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  2. the game has the be launched at 4K, not at 1080 then switched to it.
  3. Smaller, faster game modes?

    I hear where your coming from; though I have teenage children who game and a wife who also enjoys her laptop time; and its an interesting perspective to look from but look at other titles for that quick "fix" your needing. At this stage I don't see any benefit in the devs investing in making/creating/coding whatever new small format game types/maps for now or the future full release. If it is a topic that garners enough interest and support from the community leave it in the hands of the community mod makers and map makers. As for titles these are ones that I play or have played in smaller player count area that I have enjoyed: TC Rainbow 6 Siege for some fast paced 5v5 . Really good support for a Ubisoft title and coool toys. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 16v16 servers. Been a long time fan boy of the original Red Orchestra mod to the current game. Brutal Shooter Player Unknown Battlegrounds with 3 mates for a round or 2 is perfect for the cheese factor. CHEESE FACTOR lol nothing like Squad or the games I have previously mentioned but can be just plain good fun.
  4. Smaller, faster game modes?

    I dont mean anything like battlefield at all. I mean squad, with smaller maps and no vehicles. The teams would of course still have to take it slow and communicate everything. Just cutting a round down from an hour to a more heart pumping 10-20 minutes
  5. Yesterday
  6. Smaller, faster game modes?

    If server is low on players, maybe something like a tactical lounge area could be set up, where you can do unique things, what those are? Training stuff? Talk tactics? Then when sufficient players are on server the red alert goes off and everyone is called to report to their teams for battle. Just an idea...
  7. Smaller, faster game modes?

    These small modes are also extremely usefull for server seeding, when the switch is automated or made available for player vote through proper RCON / AdminToolSet.
  8. IF

    @L0cation Check your PM
  9. August 2017 Recap

    Damn. gunner n00b is back, harrashing all the medics and other respectfull disciplines of fine arts.
  10. What are you working on?

    @LugNut Worked on the nose today, was bothering me, had to do it in Blender, and had to edit and shape by one vertex at a time, but only took a couple of hours. Going to fix up the fuselage and windows a little more but the nose is getting there I think.
  11. Smaller, faster game modes?

    I could care less if people wanted to make a mod with low pop sides and small maps, one thing to keep in mind is that with the new animations, existing movement speed and aiming mechanics, it would still be plenty Squad-like. Simple TDM would be great for new players to learn how to shoot and actuallly hit their targets for example.
  12. tactical blind fire - cont

    Low risk high yield that is used by all forces cuz you know "realism"! plus the ability to pick up other teams weapons. continuation of last thread rudely interrupted by mod
  13. August 2017 Recap

    We have free look now?
  14. The fact that the AK74 has more recoil than the M4, when this isn't the case IRL. (when this game is supposed to preach realism)
  15. Four crashes in one night

    OK. Glad to hear. Locking thread. Report the thread in case you need it reopened.
  16. IF

    @L0cation I dare say the complaints you reference are those made before 9.9. Now I am not saying the cpu load has been distributed more evenly across available cpu cores but that there isn't such a heavy load on one single core in particular. OWI have done a great job with optimisation in 9.9 as far as I am concerned and there is still more to come on maps and with the new animations. Even AMD Fx users, who were really struggling before, have now moving into the playable range, if they have a decent gpu, which helps show how much less one single cpu core is being targeted as they have never been blessed with great IPC performance.
  17. Обзор моддинга — Август 2017

    Эдитору и процессора с 8 ram не хватает, не хочет грузить целую карту и зависает
  18. Смотри, скоро ещё патчи выйдут. Там снова немного оптимизации загонят. С такими темпами доберёшься до заветных 60.
  19. =WAR= Community

    Иванычи это наш бред. Изюминка в отряде сквад.
  20. Smaller, faster game modes?

    Yea i kinda agree with that ... These type of game modes would'nt be so popular becuase they go against the main purpose of the game , but at the same time having a game mode like this might be helpful for you to practice some shooting mechanics and tactics on close quarters .
  21. Обзор моддинга — Август 2017

    у меня ноут Lenovo g 50 с Intel Celeron 4-ядерный с 2.6 МГц и 8 Ram, GeForce820m и эдитор еле пол часа запускается, а сам Squad - 15-30FPS после последнего патча.Вот так!
  22. IF

    Really ? Is it consistant? May i please know your rig ? Yea agree , but everytime i sniff around the forums about everything related to performance i come across a problem that is mentioned quite often which is something like "squads engine has a problem utilizing all cpu cores...." from what i understand squad's engine can only fully utilize one cpu core which creates this annoying cpu bottleneck that hurts performance so much ... And thats always makes me worry , becuase if it's an engine problem the devs won't be able to do anything no matter how good they are ....
  23. Thunderdome! SuperFOB mode (Defend the Dome!)

    Defend the Dome has been announced for Sunday, September 24th @ 12pm EST on the ~THUNDERDOME!~ server. See you there!
  24. IF

    If that is the truth of it then I find it very unfair to compare an independently developed game, in early access, on a new engine to a so called finished AAA game engine with a long established developer. Squad is nowhere near finished. I wonder how Dices BF titles performed at a similar stage. Possibly worse as they didn't need to please their customers at every step. OWI's optimisation work with 9.9 has been amazing and goes to prove there is great potential going forward when it's appropriate in the development process to do so.
  25. Serious clans

    Currently i'm not really looking for a clan as i lost interests in Squad but i wondered if someone knows an active/competitive clan that i can join in the future. Requirements i'm looking for. -Active -Competitive -18+ -High number in hours played 700-800 per player -Arma background. -Trainings -Firm Basics in tactics and strategic insight -Organized and structured Optional; Military enthusiasts Active or retired service members Flight/Tank sim players I know this is not the right place for this thread, but to me it seems like every clan promises whistles and bells but play Squad like it's Battlefield. Getting desperate for a cohesive, functional group of players that know what they're doing and have an idea of what to do.
  26. Smaller, faster game modes?

    I thought this was SQUAD not Battlefield !
  27. IF

    I'm not struggling to get good fps i get well over 90 fps
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