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  2. Nanisivik

    Can this just be exiled from Squad, completely? Until the developers of it fix it? Whoever designed this map, has never played the EASTERN SIDE OF IT IN A VEHICLE. The map is godawful. It's terrible. It's disgusting. The only thing that it has going for it, is that it has new map prop models. It's the shittiest experience you'll ever have in this game driving a tracked vehicle, with all the god damn areas having triangular shaped hills, causing your tracks to basically mean **** all. You become stuck. You go maybe 10-15km/h on basically flat land making it even more difficult to maneuver. Vehicles, thankfully, have become a bit easier to drive since a patch or two ago. That does not make up for how god awful the map design of Nanisivik. It's the only map where vehicles actually have a fighting chance instead of constantly being ambushed by HAT's, LAT's, TOW's, mines, and it's the worst god damn map possible, only because of how lazily it's designed in areas. I'm sorry to the developers of the map, but for holy gods sake how does this shit stain make it into the MAIN game? It taints the image of the other relatively designed maps.
  3. Yesterday
  4. The different ticket values per kit are unnecessarily complicated. SL 10, everybody else 5 - bam, easy. The suggestion to make players less effective when revived creates even more incentive to keep giving up immediately. Spawning absolutely needs to be nerfed, otherwise everyone will just continue with this unspoken agreement that tickets are to be ignored until there are maybe 50 left, after which they're suddenly important. Easy spawning right into the action is the core issue which will continue to poison all other aspects of gameplay unless solved. Once players no longer feel it is in their best interest to give up immediately after dying, then there can be discussions about ticket values and whatnot.
  5. We need smaller maps for more close combat action

    Squad is an arcade TDM with side quests. Some people realice about that sooner, some later.
  6. I see. And I like the changes you suggest. Yet, I think that the only true, really effective way to make people stop giving up is nerfing all the respawn points. Fobs and rallies increased overrun radius. Rallies no permanent but 45 seconds timer plus cool down timer to place a new one. And increased respawn timer. The only way to make people value their life is punishing them with "no action" for a longer time. Still, I like the changes you suggest.
  7. Community Clan Fight Night

    ExacTed #2 as well please
  8. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    I think the truth is in between. With picture in picture you could simulate a focus and replace zoom by supersampling. Theoretically of course. EDIT: Basically what ecchi says in the post above.
  9. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Choppers are for "beta" because they're almost flying tanks. Real "alpha" don't need such coddling.
  10. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    That is untrue. The "focus" isn't all about the eye; it's about what your mind processes. Same reason why you notice more of what's going on(or at least in more detail) in center of screen as opposed to edge of screen. (how games get away with VRS) Since this is a game; the only way to increase the amount of detail you can notice is by zooming(or increasing resolution but that only works up to a point until hardware improvements are required - which widens the gap between different levels of hardware, which is not such a great thing, almost all decent competitive fps games make resolution almost irrelevant or even detrimental - as in case of CSGO at times, when people use stretched-out lowres for competitive edge) Remove the "focus" zoom and you're basically telling people to get better monitors. Because in-game(even at 4k) ironsight without zoom is *far* from what the naked eye can see. Thus, to better represent the capability of naked eye, a bit of zoom is needed. (doubles to lower competitive edge of better-resolution monitors) So it's more realistic and gameplay-friendly(on top of lowering differences in monitor resolutions, it also makes scopes less dominant, which is only a good thing as scopes are less tired to gameplay balance and instead can be distributed more for realism) to have the zoom. Same reason why the guns were made to sit closer to screen when ADS because your eyes are not physically touching the screen.
  11. We need smaller maps for more close combat action

    Let's be real, Squad is arcady enough without everyone getting funneled into a tiny map.
  12. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Could just only allow those marks if in vehicles; to represent vehicle-based battle management systems.
  13. Doubling the ticket cost of death would also double the effect of kills. Without changing the underlying capabilities of the infantry that leads to these meatgrinders starting in the first place it's completely pointless
  14. Community Clan Fight Night

    66th in Yeho plox And 66th squad 2 <3
  15. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Well, no. The obvious counterargument is a squad with a Styker, it's two crewmen, and seven dismounts. Ideally the SL would be among the dismounts. So, someone in the vehicle needs to be FTL to mark since he is fighting the vehicle and needs to communicate with the driver at the very least. This is even more important in for instance an armor squad of more than one vehicle.
  16. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter if you die once or five times, while taking a flag, as long as you take it. Increasing the ticket cost puts pressure on the whole team not to give up and makes the medics more important - since they were made even less crucial than before by letting any player with a bandage revive people. The other changes would incentivize waiting for a full heal from a medic instead of running off as soon as you get revived and healed a little.
  17. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    If you assault a position and kill everyone on it, you should take it. Instead of having to deal with companies-worth of soldiers streaming in from a nearby HAB, which is what happens now. Likewise, if you kill off the attacking force you should benefit from your successful defense instead of having them stream in continuously from rally points. Because, see, the way rallies work now Squad is more a game of rally management than combat. I kind of like the idea that Giving Up lands you at Main, actually. Then you have to find a ride, or walk, and it makes the medic even more important for keeping an attack/defense going. Conversely, it may help you go grab a logi now and then.
  18. I would just increase the cost of Giving Up to 2 tickets. Bleeding out or insta-death remains 1 ticket. (Actually, if I had my wish the option to Give Up would be removed, but that'll never happen, due to all of the short-attention-span juveniles taking over the game.) But this should not be implemented until buddy drag is implemented, so that the medic can be more survivable.
  19. Community Clan Fight Night

    508th and SRA as one squad is in, no other squads are participating for either clan
  20. We welcome Babou and Snapster into our ranks. We can currently take 1 to 2 more recruits. Take your time and read our first post, if interested and you fit the profile leave your info bellow. Regards, Rain
  21. Tiger Platoon

    We are still searching for more recruits! If you think you have what it takes to join us, visit us at www.tigerplatoon.com
  22. New UK Server available!

    Not being negative, just stating fact! With it being a 64 slot it’ll be extremely hard to seed, I only know of one 64 slot server that seeds and that’s a rip skirmish only server! RIP has like 700 members then you’ve got to have people seed it started from about 1600 ish and be a admin having 80 Slot server would be a massive help and 10 plus people seeding! If not you’re honestly wasting your money
  23. Community Clan Fight Night

    MAD in Yehorivka AAS v2
  24. We need smaller maps for more close combat action

    Just. Plain. No. Nuff games out there with these small maps and all that comes with it.
  25. Community Clan Fight Night

    =WFT= In Yehorivka AAS v2
  26. New UK Server available!

    What's your problem? You are, always, a negativist person. "It helps a lot who doesn't get in the way". @CWatson, thanks for your efford! My best wishes!
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