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  2. Bad game culture at the moment

    The only time I ever mind getting someone up is when they died because they did something stupid (ex: stood up during an extended long range firefight, ran into a building we know is occupied like they are in the Leroy Jenkins fan club, died completely out in the open, etc), AND get annoying about wanting the revive immediately, or demand one instantly because they are an SL and need to get a rally down (which buddy rally relieved this of mostly), or they just aren't thinking and don't a realize that the thing which killed them will now kill me if go for them. In this game if I kill someone I'm likely camping the body. I know people get pressured into reviving and I can trace a path people are coming while picking off revivers. I assune other people play this way, so I'm picky about revives because I only go for them in totally safe environments or areas which I feel like I fully cleared out. If we are mid range going up a hill then depending on the size of the firefight, you might be waiting a while. But thats my playstyle. I don't do it to be rude, I do it because that is my playstyle. I like to keep a high KDA. For mel, the most rewarding feeling in the game is having to go back to fill up on ammo; after slowly pushing into the offense objevtive, taking people out and actively creating a way in, surviving on 1 life, then having to refill on ammo while hoping you can do it again. Playing on pub (casual) servers are fun when you find a playstule that is fun for you. Sometimes I go on to interact with people and other times I'm just trying to have some fun and the people are basically NPC, but I help them if it makes sense.
  3. Atmospheric Ambience

    One layer on Skorpo features rain and I really like that. Some improvements and more atmospheric ambience would be amazing.
  4. Bad game culture at the moment

    My favourite rule from PR was the assets rule, if you want a tank, make a squad for it, or join one already existing, same with apc's. On prta we actually want to start trying to implement it. Hopefully we won't be seeing infantry squads taking IFV's anymore, and instead have a specialised squad for it. We're hoping to fix the teamwork issues between squad leaders, on most servers a lot of the comms between SL's are just silent... So we want to start enforcing it.
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  6. Bad game culture at the moment

    There are many alternatives to recreate a more tactical approach to the game. Many good ideas in the forum and many ideas already implemented in other games (PR for example). By now, if they haven´t implemented them is not because the don´t know about them or they aren´t aware of the consequences current mechanicsn have in the game... If they haven´t implemented (OR EVEN COMMENT) about it, it´s not because they don´t know about options, it´s because they don´t want to do it (for many posible reasons)
  7. Bad game culture at the moment

    An alternative to removing rally's could be PR's way of spawning. In PR, each time you died you got 1 second added to your spawn timer. Hence the player might try to stay alive more. On the other hand PR also gave players the incentive to defend flags because when you killed an enemy while defending a flag you got 1 second deducted from your spawn time ie. although the minumum spawn time never changed.
  8. Atmospheric Ambience

    I agree with you , some part o some maps are unnaturally silent.
  9. Bad game culture at the moment

    yeah i agree the respawn time should be longer, thats a simple solution
  10. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    The medic system is essentially designed to punish reviving into combat, so you clear everything first deal with all the threats etc and then revive The issue in Squad is that one combat starts it doesn't really end very often. So aside from a few common scenarios where you can safely revive in combat, (mass death around FOBs, dead behind crests of hills, or in windows) or out of combat (some lone marksman gets one kill before being riddled with bullets) it's often better to let your buddies respawn and keep pushing enemy spawns hard. This has the side benefits of respawns setting up flanks in the ongoing battle and/or protecting the spawn point, and hey if they're lucky they'll catch a 10 second rally spawn, faster than a revive would be anyway. So I think it all comes back to FOBs and Rallies again. The revive system will never really work correctly if respawning is too generous. It has to be paced so a Squad can clear the enemy and then revive in safety, pretty rare in Squad. As for permadeath, while permadeath has an important function to stop some of the more abusive revives into combat, that's about the limits of it. More permadeath means less revives, but it also means more respawns, obviously not a miracle fix.
  11. The a14 Stutter Problem

