this person did this. It does not say anything about the person or how and why they did it. It just says they did it.
  14. Black Lives Matter

    What an absurd thing to say. It's not like that at all. Getting rid of things and not crediting is quite different. Why should people get full credit for things they've achieved in an immoral way? You honestly think Mengele should be given credit for what he did? It's undoubtedly the case that his work was looked at and may, uncomfortably, have benefitted people (so even that wasn't deleted, but only an idiot would say it was 'heroic' or 'proper' science' in any decent way)... but even then, it was A. at a hideous, debased cost and B. at what moral price? If those questions don't bother you at all, you're just trolling. Science has moved on and there now exists, for almost all scientists who hold their heads up, an ethical code of conduct. There is a serious debate about how far 'ill-gotten' work should be used, and while I entirely accept you can't undo what has been done, it's not exactly sane to suggest these people should be held in the same regard as those who gained their results in a way that didn't do awful things. You might as well say we should do wide-scale, lethal experiments on humans to benefit a few more than die, as if such cold sums could ever have any nuance or be reflective of the wider purpose science is held to serve.
  15. Logi passengers able to fire.

    Ecchi, there are plenty of maps where there is basically one road out unless you want to trek it out in rough terrain and risk flipping the truck...which doesn't really align with the "realism" argument here. There are maps where vechs are very constrained and will not be able to take the road less traveled.
  16. Logi passengers able to fire.

    You counter ambushes by not being where it is. Take less-traveled routes, have infantry screening ahead...etc. Server rule generally force people to be at least 300m away from main so they won't be able to catch you if you just go out the base in another direction that isn't the most direct route to objective.
  17. Lonewolfing nerf through gradual health damage

    Could also tweak suppression effect to be more extreme if no alive SL within 50m. Reducing bandage max to 1 for everything but SL/Medic could also work. Or make it so that people continue to bleed(but at greatly reduced rate) after bandage so they must seek out medic. (remember in PR you generally can't stop bleeding with just one bandage for most gunshot wounds; that patch is just to give people enough hp to survive until medic gets to them, or they take enemies' to heal to full - forcing people to actually win firefights, which is a much better system)
  18. No, stats state should not be modified whether you are far or near your squad. Just make some changes to spawning and healing and lonewolfing will become much more punishing. If non-medic patches would only heal you up to about 60% health BUT NOT STOP the bleeding and you need to find a medic within 5 minutes before you bleed out, medics will become much more important which will also mean you need to have them in the Squad.
  19. Black Lives Matter

    Aren't the credits supposed to say who contributed to the realization of the game in any way? It's like removing Nazi advances in science because they were bad.
  20. The new iron sights ruin the game!

    Yes actually, fullauto 7.62 Romanian too. I'm not sure if you played this game because you're already having trouble identifying the target at 300m or beyond in this game, without magnification. So there really isn't a big issue with how thin the front post is, aside from cosmetic problems. Also, 7.62x39 external ballistics alone makes it much less effective at 300m. It also has a sharp damage dropoff that further neuters it past 300m. Try 5.45 sometimes: Original audience has a lot more to complain about than AK sights; such as wrong/lack of laminate layers on handguard. Read my thread about it. In addition, there's like a billion other unrealistic "features" of Squad(like how nobody has bodyarmor mechanic-wise despite models having bodyarmor). Balancing with infantry ticket is a whole new can of worm(as you might have noticed, people don't just die from infantry weapons). Yes, the fatter part of the front post could be taller, but otherwise it's fine. (it should only be "fixed" when rest of the problem gets fixed, mainly the shitty state of always-glowing-nuclear 1p78...etc.) Also, check the in-game stats; 5.45 is already worse than 5.56 at everything. Why should I play on RUS when everything's worse? Not everybody is masochistic for realism. (especially when many Russian vehicles are already nerfed unrealistically for "balance") Want to go full neckbeard? Play Tarkov. Use ironsight stock AK-74, wear 6b3 + ssh68, and blast Soviet Anthem while cheating with 7n39 rounds.
  21. [WIP] BMPT "Terminator-2" Tank Support Vehicle Mod

