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  2. Marksman Changes.

    You're pitching this to a tough crowd dawg. The most infantry kills I have ever gotten in one game was with the L86 marksman class on Kamdesh. As I said before that class is a powerhouse and damn near everybody in a British section rushes for it.
  3. ticket count in AAS too high

    V13 is great. Just need to adjust the sprint speed, acceleration and transitioning to reduce the casual run and gun / sprint and snapshoot gameplay.
  4. West Coast Tactical

    I don't know how long Kruger has been a admin on west coast, but he is banning people for reporting Chinese trolls. These guys are driving logis to corners of the map and when people get mad and calls them "china dude" in all chat he bans them. I'm not saying that language was right, but this is a game were you can shoot someone for christ sake. He kicked my marksmin. I got made and told him to get the troll before he kicked players for getting mad. I really like West Coast, but we all know how reddit is and this is how a server dies. Please correct kruger before he becomes a server killer admin. This is what happened to Rick and Morty fun time server.
  5. Today
  6. Feedback ALWAYS appreciated! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXuB3irBCtY
  7. For some reason my mic sounds extremely garbled and distorted in-game. In other apps such as steam chat and xbox party chat it sounds fine to others. Does anyone have a fix for this issue? Thanks. Also, I usually run the game through Nvidia's Geforce Now.

    Sounds like the kind of gameplay that is the reason Why I dont play games like COD or BF.... I might be wrong though
  9. ticket count in AAS too high

    I´ve always loved the kind of mind set of players attracted by longer rounds.
  10. Heavy rain at sumari. Weather effects in Squad.


    Well it might be alright but you should change the name from "King of the Hill" into "SuperFOB Whoring" because that's what's going to happen.
  12. Heavy rain at sumari. Weather effects in Squad.

    You guys are thinking too small. I say a volcanic eruption!!! How about a Mt. St. Helen's magma mash up map!!! What is a little rain compared to a pyroclastic flow!!?

    Yup. Deleted v12. I'd rather mess around in an empty v13 server or in the console than play anymore v12 because it crashed so much. V13 is way more stable, looks better, sounds better, plays better and gets a way better frame rate.
  14. Ping or No Ping

    "Different views"? I thought there was only one reason for its removal because it was being glitched/exploited... Other than that it seemed pretty benign to me.
  15. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Rob M. Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/methheadfred/ Primary Language(s): English. Age (optional): 18. Timezone or Region: EST Nature of Interest: Very competitive game-play with a lot of communication and a skilled squad leader that knows his way around the map and the game. Gaming Background: Very competitive, above-average aim, good communication. Working mic and headset. Additional Skills: Vape tricks, growing weed, shooting guns. Good understanding of certain tactics, mainly a rifleman. Status: "Unsigned"
  16. suche Team

    Hallo, Ich suche nach Leuten mit denen man abends ein paar Runden zocken kann sei es eine Community, Realism Unit oder sonst was, hauptsache aktiv. Ich würd mich auch für events an Wochenenden intressieren, bin momentan auch in einer realistischen Post Scriptum Unit, also ich weiss wie der Hase läuft Natürlich wäre ich auch für taktisches Training und Rang-system vollstens begeistert zu mir: - 30 Jahre - Luxemburg - headset mit Mic - spreche fliessend Deutsch - fast jeden Abend verfügbar, auf Absprache und Planung auch an Wochenenden - Erfahrung in Post Scriptum / mittlerweile auch ein bisschen in SQUAD - ruhiger Typ zu euch: - ü21 am liebsten wäre mir meine Altersklasse - headset mit mic - Erfahrung in Squad, da ich dazu lernen möchte - deutsch/ englisch Ich hatte vor kurzem das Vergnügen mit Jungs zu spielen, welche das Clantag "= AFFE =" und "= R2K =" hatten, hat recht Spass gemacht und die Jungs hatten was drauf aber leider finde ich keine community oder sonst was irgendwo also wenn ihr das liest melden bitte Bei Interesse könnt ich mich gerne auf Steam adden http://steamcommunity.com/id/originalHUSA oder in Discord anschreiben husa-goodboy#8134
  17. for all the DEDICATED LOGI-MEN!

