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  2. Issues STILL persist since v12 update

    Sorry but this is not a bug that can be recreated by the devs, so they can't easily fix it. I have the same gpu, and no issues. This is most likely an issue somewhere on your end, not the game's end.
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  4. As has been said not all games are exclusives just some recent new releases as Epic try to controversially roll out their competition to Steams virtual monopoly. Epic are charging much less for hosting games in their store than Steam and also offer significant discounts if those games are made using Unreal Engine. It's a big win for the likes of OWI as they will get a bigger cut of their game sales, can put more money into development and support the game for longer. There is a lot of negativity towards Epic store because of the exclusives and they way they were implemented with big games moving to their store after being initially marketed on Steam and switched almost last minute. Lots of user complaints about lack of store features (refunds, friend lists, having multiple launchers, etc) most of which Epic are working on. Steam has made it easy for users and now many don't want the change. Personally I'd prefer a single place for my games as well but Steam has not really been charging, I think, fairly for hosting games for some time and now Epic are here shaking things up. As for the spyware. I have yet to see anything definitive that confirms spyware and what info is being exchanged any more than many other pieces of software you're likely using daily. It's just another reason the angry mob use to complain imho.
  5. Issues STILL persist since v12 update

    bump. why did you guys break your game for some of us with the v12 free weekend update edit: can I get a refund
  6. Muzzle flash

    There's been an improvement to muzzle flash in v13, only in the first person view from what I've noticed though. There's more detail in the muzzle flash, and illuminates on close surfaces. Back in the day, muzzle blast caused a lot more particle effects to ground/surfaces - But was toned down a bit for performance reasons - 80 guns causing dust everywhere, on top of explosion shock waves causing dust everywhere, did cause performance drops, especially in chaotic fights. The jump to UE4.21 has given quite a nice performance increase, and there's some little details added in, especially in the VFX department, so we can probably expect sometime in the future for things to be beefed up again. V13 has some nice improvements. - 1st person muzzle flash(More detail + illumination) - Deployables destruction has more particles and debris - Water bullet impacts have been improved - Water visuals improved(including better water ripples when walking through) - Improved lighting and some other things I've probably missed.
  7. Muzzle flash

    this game needs a huge dose of atmosphere that the unreal engine is capable of without losing lots of fps but they will prob just add more r.fog=1
  8. Muzzle flash

    BUMP APRIL 2019 SAME ISSUE. Sound fix is good, shots are not making any shock wave to move foliage or break leaves, no dust, no flash even direct down rifle. Its an explosion. Please make it realistic.
  9. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    After some time with the current v13 and many discussions with testers on the current build, here is some actionable feedback to happily unite new players and old on a few features for PT round 2: Buddy rally: Keep the mechanic but the following changes should occur: 1) using it increases next rally placement time by X amount 2) ability costs 5-10 tickets per use 3) only squads at 90% capacity may use the ability These changes would create a risk v. reward scenario where SLs ( and future commanders) would have to decide if they want to use it. Reward? Potentially achieve teams objective Risk? Losing more tickets on a rally wipe or replacement by SL. These changes would add variety to the long game while maintaining the importance of FOBs. Sprinting: keep the mechanic(or better yet, reduce it by half) but go back to the old stamina system and weapon sway. ADS strafe speed: reduce it by 30% Supression& ads transition: Increase it by 20-40% to discourage the current sprint to insta snap-shooting meta that's emerging. These changes can bring positive changes to the current v13 build while maintaining the integrity of Squads vision!! Hope you devs at least consider trying this out before the official public release!
  10. V13 Optics

    It was like that in project reality. Besides, in real life a lot of armed forces present day have optics.
  11. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Kind of liked the increase movement speeds tbh, seems like the game is gonna be more responsive movement wise on mouse and keyboard. Clunky and slow doesn't equal to automatic realism y'know.
  12. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    The new Kornet BRDM won't reload at main unless all rockets are fired from it first. I sat for quite a while with 2 rockets left, trying for just a partial reload, but it would not rearm. On a whim, my gunner shot off the remaining 2 rockets, and it reloaded instantly.
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  14. V13 Optics

    I've never had a problem countering optics in Squad. They may be the most versatile loadout but if you play to the strengths of your class they don't have to dominate. The unconventional forces get fast vehicles to put them in ambush positions that can force close range engagements around the cap zone. Smokes and smoke mortars can allow you to close the distance if you're on the offensive. Long-range explosives can take out snipers from an off-angle. Sure, optics provide the simplest advantage but they're by no means insurmountable. They get fewer grenades, hampering their ability to clear buildings and entrenched positions. It's all a give and take and I think OWI's done a good job balancing the factions and classes.
  15. V13 Optics

