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  2. Holy crap. You are a badass. I hope someone sends you a nice bag of euros and we see this in game
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  4. Thanks, didn't realize it would fall short in that regard cause my FPS seems fine on all settings at high for the most part. I was able to play a game today that lasted over an hour with no crash, forget the map name though. Thanks, I'll check out HWmonitor and post a shot. Nope, never had an issue with any other game crashing on me the way Squad does. Games have only ever crashed on me once in a blue moon.
  5. Right on. Nicely put. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  6. Well I think the easiest answer for you is that you have the option to participate are not, which most will, and most all play fairly. If you cheat thats on you, We will still put up one hell of a fight.
  7. The only thing I want is for the damn trees to fall over when I hit them with a BTR there is no reason a BTR cant knock over a tree the size of an average persons forearm. Seriously that's all I'm looking for. As for breechables go I think even that's to much just because you wouldn't have a clue what you could or couldn't not breech without an indicator of some kind that I think would ruin the immersion even color coding a door as breechable would be to much but who knows. Don't get me wrong would be awesome to drop a building but would rather see everything else cleaned and dressed first.
  8. @Zylfrax791 that's pretty much what I was going to say as well they are HE rounds and not that big you cant expect them to take down a building that's just not going to happen and reinforced concrete good luck with that. I'm on the fence about the blast radius though but I can say there are some times where it out right landed pretty close to me in and open area as I was running for cover and someone near me was killed and I didn't even get touched so I know what you are saying.
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  10. I've found your SOLUTION! The answer to your critical points 2-3, as of Friday has come to fruition. Level Gaming will be an unbiased arena and plans to run a military charity event with mixed teams to kick off it's brand. Level has brought all these concerns to light in a game (Battlefield 3 and 4) that had very little support from the developers and ran several successful seasons (over 10,000 unique users in a year) through those varying versions of Battlefield. However with the support of this non-toxic, fantastic community and other forces your dream can happen. If you're interested in seeing how things turn out, feel free to sign-up for the Squad Up Military Charity event and be apart of something with a good cause. Participants that are solo players, a small group of buddies or a part of a large community are all eligible. All the information is posted up at
  11. Ryzen and exspecialy Threadripper will help next to nothing in Squad and would be a downgrade measured on my existing Rigs cause while they are broad and good in parralel workloads with all thier cores they lack IPC and achivable clocks ( to my knowledge good r7 chips top out @ 4,1 Ghz with 1,4V while having lower IPC then broadwell E in most games) in comparisom to Skylake architecture wich is still a crutial factor for a huge chunk of games out there, UE 4 based onces are a good example even in 2017. My hopes where that Skylake X can combine best from 2 Worlds high clocks and IPC combined with many cores and Quadchannel interface with 8 ram slots( OFC this will come at a price and that seems to be power draw and cooling power). Was aming for a 7820X deliding+ LM --> trying to reach 4,8-5 Ghz with reasonable voltage. but with the different respond of some Games on the new Cache and mesh architecture iam interested in UE 4 scaling on these new toys :-) For me as Hardware entusiast Bang for Buck is also a factor counting in lower value in the equation( still i have my limit :-) ). i can see your point and would choose a r5 1600 any day over a I5 Kabylake.
  12. For everyone who has issues with 8GB RAM and Squad: can you post a screenshot of your pagefile configuration here please? Thanks. The point for asking is: there is a known bug in the engine code which causes memory leaks. This shall be fixed within the next version Squad is going to upgrade to - UE4.16. For now just make sure, that you have a pagefile configured and the size of it is at least 16GB (for 8GB RAM). You can configure it dynamically (with min. and max. values) or you select "System managed size". This should prevent you from restarting the game after every map.
  13. Pls list full system specs, otherwise its more a guesswork for us. CPU: FX 4170 , cooler? GPU: ? , driver version ? PSU: ? HDD/SDD: free space ? Case Fan setup ? RAM speed and SPD settings ? Also log maximum Temperatures/Clocks during gaming , i sugest HWmonitor for this cause it logs MAX recorded temperatures and it also will help you identifing hardware when you have little expierience. If you are totally new to this just screenshot full HWmonitoring page and post here after gaming 20 min. Do other games / applications cause similar problems ?
  14. Sure. And I could also raise a steer, farm lettuce, tomato's & wheat to make a single hambuger as well. So yeah, you go ahead and host an 80 player Squad server from your house starting this evening. Let us know when it's up. Yeah and who's to say that any of those matches were indeed fair? I'm gonna take your word that hundreds of thousands of CS matches were totally legitimate? Hilarious. Funny thing is within your own statement you yourself even validated that the most important of all matches were played on official servers overwatched by official neutral people and developers lol... Jeez I wonder why?
  15. That's a 7 year old card, bro. Wouldn't expect it to work with this game. IMHO game runs out of VRAM, and crashes.
  17. come check us out today! everyones welcome!
  18. Well i could try to contact them, i missed opportunity when this project was on startup. Breakdown video sorry for crappy mic voice is awful with this mic so muffled. Next vehicle BTR 80 and BTR 80 a variant
  19. Looked around on the internet, mainly youtube, wasn't able to find a solid solution & there seems to be endless threads on crashing, so not sure where to even begin. Tried a steam launch option code in the properties of Squad within steam that tells the game to use all processor cores, but unsure if it corrected the crashing issue, because it butchered the graphics by causing massive tearing and stuttering. The launch option code is "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -mammoc=system -sm4" I have yet to play for more than 30 minutes straight without a crash to desktop. I have what I believe should be workable system specs with a Radeon 6900 series 2gb card. Any help on where I should start, or what the most common issue is that causes in-game crashing at completely random intervals, is appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Look at my post here:
  21. cool, didn't realize it came from yt clip...
  22. Problem started since v9 version. There is only one solution with people who have 8GB RAM - restart the game after every map. What is funny, 6GB is in recommended specs on Steam
  23. Ok thats why your FPS is capped in firing range, you need to turn that off to see what FPS you actually get. Also keep it turned off in game and see how your rig performs.
  24. For a certain reason holding F button or right mouse with shovel won't remove the radio can anyone tell me how? Sometimes it's really necessary to relocate the fob
  25. You don't have to pay them anything. You can have server files and launch a server on your home Windows machine. lolwut? CS 1.6 had ~10 years of self-made tournaments starting in 1999 without any official stat tracking, ranking, supervision or support by Valve. CS 1.6 is still in top5 of the most competitive video games ever. All you really need/want to make a competitive game as big as CSGO is: 1. Proper spectator mode. 2. Anti-cheat system to effectively catch cheaters. About 99% of all professional matches in all tournaments with big prize pools are played on self-hosted servers. Only biggest LAN-finals are played on 'official' servers. And the only difference between an 'official' server and a self-hosted one is that it was configured by a person working for tournament organizers or developers of the game. How in the world it came to your mind that legitimacy of the competitive matches depend on stats and 'official' servers?
  26. Yes i have Nvidia V-sync (adaptative)
  27. Guess i'm the only one with this idea but yeah i guess you are right my steam friends list is actually getting bigger because of this game and i play like 4 hours straight with people i just met I guess the topic should get locked or deleted
  28. All servers are hosted by the community There's more than 7 European servers, the problem is noone bothers to look at the empty or near empty ones I believe the ping displayed is not only how fast the connection is, but also adds in how long does it take for the server to proccess. I might be very wrong here. I get about +10ms delay compared to servers on other games that are in the same area.
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