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  2. The problem- Playing with your lads is undisputably better than with random squad members. They might not know the language, not follow orders, they would prefer to rush when you try to backcap, etc, etc. Point is- Squad is more fun and you're more effective with people you know. But its unnecessary hard to get together into one squad. Balancing means that usually half of you is on one side, half on the other and you have to play for the enemy while you wait till someone leaves so you can switch teams. Its a pain in the ass. This was talked about before but i think My way is more resonable than premade squad joining, squad prefixes joining and others. Plus the idea is more fleshed out. I actually thought about it instead of just going "Make it so i can play with my lads easier. Do it, no matter how" Solution- Searching for a server as a group. How i imagine it should look like? 1. You and your lads turn on Squad (Obviously) 2. There's an additional tab in the main menu- "Create Group"- One of you clicks it 3. He then invites the other ones via the Steam friends list. Simmiliar to how CSGO operates. 4. When the group is created and everyone is in- He then proceeds to search for a server for all of you through the regular search engine 5a) He finds a server with enough room for all of you. He clicks it, it automatically joins the whole group 5b) He finds a server with not enough room for all of you. He clicks it, he gets the prompt- "Server has not enough room for the whole group. 4 of you will be transfered to the queue. Continue? Yes/No " (That explains itself, if there's not enough room, the "overfill" will simply be transfered to queue. Determined by the order of jojning group) 6. You enter the server. From here its the same as now. One of you creates a squad, the rest joins him, you play and have fun. I dont want any premade squads, or forcing the group to join on the same side. Its simply not needed. Only change that has to be made at this point is laxing the balancing a bit. Squad is a tactical game, there's really no clear advatage when you have 35 or 40 players on your side. I think it should be moved from difference of 2 men to 4. Even if you dont want to implement "Group joining", balancing change would greatly improve the organsed group experience. Why not difference of 9, or no balancing at all? Becouse while a pain in the ass, it still is needed and i find 4 to be the golden number- not enough to make a big difference, enough to be a self sustainable fireteam. It would greatly improve quality of living when you want to play with the lads. If you think about it, it could even improve the whole squad experience- more cohesive units with better cooperation between its members equal generally better gameplay. It wouldnt hurt to try, only thing you're changing for those that dont want to use it is a bit higher balance window than before. (I made an account here just to write this) Regards, Globul Potato.
  3. Post Scriptum is using some of Offworld's (referred to as Offworld Core) technology, but both companies are independent teams working on different projects -- it's possible some techniques could be shared, but as far as I know, they're working on their own systems. The folks mentioned in the article you linked are OWI folks, working on Squad vehicle code. =)
  4. Comms Drop?

    So punish 70% of the people while giving an advantage to the 30% that use Discord / TS ?
  5. What is the VOIP system used by Squad?

    from squad wiki. It's an old school open source VOIP.
  6. Penalty for early give up

    Isn't the least complex solution to just remove the give up button and change the insta spawn at main? If you die, you are revivable untill you are able respawn or bleed out. If you then change the spawn mechanic of main to be the same as the fastest spawn option available at the time, you will always have a window for reviving.
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  8. Ranging for rocket techi

    rough guide look to your left and use the no.s on the speedo.. if you cant see the no.s its between 150 and 200 metres ... counting clockwise (from 12.oclock or I think its 160 kpm) 160 to 200 kpm is about 200 300 metres.. the next 200kph to 260 are 300 to 450 above that you in the 500 meter range.. I did a short video on the range will post when I can find it... might help. remember these things are really not accurate so they fly all over the place short and long but this gives a better idea of where they might land.
  9. how about a captured truck gives a radar effect of a certain amount of meters around it? so it does not give perhaps intel on the fob/hab if its not in range but anything within that range enemy wise is flashed up on the map? Each vehicle giving a certain distance around it... the logi being the largest shown radar area .. so we have a choice to blow it for tickets or leave it to provide area intelligence?
  10. Penalty for early give up