    Hey you could drive anything with that setup......(Dream sequence)... Coming for 2020...Squad Street Cleaner Combat Simulator 2020. "Feel all the gripping action of Street Cleaner Simulator with the gritty combat of Squad in this latest exciting tactical cleaning game from OWI! Can you clean the bodies and empty shell casings while dodging 5.56x45 NATO? Ever try to clean blood up while dodging a TOW? Well now you can in this holy matrimony of the two hottest genres in gaming history. Tactical shooting? I say tactical cleaning, biatch! Are you man enough to step into the drivers seat? Cleaning fluid not included!" "WTF?" - PCGAMER "I jizzed in my pants...twice" - GAMESPOT "Damn you patriarchy, I'm hooked!" - KOTAKU "A divine and holy experience that even the most devout will question their faith" - POPE PIUS IX Get your copy today before the keys are all gone!! Also coming soon...Squad Septic Tank Combat Simulator 2021..."I'll show you what a real tank looks like biatch!" and it's exciting DLC, Firebase Forklift Commander "Keep those guns fed maggots!!" And in the future..... "Hi folks we're here at E3 2025 at the OWI booth speaking with the lead developer, Will Stahl, on an exciting new genre of hard core tactical action combat simulation. What have you got for us Will?" -PCGamer "Well with the success of Squad Street Cleaner Combat Simulator and Squad Septic Tank Combat Simulator, as well as Hairdresser Commander and the award winning Toilet Attendant Overlord, we're really going to open ourselves up to a new genre that we feel has been overlooked by the tactical shooter community." -Will Stahl "What's that Will?" -PCGamer "Combat farming" -Will Stahl "Combat farming? Isn't that a bit of a stretch? How will you combine combat with farming?" -PCGamer "Easy we're going to allow the player to farm the most important crops in the most important battlegrounds in history" -Will Stahl "Care to explain? Like are you controlling the donkey or tractors or something?" -PCGamer "Exactly, not only will you be able to use animals and tractors but with our digging mechanic that goes all the way back to our first game Squad, you'll be able to harvest those crops as well. Check out these titles" Peloponnesian Pomegranite Farm 430 B.C. - Can you dodge savage Spartan spears while harvesting those juciy pomegranites? Gallic goat farm 50 B.C. - The Romans are on the march, but so are you're goats, keep them safe from the Roman juggernaut! Crusader Cabbage Patch simulator 1187 - Get those cabbages to market to feed those hungry Crusaders, just don't run afoul of the Church, Heretics receive no quarter!!! Waterloo Watermelon Patch 1812 - Napoleon's army is on the move and they have a sweet tooth! Give them a "Welly", General Wellington that is! Trench Warfare Irrigation commander - The allies are not the only ones who are digging in...Watch that artillery fire! Polish Petting Zoo 1939 - The third Reich is on the march and they are in no mood to pet that Llama. Watch out for Stuka attacks! Ho Chi Mihn Trail Husbandry 1969 - Can you save your cows from the constant B-52 strikes? Watch out for those VC tax collectors!! Baghdad Bee Keeper 1991 - The Americans are attacking and want your honey...However they are not the only ones with "stingers" Basrah Bean Farm 2002 - Harvest those beans with gusto! President Bush declared your farm a factory for WMD's. It's a race against the clock! Falluja Tractor simulator 2005 - Drive your tractor carefully, IED's and friendly fire make those furrows fly! "Wow! Those are some pretty exciting titles but what's next for OWI after you've conquered the combat farming genre?" - PCGamer "Well I'm not really allowed to say, but I'd be lying if I said it had nothing to do with personal hygene" - Will Stahl "Cmon Will just give us a hint. How about a couple of titles at least to give us an idea of where you're going in the combat simulation market." -PCGamer "Well ok but these are just working titles, we don't really have the story or game mechanics fleshed out but here are a few titles that are rolling around in our heads" - WIll Stahl Baghdad Ball Wash: Special Operations The Enema of my Enemy is my Friend Peloponnesian Pap Smear General Colon Commander "That's all I can really say, they haven't been approved yet by the larger team." "Well that sounds exciting Will, This is PCGamer at E3 2025, back to you Anita...." -PCGamer
  18. Ping or No Ping

    The only pings I like are in ping pong and the ping DOS command, not in my tactical shooters.

