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  2. You're currently alpha testing v11. The bug reports that have come in over the last 5 months are part of what went into the next version. The next version is currently still in development, so us L2 testers don't get our hands on it until a RC is ready. Trust me, the devs would be quite silly to release half baked and hugely buggy releases to the greater early access community. If you want to test the next version so badly, I suggest applying for a closed tester position Edit: This is coming from someone who does incremental software releases... and trust me I wouldn't want to play a version of the game that isn't show-stopper-bug-fixed.. that wouldn't be playing, it's literally just tester work. You know, things crashing all the time, systems not working at all like intended... that kinda thing.
  3. What version is everyone playing now (V11)? How does V11 become V12 (everyone mass testing V11 daily). When V12 is released it'll be the next test bed before additional fixes/release is delivered. Testing will stop upon full release of game.
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  5. 1 man APC/IFV

    as in: encouraging 1manning again?!
  6. Free Labor and A United Community

    I think exactly the opposite might be the case. if you allow all people access from day one so to speak, it will make at least QAs job more time consuming, since people will report the same bugs over and over, disregarding rules for formatting along with providing bland descriptions. just have a look in the #bug-reports channel on discord from time to time and you will know what I mean.
  7. Vehicle Match-Up Problem

    Yeah, exactly. Drive the warrior close to a cap, dismount infantry, stay behind em as longer-range support. That's how i usually play in Basrah, barely ever lose the IFV.
  8. 1 man APC/IFV

    In v12 we going to see a reduction of ticket cost could change the thinking of 1man assets again.
  9. But only for a few hours/days tho... i mean until the final version release.
  10. Every iteration and versioning stage has been exactly that.
  11. 1 man APC/IFV

    alternatively further increase either the time it takes to switch to the gunner seat or the time it takes until the gun becomes operational upon switching to the seat (hi PR!) to at least be able to defend yourself in a dire situation.
  12. Free Labor and A United Community

    Circulus in probando...
  13. Free Labor and A United Community

    this is exactly what they're planning to do. however they first need to get to a point where all the known showstoppers (issues that literally break the game) have been fixed at least.
  14. 1 man APC/IFV

    I'm a big fan of the rules and functionality of any video game to have self-governance built in to the point where it needs neither accessory rulesets and/or the administration of said rules. That said, I would fully support a system where as a Crewman you could drive the vehicle solo but not enter the gunner seat unless there was another Crewman in some other seat of the vehicle.
  15. Can't we have v12 alpha test until the final v12 release like Insurgency: Sandstorm is doing with their Beta(until release of the game), with updates and stuff, so we can all enjoy and test it? It's free labor... i think it would a great help for the Devs and people would feel much more involved in the game, and would mean a much more polished final release of v12 with our feedback and bug reports, etc... And of course this idea would continue in further versions.
  16. Game needs more maps ...

    Did I hear that Chora got some love or am I mistaken?
  17. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    I like the idea of kit restrictions, would also help squadleaders deal with the wannabe snipers taking marksman every round instead of just kicking them.
  18. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    It's always a numbers game. Players in fighting vehicles should always be first and foremost considered as bodies that aren't inside either the defend or attack zone. As such, logically those crews should be autonomous just for the sheer fact that they are typically best utilized in a standoff position a considerable distance from the points. In accordance this makes them useless to lead dismounts on the points.
  19. Vehicle Match-Up Problem

    Exactly. Nothing will make you cringe harder than watching 4 Warriors on your team almost simultaneously wink away off the map in the first 5 minutes on that Basrah layer.
  20. Ammo bags & Take kits from down people?

    Taking other kits from dead players will ruin the game
  21. Vehicle Match-Up Problem

    If you play Rock/Paper/Scissors game play your always lose. Intelligent/experienced players will beat a noob. There will always be a asymmetric imbalance. Think how the insurgents feel they don't have any decent armour. Maybe try different tactics, carry some LAT guys. Change takes old fighting style work closer with your infantry, wolf pack your armour.
  22. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Yes Abrams is one of the very best tanks out there. F117 was probably a very good plane as well at the time.
  23. New player

    Welcome to squad. I made a guide for beginners if you're intrested, tried to keep it as compact and simple as possible. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1326437214
  24. Game needs more maps ...

    Rarr I'll never be satisfied until Squad surpasses PR's 56 maps https://www.realitymod.com/mapgallery/#!/
  25. Vehicle Match-Up Problem

    Made me chuckle. I prefer a BTR-82A over a shitty bradley/warrior any day. If you fail to use the speed and lower sound output of a wheeled vehicle vs the tracked ticket-jackpot, you deserve to lose your 30mm. If you even manage to get to the enemy vehicle fast enough, since evry LAT soldier will be hunting the winning lottery ticket that has been broadcasting its presence with track noise and iconic gunfire sounds. Evrytime i hear a warrior/bradley, it becomes my top priority to take it out as LAT. I've walked over 1200m just to kill it on a hill. Well worth it. It's not like it's gone outrun me in the hills, even on foot. Taking a vehicle head on is a bad move, with evry vehicle. Best outcome is that you destroy your enemy but you still have to go RTB. @Playa920 I understand your point, but you're comparing an APC vs a IFV. Pretty sure RU will get a IFV too ( 30mm is kinda a APC on steroids). I've also found that in case of stryker vs 30mm maps, it's better to refrain from using the stryker all together and let LAT take those vehicles out. On 30mm vs warrior/bradley, i'd still run the 30mm, just not sit on a hill. Wait for them to fire, maneuver and take them out.
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