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  2. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197976729321/ Could you please add me in Steam ? You wont regret that. Have a nice day - Shadixx
  3. Release after v10? Maybe

    Me. Expect nothing and appreciate everything.
  4. I Think this idea can be easily biased and abused, but it is a great idea. Since the first day of Pre-Alpha, I was and still am all for some sort of reward system. Not "Experience Points" and although I was a supporter of ranks , i am a no ranking system at this point. I understand most players are mature players and could careless of any sort of progression or statistic system, but we also have to engage in future players that won't like how there is nothing to their name after so many rounds or hours as most games are. Some sort of hook to keep players coming back for more round after round. Saying that, if you think that adding a progression system would make squad like any other FPS grind fest, I don't know any game that is sole realism out at the moment. I do believe that having some sort of public profile service record of some sort recording Squad Leader Round Wins, Medic Revives, Distance Walked, Objective captures, etc would give many players some self-gratification to work that much harder. Everyone wants to be the best in what they do, any having something public such as those stats will only benefit teamwork and the overall gameplay.
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  6. After a game, it would be fun to be able to award 'medals' to squad- and team-mates, and have the count of these medals be persistent (instead of Rank/SR). We need something to do for 3 minutes anyway, and bathroom breaks are overrated. I imagine these medals being categorized by actions and service in-game: "Excellent driver", "Courageous Medic", "Dedicated Supply Officer", "Outstanding Leadership", "Close Combat Specialist". During map load, you could choose to nominate your squadmates for these, and if they got a number of votes, they are awarded a medal Icon which would be visible in the Roles screen as a hover-over or sub-menu. I wouldn't care for any in-game effect, but knowing that your SL has a good number of Leadership pins, or picking the player with the most 'Excellent Driver' medals to take the 30mm, would be cool. If I'm SL, I'm much more likely to accept that a Marksman with some 'Marksmanship' or 'Forward Observer' medals is going to be helpful rather than a Lone Wolf Snipah. And I think that since there is deliberately reduced feedback from the software (as opposed to the players) about the impact that we are having on the match as individuals, it would be cool to get recognized by your mates after the fact: "Yeah, I *did* do pretty well as Medic! Maybe I'll play more as this class!" People really respond to recognition and praise. I think that being able to give kudos to good play would help the community stay tight and would encourage teamwork and cooperation. If you're a lowly Rifleman, and you get an award from your squad/SL that recognizes you as the person who always regrouped so SL could drop a rally, or the player who made 4 logistics runs, or just stayed close and maneuvered well, that is a big incentive to continue to play, and to play as a teammate. At 175+ hours, I'm invested in this game because I think that it has the potential to be better than the software. I think that the players are self-selecting because we want to create a certain kind of experience, and that is based on working/playing *with* other people in concert. Let's have a way to show each other that we appreciate their contribution, and that even the less-glamorous roles are really important. Thanks for reading this.
  7. Release after v10? Maybe

    Would be nice to see a new road map after v10. Get an idea of where the dev's are thinking of going.
  8. Release after v10? Maybe

    The game has been more than playable for over 2 years now I think beta will be more like V12 or V13 Yeah ah the thing is Squad is way better now than any so called AAA game! Especially the competitive side of Squad performance isn’t a problem for most people it’s mainly just the potato PCs! I’m sick of hearing people moan about low frames when they’ve got anything AMD or some 10 year old Minecraft pc now has ive said before having a potato pc slows down development because you’ve got to cater for the old pc
  9. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    In the future when there is a possibility of 1 life tournament or some sort of hardcore realism mode, where realism is at its highest. CCP would allow for more strategic planning such as calling in a medvac (when helicopters become available), pre mission planning, etc. But for regular public servers, MOST people just want to run, gun, die, then respawn. CCP would only be a turnoff for people that would have to walk x distance to fully healed. I am all for the CCP but to have the option but to be able to not have it enabled on mine or anybody's server.
  10. Will new gun sounds ever see an overhaul??

    The current gun sounds are much more realistic afaik.
  11. Y Axis controller

    If all you do is drive or gun in a vehicle a controller is very useful. My kid and I use them occasionally when we play on the TV. And then when there are aerial assets certainly I would prefer a controller.
  12. Y Axis controller

    Dear god, please don't use a controller in a live game.
  13. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    This come from a good place i can see, but the reality is that it would not make fun as gameplay wise. Being that hardcore can turn a lot of people off, and seeing the progress from the devs it looks like they want to target a more semi-hardcore to casual player demographic.
  14. Release after v10? Maybe

    i'd rather they take time making the game, than rushing it into states it is not ready for. It's ready when it's ready, i say.
  15. Release after v10? Maybe

    game is far from beta (not complaining)
  16. Release after v10? Maybe

    Game is far from playable performance wise thats my personal number one problem. I my opinion a Beta should have all core features in it , That would be Helis, MBT, Aircraft, reasonal Medic system , Animation/inventorysystem and ok perfroming 100ppl servers. When the core game and its systems is technicaly healthy and working missing diversity in Maps, Factions;Weapons,Playmodes won`t matter that much cause MoD`s can even this out.
  17. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    So what are we proposing here that players who get incapacitated be "stabilized" and then MUST return to a CCP point on a FOB in order to be back at full health? Will they be able to continue fighting but with major handicap like grey screen and depleted stamina? If that's the case then HELL NO. If it's implemented and I'm the SL I'd tell my squad mates to suck it up and fight handicapped or will be inclined to tell them to give up and respawn on the rally point. I will 100% not send my effective squad out of a battle to get healed by nurses. Please do not implement this.
  18. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    At the moment you have a minute and a half or something after being revived, when you're at risk of being killed instantly, if you get downed again within that period.
  19. The game is solid, balanced and playable. For me Devs can put game in to beta -- release after v10. Better with just one MBT (main tank) per faction and some more optimization (v10 will help i hope) Commander, Heli and more can arrive after. What do you think? So you expect before the release?
  20. High latency constantly.

    tried it this morning - no change. Only squad gives me rubbing banding and high ping.
  21. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    Interesting. My perception is that would be another real turn off for the average player used to our instant gratification world we live in.
  22. Admin scramble command

    No Problem m8 & welcome.. sometimes it is a bit difficult for me to get everything to the point so it is 100% understood, especially because English ist not my mothertoung.
  23. High latency constantly.

    I'd try a router reset and see what happens.
  24. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    No. The way it's described in the kick-starter, has a significant difference in the meta. Currently, the medics can bring you back to full health on the field (site of injury/casualty). The way it's described in the kick-starter, the medic can only "stabilize" the player, adding risk (easy death) if they continue on with battle and are not at full health. A retreat/shuttle back to CCP at HAB or Main would be the only way to fully restore health.
  25. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    Are we pretending that CoreInvetory isn't being developed?
  26. "What disappointed me the most about free weekend." That it ended actually. New players are an asset, not a liability. I just wish every single one of them bought the game and stuck around instead.
  27. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    Wouldn't a CCP simply be the same as running over a health pack in any other fps vidjit game? I can see why it was never implemented and medics still have to give you manna and bring you back to full health.
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