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  2. IF you ever see Joe, join his squad... You can't help but being emotional.... His never complaining attitude, and Can-Do spirit.... Man, it's just unforgettable....
  3. Yeah he was staying 3-400m away from the action, and man was he observant... Towards midgame, IED motorcycles were coming at him left and right lol... But Good O'l Joe was able to kill them every time... They even tried to ambush him at a bridge near village, but they didn't Expect the man that was in the Striker to be Joe
  4. You do see crazy good scores like this from decent vehicle players, from time to time. The trick is (and even then you will most likely die alot) is for the team on the receiving end to - wait for it. Remove the threat, then re commence the round objectives. Thats a tough thing to do, even in a clan side as we often are very pre-set on the basic goals, for example in AAS you defined until the next point is capped right, then advance right. Thats the goal, to win (amazing how often in public games even this isn't understood or played!). But if your losing significantly more tickets than the other side then this will not work. You will die alot, and lose the round. The trick with a problematic vehicle is getting close to it for AT to be effective. A nice tactic is very simple. 2 teams of AT both flank hard either side and get into position, take an extra man to act as decoy. When in range decoy moves away from AT team 1 and causes a distraction to vehicle. Both AT then hit it. End of vehicle and it cost 3 maybe 4 guys outta the match. Until that vehicles gone everyone else who's being owned by the vehicle, hard cover and wait/distract it. LOL thats emotional brother..............
  5. And for those wondering... This is the story of JoeDaBrave...... Joe was a squad member like any other... He was quiet, shy, only talked when needed, and never really made himself known.... My squad took a Striker and Logi to gas station to superfob, and when we all disembarked Joe volunteered to run the striker... Every SL knows your striker is likely to be ied'd or AT mined in 10 minutes tops, so I thought after a few he would rejoin our squad pushing on foot.... To be honest, I would completely forget Joe was in our squad, unless he would call out an enemy HAB position, or tell me he would need to go back to base to rearm.... But when those times came, where he had to rearm... Then we would realize, we have this man named Joe in our squad, and we need him back! See, joe had a knack of making a defense of 4 squads feel like there was only 5 men defending the position. Those towel heads could sense when his presence was gone, I can't pinpoint how though... But once they sensed his presence no more, they would come out full force for revenge.... By the time we would wipe, Joe would come back and restore all our faith... Anytime my squad needed a lift to a new objective or because we wiped and I forgot to set a Rally... Joe was there, he would lift our spirits and make us forget the bad times... Without a single complaint, he would just simply say "Okay I'm coming".... No matter how good his position was, or how many RPG hits he took, Joe was always there for us... Every squad needs a Joe.... So be your squads Joe; since, Joe cannot be in every server....
  6. LOLOL thanks I can assure you that the enemy was not incompetent.... The most tickets we had after capping outskirts was 80... We only won by 30.... Without this glorious hero, we would have never stood a chance... Did more work then the most seasoned mortar crew could dream of! Here is a pic of the end score... Edit: They did die a lot, but man did it seem like we were fighting against a brick wall at times...
  7. Even though I'm so over WW games this might give me some hope. Wishing the boy's all the best on this project.
  8. Its a real shame because this would be a marvellous map to have. I hope you will find the time & strength to finish your creation (being selfish here). Goodluck mate.
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  10. We who also want incompetent enemies salute you!. But thats pretty amazing hehe
  11. @Wicca ok, seems you already got the keys. (at first, I thought this was your issue.) it is only about activating the forum tag? - then you need to do this: (top left of the forum) if you still have issues, please contact [email protected]
  12. IF you guys ever see this man in your squad, give him a striker, and say "OKAY JOE, GO TO WORK".... Every kill was from his striker. The dude wrecked stuff up! (none of the credit goes to my SL work, he just owned by himself) He would hold down entire squads by himself, allowing us to move up and cap zones.... Making a 3 squad defense seem like only 1 was defending against us. Click the image to enlarge it...
  13. I can't seem to be able to activate it, eventhough I have squad. I bought the company Clan 10 pack for 600 $
  14. Was talking about post processing to show damage over time which sounds like a plausible thing.
  15. If you're so energetic and jazzed for an environment that has a patina about it... maybe items that have a relic feel to them or perhaps damaged walls etc. You can download all the tools to make it happen and submit you work to the mod section for discussion & approval. Just for example, I recall an OWI post about a user designed ammo crate...
  16. Pay full price the devs need 2018 Ferrari's...
  17. Worth a try actually yeah, good idea. I've actually also just found an FPS limiter in PrecisionX so I'll give that a quick go and see if I get any input lag.
  18. Just a thought as I can't test it myself currently but why not create a DefaultEngine.ini in your \steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Config\ directory as above) an put in.... [systemSettings] t.maxFPS=100 Should be no harm in trying. The devs may of removed the need for DefaultEngine.ini but it doesn't mean the game won't look for the file when it executes.
  19. That there is exactly how to set your sound up, if that's done correctly everything should work fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. That's what I was afraid of, I'm getting getting some screen tearing though that is quite annoying also. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Imho it is more than just a Detail. It is easier to Spot a Green object on that map.
  22. Hi ! I wanted to ask devs if on summer sales squad will be cheaper or if the price stays,thanks
  23. Same dude, a realistic WW2 game with eye for detail ?. **** me, i have been waiting for this all my life. Since The PS1 Medla of honour days i've been waiting
  24. Looks very interesting. I will definitely be keeping my eye on it.
  25. I doubt this. T72 seems to be diesel powered like most modern tanks. Gasoline is considered too dangerous for tanks to use for this very reason (and others) and diesel fuel typically isn't very explosive in nature. Actually on the leopard 2 tank which I was on, the fuel tanks are actually on the side of the tank partially in order to provide extra liquid impact protection against incoming rounds. What happened to the tank in the video is most likely some single round cooked off, then the intense fire finally burnt through the rest of the ammo compartment which are usually quite accessible inside the crew compartment. Actually the casings of the rounds used in the leopard 2 are basically made of paper and most of it normally burns up when you fire the gun. This is to save space mainly and be able to fit more ammo inside and minimize weight etc. T72 I believe though, probably have normal casings though still just a matter of time before the entire ammo stack cooks off which happened here. I agree that it seems very unlikely to survive that. Though I don't know.
  26. You can do it using NvidiaProfileInspector: Or MSi Afterburner: I would suggest to not do it, it will introduce additional completely unnecessary input lag.
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