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  2. More C4 or increase the damage

    If it were difficult to do then CE's sneaking in and destroying a FOB alone would be a rare occurrence, but it isn't. Whenever I see experienced players as CEs they are FOB hunting alone, and they're usually successful in getting a couple of FOBs. I really enjoy the vehicle-infantry dynamic at the moment. I've had so many experiences where myself and a couple LATs/HATs from other squads have had to quickly coordinate in local to take out a vehicle, it's been great. However, arguing that a lot of layers have too many vehicles is certainly valid but I don't think the difficulty in taking out an individual vehicle is the problem. If vehicles where made more susceptible to infantry AT then they would need to be buffed to be more dangerous with something like thermal imaging. The difference between the CEs FOB destroying capabilities and the infantry ATs vehicle destroying capabilities is that one doesn't require teamwork and the other really does. Sure, if someone is guarding the FOB constantly or it's been entombed in fortifications then that's harder for a lone CE to do, but neither of those defenses is interesting gameplay for the defenders whereas defending a FOB from a full squad is.
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  4. Any news on randomly spawning on top of HABs? Really frustrating.
  5. ROADMAP - but why?

    my guess would be in: BETA 1 (after or with opitimization)
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  7. ROADMAP - but why?

    Where is the 100 player server's on the road map?

    It's not the speed. I think the torque needs to be increased and add a full manual drive train in the vechs.
  9. [100%] United Gaming recruiting!

  10. FFS guys. Another update today and I have to wait 20 mins to play? It's 00:28 here and I only wanted a quick battle. At least this time my PC hasn't been brought to an absolute halt and I can type this, and the update process seems to be using much less CPU than previously, so if somehow that was intentional then thank you. Else, f*** you.
  11. Alpha 15.1 Released

    Heh, this has to be the most frustrating bug. Hope you guys nail it soon. In the middle of a battle frantically bandaging a team mate or yourself and failing is just... yeah
  12. Alpha 15.1 Released

    Black grass only shows up on Yeho for about the first 5-10 minutes of the match and then it slowly goes away completely. Pre-loading textures or changing the texture quality makes zero difference. Goro on the other hand has a huge swath of high visibility orange grass over next to the railroad tracks that is always there. Also one of the Goro and Fools Road layers everything looks completely yellow.
  13. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Good points. Oh well, so much for that. Good points. Oh well, so much for that. Good points. Oh well, so much for that. Oh my god. My frickin iphone. It’s not letting me delete this stuff.
  14. Alpha 15.1 Released

    Same here.
  15. More C4 or increase the damage

    I don't get whats so easy to infiltrate the FOB. You say its easy, but by that standard what is not easy in the game? Killing a tank? Easy, you just need to hit the right spot repeatedly from a concealed place where you can reload and ammunition nearby...but thats the problem, these conditions were a task becomes easy are usually not met in the game. For a CE to become able to kill a radio single-handedly without notifying anyone the enemy has to neglect basic game mechanics like barriers and thoughtful placement of the radio...and he has to lose the ability to hear. If we talking about implementing nerfs to cover up simple mistakes we go a bumpy road towards mediocrity.
  16. You're not my real mom, I'll do what I want!
  17. Adding the IDF would be amazing because right now we got three real life factions that similarly would ally with eachother and that being the Militia(?), Insurgents and Russia. Then we have only USA and Great Britain. Adding Israel in would make it equal and cool in a way as most maps contain either usa, britain, militia and russia. Insurgents seem like it barely has any layers or playability on a lot of servers. But I honestly believe adding Israel is a great idea with fresh fatigues, weapons, vehicles, more maps for close quarters combat aswell which maybe some day shotguns could also be added or other close quarters combat weapons to be more effective like the machine pistols and iron sight weapons available. I also like the Vietnam idea. Adding that in with a deep jungle where you can barely see 5ft infront of you makes it even more scary and fun.
  18. Universal Optics

  19. Alpha 15.1 Released

    Yeah same problem. Although it says 999 mb for me. Got 43 gb free on disk yet I run out of space
  20. Alpha 15.1 Released

    I had the long pre-allocation wait while reading your post. I was worried but mine seems to have worked first time. 176.7MB
  21. Squad crashes every round end since V15

    Clear cach nonsense. Those stupid admins are just kidding you. Fake news. This game just crashes regularly. They are a bunch of babies, who keep banned you when you speak the truth. Banning makes no sense admin jerks. Next time there will be a virus attack on the site. So warned!
  22. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    true, although I'd love a PR mod, thats not how to do things
  23. Alpha 15.1 Released

