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  2. This is why I sometimes love this game...

    I feel you sometimes it can be annoying but in perfect moment like those it can just truly make you laugh and want to play more, you have all the serious moments and within those you can get something to chill you out.
  3. Mud effects in-game

    I have been playing Battlefield 1 and have been enjoying some of the realistic effects such as mud. Could you add a feature where your gun becomes dirty and that your scope can become blocked out from mud, making you spend time to clean it (by wiping it with your hands), which could be done by just pressing down the fire button.
  4. I mean, this thread is a pretty good example of why I'd love to see nametags removed/nerfed.
  5. hey, im from europe, finland and in v9 i saw all US servers. Now after v10, just couple, any idea what might be wrong? Steam own server browsers shows them, but not squads internal. edit: after ~30 refresh i got more us servers showing, but after next, some again disappeared..
  6. The RedCoats - Actively Recruiting

    Nice to see the RC back up and running
  7. Got to admit I'd be pretty salty if a player looked me square in the face for a good handful of seconds and 1) I hadn't shot them 2) I'm wearing the same uniform as them And they then proceeded to hose me down! Squad is a semi-sim game and its helpful to have watched a few gameplay videos before diving in so you, at least, know friend from foe from within 10m lol! However the key to take away from this for the OP is: 1) YOU WEREN'T VERBALLY ABUSED (far worse could have happened than being kicked!!) 2) Being kicked was fitting punishment as you hadn't even introduced yourself on squad chat before proceeding to hose your SL down 3) Go watch some gameplay videos 4) Spend a good hour in the Shooting Range to practice weapons, vehicles & roles 5) Get back in and try again 6) SAY HELLO AND TELL THEM YOU'RE NEW SO THEY DON'T TAKE YOU FOR A RANDOM TROLL
  8. Today
  9. Squad Leader squad creation locks

    I imagine that's ok but its not really using your role or kit to its potential. In those situations its far more tactically flexible to move a rifleman to an AR role surely? Realise where you're coming from however so I won't try to second guess how you run a squad of course but there's a real issue with players "jumping ship" mid-match still. Maybe its server related, you're likely to get this on unlocked servers with higher proportion of PUG players and the ultimate answer to any of this is joining a locked server via an organised group but its not always an option....certainly not an option for newer players (less than 20hrs gameplay for example) or players who's timezone/ability to be online doesn't match the majority of clans. I'm just offering suggestions I guess and some form of lock at the pre-game stage would certainly be welcome as the biggest issue is players creating random/empty squads adhoc during the pregame phase.
  10. This game revolves around player interaction, and if you let one salty SL deter you completely, you won't enjoy it at all. Squad can be a seriously rewarding game and winning a match with a good squad is so very satisfying. Don't let one bad experience form your entire opinion on the game.
  11. The RedCoats - Actively Recruiting

    The logo does not matter, the banter is what really is the important part. (Good to see you back in the forum btw <3)
  12. This could be related to your freezes, but not sure. Your game crashed after that last line. Seems like for some reason your game thread is choking on creating the particles for some effects. It might be totally normal and not related, but that's the only thing in the log that jumped out at me.
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    SQ-MAK in Yehorivika AAS V
  14. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Maybe run them as administrator?
  15. The RedCoats - Actively Recruiting

    i still think this was your coolest potential logo.
  16. Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh

    I really like how PS lays out the squad's layout in the squad menu. Like, I wish it was in Squad. It's awesome. Very visually appealing and easy to understand.
  17. Will we see jets in the future?

    nah fam how many times have you loaded up Squad and read the whole 'this game is currently in development and features are subject to change' or whatever the specific wording is c'mon
  18. Music!

    new posty single from b&b dropping this year, get h y p e
  19. Muharebe Arama Kurtarma ( Combat Reconnaissance Rescue)

    kufurbaz maymun vol1 ; l nekadarda hakliyim demi,bunalra katilmayin pisman olursunuz !!!!
  20. Optimal Intel Network Adapter Settings

    Squad's displayed ping includes the processing time on the server for game data. That means that as the server FPS drops (the server gets more and more loaded and processing gets queued up, taking longer) everyone's ping will rise. So if you have an actual "ping" to the server of 30ms, but the server is taking 40ms to process your data and return an ACK packet or the rest of the game update data (dunno which one it uses), your displayed ping will be 70-80ms. ... At least that is what I understood from a OWI dev post somewhere years ago that I can no longer find. It may be wrong.
  21. Will we see jets in the future?

    Something important to note is that it is almost all conjecture at this point. Nothing definitive has been said by the devs to my knowledge (at least I've never seen a post to say specifically "no"), and since it was part of the original design guidelines they set out... there is always still a chance to see them in squad.
  22. penetration system/ ricochets?

    Hell yea. I agree with this if it's possible.
  23. Will we see jets in the future?

    Ye, I only bought Squad for full Combined Arms which includes attack helis and jets. I love to fly SU-25. But since they started saying that even attack heli may not be part of Squad - it is just sad. PR all the way then.
  24. New Player Looking To Get Started :)

    Also here is my steam info for anyone who wants to just add me and we can go from there. http://steamcommunity.com/id/fritch117
  25. Will we see jets in the future?

    To me they look fine in PR because it's so much lower fidelity. In Squad the same speed air-craft could look odd, but who knows at this point. What I'm seeing from the past couple of posts is people wanting CAS but not necessarily player controlled aircraft. Whenever someone mentions AI call-ins a portion of the community complains it would be a CoD type feature but there's no reason for such a feature to lack team coordination, in my opinion it would just shift the coordination from the SL and pilot to the SL and Commander. What I would like to see is a Commander role that has all of the control over a limited amount of CAS call-ins rather than every SL having a context menu command to call a strike on a location. This way SLs would have to communicate strikes to the Commander in a similar way as PR had with the jet pilots and you get the same results from the ground.
  26. Situational awareness isn't reading a player tag to determine friendly status. Kit (the gear the dudes wearing) and Map markers tell you everything you need to know. Regardless, shit happens. Especially in this game. Cheers mate, it just isn't the game for you. No harm, no foul
  27. Will we see jets in the future?

    You missed out man... in its heyday it was incredible (with about the same daily players as squad has now) I personally feel like jets would work just fine in squad, especially since they could be much more flexible with surrounding terrain etc in squad. They didn't look ridiculous in PR to me at least. Edit: Oops video was already posted above
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