    Your picture clearly shows that there is no space for decent protection in the specific spot I mentioned. That's how LAT can easily cripple the turret from front(shoot anywhere above the "turret" base), at least that's how it should work in-game anyway(since you can only impede turret traverse/stabilization, not completely disable guns). Also: The proper MBT turret, even before ERA, is visibly thicker than that of BMPT-72 on the diagram you posted. Let's assume the BMPT-72 turret is fully welded not cast; it's probably only able to match T-72B base armor. It also doesn't have enough coverage to the sides unlike typical Russian MBT turret design. Also, plenty of tanks can be classified as MBT yet has shit armor. Seems to fit Kazakhstan's T-72 just fine(not sure which variants they have, might have older ones which pair well with the lower amount of protection BMPT-72 turret has, after boosted by relikt of course). In this game Bradley 25mm does more damage than Russian 30mm per shot. So unless both guns are shooting at "high" rate of fire at same time then it really doesn't work much better than typical BMP-2. Not to mention this isn't supposed to occupy the exact same role as typical IFV, this is a different class of vehicle, between IFV and MBT.
  22. Black Lives Matter

    Honestly this is all just lip service until any trace of the racist Neo-Nazi Emil Gustafsson is entirely removed from the game which includes his name in the credits. Microsoft removed Notch from the Minecraft credits for saying one little thing and yet this bigot is still listed in the QA team after what he did. This is illogical. Do the right thing before this whole sorid debacle goes viral and the entire community gets labelled as racist.
  23. [WIP] BMPT "Terminator-2" Tank Support Vehicle Mod

    The BMPT-72 hull and turret are made of steel armour and integrates latest protection systems with explosive reactive armour (ERA) to the front of the turret, a detachable ERA module on the glacis plate and applique ERA on the sides of the hull and turret. https://www.armyrecognition.com/russia_russian_army_light_armoured_vehicle_uk/bmpt-72_terminator_2_tank_support_armoured_fighting_vehicle_technical_data_sheet_specifications.html In wikipedia it said that "the protection equivalent to that of an MBT." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMPT_Terminator#:~:text=the protection equivalent to that of an MBT. Bradley shoots 200 rpm BMP shoots 300 rpm BMPT-72 shoots 600 rpm or 300 rpm because the terminator doesn't always use the cannons simultaneously https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMPT_Terminator#:~:text=The BMPT has an additional,of 600 rounds per minute.
  24. Make Militia/Insurgents more common

    There are literally so many vehicles OWI squad developers can add these vehicles that are from Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen. BMP-1 cannon turret S-60 AA cannon turret ZU-2 dual machine gun turret ZU-4 quadruple machine gun turret ZSU-23-4 Shilka tank Modified MAT-V or Humvee "For the Humvee I don't think they will have licensing issues if they change up the Humvee enough and don't call it a Humvee" "The MAT-V would be nice for AL-Basrah for some actual armor fights because right now all you have to do is shoot out the driver/gunner." And instead of the insurgent scout they should give every single rifleman one IED and one mine because those things don't get used often enough. Personally I love to see a bunch or random explosion going off and s*** ton of fire suppression in this game.
  25. With the very last 19.5 update FPS drops and freezing are back in game. Before that it was kinda gone and I was able to play lag free. But now it happens over and over. Most of the times it is exclusively when I start shooting or getting shot at. But definitely when I shoot a rifle for example. Click to shoot, a freeze happens for a split second (enough to get killed), then shots are fired later. I get 80-90 FPS otherwise on any maps and a game runs smoothly except for the moments when firefight starts, it freezes, stutters, FPS drops and it's just annoying. My system: Ryzen7 2700x, 1080 GTX, 32GB DDR4, SSD, Win10x64
  26. Black Lives Matter

    Well this post definitely brought out the racists in the Squad community.
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