    There should be a cumulative increase in the spawn timer based on how many times you giveup and within what timeframe... Why should I be punished for not giving up .. waiting for a medic who gets wiped trying, only the guy next to me gives up right away and uses a ticket and spawns back in 35-40s. If its my 4 or 5th death then there should be a punishment for that .. and the timer increases with each subsequent death... or you spawn back in with a rifleman kit if you want in the action faster. As I have said many times, squad is a big giant TDM and with people giving up right away , spawning back at main, grabbing a vehicle , dying in that vehicle or using it to get back to the action, it compounds the ticket loss. I still say that revives by the medic should offer something back to the squad that he is in, through extra tickets, vehicle access or supply points and if you have people giving up right away then that loses those points.. if a guy keeps doing it you kick him from your squad as he is just wasting assets/tickets/points.
  11. Hello, I am wondering what it the VOIP system used by Squad please. Is it an in-house software or a third party application? I am asking because I think it works extremely well compared to other games like Rainbow 6 Siege or PUBG. Thank you very much
  12. Server Licensing General Info

    Good afternoon. Twice I sent a request for a license for my server for 80 people, but so far nothing has come, and it's probably been a month (maybe a little less). Tell me please, do you really get a license or is it not even worth trying?
  13. Quick Note on Helicopters from Merlin

    3 weeks confirmed jokes aside, i cant imagine how people can really think you dont work on these things. and its a good decision to wait a little, with the anim update there was too much waiting and too much people being disappointed by their own imagination.
  14. Can't speak for hll, but yes a suppression effect is needed... RO2/RS does it pretty well.
  15. Penalty for early give up

    I agree with the idea but you present a good argument.... undecided...

    Actually for me its the complete opposite, can't stand desert maps. And whos the metro**g with the 'beautiful' hair
  17. Comms Drop?

    I like that idea. I also like the idea of being able to hear enemy global/direct chat and vise versa.... cause being able to talk to anyone on your team in direct and not be heard by a sneaky enemy 5-10 meters away is just silly and completely unrealistic.
  18. You can't place a mine under a vehicle which is unfair. If you do manage to place it relatively close it will disappear, even it shoed green placement.
  19. Scout bomb feeble

    The scout's bomb makes lots of noise, you can hear it across the map, it's apparently two mortar shells, yet damage it does not. You can stand 5 meters and it will not kill you, a grenade is more powerful then the bomb.
  20. In order to introduce some more variables and unexpectedness I thought about this. I´m NOT talking about a random lay out. Take any AAS layout on any map. Both teams are fighting for the middle flag, nothing strange about it. And suddenly, at a "random" point in the map, an isolated Neutral flag appears. Not part of the "linear" sequence. Just a random flag in the middle of a village, or a train station that wasn´t originally in the layout when the map started. Now teams can decide to divert resources to go cap it. Once capped, it disappears, and the team that got it gets a 15 ticket bonus. Or better, make the other team drop 15 tickets. That represents the fog of war of a real battlefield, with changing side objectives. e.g. Your squad is tasked with defending some área, but then a chopper is taken down, and you need to get your things together and rescue the pilot. and get there before the enemy gets to him. Or some piece of Intel has been detected in a village and both teams race to it. I think it would be something to ad some flavour and improvisation without beinf to intrusive with the Original layout and general flow of the game. What do you think?
  21. I see what Font says, but I think that in order to give incentive to realistic tactics in a video game, you have to introduce "artificial" mechanics. Can´t a soldier just open the door and get into that Logi truck??? well it´s a simple as that in real life, but in this game, you have to request permisión and the SL has to accept it in order to be able to do it. Is that "Artificial" or what? YES, but it´s necessary. Why does an SL need 2 people to set a radio? So people stick together and keep it "close to real". If you don´t implement restrictive mechanics, then people would just run around gunning like in any other game. Which IS FUN!!!!....but just a different game. Suppression is a restrictive mechanic, implemented to generate the same result supressive fire would generate in real life, and that is, NOBODY peaks. The reason for this in real life,...chances of getting shot are too high, and if you do...YOU DIE...no RESPAWN!... The reason for this in the game...your screen gets so blurry that you won´t be able to find the target and kill it before it kills you. The result achieved by both....YOU KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN AND DON´T PEAK! Of course this is a game, and if you want to get killed because you want to respawn at base with the rest of the squad...you can do it...It is and always will be a game!
  22. Quick Note on Helicopters from Merlin

