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  2. Alpha 13 Test US Grenadier Sights

    i agree, sometimes you need to lob a nade short over a wall without resupplying after every grenade
  3. car bomb question

    yeah i agree in AAS it is not ticket effective at all.
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  5. Muzzle flash

    Also the object of the bullet ( assuming your staring at the person shooting you) is actually moving very little by vector radial, so the object would be highly visible, fast moving, energetic, arcing a bit, and near miss shots would be a black wiz. The object is not showing up at all without a tracer. Some guns don't use tracers, so your just getting 1-wayed. Not fun.
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    BloodBound in
  7. Alpha 13 Test US Grenadier Sights

    Since the British have the AG36 already I think it would be cool to give the US two variants of the Grenadier kit. First with the M203, ironsights and maybe some hand grenades. Second with M320, ACOG and no hand grenades. No reason to completely remove the M203 and it would bring some added variety to the US.
  8. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    More "speed" in game will make it just an arcade game... LEARN from Project Reality please.. After many years, speed decreased to make it more realistic and tactical. Please don't increase speed any more. Already the car movement is by far NON realistic at all. Just see how the army is moving in real compact and you will notice that it's already worse than "need for speed" game of the 90's decade. Rally points (as I have already said in the past) is still a problematic issue in tactical game. Better to give more attention in FOBs.
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  10. Mouse tracking issues

    Please list your system specifications, monitor size and screen resolution.
  11. Alpha 13 Test US Grenadier Sights

    That's basically the H&K AG36. The thing is the M203 is still in a wider service.
  12. Mouse tracking issues

    I just dowloaded squad. When i launched the game it was not full screen so i changed it in the settings and hit apply. However, now that it is stuck in full screen my cursor wont go far enough to the right to click on settings and it doesnt line up whith where it actually clicks. Can anyone please help me troubleshoot and fix this problem. Thanks for any help
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    HMC in Fools Road AAS V3
  14. Car Bomb and Explosive vest

    hahahahahaha thats exactly what insurgents need, imagine that on al Basrah, the armored technical with 500 pound bombs in the trunk. the respawn timer would have to be fair, and i think there should be a 10 second timer on the detonation a huge cloud like that afterwards too like you just popped a giant mortar smoke, would be really epic and add a lot to the gameplay experience
  15. Hey soldiers! Another week is nearly in the bag and we’re definitely dreaming of the weekend. No weekend is complete without a little Squad action, though, so let’s see what’s going on! APRIL 25 11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC) Squad Community Cup: FGB vs. LegioX 3:30 PM PT (2230 UTC) Squad Ops: SOTT Advanced APRIL 26 11:00 AM PT (1800 UTC) [RIP] Rusty in Places vs. The World Bonus Fact: On this date in 1986, the Chernobyl Disaster occurred. APRIL 27 3:00 AM PT (1000 UTC) SWC Redux Mini Tourney: Oceania vs. Europe 11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC) Squad Ops: Operation Green Acres 5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 28/4) Squad Ops: Operation Iron Kilt 6:00 PM PT (0100 UTC, 28/4) SWC Redux Mini Tourney: Oceania vs. North America APRIL 28 11:00 AM PT (1800 UTC) SWC Redux Mini Tourney: Europe vs. North America 5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 22/4) Squad Ops: Hardcore Mode Testing SOUTH AFRICAN BORDER WAR A big congratulations to the South African Border War mod team for their first Alpha test! Boresight Gaming has video from the event available here. Would you like to see your event here? Let us know! OFFWORLD OUT.
  16. car bomb question

    Didn't Rising Storm do just that by not costing Japanese suiciders tickets so long as their grenades also blew up enemies?
  17. Ah, the dreaded "realism vs arcade" that plagues these forums where no compromise are made between the community members to actually creating a constructive idea together. Kinda reminds me of a medic suggestion where someone suggested tweaks to make the medic more efficient to his role and therefore increase survivability to the whole squad and momentum of the game only for no-one to budge and compromise to the idea as it wasn't "real enough". The result was that everyone can revive and their beloved medic is nothing but a soldier who can heal others to max health. Back on subject. The rally system isn't realistic but then again, spawning out of a vehicle travelling a 60mph isn't either. The problem whenever someone uses the realism card to make a point, is it opens doors to no bounds. Completely and utterly dismantling anything from there on out to be of any use for constructive debate. We are all aware realism is of great importance to Squad as it's what makes it unique in how it can float between arcade shooter and sim. I don't believe for one second the community as a whole wants it to head to purely sim, or purely arcade. If it was to head too far in either direction I believe numbers of players would flat-line (dead game).
  18. I am interested in joining your group but the discord link is expired and the username you provided is wrong or doesn't exist.

    TKOTH was a staple game mode through all of the Delta Force series. That said, once AAS was included in Joint Operations the majority of the community favored that mode most likely because it offered a more varied and interesting experience. Doesn't that tell you something right there? TKOTH is a step backwards and I guarantee you even if there was some miracle and it was officially put in the game along with TDM, CTF and Flagball nobody in this relatively small community would play any of these game modes. TKOTH is a waste of time.
  20. car bomb question

    The whole topic is kind of chemtrail silly. There are many other games that are way over the top compared to Squad when it comes to the PC vortex. Bottom line, think for a minute. You can't program a ticket based game to actually encourage wasting tickets which is what you do with a IED strapped to yourself or driving a VBIED. Over the course of a match such activities whilst majorly fun could really add up ticket loses which isn't a direction to take the game. Besides, once the Commander role is implemented with its capabilities then there will need to be a corresponding asymmetrical option for the Insurgent's like barrel bombs mortars, ied drones and improvised rockets.
  21. car bomb question

    Oh, that's a lotta boogeymanning here. Let's hear it from the devs why it was removed, no?
  22. Additionally, a customizable country filter would be nice, to only show servers not located in China/Australia (way too high pings to those countries).
  23. Car Bomb and Explosive vest

    Gary and Big Red were nicknames for trucks with a bomb load in Project Reality. Big red was a trailer hauler with a JDAM strapped to the back and Gary was a dump truck with explosive barrels in the back. They had about the biggest blast radius of all explosives in the mod. And as said in the other thread you made about this topic (suicide vehicles and bombers), it might not be officially added due to the media frenzy it could cause.

    Isn't AAS 2 attacking forces colliding? I mean both are attacking and usually rush for the middle which then in principle just becomes a king of the hill like scenario. In any case if you think the devs won't grant it the time of day you could always try to pick up modding. Get some coder or a good mapper and set off to create what you think this game needs. Hell if it's any good or at least well implemented you might even have it played on some servers.
  25. car bomb question

    The mainstream media cares, they really like bandwagoning on the hate train when they think a game might make their kids terrorists. And sure for some games and publishers all publicity is good publicity like in Grand Theft Auto's case. But for some small company like Offworld it could be quite the moneysink. And it's quite a different thing to fight against suicide enemies compared to playing as a suicide bomber. And those kinds of public outcries could lead to changing laws to gain a voter base for coming elections and the sort. For example the rating system might get some enforcement on online stores like steam.
  26. Alpha 13 Test US Grenadier Sights

    A reasonable solution for sure.
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