    Guan, aside from doing those minor things to win, which doesn't take the whole team to lock down bridges or take out logistics... but when I was commanding insurgents everyday in Project Reality the way we won was by fighting like insurgents. Using deterrent far ambush fire aimed out at the height of a man, shooting before they even looked like dots. Putting RPGs in places of cover within the ground or buildings. Responding to perimeter breaches with close quarters combat and the continued long range ambush to support the CQC from a different direction while watching other directions. Putting IEDs in trash in spots where no reasonable friendly would walk or survive getting to by himself. Fighting like insurgents wins these games, cutting off supplies is easy if the enemy keeps taking same route. Its the way each individual shoots, moves, camouflages himself and every method to manipulate enemy. I hate when people have iron sights waiting to see individual enemy even through binocs. Those shots where people take time to aim should happen 5% of the time outside of CQC, always try to hit them if you can but focus on suppression at height of a man. This gets me and many others random kills.
  16. V13 Optics

    I don't care about everyone having optics except for the insurgents. In Project Reality when its conventional vs conventional everyone has a scope. The only kits without a scope are the combat engineer kit sometimes for some factions. Some factions naturally have iron sights for some kits like Israeli Defense Forces NEGEV automatic rifleman has iron sights or the French/Canadian machine gun having Iron sights. For insurgents in Project Reality the only kits that had scopes were marksmen, sniper, spotter and anti-personnel claymore kit. That's how it should stay for Squad. The developers should acknowledge new players to Mil Sim will not like or know how to fight enemy with scopes using iron sights, so they should give procedures and tips.. They should make demonstrations on how its done to every detail. Problem with most people is they come from games like Call Of Duty, which everyone has played at some point. If you play too much COD the repetitiveness of spawn, sprint, don't think, die has a forever lasting effect that's hard to break. You stand in the open too much, even if you are "safe" in the moment you will eventually get shot due to not being aware of this concept. You expect enemy to show themselves, you expect enemy to look obvious(not like a dot) even when they do show themselves, you expect them in the open. COD causes people to think about more in the moment rather than the future, like for example a COD style FPS player will sprint in Squad past a good location with lots of cover instead of waiting there for enemy to show up. The developers could send new players to my survival tips or survival playlist called "Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork" playlist to teach these new players the skills needed. I call the playlist the "Civilian Instant Elite" program because it teaches in detail all the skills needed to survive that I put into orders work. Fighting against scopes with iron sights is fun. Its really just a lot of shooting and moving making the enemy look somewhere that you just were. Basically making the enemy look where you want them to. Most people wont survive before using all their ammo, so we need to encourage ammo usage and re-supply. You don't survive long enough to use your ammo, you use your ammo to survive long enough. Like with scopes, assume you are seen then move by going around and behind cover, literally moving back if needed to go around out of sight and enter new position from back out of sight.
  17. 7th installation of Grump's survival orders and methods from the Squad v12 and Project Reality teamwork playlist -For helicopter pilots transporting troops, take a look at where you are requested to take the guys in the chopper. If it is too dangerous of a location due to distance from possible enemy tell the squad you are transporting the safest, next closest landing zone you can take them to. Tell the squad 500 meters is 2 minutes on foot, 1000 meters is 4 minutes. - Ideally as a chopper pilot your chosen route should provide cover of hills or concealment of tall forests. Stay out of range of enemy until you have the final safe direction approach. If you go around and come from enemy main direction you can confuse enemy. -As a chopper pilot who needs to go into a hot landing zone to pick up or drop off troops and supplies, to ensure survival call in artillery or for airstrikes designated by ground forces or yourself on the map on areas the enemy could possibly fire on you from. Reduce the window of opportunity that your chopper is a target, don't come in from the same directions each time. -As a transport squad leader if you are evacuating a defensive unit who needs to move up to the next defensive cap zone, but they are still under attack work out a LZ for them to break contact and fall back to. Help out by communicating the plan to your commander and giving him a marker to mark for evacuating squad leaders pre planned LZ. This is faster than the squad leader evacuating having to look for that grid and mark it for his squad or having to plan it himself (Stresses Grump Out). - As a transport pilot for fast hover drop off, 10 meters is the proper elevation to safely drop troops un-injured on to the ground without landing. Watch and get a feel for this elevation, remember to not be moving except to turn chopper during the fast drop. -Drop supplies for troops in cover close to their fighting positions if you have the time, behind clusters of foxholes, defilades, good camouflage positions to keep them alive. This will allow them to access ammo quicker without running out into the open to get ammo from a poorly placed crate, giving them more immediate firepower and grenades. 2 crates close together in same spot allows for faster grenade re-arms. -A chopper gunners job is to suppress all areas of cover and concealment where no friendlies are upon entering the most likely possible danger zones where enemy could spot or hear the choppers direction. They should also jump out upon landing with the troops as only flares and evasive maneuvers will save the chopper from AA and other return fire. For CAS door gunner who stay in suppress everywhere no friendlies are on attack runs.
  18. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Nemz Steam Profile: http://www.steampowerd.com/id/nemz99 Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 28 Timezone or Region: PST [GMT-8] Nature of Interest: MilSim/Competative Gaming Background: played CS for 15+ years Additional Skills: Adobe products (Photoshop, illustrator, etc), Building websites, UX/UI Design Status: "Unsigned"
  19. What's wrong with the updates?

