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  2. Just got this game. I am downloading it now, and will find you on voice.
  3. Stuttering Fix - V12

    Game runs fine for me with similar specs the guy above mentioned, it just entered the beta stage anyways..
  4. Stuttering Fix - V12

    dont listen to him. he always say the same stuff
  5. suppressors

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  7. suppressors

    Add a rifleman variant class for all/some of the armies in squad who's weapons are fitted with suppressors, as this would allow for more scouting/flanking operations
  8. Clearing the Air.

    Sounds like you're passionate about the game. Apply for a new server license and then poach all the other adults back to your camp and let the children sit in their soiled diapers while you host fair and balanced matches in a professional manner. Letting children be the front end of Squad is a terrible business decision and will ultimately be it's demise. Proof of this is the fact that 99.9% of the negative reviews about Squad on Steam revolve around less than satisfactory experiences of new players on these private franchise servers ran by immature individuals drunk with power.
  9. Graphic Updates

    As a former mapper in the Novalogic Delta Force games community I've personally been dabbling with UE4 on a complete hobbyist level for over 5 years now simply for educational purposes and recreational amusement. So yeah, I would still consider myself to be a complete novice however I have learned a considerable amount of information about how the program actually works. Especially about this particular subject of texture/polygon quality and how it relates to PvP replication. That said, every single time one of these "graphics" threads comes up you can easily tell who has actually used the vanilla or Squad SDK and others who are simply throwing out jargon that they Googled prior to posting. Needless to say, it's my opinion that before anyone can even have a valid opinion about the graphics quality either pro or con of Squad or any other UE4 game you should experiment with the editor for yourself and I guarantee you that your opinion would change drastically. In this respect though whilst people are correct in noticing that over the timeline of Squad the graphics quality has been incrementally degraded and then given the silly term "optimization passes" it should be noted there are much bigger issues at play here. I think the biggest problem here is that from a PvP perspective Epic Games is evolving their UE4 game engine very rapidly for their own flagship product Fortnite which on one hand is a good thing however its rapid pace is leaving everyone else in the lurch. For example, in a few weeks UE4.24 will improve open world PvP performance greatly plus add an entire assortment of other exciting features however think about it from a indie developers standpoint. By the time they're able to actually migrate their entire project over to the newest greatest version they're already a couple versions behind using an obsolete version. This must be frustrating. So yeah, download vanilla UE4 and any number of the 8k textures and high poly models that are available for free, make the absolute smallest highly detailed forest scene you can in cinematic quality, cook it off as an executable, run it and you'll be lucky if you get 60fps with an i9 RTX2080ti. Honestly this is just my opinion but Unreal Engine always has been an arena game engine and no matter what they do it will never be a true open world platform. It will still be an arena engine with a bunch of smoke and mirrors loading and unloading stuff user sees in the world meanwhile pretending that it's not by giving you a janky reach around. The dev posts on their forums from around 6 years ago are long gone now but I remember them saying this exact thing that UE4 will always be an arena engine and that UE4 PvP replication maximum number should never exceed 32 players lol. Only a voxel engine can ultimately achieve the true open world experience in my opinion.
  10. FPS drops since V16 update

    I'm not sure what Scooby Doo here is referring too...
  11. World of Warcraft - Combat Priest!

    You right, thanks for the correction. I made a mistake by not including auto healing in Project Reality. ;P In PR = Medics will auto-heal injured players while in vehicles. However the medic MUST be located in a back (passenger) seat. If the medic is driving or gunning he will not auto-heal. This is useful just after a firefight and the SL wants to move out quickly, everyone hopes in the APC/Jeep standing by, the medic does not have to heal 3 different guys in a ditch next to the road. Healing can be done while on the move. Also Healing inside an APC can often be safer than standing behind it, when it's stationary.
  12. Community Clan Fight Night

    FWF in Basrah
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    100% in Gorodok AAS v2
  14. Different AAS flags have different capture radios, often confusing and unclear where is it exactly. Ability to display flag capture radios will simplify knowing what exactly to fight for. It could be hidden via map settings for people who doesn't want it
  15. Community Clan Fight Night

    =WFT= in
  16. Graphic Updates

    its have nothing to do with the team size. smart devs know wherethey should use high res textures and where they can use low res cause no 1 will notice anyway. but in squad its all high textures even in most useless stuff
  17. The i7-7700hq is starting to become dated. What settings / fps do you see?
  18. FPS drops since V16 update

    my english not too good but i am trying to say game need optimization and after v16 update my i started get fps drops and gtx 1060 should be enough to run without problem but in squad i7 7700hq still not enough and needs more cpu power and they should work on that too
  19. Stuttering Fix - V12

    Game runs like ****ing dogwater with the specs you've mentioned there bud The main problem is terrible optimization not potato pcs
  20. Down a Blackhawk with an M4

    Is it possible IRL? Infinite ammo. How many rounds where?
  21. Community Clan Fight Night

    HSR in Gorodok
  22. Graphic Updates

    No point comparing a AAA game with 10x the budget and 6x the development team size, to an indie dev team. They have their own tailored in-house game engine. Dice used smart map design, such as large buildings, hills/mountains, forested areas etc in specific places to be able to cull large amounts of objects out of player view, while also limiting render distances quite heavily. They also had quite aggressive LOD scaling which even with Ultra settings, player models and trees looked pretty low quality past the 100m - 150m mark as well as having quite heavy pop ins with small objects. BF3 set the benchmark for games of that particular era in terms of visuals, and does look better than quite a few modern games. Frostbite is a very powerful and well optimized engine. But they did well to hide the lower quality things, to make the highest quality things up close, stand out. Playing the big open maps like Bandar desert, you really get to see how their culling and lod is done - Even dropping out of helicopters and Jets up high and parachuting down, you can see how they managed to pull off what they did. Squad is in beta phase now, so a lot of focus is going into optimization so when Squad hits full release, it'll be as smooth as they can get it. Visual tweaks are on-going . We've seen higher quality building models being added to new maps, weapon textures improved to higher quality ones, constant updates to the lighting, megascan terrain added to new maps, water visuals improved, particle effect improvements, and other improvements over the past few major patch releases. We can probably expect more tweaks here and there, but I wouldn't expect super detailed 4k eye candy as far as the eye can see.
  23. Graphic Updates

    u miss the point. battlefield 3 looks better and runs better then squad bf3 is older then squad. squad require more resource then battlefield 3 and looks worse at the same time.... i will never forget when squad only released with the first screenshots. people commented that they put too much details on useless stuff. i pertically remember someone commented something like : "there is too much polygons on that hand watch"
  24. Graphic Updates

    Battlefield 3 has amazing graphics and works well on Potato PC's because it was a Graphical Masterpiece of its time, Now days games often require better GPU's than what can run Battlefield 3 due to new engines and graphics. Squad is no where near a graphical mastierpiece of its time because there holding back on updating graphics due to people having terrible GPU's and computers because they think a game which released in 2011 should require the same specification requirements of a game which released like 5 years later than it.
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