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Resources and Tools

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A place to post your custom resources for other modders to use. Everything from static meshes to materials, templates and so on.



Basic Rules:


  • Only your personal work can be posted.
  • No 3rd party work, no Unreal Marketplace Content.
  • Make sure to give credit where credit is due, and ask for permission if you are posting on behalf of other modders.
  • No Work in Progress, only final releases.
  • Host the resources on a public fileshare service that doesn't require premium accounts (for example mega.co.nz), no ad-server.
  • Describe your resource or tool, post some screenshots of it, let people see what you're providing.


Mandatory thread content:



Thread title:

[Type] Resource Name (Example: [3D – Static Mesh] Street Signs)


Post Content:

Name: The name of your resource

Creators: Only applicable if you are not the sole creator, give credit where credit is due and always ask for permission first!

Screenshot: A single or multiple screenshots of your resource.

Description: What is it you offer.

Installation Instruction: Tell people how to get it to work in their SDK installation. Please try yourself first and give step-by-step instructions.

Download Link: This one is really important.


Resource Types:



[Blueprint]: For everything regarding blueprints (Custom game types, new gameplay features, custom finished weapons, etc)

[3D – Static Mesh]: Static Meshes for levels, please add in the post if materials are included.

[3D – Skeletal Mesh]: Skeletal Meshes for weapons, vehicles, level dressing, etc.

[2D – Texture]: Textures without any UE4 material. Please provide resolutions and texture types included (for example albedo, roughness, ambient occlusion etc)

[2D – Material]: Materials that can be imported into the engine (for example landscape materials, water, tiling textures, etc)

[2D – Template]: Photoshop or Substance Templates for Retextures, for new variations of different materials.

[VFX - Particle effects]: Particle effects like flames, explosions, waterfalls etc.

[Sounds]: Sound files or sound packs for the use in Squad.

[Tools]: Tools that help people generate content for Squad.


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