    What happened to the modular download updates introduced with v12 I think? Right now every Steam Update including v15.1 does the following: 1.) Says update needs 176MB 2) Reserves disk space (which always takes forever because Steam writes the full 50gigs of the complete install a second time on hard disk) 3) Download of the 176MB 4) After the download it takes forever but the progress bar still continues to go up. 5) It's finally done but never completes. 6) Have to quit Steam 7) Says again the download is only 176MB 8) Reserves again disk space 9) Now while downloading it updates the download size in small steps until it reaches around 18.3GB 10) After downloading the full 18.3GB it finally completes the update and I can play again. There is something really wrong.
  24. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Considering the author of the mod, I doubt its a genuine mod, and I highly doubt he went thru the proper channels to get permission to use the PR logo like that.
  25. Hey the names Leon, or Daddy. I'm a huge fan of Milsim type games and have been wanting to get into this game but couldn't until I upgraded my PC. I'm excited To have some fun in the world of Squad. I'm a big PC gamer and will certainly be looking at Teams/Clans however I won't dedicate all of my free time to one game so I'll be looking for a more casual group if that's present.
  26. Alpha 15.1 Released

    Hey squaddies, We’re rolling out a patch that has a variety of fixes for issues that cropped up in Alpha 15. There are some gameplay tweaks in there too, so be sure to read the entire patch notes below! ALPHA 15.1 CHANGELOG MAPS Belaya: Updated Minimap Belaya: Fixed wheat crop fixes so they aren’t red. Belaya: Fixed bridge on the western part of the map having collision issues. Fools Road: Fixed terrain to prevent players from hiding under the surrounding terrain Mestia: Fixed railroad duplicates and spacing. Skorpo: Fixed rain effects. Tallil: Fixed collisions on several buildings Yehorivka: Fixed bridge southwest of Lower Petrivka collision issues. Yehorivka: Fixed collision on new crops and smaller foliage that was preventing leaning. MAP LAYERS Al Basrah TC_v2: Removed 3 hexes that were unused in the river. Fool’s Road and Gorodok: Fixed deployable ghosts colored yellow instead of green. Kohat TC v1: Fixed Staging timer. Kohat RAAS v3: Fixed missing ammo crates in INS main. Logar Valley & Sumari: Fixed Staging Phase Pain Volume. (No comment on going to 11.) Narva TCv2: Fixed Reversed hexes and Anchor points. Skorpo Skirmish v1: Fixed Main Supply Zone for US. Skorpo AAS v1: Fixed map boundary around the US Main. Tallil TC_v1: Fixed HUD name. Tallil Skirmish v1: Fixed a Spawn point that was outside the staging zone. VEHICLES Fixed doubled overheating speed on 30mm HE weapons. Fixed bug that caused Spandrel to be able to launch multiple rockets in rapid succession (Salvo-fire). Increased damage for Konkurs ATGM (Spandrel & BMP-2) up to the level of other ATGM systems, up to 1800 from the initial 1200. Increased rearm cost for Spandrel to 400 ammo points per rocket, increased from 200. Increased rearm time for Spandrel to 30 secs per rocket, increased from instant rearm. Increased delay between consecutive shots for Spandrel to 7.5 seconds, increased from 5 seconds. USER INTERFACE Territory Control: Replaced Shield icons with Anchor-like icons. Territory Control: Fixed ticket bleed values not displaying for clients Fixed incorrect requirement for INS, MIL, and Radio Tooltips when deploying via Radial Menu. MISCELLANEOUS FIXES Fixed the glass material on vehicles showing through fog, especially at a distance. Optimized 25mm and 30mm HE impact VFX. KNOWN ISSUES Occasionally the landscape renderer will not load correctly resulting in black foliage on a map. A fix is being investigated. Client crash on map switch. Players will occasionally spawn without ammunition on their first spawn on a server. (This occurs if you were in the match during map travel but did not spawn during the staging phase.) Occasionally a player will not spawn at Rally Point when numerous players are spawning in at the same time. Occasionally client crashes in various circumstances: we’re still looking into the crash reports. Detailed crash reports help us fix this and we appreciate those that have filled out and sent crash reports. Server performance may periodically dip when a server has a high population and high load. We’ll continue to work on performance and optimizations. Occasionally Self-bandaging fails. Actively investigating the cause. Mouse widgets (e.g. enter a vehicle, comm rose) can stop responding to clicks. A workaround is opening and closing the deploy screen. Capture Zone (Flag) Icon will not show on a client’s HUD sometimes. ATGM projectiles desync for other players that are not gunner, however, what the gunner sees should be the true synced projectile. Certain effects do not blend correctly with fog on some layers. HAB Spawn is disabled if FOB Radio is unshovelled below 75%, currently other forms of damage to the FOB Radio (such as explosives) do not disable HAB Spawn. (Under active development.) De-shoveling a friendly FOB Radio costs 10 tickets. (Fix in progress.) Local/Offline Bug with Vehicles: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, Tracks, Wheels, and other components are not destructible while on the Jensen’s Range in Local play. Local/Offline Bug with Weapon damages: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, Weapon damages with both Infantry and Vehicle weapons are not accurately replicated. Territory Control Bug: there is no UI indicator for showing cutoff enemy hexes (hexes that are not linked to the anchor point). Friendly cutoff hexes are showing correctly though. OFFWORLD OUT.
  27. Have claymores been confirmed?

    Is there still a possibility of a Claymore or some other equivalent Anti-personnel mines being in the game eventually?
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