    Yeah its a definite improvement, hell even just the FPS/Optimization makes it worth it. I'd say there is a MINIMUM of 20% FPS increase. There are a few things that need tweaking such as the running speed reduced to 5% or 7.5% instead of 10%. The stamina bar back in the lower right with the mag indicators. Maybe a few minor balancing issues with the destruction maps. Getting rid of the buddy spawn system, at least until tweaked. Bug fixes and the lot. I know a lot of people are getting disconnects between maps but I've only experienced it maybe a couple of times after multiple changes. However I have a really good internet connection and live in Toronto, which is basically next to the Montreal servers, so it maybe that the server is timing out clients. Hell I've seen people on some of those servers with 300+ ping. What the f^ck is that? Cambodian dial up? Once more servers come on line I have a feeling a lot of these problems will be minimized as people can play in their localized area instead of having to connect to N. America from a forgotten VC bunker complex on the Ho Chi Mihn trail.
  20. Well after 50hrs of playing V13 have to say even with the server crashes and minor bugs I'm not going back. Any others feeling this way.
  21. The killing power of cartridges 7.62

    He will bleed out unless he applies a tourniquet and bandages. It doesn't guarantee survival but if the dude isn't in a state of hysteric pain or saying crazy stuff from light headed blood loss then he can keep fighting from a fixed position. So only headshots really end the threat right away because the hydrostatic shock will crack that medulla in the brain. Don't forget graze wounds and flesh wound. You can get shot on the edge of your bare skull with minor indentation wound penetration coming off a ricochet or bounced bullet that lost velocity and survive being fully conscious, your brain will swell to fill the wound and you will feel headache plus screwed vision/weird smells and hearing. Even with full velocity bullets, getting shot in the jaw on your head doesn't kill you... this is why you never go for headshots on big game animals because you risk jaw shots and they will run off then starve to death if they don't bleed out from artery hits.
  22. The killing power of cartridges 7.62

    You forgot 7.62x25 Tokarev, for the Tokarev pistol and the PPSH....;-) Plus they have different loadings. The sub gun ammo is MUCH hotter. We shot some Czech surplus through my friends Chicom Tokarev pistol and holy **** was it hot ammo. Bordering on light .357 magnum loads in recoil. I wouldn't want to get hit with it.
  23. The killing power of cartridges 7.62

    Also remember that there are 3 different 7.62 rounds in this game. 7.62x39- SKS, AK's and variants 7.62x51 or 7.62 NATO- G3's, FAL and others 7.62x54r or 7.62 Russian- SVD I can tell you from personal experience that these 3 rounds perform very differently from each other in real life. I have at least one of each caliber in the safe and have taken deer with all.
  24. Bipod limitation

    Maybe a point where your crosshair stops and a certain minimum of up mouse movement making it go to the other animation. And as the turning slows down you actually crawl a little bit to the side reducing your aiming. But every soldier should have a animation when turning left or right while being prone.

    That comment was more aimed at moderators to move the thread to the appropriate forum
  26. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Honestly from a performance standpoint v13 is way more stable and runs much better than v12 which for me had been plagued for the last couple weeks with many many random disconnects, buttloads of crashes to the UE4 window and even a couple of blue screens crashes. With v13 I only had one UE4 crash before the first hot patch and zero since then. I actually uninstalled v12 because its not even worth the hassle anymore.
  27. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Dima Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dima07 Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 25 Timezone or Region: EST Nature of Interest: Casual/Comp Gaming Background: Competitive Overwatch for 4 years, Open Division 2016-2017-2018-2019 Additional Skills: Currently active duty Army Infantry (11b) for the past 6 years. Solid understanding of tactics in game and out of game. Very team work focused. Enjoy running/leading a mortar pit. Mic, headset, all that. Status: Unassigned
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