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  2. Ranking System?

    I'm more in favour of not having anything; just see ribbons etc. as a better system than ranking. Think ranking presents and encourages far worse issues than a simple recognition.
  3. Ranking System?

    I understand that possible scenario, so that's why we shouldn't have badges, but more of simple rank insignia.
  4. Ranking System?

    I play medic a lot and I do enjoy it so I could end up with a nice 1,000 revive medic ribbon award to show my 'experience'. Next time I play I'll probably get squad lead going 'Hey Major take medic' after he's seen my ribbon. Sometimes I like to pick a different class and don't what to be pigeon holed just because I got the badge.
  5. Ranking System?

    That's sort of what I was getting at; a ribbon of time served per class or something - nothing that stops equal chances at roles or kit - maybe some cosmetics at most - but a recognition without a real sense of elitist crap that just breeds toxicity.
  6. Ranking System?

    Maybe something that just displays hours?
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  8. commander?

    Once the UAV for the commander is implemented in Squad the commander will be mostly at main base like in Project Reality with the UAV camera computer and APC with UAV command. When I commanded conventional forces in Project Reality I would get UAV up, get as much intel as accurate as I could based off map landmarks. I use UAV till it runs out of fuel, when its close to empty I call for chopper to be ready to transport me. Once UAV is returned to refuel automatically I go to the defend cap zone from a safe side approach in helicopter walking from safe landing zone if I need to. UAV takes 15 minutes about to re-fuel, so that gives me time to chill with the defense squads and gather intel with binocs, radio chatter and markers. Sitting at main is lonely. But when UAV is close to being re-fueled fully I call chopper in and am on my way back to main once its reloaded. On my way back to main I deploy UAV to save time on the starting up, taking off and travel time to loiter destination. But this is Squad and it has more possibilities. One possibility is that the commander could set up his UAV camera control computer equipment and table inside a defense cap building or a defensive buildable Indirect fire bunker or sandbag structure. So if the developers of Squad wanted to they could put the commanders UAV computer with a table as a emplacement inside defensive flag perimeters. The UAV camera computer emplacement should work like a 2 man emplacement or vehicle, this way if a commander wanted to show a squad leader something as he is seeing it at the same time that's one possibility. I already consider the maps in Project Reality and Squad to be like satellite maps so lazing a selected target grid marker with the UAV or a satellite is not out of the question as well for commander strikes.
  9. Weapons/Keys 7, 8, and 9 used?

    The option to change the key bindings on all the items individually would give everyone the option they preferred. Groupings allow the same keys to be used as standard throughout all the roles, if each usable item had a separate key swapping roles would necessitate the same keys being used for differing items and would lead to some confusion. Example: trying to pull my medic bag out using key 4 but forgetting I'm no longer playing medic (as been medic for last 3 rounds) instead pull out a rock (whatever is now on key 4) as I'm now a scout which has no medic bag option. But like most FPS players I rely on muscle memory rather than look, when first starting to play I did miss hit 2 instead of 3 and TK the poor dying guy
  10. commander?

    Will the Commander controlled assets be able to Team Kill? is so will the Commander get kicked at 7 TK's? or will whichever squad lead called it in be liable for the TK's?
  11. Weapons/Keys 7, 8, and 9 used?

    Personally, I've no issue with using 1-9 where sensible.
  12. Weapons/Keys 7, 8, and 9 used?

    Not currently. Currently all inventory items are stacked in keys #1-6 item categories. Some would prefer to use more keys over having all items stacked in 1-6 item categories, but the trend in games has been to move the items in groupings. What do you prefer?
  13. commander?

    We may add a Command Vehicle in the future (not for intitial release)
  14. Thumbs up!
  15. Man, those distance HAT kills are yummy. Good choice of music and solid editing too.
  16. Weapons/Keys 7, 8, and 9 used?

    Simply enough, is there a class or vehicle that makes use of the 7, 8, or 9 keys?
  17. Good kills
  18. January 2019 Recap

    By that logic, everyone on the planet has competency issues, because everyone has these moments - Can't do X by Y time, because unplanned/unforeseen Z delayed them. Devs at OWI obviously have deadlines set by their employers, they're just not made public in road-map form with dates. Like I said, to avoid a v7 type of scenario. We are going in circles here, it kind of seems like you want to argue for the sake of arguing and are just ignoring & disregarding everything that is being said. I'm just going to move on. I suggest reading through the AMA here, and whats planned for 2019 here and keep up to date with what's going on in Squad development + the plans. have a nice day.
  19. commander?

    Yeah a command vehicle would be neat, aswell as a system that he needs to be in a specific range to be able to help. Like, on Yehorivka, the commander can't send an airstrike at upper petrivka from hilltop.
  20. Ranking System?

    would have saved all this by just doing a simple search and finding out lots of threads suggesting much of the same thing, with in the end, the same answer... A ranking system offers absolutely no merit to the game whatsover, there is a point where the community will be 80% one rank... and then what do you do? Ive got a squad of noobs... their not high enough rank to take x kit... so I kick the lot from my squad and wait to see if I get high enough ranked players ... My squad is named ..xxx rank or kick... At the extreme a ranking system could now cause this... SL leaves, we need an SL but no one is high enough rank to take it.. so the squad disbands and the team loses because 9 players suddenly become lone wolf blueberries... No one is high enough rank to drive a tank... so your left with RPG squads.. commence the 'we are getting wasted by one tank because they had a player that was the right rank' all your suggesting is, is a pavlovs dogs reward system...
  21. Ranking System?

    you know why right?
  22. Ranking System?

    Bad idea... Video games community are generally toxic themselves, any kind of ranking system would just enhance the toxicity... Sadly, people behind a keyboard online tend to be toxic. Now they would be toxic by saying "suck on my 4 stars you NOOB with only 2 insignias"..."i´m so much better look at my LIFE acomplishments, I have 4 stars I am so cool and succesful…" kind of stuff.
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fmRnk2eOjM&feature=youtu.be
  24. Squad crash upon startup

    Try manually clearing cache. https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache
  25. Ranking System?

    I have to agree. I mainly play medic so don't give me the HAT and expect me to do well even with 1,000hrs.
  26. Ranking System?

    I don't agree, someone could have tons of hours only doing a couple of things. Time played doesn't say anything about someones experience with the whole game(or whatever they're doing currently in the match).
  27. Ranking System?

    I have cleaned the thread a little, keep on topic please. Keep opinions and personal thoughts on demographics out of it. Fuzzhead mentioned something about a ranking system in their AMA. "This is something that devs are a bit divided on when it comes to specifics, but most of us believe that there is probably a way with a clever implementation that ranks / progression could significantly benefit gameplay and player experience. We definitely would like to have something like that, we just don't have it implemented yet. Our hope is to make the general system for it so we can use it for both Squad and for future games, but it definitely won't be ready at launch. There are a few ideas that I think it would be worth exploring with the system. First is potentially the idea of a "recommendation system" (either for SL's or regular players), and providing rewards for good behavior. The second is finding some way for a ranking system to reward people working together, more a focus on teamwork score in that sense, since ultimately it is the core pillar of the game."
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