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All mapping related community projects. Modders will have to fill out a template in order to keep everything organised and accessible. This is a serious forum section and as a result of this it should be filled with projects in development and not wish lists or suggestions.

Mapping Posts

This subforum is dedicated to leveldesign (aka "mapping") only. So to keep it clean and presentable, and to give each map good exposure, you will have to use our standard template for posting new map threads.




Basic Rules:


  • Maximum 1 thread per map
  • Showcase atleast some effort/progress on your map before posting
  • Give a rough overview of what type of map and your plan for it
  • No "I want someone to make this map" or other requests that you do not intend on working on yourself
  • Keep your original post up to date by editing in new progress as you go along, this makes it easy for new readers to see progress without looking through 20+ pages
  • keep an open mind to critisism and feedback, being rude and overly defensive will not make your project better, and this goes both ways, be constructive and civil with feedback and discussions.


Mandatory thread content:



Thread Title:

[Status] Mapname [Mod]



[WIP] Battle of the bulge [FH3 Mod]

Post content:

Name: include a name for your map

Location: Location or region where map is set

Size: What size/scale is the map (in kilometers)

Teams: Which factions will be features on this map?

Gameplay: What type of gameplay will the map feature/focus on?

Download link: link to the workshop file if you have one, also include details of status like this [Unreleased/WIP/Final Release]

Description: A general discription of your plans, ideas and progress for the map

Minimap: Generated minimap goes above other media (if you don't have minimap yet, any overview image will suffice

Screenshots/Media: Include any type of media that will showcase your map, a good tip is to use "High resolution screenshot" found in the dropdown menu in your viewport, or via console ingame.



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