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  2. Banned?

    That account doesent look clean to me http://steamcommunity.com/id/shorkiest/
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  4. Balkan (ex YU) Clan/Community

    Alo bando. Javljajte kad se organizujete i dodajte me. Steam -- fearless_rabbit
  5. Banned?

    Hello @Sharkiezt, Squad/OWI doesn't do the banning. - EAC does. You need to appeal the ban with EAC, there is nothing we can do for you. Work with EAC to find out what caused the ban. https://www.easyanticheat.net/#contact
  6. Banned?

    EAC ban?
  7. Mini-map

    I guess you have to memorize the road a bit and use the compass in the bottom to drive in the direction where you want to go. Hey it looks like real life if you do that? So only experienced drivers with terrain knowledge should drive. Once you know the maps a little you will get the hang of hit. Mini radars will make the game too much arcade
  8. tugowar here from the Cohort

    Yeah we played. I'm definitely still learning the game, so don't judge me too hard!
  9. tugowar here from the Cohort

    Wasn't I just in a match with you? I'm Pizza Delivery Guy.
  10. Banned?

    What do you mean by "banned"? Individual servers can ban players, but I've not heard of having your whole account suspended in Squad...
  11. SQUAD | I'm Glad You're Alive

    Ha ha
  12. Hey guys, Just found squad recently because some people in our gaming guild ( http://cohortgaming.com ) recommended it. I'm loving it! Look forward to getting plugged into the community. hugs and kisses, tug
  13. Hi all. So I first got squad in July 2017. I could only get into a server for roughly 1 min 50 secs before I'd get "EAC Authentication Timeout 1/2" and then be kicked automatically. I tried everything to no avail for 3 months and gave up. For whatever reason, last night the game worked and I played for 4 hours no problem. Now when I open the game, the EAC launcher loads up nearly instantly and then shuts down, saying "application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)". After I close that, the game tells me I have an "untrusted system file (C:\Windows\System32\winhttp.dll)" and then the squad game never loads. I can start it from the game files but without the EAC launcher, so I cant play online unless the server doesnt have EAC (so basically no servers). I reinstalled the game, as well as EAC. I've tried opening everything including steam as admin. I've done a few clean starts, I've tried setting the launcher, steam, and the game to compatibility mode, I've turned off my personal and internet firewall, put "-safe" in launch options on steam, and I've deleted my EAC folder and validated the game filed in steam. I've tried many combos of each of these and have no idea what I did different last night. Any ideas?
  14. Banned?

    I had purchased this game back in 2015 and recently came back wanting to play it again since a few friends had been asking me to. I came to the realization that my account is banned and am not sure why. I don't believe I have cheated when I played it for a few hours back when I had bought the game. If there is any way we can look into this I would greatly appreciate it and if the action is irreversible, I completely understand. The game SQUAD is linked to my steam account with the following Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:28560031
  15. That would be because AMD do not support the raptr /gaming evolved software anymore. It is defunct. AMD decided to can it in favour of their ReLive branch instead. You have old software conflicting with new. You can uninstall gaming evolved completely
  16. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    Well the current squad community is made out of battlefield kids (see replies in thread) so probably never gonna get this because it might require a semblance of logistics and might force some tactics!!
  17. Function: SetPlayRate (Timeline)

    Hi All, I'm having trouble making a SetPlayRate function from a Timeline. All the info i've seen so far says that all you have to do is drag the Timeline Component into the event graph, and make a Set PlayRate off of it. When i drag the Component in i end up with a basic "Set", not a SetPlayRate, I've even tried typing in set play rate whilst pulling off the link but it does not find any such function ie: it turns the Timeline Component node into the Set node - i should end up with a Timeline Target node from which i can create the SetPlayRate from. So, does SetPlayRate exist in the SDK? or am missing something/doing it wrong? Any help much appreciated Cheers! .LJ
  18. Why does the SDK take me 10 minutes to open?

  19. I cant play Squad

    yeah I don't know. the clean install should have done the trick, assuming you followed the the clean install instruction step by step. - especially step 3. Anyways, I am out of ideas. you can still contact [email protected] describe your issue, link this thread.
  20. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines in
  21. thx for sharing with us. Can you describe real quick what the issue was? Did Squad not launch, or did Squad freeze during gameplay? btw, I did split your post from http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/29844-squad-sfreeze-and-make-some-buzzy-sound/ trying to keep unrelated issues separated.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Community Clan Fight Night

    FSQ in Yeho
  24. i am joining you! same problem here, been playing from a couple years untill last week.. i don't understand if it's a squad problem or AMD, if it's AMD would it help to roll back to previous update? i am going nuts that i don't understand what's the problem! tryed all you guys suggested.. check files, clear cache data, run all updates of windows/steam/AMD, tryed to close gaming evolve, fresh installation on my SSD.. all without success btw my CPU is i7 4790 and GPU is R9 390x with 16GB RAM can't wait to get back in action! EDIT: it seems i've fixed by just closing the app of AMD "PLAY's TV" as it's closed it seems working smoothly... damn weird!
  25. Salute

    From one Ol JointOps player to another I welcome you to the Familia...HooAh!. If you lookin´for a Clan/Team leave your mark here... And don´t forget,before you go outside...Put your false teeth in...
  26. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    I recently bought Escape from Tarkov (amazing game, highly recommend it) and the outdoor sounds are good, probably better than Squad to be honest (if someone shoots you from 100m in squad it sounds relatively distant, if someones shoots you from 100m in Tarkov it's really loud and close like it is in real life) but the indoor sounds..... oh boy.... Anders needs to pick up that game and play Factory for a while, that is exactly how guns should sound indoors.
  27. Lag After Update

    if you are running Raptr. You should uninstall it. AMD support ditched it some time ago and concentrated their efforts or their relive drivers and software etc.
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