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  2. Well, you can see that i was asking for help and i got a response to get detailed info about my machine, and i provided, noone responded, and note that noone responded in a month time. It's disappointing to buy a game for 30+ euros and not get what you paid for. It's frustrating to get kicked out without any reason, ask for help and get "dissed". Thanks for the redirection to the other site, i will make sure to lose my time there too!
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/app/393380/discussions/6/1319962599254199269/ It is part of the "Night Vision" category. Realistically speaking 80-90% of raids on hard targets by US done at night due to how advanced in night vision US is. "We own the night" is the common saying.
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  5. In a game I don't think it really matters. In real life I always power stroke because it's not uncommon for the slide to not lock back, especially when using a thumbs forward grip.
  6. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    Anything else to try? It seems to be the exact same thing that happens when you go deaf from an explosion without the ringing. Just rapid fade down but never comes back without restarting the game sometimes also verifying cache. Its game breaking for me, start a squad 30 minutes pass and have to restart and wait in que again.
  7. Strange map loading bug

    Well, its June 2018 and now I'm having this exact same problem.... I've been playing squad for at least 18 months or more and never had an issue and now this started happening a month ago! Exactly as BeaverTerror has described. I've tried the uninstall, re-load etc - only once mind you (!) - but it didn't make a difference. As also said, *sometimes* if I wait wayyyyyy too long everything *might* load, but more often than not I have to Ctrl-Alt-delete and shutdown Squad as I can't even exit the game normally once it happens. Please... hellllllllppppp??
  8. Any good war/combat films worth watching

    40 year anniversary coming up... Force Ten From Navarone. Ww2 map and level design idea based on blowing up a vital bridge during ww2 is in my mind. Having AI controlled guns to take out as well as human manned guns too.
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  10. My question is how long will this 5k player base stick around? I dont think beta/retail is going to draw more people in tbh. The thing i noticed about the more hardcore players in Squad, is that they come from a DF, BHD, JointOps backgrounds. Older folks thats are pretty throwback now. What draws in the younger crowd that wants instant gratification in 2019? My guess is servers max out around 10k at retail, and thats ok with me.
  11. Community Clan Fight Night

    Week 127 Teams "Space Marines" Sunday 24h June @ 1830 UTC+1 Servers: CCFN 127 - COMMUNITY CLAN FIGHT NIGHT #1 Map: OP First Light AAS v1 Password: via discord #the_lightroom SERVER ONE: CCFN 127 #1 - Community Clan Fight Night (server host: Dogsbody) Team 1 Project Phoenix Guardians Exacted StS Team 2 Slovenian Special Forces Hungarian Motorized Company Squad Ops ESPS Reserve(s) Rusty in Places Smoking Rifles 13. Jg
  12. More Map commands for SLs

    How about fixing the worst f'king radial menu for map markers.... its the most cumbersome pos map marking feature I've seen in any game.... tell me these devs are from PR again............... bs
  13. The Expanse (syfy series)

    I never heard any of that, it's all funded by netflix.... no crowd funding at all.... you need to stop listening to your friend.
  14. [Solved] Stuck in wrong region

    glad it worked. issue solved. thread locked.
  15. [Solved] Stuck in wrong region

    I appreciate the assistance, the first option seemed to not work, but the second one did, oddly enough. I'm actually getting 40 ping servers, which is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, Zevros
  16. Not sure whom you're referring to. As far as I can see, nobody "dissed" you. Anyways, the guys trying to help you in the forums are volunteers. Makes no sense to feel disappointed by them if they cannot help you. I'd say the both of you, @Sgt_Dogface and @Kalaus.42, should contact [email protected] gl
  17. It's disappointing to get dissed by support, especially when you find the one game that makes you stick with it for a while... it has a nice community, not so helpful devs... just feelin' defeated.
  18. would just kick lone sl squads if they dont respond all you will have is lock..unlock.lock unlock bs... why keep an SL if they are toxic again just kick? but like the idea to force unlock.
  19. Gameplay improvement/realism features

    there are other threads on this I believe, not lending ammo but ammo bags..your idea fits with the concept to pick up weapons etc.. which Im not sure the devs are doing, but have a search through the forums.
  20. Devil's Brigade - A community changing the rules

