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  2. Let's change subject and admire the work of PS developers : Stroll on Heelsum in 5040x1050 (Post Scriptum - The Bloody Seventh)
  3. This section of the forums is dedicated to showcasing and discussing content modders and teams are working on. How do you expect that to happen when it's going to be filled with a discussion entirely based on something IRRELEVANT to the production process and filled with a never ending argument? You have their Facebook page to discuss such topics. This is for showcasing and updating people. End of discussion.
  4. As long as it being in a reasonable tone, I dont see why positive or negative feedback about pricing and other business practices cannot be discussed here. The community is providing feedback about how they feel about certain topics concerning this mod and its taken as complaining and hate speech.
  5. Guys, this thread is about Post Scriptum and it's in the Modding section of the forums for a reason. This isn't a thread for you to hijack and complain or cry about marketing, pricing and any other business related aspects. If you have a problem with any financial aspects of Squad, or any potential mods, take it somewhere else. Do NOT hijack a modding thread. You have been warned.
  6. Not interested if this turns out into a full price Squad re-skin.
  7. Hi everyone, We've pushed now to live an anti-cheat update that should hopefully help with some of these errors. We're also checking the Ribbon Disabler now to see if we can whitelist it in these checks. Could you see if you're able to run Squad now without errors? If you'd still get an error, please let us know and if possible could you add me in Steam Friends: Thanks!
  8. the wrench

    Modders can work on whatever they want, and unless track physics are in the game, modders won't really add quite a lot of tanks. This is a modding recap, not the official dev log.
  9. Exactly, and this is what we've all got. You're free to create a mod for free on your own. Everyone can, the Squad Devs are not preventing anyone from doing that. You expect people that are not part of the official Squad team to give out their hard work for free? If you had a job, would you work for free there? Jesus, can a moderator simply just end this tragedy already?
  10. Is it not a decision by the teams that build the content? If you are a team building high quality content, why don't they earn the right for themselves to make some money with it that helps development? There will be a lot of free content provided by very talented people, there will be some things that may not necessary be free, it's great that OWI theoretically supports those decisions and helps these hard working peeps to earn something for their work. If you don't want to spend money on something no one will ever force you to do since there is quite a thriving mod community that is also working on free things. One of it you already are enjoying by playing the free Kokan update which was started by a modder and made it's way into the game already.
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  12. Because this is happening to one specific mod, it will happen to all the other mods? Weird assumption. edit: ninja'd
  13. That's not up to the Devs to decide, if the PS team wants to charge for their content, that's their prerogative. People are free to create free mods as well.
  14. Sad story.
  15. All of those were free mods that later followed with a retail releases of a new standalone game. Many of us supported KS campaign and 1 of the reasons was modding support, now you're telling me mods won't even be part of the game and won't be free, **** that.
  16. the wrench

    Bullets don't travel far through water and do any significant damage so I hope you guys have not messed that up. Much rather see restrictions for players using water as cover by limiting the time they can stay submerged and firing their weapons. For example if you remain underwater for more than 10 secs you start taking 25% damage per second. If submerged prone in water you move verrrry slowly.
  17. Nerfing Rally Points in order to increase the focus on FOBs is probably the correct choice. That way it's not possible to create a countless stream of reinforcements.
  18. I never said that I want to stay in main base the whole game. I'm giving a hypothetical situation.
  19. You just said you want to stay in main base the whole game. I don't and won't take shots at you, your already on a roll. But no it wouldn't work, 1 your team would be pissed, 2 ticket bleed, 3, your vehicles can still be blown up meaning you would loose tickets that way as well. So bad idea
  20. Take it to private message if you want to keep taking shots at me. Wrong place to be doing this on.
  21. There are many things that may work in the game if there weren't core mechanics
  22. Well if it keeps you from putting fobs in the middle of the road it might work for you. Not like you make it to a cap anyways
  23. Oh right there's ticket bleed. But if there wasn't any ticket bleed, then this would have worked.
  24. Well Team B will initiate a bleed on Team A of X tickets per minute (map layout and bleed tick varies). So any Team B worth their weight will just let the idiots in Team A sit in their main and bleed them out and not go near main base
  25. There technically is a new meta: Team A stays in main base entire game and sets up a FOB in main base safezone. Sets up machine guns,etc. and wait for the enemy team to capture the flags. Team B will fail to kill Team A inside their safezone while Team A can fire and kill Team B from inside their safezone. If I'm correct, fresh flags at the start of the game do not incur penalties of tickets on the other team. That means Team A wins the game despite all flags being captured by Team B as long as no one leaves main base safezone.
  26. Rushing has been used by clans since as early as January 2016. It is an old infantry meta from CPA/Pre-Steam which has been given steroids with V7 and vehicles. I like this idea a lot. Teams could prioritise their "supply points" which would make gameplay fresh, at least for a while. I think the main issue with AAS right now is you have limited options. Clans and public players rush because they think it's the most effective, and everyone is stuck in this limbo of both teams rushing and there being 20 minutes of 1 flag capped each, everyone is chasing their tales trying to get a grip of the round. It's gotten old fast and I'm sure it's a contribution to the drop in player numbers recently. I know there is a large part of the community who are looking forward to game mechanics which slow the pace down and offer new ways of gameplay. The rush has gotten old. We want a new meta!
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