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  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    508th is in
  3. Mortar calculator == cheat?

    I didn't say everyone, I said a lot of players. There is enough functionality in game to place accurate shots - there is a table for altitude, marker for distance and squaddies to correct fire. Sounds like an excuse, really. You definitely get advantage over other players using third party software that way. Because it is cannot be banned like Reshade, doesn't mean you must abuse it. I have match recently, where two guys on Main used UB-32 that way with such calculators. They spammed rockets with pin point accuracy in 10 sec after marker placed. Both of them got 70+ kills and next round 2/3 just leaved the server.
  4. Bad game culture at the moment

    What i'm describing is basically PR, with matches that lasted at least 45-60 minutes on average. I wasn't around for v9, i only got Squad a few months ago.
  5. Mortar calculator == cheat?

    I don't consider it a cheat if everyone is doing it, because it is used in place of functionality that is not yet in the game. But i would prefer if i didn't need an out-of-game calculator. We need 2 things to achieve this: 1) An altitude/elevation map mode. 2) An in-game ballistic computer, similar to PR. Take a look here at about 0:40 If that isn't possible, we could have a third column of numbers on mortars and the rocket techies for altitude adjustment, which would look something likes this: +20m: +x mils +10m: +y mils +0m: zero adjustment -10m: -x mils -20m: -y mils etc... Now, i don't know if this is a linear thing and it could work this way. I have a suspicion that the amount of adjustment needed per meter of elevation difference might also depend on the initial range adjustment, so we might still need some kind of calculator (in-game or out of game) to be accurate at different elevations.
  6. Bad game culture at the moment

    Isn't what you're describing essentially v9 where all the clans would pro stack, use the rush meta, matches would last 15 minutes and all the LARP MilSimers got their fee fees hurt and then pissed and moaned so hard on Reddit that OWI had to change the whole game to accommodate them though?
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  8. Community Clan Fight Night

    ESPS in Chora AAS v2
  9. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG Chora AAS v2
  10. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    Yup, you should still be able to one-tap a guy if you got the superior personal skills. But that kill should mean nothing by itself to the outcome of the round. E,g if you're in a useless position (all alone on a hill just outside enemy main, sniping guys as they come out of the "protected" zone), it shouldn't matter: the enemy would just respawn and lose a few tickets every few minutes, meanwhile your team would lose tons of tickets because of losing flags and you not relaying info on enemy movements. If you are a god of marksmanship or the guy who is a CQB expert and you are actively helping your squad defend, attack and flank, then by all means your superior skills should have a bearing on the success of the mission, which would in turn help your squad and your team win the round. Which basically is what i think we're mostly asking for, the ability to break down the round in small missions with some variety for our squads, in order to win the round. Currently, the only mission that makes sense is "stack as many people on cap as possible", because it's much harder to die and even if you do, it's much easier to get back in position at a moment's notice. If anything, a "hardcore" mode should be even more satisfying for people with good twitch skills, because their kills would have more impact. If you kill me now, your kill is pretty much worthless since i'll be back in seconds (how many seconds depends on whether there is a buddy rally close by or i have to wait for a revive). Yup, that's right, K/D ratios are even more worthless under the current mechanics than under PR-style mechanics, because the consequences for dying as so "meh" now. But if you kill me under the game mechanics i advocate, i won't be back in the combat zone shooting back at you for at least a minute or two. Like i said in another thread, the reason we have the current problematic situation is because the importance of downtime during a round has been overlooked, lethality is low (no instadeath, low HE effects such as mortars landing pretty close to you and you can shrug it off and keep on running) and if you finally manage to die, the consequences for dying have been nerfed (you can be back in action in no time flat).
  11. Bad game culture at the moment