    Although you game runs fine at the start I would try to deactivate fully load textures. First it unnecessarily increases your loading time because it loads all textures into your VRAM and second even 8G VRAM is too less for most maps. My 1080ti showed 10.5G VRAM usage on many maps. So this might also contribute to your issue.
  12. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    So, these are all from browsing the Squad reddit the past hour or so: I think it's time some of the more controversial V13 changes got looked at. I am ambivalent on the speed changes (you can run faster but you have to stop sooner, so i don't consider it overpowered), but buddy rallies and the lack of instadeath have made the majority of public games a case of rally-spawn-rush-die-repeat. Take a look through those threads, people are actually making some good points about how the current meta not only harms tactics, but also provides no incentive for rookie SLs to improve, because they have been turned into glorified spawn points. Even worse, players who can play better have no incentive to do so anymore. Case in point, i was the single squad medic last night, playing with experienced guys from a well known clan that participates in 1-life events. We were on Kohat, trying to control a certain avenue of approach, so we had the usual emplacements on a ridge and it became a series of long range engagements as the enemy was trying to close the range and push us off our position. You know how this goes, people start peeking, some get downed, but as long as you are not cresting the hill and moving between cover, even as a single medic you can keep picking your guys up. It's pretty manageable unless the enemy either gets close enough to blanket you with grenades, or you get other forms of HE (enemy armor fire, mortars, etc) landing on you. Well, some squadmates were giving up within a 30 meter radius of me, when i could have revived them in less than a minute. Now these guys were not stupid, they were actually very competent, made good tactical decisions and i enjoyed playing with them a lot. Our FOB was actually placed some distance away from the defense point and in a good place to overlook the next attack flag, which we ended up taking through a combination of covering fire from our emplacements and sending a small team of 3 down to storm it, with a bit of help from other squads. It speaks volumes however about the mentality these changes encourage and how everyone is then forced to adapt to a single playstyle or die. Seeing experienced and capable players value their tickets so low really hammered home for me something we've already talked about recently. It's not that these guys couldn't wait for a medic. They actually did in other engagements later in the round and they also revived each other often, so i only had to bring them up to full heatlh afterwards, they were a very good squad. The reason they were giving up with a medic less than 10 meters away (yes, this happened twice within the span of 2 minutes, as i was telling them i'm right behind them) is because it was the optimal thing to do at the time in terms of maximizing our gains. Just get back into it as soon as possible and keep laying the fire down. Why? Because everyone abuses buddy rallies and endless revives. They had to keep hammering that compound with support weapons so our 3-man assault element could get there in-time and prevent everyone on the opposing team from getting revived for the fourth time in a row, just as i had been reviving them.
  13. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    How about the "no teleport mod" or "project reality"? In all seriousness though I will be modding the game mode on release if the game is like it is now.
  14. The a14 Stutter Problem

    I built a rig in February primarily to play Squad, after watching some Karmakut videos. It worked fine, even with only 8GB single-channel when one of my two sticks arrived DOA. Version a13 got a little performance bump and looked better. But since version a14 it is unplayable, stuttering with huge frame rate drops. It works fine for a few minutes after joining Shooting Range or a server, then performance degrades. When it stutters, CPU usage and GPU usage both drop. My PC specs are: Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 i7 8700K, not OC, mild temps 16GB RX 590, mild temps, latest driver Squad launched from SSD 1920x1080 fullscreen with mostly Epic settings for 1080p 60hz monitor 2560x1440 fullscreen with Medium to Epic settings for 1440p 144hz monitor Here are a couple recordings of it behaving normally then things going south.
  15. Bad game culture at the moment

    You guys raise some good points. I think the problem is as well that in the mind of a newish player, in order to win you should throw down a good fob closer to key objective than enemy team and when your team all dies they will spawn closer than the enemy and thus quicker. But actually that's like one of 100 different intricate factors you need to consider in order to win... on it's own the strat is essentially just a zerg rush. As for spamming hand grenades, it's a great strat, you cant just throw one or they'll throw one back at you... you should have a source of ammo close by anyway if the squad leaders are doing their job properly, and not sucking up all the supplies from your defense fob to go zerg rush anyway, you usually get a few good games per night on the aussie servers where people communicate etc, you just need a bit of luck.
  16. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    NWI just dropped another update to Sandstorm improving the hardcore mode, come on OWI, where is the Hardcore mode in Squad?
  17. Bad game culture at the moment