    Join the GREATNESS! Soo good!
  21. The next tank added should be T-55

    I have already suggested this as part of improvement of the Opfor side. post You can also support it from there.
  22. Computer Specifications: CPU: AMD FX-8320 - 3.5GHz 8 Cores Hard drive: Western Digital Blue - 500GB 7200RPM 2nd Hard drive: Western Digital Blue - 1TB 7200RPM 3rd Hard drive: Western Digital Blue - 500GB 7200 RPM (IDE > SATA Connection) Video card: EVGA GTX 1060 - 3G GDDR5 Memory Power supply: EVGA - 500W Mother board: MSI 970A-G43 - 32GB Max. RAM RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro - 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3-2400 Internet Adapter: TP-Link TL-WDN4800 - 450Mbit/s transfer Edit: Forgot to mention I'm running lowest settings possible in game. Windows 7 SP1 64bit NVIDIA Driver Version: 391.35 (Likely going to update) I have recently started playing squad and can play fine for about 10 minutes. I pulled up system usage using a third-party (OpenHardware Monitor) program to view my hardware usage and it maxed out my GPU's 3GB of VRAM. Forcing me to close the game. My memory hit about 9GB before it maxed out my VRAM. I'm not the only one who has been getting this error either, my brother who has 8GB of VRAM and 8GB of RAM, his crashes only difference is the game doesn't freeze, rather closes it self and says out of VRAM. Is there an estimated update or a fix I haven't found?
  23. According to Steam spy, there are 500k-1Million owners. https://steamspy.com/app/393380
  24. Personally i hav no qualms for Squad using the SLide lock release in their animations in Pistol reload process I in fact prefer this method myself ( occasional Range shooter via Renting), But more importantly than my personal opinion this is the Primary method that is taught by Civilian Professional Instructors ( especially those with a military background) , Firearms Course Instructors within the military, as well as being the preferred method by Soldiers it seems, although there astill some shooters who do prefer the "powerstroke" method So for all intents and purposes using Standard taught techniques and whats documented in official manuals is certianly the way to go for a Realisitc tactical Military based shooter. Id also add it depends on the gun. A gun like the Berretta M9 is Certainly very detrimental to Attempt Power-stroke becuase users comonly cause the Hammer to be uncocked during the process. Despite having no qualms ( and in support) of reloading animation of the slide release method that Squad devs have implemented,, id like to point out The reason for creating this thread was because In entirely different shooter ( Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm1 and 2) I was surprised that in a similar discussion people vehemently defended the Tripwire developers for choosing the "powerstroke" method , which seems more dubious than in a modern setting given that in the ww2- Vietnam period this was not thought or officially documented to existed. So what are your thoughts? Are the developers in in the right to use "Powerstroke" instead of the official standard thumb Slide lock release method ( especially in a much older era) Are you satisfied with reload process in Squad for pistols? Do you like that its using the Official and generally preferred method? would anyone like alternative reload method in squad? Especially for modern handguns like glocks where it is viable and not detrimental like with a Berreta M9? DO you think its just shooter preference and it doesn't matter? either or works fine in a video game?
  25. There are several annoying bugs that still have not been fixed: 1. Static SPG's Lod bug. When you hop in the static SPG, you can see a grey LOD that interferes with the aim. 2. SPG's scope bug. When you are stopping aiming by SPG scope then this scope's net does not disappears and you need to rejoin to a server or find another SPG to aim and hope that bug disappears. 3. Rocket techi bug. After V11 it is impossible to use Rocket Techi at all. When you are trying to shoot there are only visual effects of shooting but no rockets. I dont know why after 2 months of V11 those bugs still have not been fixed, is there some really big problem with the code or just nobody cares? 4. After V11 the server ping is increased. 40 mbps Internet from UK and I have best case 100-120 on UK servers. 140-180 German servers, 250-350 North American servers.Does anybody know what is wrong? It had happened after V11, It was 50% lower before V11.
  26. Historical accuracy in war games

    The only politics that should be in a historical context game is the politics of that time period. Or don't call it a ww2 game at all. Call it cosplay cross dressing mania fps shooter delux tank war.
  27. Hi, all. In my honest opinion, the next tank added should be T-55 because it perfectly fits to Militia and Insurgents. It is found in many modern conflicts like a Syria, Ukraine, African civil wars as the simpliest using tank. Also it would be unfair to leave Irregular factions without any tank. Also, It has a simple shape. There are lots of blueprints on Internet and it would be easier to create by 3D Artist than T-90 with a lots of small details. Definitely, It will bring more realism to the gameplay
  28. Canadian Army

    we use a newer C7A2, and we also have a C8A2 which is a shorter barrel version of the C7. The A2 versions of the weapons have adjustable stocks instead of the fixed polymer stock. I am hoping they add the Elcan sight for all infantrymen like we do get in real life. I am hoping we see it soon, i would love to be in the boots of a Canadian soldier EH
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