    Well, 18 is 2 full squads, it's quite a lot of players teleporting. Call me old fashioned, but i think a port of some PR mechanics in addition to Squad's persistent ammo feature would be fine as a start. Especially since reinventing the wheel comes with a set of its own problems and challenges (more iteration/testing/revisions/etc needed, so more chances for things to go wrong in unforeseen ways). Basically, this whole discussion about the current state of Squad boils down to one thing. It's not always fun to run the game in 1-life mode all the time, so we can't punish loss of virtual life that way. As a result, we need another mechanic to do it, like punishing it with tickets and time. TIme between spawns, time spent traveling to the front, time spent setting up a HAB and a flanking rally (before the current buddy rally), and so on. Most people who are in favor of the current speed (not player movement speed since A13, the overall speed at which things happen in an average round on a public server) usually underestimate or disregard the importance of downtime in strategy and immersion. Downtime gives the SLs time to plan things out, allows players to resupply and revive/heal and allows the better team to occupy the better positions (if i wipe a squad and they have to respawn and come in again from somewhat far, i can occupy more ground). K/D ratios don't matter much in such a scenario, what matters is evicting the enemy and occupying ground. So, a K/D ratio becomes the means to evict them and not the goal in and of itself. In fact, with such mechanics you can achieve the same thing with fire superiority, even if you don't kill that many opponents. People will just leave because they are suppressed and dying actually has a consequence for them. For example, I've had countless rounds of PR where teams didn't lose that many tickets but were forced to concede ground, because they couldn't reinforce every single important position at a moment's notice. A single squad getting wiped was enough to achieve this sometimes, and then they would have to come up with a new plan and execute it instead of piggybacking on rallies laid down by two guys sneaking around in the bushes. Sometimes there was less than a 200 ticket difference between teams (on asset-heavy maps where each team started with 600 or more) and the match ended due to the ticket bleed from capturing the final point. The whole situation also ties in with the reduced lethality in Squad. There is not only reduced consequence for dying, but reduced chance of death in the first place. Pretty much most of the HE in the game seems a bit anemic to say the least, which leaves assets like mortars severely underutilized. Furthermore, armor is that annoying thing that will just come, wipe your squad and won't die after multiple rocket hits, but has to leave at some point. So you use the reduced blast damage to get to some cover, bandage yourself, wait in a building until they leave, revive your medic and let him pick up everyone else thanks to infinite revives and the lack of instadeath. That's the worst case scenario, in the easier cases you can just buddy rally your way through it. In essence, neither side's actions have any substantial risk nor consequence. It's just a lot of shooting and explosions for not much to gain or lose either way, unless it's happening directly on a cap or the tickets are low. I'd prefer it if HE was scary, high power rounds could instakill you, armor was a constant "oh shit" moment waiting to drop on your head and death was around every corner, because this lends consequence to player actions but also makes downtime suspenseful instead of boring. Plus, since it would apply to both sides, it would be its own counter and be balanced as a result. Sure, that IFV could really mess you up, but it would also be in a lot of risk itself if it didn't take that many AT rounds to put out of action. What the current mechanics have done is limit downtime and consequence of action, and this is why the game suffers in a strategic sense, in terms of the players being unable to keep on top of things (the whole round is a constant firefight with no respite during which to strategize) and in terms of immersion (there is no calm before the storm and the consequences for dying have been nerfed, so the actual fights are less dangerous and "wow"-worthy than before). I'd prefer it if combat was further spread apart but had increased meaning to the outcome of the round, in ways other than the current ticket-grinder.
  12. Challenger 2 ammunition count.

    I suspect the rest of the vehicles are affected by the same thing though, so it pretty much evens out. Honestly, the way most rounds go down, having the full real-life ammo load would probably be a waste, most people would die before being able to use it (especially APCs/IFVs).
  13. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Arzou Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Arzou566/ Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 16 Timezone or Region: PST Nature of Interest: Milsim/Competitive (casual is fine too) Gaming Background: Been playing games for a long time. Really like Squad. Able to commit time and effort. Additional Skills: Pretty good at multitasking, alright at strategy. Really good at cooperating. Status: Unsigned
  14. Community Clan Fight Night

    Zxd fools road
  15. Community Clan Fight Night

    -Week 177- "Heinkel" Sunday 23rd June 2019 1730 / 1800 UTC Servers: CCFN - COMMUNITY CLAN FIGHT NIGHT 177 Maps: See below Password: TBA - One map, two rounds - - Post to confirm attendance - - First come first serve sign-up - - 2 squad per clan - [2nd Squads Can Sign Up After 24hr Of This Post] - Nine players per squad, per sign-up - - Confirm squad internally before signing - - Each squad signed requires its own sign-up post - - One map vote per clan - - Edited posts will not count toward the map vote - Al Basrah Inv v2 / Chora AAS v2 / Fool's Road AAS v5 / Tallil Outskirts AAS v3 PLEASE NOTE: Each round will be limited to 90mins - Streamers/Hosts will end the match when the time elapses If you or your clan is interested in aiding the staff in facilitating the event, please don't hesitate to contact the staff directly through Discord. (Server and host volunteers appreciated)
  16. Challenger 2 ammunition count.