    Good to meet you! I'll let you know when I start mod development.
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  19. Bad game culture at the moment

    YOu should go over the HARDCORE GAME MODE there and add up to the voice of people who at least want to see a game mode added. Or a game mod supported by devs.
  20. I had a moment the other day (Aussie server too). We were defending a flag. I overheard another squad leader saying "chuck down your ammo bag and lob grenades". I then watched on as the player then proceeded to lob grenades, refill from the ammo bag and continued to lob grenade after grenade in the enemy's direction. The devs clearly want this game to go in the BF/COD direction. I wouldn't be surprised if we get crosshairs and player radars in the near future...
  21. Bad game culture at the moment

    The closest I have come to a moment like that in Squad was this one time when I managed to get my entire squad to actually hold fire for once, and we more or less crawled around an enemy infested area. We located their HAB, and everyone got into position in a hedgerow / treeline overlooking the enemy HAB. We had a good mortar squad on our team, so I marked the HAB and asked them to send one shell for confirmation. Perfect hit! "Perfect splash!! Give 'em hell boys, give 'em hell!!!" "Hold your fire boys until the shells start dropping" in local voice. Moments later the shells were dropping accurately and consistently and all of us opened fire simultaneously. It was an absolute slaughter. Memorable moment. It would have been even better if those ferocious 30-40 seconds of absolute carnage would have meant more than it actually did in the end. With the right set of rules and game mechanics implemented in Squad, this would not be a one time in hundreds of hours of gameplay-moment. I think most players simply fail to realize this. They don't see the big picture. They wanna spawn and shoot, not build up to that moment and have that overwhelming feeling of accomplishment wash over them. Maybe not because they "don't want to", but because they do not realize the potential.
  22. server issue

    hi guys, we had our server allready working with the license key ! and we where doing great but yesterday we changed the server name !! and it popped us back in to custom browser i allready signt up for a new license key with the same email and information only a different server name! is this the right way ? thankyou for your time Jordy
  23. Bad game culture at the moment

    AMEN!!!!!! +1 (although rallies in a vanilla kinda game that disappear after a while dont bother me) Dude.... Oh dude... I had a moment... oh dude... I only experienced that in PR (mostly ONE LIFE EVENTS, which are actually the only reason i´m still interested in the game)
  24. Server Licensing General Info

    hello guys, can someone help me please ? we had a server allready active with a license key and everthing. but my buddy changed the server name and then i popped back in the custom browser can someone help us with that maybe ? thankyou Jordy
  25. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    A much better explanation. Thank you veyr much. +1
  26. Bad game culture at the moment

    Those moments of respite are among my favorites. You and your squad have just accomplished your mission, to secure and capture an objective. A sigh of relief, and a hell yeah in local voice. "Alright boys, I want a 360 defense. Check your map, cover any vulnerable angle". Then you have a moment to chat a bit in local and bond with the guy next to you. Spit some USMC movie clichés, have a laugh. Keep an eye on the map, how things develop around the next objective, trying to come up with a plan for your next move, while the guys pick off a couple of stragglers, successfully defending the objective. It's a complete mind f*ck to me how often players lack the attention span to chill for 3-4 minutes before the next move, or the next incoming assault. (excuse me if I spam the thread, but I am at work and having a slow night)
  27. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    I don't think he means that what you're saying is irrelevant, because it does matter. Maybe he's saying that your example is very specific (a specific location on a specific map) for a problem that is quite widespread and affects numerous factions across a variety of maps. Vehicle driving mechanics are "funky" to say the least and from what i hear, it's been that way for quite some time. That's a matter that definitely ties in to the considerations of this thread because it affects supply runs and the ease of traversing the battlefield, but maybe the exact specifics of the issue belong in a dedicated "fix the vehicle torque/traction/handling" thread, just to make things easier to follow. One thing is mostly about game design choices that affect the gameplay loop on the broad strategic sense, the other is fixing a specific asset class to behave closer to its real-life counterpart. They are related issues, but still worthy of separate discussions.
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