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  2. July 2018 Recap

    I agree with what you said but 2 mags for a US rifleman is not realistic. This system could work this way: You spawn with everything your role should have. If you die and want to re-spawn you will have to wait quite some time if you want to spawn fully equipped. For instance, you can spawn when the timer ends but you will have 2 mags instead of 7, no grenades, 1 bandage, etc.
  3. Squad vs Insurgency

    no, because all you will get is mic spam from some wag.. and unable to mute them. and of course as you say rendered waste of time if you use a separate device to chat and get around it. And if its voice activated the continuous noise of chatter would be unbearable ....
  4. sounds decent idea on the rally with SL that will help greatly...now they need to sort out the one logi squad thing.... and I just might sneak back in a few months ... cos of course their developing just for me
  5. Squad vs Insurgency

    I think making opposite side be able to hear local our voice is OK follow by voice activate. Unless using smartphone or more settings on ur computer, discord chat is not going to help as the mic is always activated the voice is recorded in game... How do you guys think?
  6. "killable" backpack?

    No you can't. All characters use the same collision box as far as I know.
  7. I came back to Squad 2 days ago. I have long periods of not playing the game because, although I like the direction it´s taking (or the devs make me think it´s taking), it´s not yet there. But everytime i come back I drop by the forum and see many comments that may sound familiar to you. Lack of medics in the squads, lack of Sls, lack of logi runs, etc. And people want some in-game designed mechanic to fix those things. I think that no change will fix for those things without ruining the game. There is a simpler solution, that comes from within each (AND EVERY) player, that some old PR players will understand. How many times in a round do hear or think or say these things? "we need a medic!" "we need someone to do a logi run!" "we need someone to backcap" "we need someone to defend, no squad is defending the flag!" "we need an SL" TAKE A STEP FORWARD! If you see the squad has no medic (or only one) BE THE CHANGE....TAKE THE MEDIC ROLE (and play it responsibly. If you are the first one to die...you are not playing responsibly) If you see that resources are needed, and the sl says that a LOGI RUN is needed, and no one does it....the YOU DO IT!.... If you see all the squads are rushing the middle flag, and that is going to be imposible to cap bexause there is nobody backcaping, tel your SL, that you think you should stay. VOLUNTEER TO HELP YOUR TEAM!!! Are all the squads pushing?? Tell your SL that some presence at the defendable flag is needed and STAY BACK! YOU WILL HAVE FUN!!! simply because chances are the other team is also pushing!!! and your presence there will be crucial, just wait 5 minutes! If you are an experienced player, and know the game mechanics, and there is no squads being created, or not enough squads. JUST DO IT!...GO FOR IT. Dont get disheartened if its too hard, you just need some time. Dont put on the devs What you can do for yourself. Don´t expect any game mechanics change will "fix" What you are capable of doing. Don´t blame the game design for your own lack of teamplay, sportsmanship, and responsibility.
  8. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    I seen this too the other day. I've really wanted a game like project reality to manifest itself on a newer platform since the PR:BF2 servers started fading away. Maybe Project Reality can get a 2nd wind. I'm excited, but they're going to need people.
  9. July 2018 Recap

    Really that bad??? Lol just local voice dude u know like project reality
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  11. "killable" backpack?

    The basics of the situation was like this: I was hiding not far from the enemy. 2 of them were crouching behind a rock. I was using optics and could clearly see their backpacks moving like turtles over a rock. it was an easy shot, but i wasn´t sure if I can actually kill sombeody by only hitting their back pack (from side to side, no penetration to the body involved), and i didn´t want to reveal my position. So the question is: can I kill or wound somebody if I only hit their backpack from side to side? Thanks! Btw: that Works both ways. Can i be killed like that? If so, it explains how sometimes I get hit when I could swear i was behind cover (Maybe some part of my equipment was exposed!
  12. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Hmmm I wonder if you inserted WW2 maps and vehicles and textures, props, guns....yes...another WW2 shooter!
  13. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    I am into this.
  14. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    better than squad? I believe it will be more like the pr than squad
  15. [SF] Team Special Forces

    Team Special Forces is one of the top online gaming communities ! If your looking for a stable, well structured, that has been around for 20 years then Team Special Forces is for you ! All you need to be is 16 and have a mic, its free to join ! Several Divisions that you can be a part of ! You can be any skill level ! So why not be a part of a real Squad when playing Squad and join Team Special Forces today ! www.team-sf.com/join
  16. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Don't take it too hard, buddy... It is what it is. You're only making it worse. Also, sinse you failed to see, let me point out the question - that was far from being vague - before you spin the story even further. What servers do you play and what time and day?
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  18. July 2018 Recap

    +1 for voiceactivating option VOIP, then i can use the extra mouse button for squad radio or something else
  19. Hello, you are in off topic thread area, try the Support area and get in contact with help desk or support.
  20. "Put the controller down man, we have to save this guy's life!" "Hold on, I need to revive the squad leader!"
  21. Squad Leader 101

    I understand your point - the original version of the guide was longer and went into more depth on the subject - edited for brevity and clarity. I do stand by the opinion that new SL's should definitely stick with the base of fire. SL's in the flanking element are committed to the fight and it's highly unlikely they will be able to withdraw with a squadmate if they need to place or refresh a rally. They are also not in a position to make use of their binoculars to survey the battlefield; i.e. spotting reinforcements entering a town attempting to attack the flanking element. SL's in the flanking element must also divert all their attention to attacking and it's near impossible to multitask - responding to other SL's talking in Command, placing map and unit markers on the contacts called out, and issuing accurate orders to the members of their squad. I trust randoms to be better at the run-and-gun tactics of taking a town than having the patience required to be an effective base of fire (most of us were raised on CoD4 anyway), so I don't feel I need to be there with them unless the squad completely lacks initiative. The flanking element can be stacked if heavy casualties are expected - the base of fire only needs 2-3 rifles, or one Autorifleman/MG, to do its job. Lastly, it is U.S. Army doctrine that Squad Leaders stay with the base of fire.
  22. What position do you play the most? Why?

    It depends on the faction, but I tend to like Grenadier because I am deadly accurate with the boob tube.
  23. I hope you put down the controller for at least a few minutes while you are...you know...saving someones life...
  24. Who was the coolest SL you've had?

    Any SL that creates the squad (doesn't create it then immediately pawn it off on someone else), drops rallys, and give objectives to the group are plus 1's in my book.
  25. Hey, so tu summarize my problem, yesterday I was playing, I decide to change server, and when I do that, I can't join any squad, can't write in chat, can't select a kit and can't even spawn. So I close the game and go to sleep. Today I've played for like 2 hours and an half, and I got kicked from the server I was playing on for no apparent reason, but it told me it was for "connection timed out". So I try to reconnect, and I have this bug again. I've tried to close and relaunch the game, to change server, but I still can't play. I just bought the game yesterday and I don't really know what to do now. Thanks for your answers.
  26. Minimal-Systemanforderung

    Das ist echt schade. Ich mag den Realismus in den Video Spielen, deswegen wollte ich gerne mitmischen. Aber es führt wohl kein Weg daran vorbei, mir einen stärkeren PC zu zulegen.
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