    As a result of this balance the challenger is not a good mbt
  17. Bad game culture at the moment

    Except limited by however many empty seats there were. You'd still only get 18 people there for one transport. If the 6 tickets and opportunity cost of the vehicle isn't enough punishment for travelling blind and unguarded, you could count the lost uniforms as lost tickets too (all the passengers died). We already have buddy rally on wheels. There are wheels and there are buddy rallies. Vehicle rallies would require multiple returns to Main to keep up sustained spawning. Better to drop a HAB at that point.
  18. Bad game culture at the moment

    I´m pretty sure many people would be very happy with this.
  19. 10 second Rally spawn window

    Can you help me here? Do you basically want to be able to respawn 5 seconds after you give up? or after the rally is set?
  20. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    +1 Yes. there are some who are not being very productive in this conversation, some becaus ethey don´t understand some arguments or they are just off topic. Now to clarify something (tell me if we are o the same page). Reducing the importance of reflexes and twitch kills means only MAKING IT LESS IMPORTANT IN PROPORTION. Increasing the importance of some other aspects a "tactical" shooter should have without affecting directly the ability players have of one tapping somebody purely based on reflexes. Now there´s a huge difference.
  21. Eyeball Elevation/Height

    Good to hear!
  22. [ToG] Those Other Guys

    Hey chums!
  23. I found a lot of players using different mortar calculators on the Internet. I am just curios about that. There is a table for mortar usage in game. Using third party software that calculates all needed parameters, that gives player an advantage in game... Looks like a cheat definition, isn't it? The advantage is extremly noticeble on UB-32, because of rockets number. You can wipe out several squads in seconds just because of third party calc accuracy, rockets number and dispersion. I understand that there is no possibility to reveal that group of cheaters, so I want to suggest change the ingame UB-32 calculator to show only integres: Also I want to suggest to deny usage of UB-32 from Main base. P. S. Also I want to ask to increase the dispersion of mortars mines except UB-32.
  24. Instant death/Looting/limping

    I agree with headshots being an instant kill Leaving bodies laying around? No thanks, that's extra stress on the game engine to keep rendering the bodies and will lead to some bad lag. I would like to see some level of being able to scavenge bodies, in a fashion similar to PR. It can also be helpful when in a firefight if the machine gunner gets popped you could grab it and lay down a barrage of fire.
  25. Instant death/Looting/limping

    Point A would be as simple as changing a few values in the game logic and is a point that most people here would agree with. It's simply ridiculous in an FPS game that you can't take the time and patience to aim at the head and not be rewarded with an instakill if you're successful. Not only is it a major turnoff for the overwhelming majority of players accustomed to such a feature from basically every other similar game in the genre moreover its simply not realistic. The rest of your points whilst interesting would require a complete overhaul of the entire game which more than likely won't be happening anytime soon.
  26. I think we would get a much more authentic feel if a: you get shot in the head your instantly killed (no revive and must respawn) b: all bodies stay on ground for X amount of time regardless of respawn (lets say 10 mins) c: Bodies can be looted for small portions of bandages and ammo (assuming the ammo is friendly) d: You can use downed team mates bandages and ammo (they will need to accept this much like squad leader for trucks) Currently you just have to revive in order (get up this guy hes got 2 bandages so we can get up this guy who has one or none) It makes sense to use any basic medical supplies on the body of the victim and if you're low you can use the deceased hs wound team mate to his left (this could be done with one extra slot for ammo and bandages that can not be filled by ammo crates, because it would be carried not stocked. You also should not be able to pick up the ammo if you have a full load out. Only when out of ammo or down to 1 magazine. Both are pretty common I would think on the battlefield. This being said, when you're revived by a NON medic, you should have to limp and find cover till a medic finds you. This would make gameplay much more tactical in the sense that if a team is holding down a FOB and they don't have their medic, you can over power them instead of just insta revives and full strength, it also makes the medic roll MUCH more important. FOB's could technically put down a medical triage build in an fov they could limp over to and heal as well. Limping is a symptom of injury until a medic gets you. Before or after revive and bandage. You still need a medic or medivac to get your fully healed. This will slow down squads under heavy casualties too. They did this is rogue spear (rainbow six and the up coming ghost recon) it's really does make it that much better. You get shot in the leg, you're not rambowing around. Your ass is limping to the medic. Picking up bandages to stop the bleeding, and ammo near by to help you get to your medic if need be to resupply. LMK what you guys think. I think it may stop a lot of these staglers running out on their own too... to take over FOBS by them self.
  27. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: FOOSTO Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/sneakybeakyninja/ Primary Language(s): English + Lithuanian , (Also : learning German) Age (optional): 18 Timezone or Region: EU (GMT+3) Nature of Interest: MilSim/People to play with. Gaming Background: My background starts with strategy games like : Age Of Empires (All of the games) , Stronghold Crusader , Men Of War and etc. From strategy I have diverted myself to shooter games like : CS:GO (currently on two accounts I have around ~1,5k hours spent on the game alone. Was exceptionally good with my aim in my prime days but now I abandoned the game) , Arma 2 & 3 (This is the game which got me into MilSim (178hours spent on the game), Battlefield games also. Additional Skills: I'm a music producer. I have been making music for about 4 years now. Soo I think I'm decent with that. Status: Unsigned
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