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  2. Did you "miss" the context of the OP replying to the post from the ZXD member who essentially said the OP should basically gtfo, because they asked a question? ZXD_Lee I find that only complete ***** play music in game!!! its probably best if you either play cod or Battlefield or turn your PC off sell it and get a console
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  4. I would prefer a new option button down in the setting menue: Adjustment of car's sounds.
  5. Wow. Well good luck with your in game music career. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Im hoping that mines and ied will be here soon!
  7. the gun sounds have changed that many times over the last year im sure its going to happen again.. the problem with loud gun sounds is everyones goetting PTSD and deaf lmao
  8. Speed doens't matter when your screen won't stop shaking and jerking all over the place driving at anything faster than 10 mph. I'm sure there are some very good shots that can aim at higher speeds but they are not the majority. You pretty much have to stop in order to get a clean shot off.
  9. hey devs, i was wondering if there will be some new guns added in the game in the upcoming months and will there be any new gun sounds, cus the gun sounds in this game are awsome, maybe make them louder and scary? anyways love the game and ur work, thanks for everything
  10. Anyone have this problem where you can't hear most bullet cracks? I hear then from HMGs but small arms don't seen to make any bullet cracks even when the bullets going by really close.
  11. Wow, sometimes I'm really amaze at how "easily" the problem was pinpointed and solved. Awesome job as always! Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  12. Awesome. Glad to hear that. Thanks for the update!
  13. fixed, thank you! i did have to reset all my computer/headphone settings
  14. Yes but when you go to turn your car steering it responds virtually instantly (unless of course you bought a Jeep), I think he means the command-lag from pressing "direction" key to actual "movement" on-screen - not what you are talking about, which is turns of the wheel to/from straight and full-lock (time-to-turn). However i don't agree the throttle or steering should be nerfed for insta-movement. the "reaction" time (lag) for commanding the Steering Wheel or the Throttle should be near instant - the rate at which they affect the vehicle over time should be based quasi-realistically upon the vehicle involved. Lets call it the "Performance of the Steering/Throttle" ie: btr/tank = sluggish performance, HMV = moderate, car = fairly quick performance, bike = virtually no hinderance to performance at all, : performance of steering and throttle response. If it's a small value and based on some type of inertia then why not? Also @M_A_V_E_R_I_C_K, you've not stated anywhere what kind of "Delay" you're talking about here - long, short, approximate timeframe? What @GreatDestroyerDT said, above ^
  15. ah thank you, will try now!
  16. Have you tried this?
  17. I am having problems hearing anyone on squad comms, anyone ever had this problem? I can still transmit, but cannot recieve, although I can see their names and hear the radio beeps, just no audio on their voices.. Funny thing is I can still hear Local comms just fine. Ive double checked and reset my audio settings, but no luck w/the settings
  18. Yeah, i know. Kinda what makes it hard to actually remove them i s'pose.
  19. Settings levels should not break Lighting, however, please do read on . . . Unless something has changed in the last month or so, this is a known bug with the engine: UE4 dynamic lighting is broken in certain circumstances such as when the light angle is very low, lets say about 10 degrees above and below the "horizon"(which is in fact only the terrain edge) line, and if it is lighting from below the terrain, then when almost exactly vertically up. This bug's biggest apparent impact is on the Terrain Mesh. I have a thread here> It shows these issues with Dynamic Lighting in UE4. Screenies show; ligting through terrain from directly below, and from a low angle below the terrain. These screeines clearly show blantant and basic errors with the Dynamic Lighting, such as the most common: lighting Normals only, from underneath - makes for the lit up Normals you see and the lit up ceiling You ( @AtheosH-K) are seeing in your game - incorrectly lit Normals are the worst culprit. Changing your in-game settings will most likely do absolutely nothing ( @DesmoLocke, please correct me as required, as ive not played for long time) as i am using Epic-level setings within the editor and still seeing these issues. The little help iv'e seen about this on the EPIC forums is empty and cursory at best, EPIC are (sadly) running the auto-reply-dev routine, constantly sending peeps with this issue to the LightingTroublshootingGuide (on Epic site) thing - which is pointless - they are basically refusing to acknowledge that this issue exists. I have even seen an EPIC dev entirely ignore a Posters' information concerning the cause(s) and how to make it break, the dev then went on to create a flawless scene, simply by ignoring the Posters' set-up, in an attempt to make the Poster look stupid. The same dev also keeps telling everyone to "just pop a blocking volume in there to block the light" which is sub-optimal and does not "fix" anything - simply a band-aid (cop-out). To this i would reply "just fix Dynamic Lighting so that (certain)solid polygons are not ignored by lighting". One day EPIC might even fix their broken Dynamic Lighting, it's on their "To Do List", but i'm not holding my breath. Sad too because it brings some of My modding aspects to a grinding halt and almost totally kills off any idea of realistic Time-Of-Day lighting.
