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  2. Need new PC screen

    Yes same range, likely same panel with a slightly better implementation. Review some IPS vs TN on youtube and then once thats decided we can drill down easier.
  3. Gamemode - CAH

    The AAS gamemodes have the nice big maps but concentrate the action in small areas. I think this might spread the players too thin.
  4. Need new PC screen

    How about - ASUS PB277Q, 27" seems to be in the same range as the iiyama edit;edit; it's a TN aswel
  5. Squad PSA || Turn It Down.

    Hey that was great. Nice work.
  6. This has a lot of good information in it.
  7. Need new PC screen there's one, I dont know how good it is but as a starting point it seems fine.
  8. Need new PC screen

    What would be a reasonable entry price range be if i'd look at 27, 1440p IPS i
  9. All server ini files that you will need to configure already exist once you have installed the Squad server instance via steamcmd.
  10. Need new PC screen

    I found the colour reproduction and viewing angles to be worse on TN over IPS, IPS tends to have more backlight bleed. Generally (in this price range) TN will have less input lag, i.e more responsive for FPS but only by a bit. IPS tends to cost more, so you may struggle with 27, 1440p IPS in your budget.
  11. Today
  12. Yes, this is a drawback. But nothing is perfect. Yep. You may say so.
  13. Need new PC screen

    I'm not sure what that means, but i read that TN is not so great for video editing which i do. Not professionally but i wonder what the difference is on that aspect.
  14. So you got yourself a server? (New server help)

    Do I have to create this .ini file, or is it in the files somewhere?
  15. Speed Reload suggestion

    The bandages are fine, no increased bandaging speed. But when you get into a firefight and you kill a guy who managed to hit you, but your gun is completely empty and the game starts to reload automatically. I suggested the cancel reload for these situations, when you die because the game won't let you cancel a reload for bandaging. This would also make the game more realistic. The speed reload on the other hand, like it or not it would also make the game more realistic. It makes more sense to put a fresh magazine into your weapons ASAP when you know the enemy is close rather than taking your time to carefully put the used magazine back to a pouch. This mechanic would have the drawback of permanently losing your magazine, which you can't get back even after you resupplied at an ammo crate. Speed reloading would be louder, since the magazine falls to the ground. Maybe only a logi truck could give you magazines if you lost them, so your SL would have to contact an other SL if they could send a logi closer (but still to a safe place) so you can resupply your magazines and ammo, but the logi would have a limited amount of magazines (lets say 10).
  16. No, it's not enough for full loading textures, especially at high settings.
  17. Modding Helpdesk

    I did it and it seems gone. Not all textures had this setting so I set it all. And it seems gone... Thumbs up for you. Here some link on how to for others with issues.
  18. It also bothers me that with the current rally system doesnt encourage rallying. Squadmates just spawn in one at a time and run ar the enemy position in a line like ants. I understand that Squad isnt trying to be a PR clone but PR rallies actually encouraged staying and working together.
  19. I had deleted user settings, and switched off "full loading textures", freezes had stopped, but it is not solution for me, that's what I knew , I want to play with switched on it, I just dont understand why my characteristics not enough Is not enough 4gb VRAM/16gb RAM/i5 3.5GHz ? may be reason is not VRAM ? frequency of freezes usually starts to increase after 30-40 minuts of play, I am thinking it can be associated with increasing of CPU's temperature
  20. Cookers

    Not as long as that conversion rate is anything other than 1:1.
  21. you may be running out of VRAM. Ensure full texture loading in graphics settings is off. Delete the user settings cache. - It resets the video settings. (No idea when you did it the last time. It should be done after every bigger update.) give it a try.
  22. Are you a good shot?

    I agree, in the recent interview Irontaxi did, he said that the whole shooting/aiming mechanism will be completely reworked with alpha 10 to something that is kind of a mix of PR and Squad, so we will get longer lasting firefights.
  23. Are you a good shot?

    well played, which - sensitivity value did you use ingame, - mouse dpi value - cursor acceleration in windows (on or off) ?
  24. That's how you get a microscopic gun compared to some rock on the ground Common approach in 99% games for this is drawing the gun on the layer above everyting else by wiping z-buffer before rendering the gun. And i suppose it will be done in A10
  25. High End PC: Low Performance

    Interesting re the win 10 vs win 8.1 fps boost - I had no idea this was a thing. I've alway's played Squad on win 10.
  26. Just so I understand properly, this doesn't actually stop the model going into the wall (from a 3rd person perspective, for example), it simply changes the perspective so that from first-person it seems like your gun hasn't hit/intersected the wall? Impressive nonetheless!
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