    Same, came here to see what changed... nothing.
  20. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Most of the features in this update are a welcome change to many! The Good - Making movement more fluid allows more tactical options to teams and helps widen the skill gap, greatly increasing player survival-ability when combined with good route planning. This new system focuses more on cover to cover sprints which seems more realistic and a good design decision overall. - Engineer class was sorely missing from V12. Having a kit that can help vehicles while still being infantry, with other cool tools as well is going to be amazing. - Ticket bleed changes while still minimal will provide that extra incentive to taking flags once again. Ideally there should be a balance between not wanting to lose your assets, but also capturing flags. No one way of winning the game should be the go to method. This will allow costly assaults to eventually be made up for overtime if one team continues to win the game. - FTL ranging change was something that while fun, let players play the game Squad a bit too solo. Decent change. - Mortar wounding radius increase was another thing that was a decent change. Dying instantly to mortars sucks, but even increasing how many times people are wounded from mortars can help increase the effectiveness drastically. If people get wounded too much, soldiers with less health definitely have a disadvantage against fresh ones so this will probably see mortars more or less mandatory on certain maps. Good change without making them too oppressive. - BTR changes were kind of a no-brainer. Good change nonetheless but would almost be silly if it wasn't changed. The Meh - UI changes like the shifting selection screen and stamina bar relocation are kind of jarring and unnecessary. Previously having all relevant soldier information magazine count, positon etc... in the same place worked really well. It was very handy to be able to glance at a corner of the screen and know all information relevant to your player. - Insta death removal has been hotly debated so far which is odd for how often it really has a big impact on gameplay. Overall not feeling too strongly on this change one way or the other. On one hand it does allow a team that is nearly wiped to come back seemingly from nothing, but on the other hand the way Squad combat works is that there is very rarely occasion where people can just mass revive their team if they're not being pressured. Seems like this will only be a real issue if the enemy team fails to fully dislodge an enemy assault, which is kind of like failing to wipe a rally point and fresh troops spawning in anyway. I'd be fine with this change reverting or staying because its impact despite what others have said is quite minimal. The Bad - It's pretty much universally agreed at this point that the rally budding feature doesn't make sense. Was a good idea to see if it would but at its core it just doesn't fit with Squad. If fobs becoming instantly active was removed, this shouldn't be a feature either. Overall If this update was to go live now, without any bugs in it. It would be a good update. Good job on this one.
  21. What's wrong with the updates?

    Hey guys, Anyone else having issues with the updates? I've been trying to update the public test (63.5mb) for about an hour now, doesn't seem like it will end soon. The filesize for the game changes constantly, I'm starting to think that it's re-downloading the whole game all over again.. Any chance we could get some info on this? I just wanted to hop in, but I can't even download an update.. btw, the game is installed on SSD.
  22. New recruit..

    Hi guys just started playing and loving it. Thing is the experience is patchy. You get a good group with a good leader, everyone calling out target bearing locations etc, well its the reason I'm here. Problem is a just played 2 games in row where there wasn't happening and it can be demoralising to say the least. Trouble is being the nub I dont feel to inclined to speak up, which I should. Where should I look to find somewhere suitable to learn and help me out while I learn ?
  23. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Running: While it may be a little fast it is better than the peanut butter movement of v12.1 Shooting: Seems to be in a good place. Z-axis punch is kinda cool and the sway isn't rage inducing Spawning: The change does not seem to be really needed, but willing to try it out and test. FTL: This change is totally understandable. Since it is really the only reason I give out those roles. I would like to see full-color changes. I think it will help to see who is on what fire team. As it stands in v12 it is kinda hard for the SL or squad mates to stick with their fire team lead since the colors are still the same in the HUD. On larger maps, it would be nice to have a resupply point that is not in the corner of the map. Yeho, for example, is a massive map and having a resupply point closer to the center of the map would be nice QoL addition. Squad is starting to get fun again. With these updates hopefully, we can get back to fighting the enemy team and not the base game. Squad is about the bridge between the two worlds of Battlefield and ARMA. Also to all the people complaining about the small changes. I will just tell you what you told me when v10 came out.... Just adapt guys
  24. Community Clan Fight Night

    W♥S in Belaya AASv1
  25. [WIP] Iron Dawn (Vanilla)

    Another little update: added a new area, an abandoned factory which is going to be located next to an industrial train depot.
  26. V13 Optics

    Squad's balance works in different ways than most games. It's supposed to be kind of unbalanced, balanced out by ticket count, speed, different tactics etc... On Al Basrah, the insurgents can lock down all bridges, and cut off supply lines by blowing up logistics trucks behind the lines. This is their best way to win against the OP British forces, who mostly have optics, and heavy vehicles.
  27. Gun Sounds

    v13 M4 is the best yet. Full auto mag dump sounds like a buzzsaw.
  28. Gun Sounds

    @Kyroo You need cotton buds?
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