  20. So, I just got done playing Project Reality: ArmA 3. I felt SO liberated being able to look around with Track IR. But as soon as I tried to line up a target I had to deal with its 5 different stances and ended up getting shot in the face and must have looked like a tool bag in the process. PLEASE add in Track IR with version 9. The combination between the simplicity of Squad and the freeing SA of track IR is a match made in Gaming heaven! Thought I'd just drop by to re-Emphasize its importance! Hooves P.S cant wait to see Helos!!!
  21. Hi there I did switch it but forgot to test, so it was 71fps for me all night on everything etc. I did reduce my OC to 4.6Ghz on the CPU and just run my 1070 gaming X at stock as well - just playing about with temps etc, I will check it out in the week etc.
  22. QFF clan are now proud owners of a 72 man slot server! Just 22 days after creating the clan, we're up and running with our own server! Come join us and say hi. Server name = (QFF) Queens Fighting Force ENG
  23. I'm trying to get ExistentialEgg's steam profile to work in game, but something is a problem. Others ate using his profile worth no trouble at all Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  24. You need to start reading the minimum requirement pages on steam, the optimization is still bound to get even better, but not for you, as your hardware is ages behind the min reqs. I would recommend upgrading your PC as it is hardly suited for even the Witcher 2 outside of low, I would wait for about 2 months, let AMD's new architecture come out, which will cause Intel cpus to be driven down in price, and you should be able to spend just 700 dollars, though, depending on if you need a better monitor or peripherals it could be around 850. 2gb of Vram was the standard in like 2012... you have half of that... With a purchase like this though, you should be pulling in 40-60 frames on a 1060 and i5.
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  26. I got banned from your server for literally no reason. The squad lead heard a gunshot when we were walking out of base. He asked who it was and next thing I know I was kicked from the squad. Today I was trying to play and it said I was banned from that server. I dont even know who fired the shot and thats not even a good reason to ban someone. I always stay with my squad, I follow SL instructions, I'm a good medic and there is really nothing I can think of that I've done to be banned from any server. I went to your website and read the server rules and I definitely didn't break any of those rules. From reading these posts it looks like someone is really trigger happy with the banning.
  27. even though i know are (MUST) be joking about the "1 crows over all their vehicles", still no. I do not record gameplay, because i play on a 4 year old laptop, that can't handle any extra programs, i get like 35-40 fps as it is right now... You are not supposed to engage a humvee head-on with a technical. you are not even supposed to take on infantry head-on with it... it has a big gun with a long range (yes it isn't as long as the crows, but it can still be very deadly at 200-300 meters. Technicals have unmatched speed - FLANK. take a squad with you. be everywhere.the conventional forces are slow and predictable, the militia and INS can do whatever the hell they like. I like to use the technical on large maps to flank far around the enemy and set up to the rear of their position "hull-down" at 200 meters or so. then empty a mag and shift position... it's very effective. You are not supposed to take up a fight with anybody while there are passengers in the vehicle - only ever gunner+driver when you are engaging. so i dont understand what you are saying about passengers dying. you can just take a longer route to your target... if you're getting killed while transporting troops you are doing it wrong.
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