    Too many channels. Steam, reedit, forums,...way to many. In my case I go to steam and reedit to take a look beacause I´m curious, but I consider the forum to be the oficial and most trustworthy source.
  23. Hi all, admittedly this is not directly related to Squad, but I'd love a little advice on a hardware question on my gaming rig if possible. My rig is ageing, but ageing well IMO. CPU: i5 3570K oc to 4.4Ghz (water cooled) RAM: 8.00GB DDR3 (1600) Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V (LGA1155) GPU: GTX 780 (EVGA) 3071MB 238GB Samsung SSD 840 PRO 42' TOSHIBA-TV ([email protected]) My options to upgrade are limited, money is too tight for a complete upgrade right now, which would be ideal. So I'm considering getting some extra RAM, but it has some considerations. Is it worth it? Would i be better putting the money towards a future complete upgrade instead? Will it extend the life of my rig as a decent gaming PC? I'm really struggling to answer these.... Considering that....Not having enough RAM can be a big issue but having more than is needed does nothing to improve performance. My options are: £150 to get Corsair CMY16GX3M2A2400C11R Vengeance Pro Series 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 2400Mhz CL11 XMP - Red £100 to get CMZ16GX3M2A1600C9 - CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 DDR3 1600 This is my present RAM is: CMZ8GX3M2X1600C7 - Corsair Vengeance DDR3 PC12800/1600MHz CL7 2x4GB I don't know what to do... I really don't want to waste my money. My knowledge on the finer points of RAM spec is limited.. I'd have to re oc my rig, that's gonna be a bit of a pain as the utility for the board to do it easily does not work with Win10.... I'm old and oc knowledge is very rusty! But on the flip side I'd spend a £150 in a heart beat if it propped up my rig for another year or two! Will going to 16GB @2200 from [email protected] be significant? I know its all a bit subjective... but I'd love some advice! What would you do? Thanks Tommy out.
  24. Buenos días. Desde ADN y el clan ESPS os proponemos un nuevo evento llamado “El raid de Bengasi”. Nuestra intención es que os unáis al juego y hacer algo parecido a una partida normal pero con un poco más de profundidad. Meteos en el papel, seguro que os divertís. Argumento. El 11 de septiembre de 2012, en el aniversario de los ataques terroristas a las Torres Gemelas y al Pentágono, un grupo de milicianos islamistas atentaron contra el consulado estadounidense y un anexo cercano de la CIA en Bengasi (Libia). Un equipo de Operaciones Especiales de Estados Unidos fue enviado para rescatar a los supervivientes. Desarrollo de la partida. Jugaremos dos rondas en el mapa Al-Bashra. Un equipo americano saldrá en convoy desde el aeropuerto de Bengasi hacia el centro de la ciudad donde las fuerzas insurgentes tienen retenido al embajador. Los insurgentes dispondrán de un solo FOB que hará el papel de rehén. Podrán armar y reabastecerlo como quieran. La organización les indicará dónde ponerlo. Al equipo atacante se lo pondremos un poco más difícil teniendo en cuenta que tienen que pasar un río lleno de trampas para llegar a su destino. Su objetivo es llegar hasta el embajador (destruir el FOB) y volver a la base con él (volver a base) en un largo camino a casa. Ambos bandos dispondrán de todo el armamento y vehículos que quieran, sin limitaciones. De igual forma, los EEUU tendrán un solo FOB pero no fijo. Para poder poner otro han de quitar el anterior o perderlo, pero nunca podrán tener 2 a la vez. En la segunda ronda los que hayan jugado de EEUU pasarán a Insurgentes y viceversa. Uno o dos administradores estarán en modo espectador comprobando que todo se desarrolle con normalidad y dando indicaciones a los participantes, si fueran necesarias. Tendrá lugar en el servidor [ESP] [ENG] ADNGamers.com & ESPS el viernes 4 de mayo a las 22 horas. Como siempre, está abierto a todo tipo de jugadores, hasta completar aforo. Para una mejor administración y control del evento, tenéis que apuntaros en este hilo o en el siguiente doodle https://doodle.com/poll/agttvp2nqmaddyrx El día de la partida se pondrá contraseña al servidor, que se os proporcionará en el grupo de “Eventos Squad España”. Igualmente se pondrá como comentario en el doodle. Ante cualquier duda podéis poneros en contacto con nosotros por Steam o plantearla en este hilo. Os esperamos a todos y deseamos que os lo paséis bien. Saludos, Super Coco LISTADO DE PARTICIPANTES EEUU INSURGENTES
  25. Comms Drop?

    Though a nice idea your going to ended up with a lot of complaints related to mics not working. Please don't add extra barriers to comma, it's hard getting a working squad at the best of times.
  26. Yesterday, I had this sound bugged so I did not hear it once, but twice. Different timing, but the same volume. It was so beautiful, I had to put the headset away of my ears. Grr....
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