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  2. Productive Game [proG]

  3. BB | Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)

    You are clearly unable to read, otherwise you would've understood my point here.
  4. BB | Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)

    Abide by the rules. Its not their fault that you don't speak english, it says UK/EU - You got what you deserved for breaking what ever rule they had set in place. Next time read up. Not even a BB member, or friend, or affiliate.
  5. BB | Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)

    I can and want to confirm this statement! I made an account solely to let ppl know how YOU ( BLOODBOUND ) treat newer players like me. I got kicked for taking a spandrel, which was just sitting in base, with enemy armour all over the map. Apparently this other guy was a friend of yours I assume, you guys didn't even bother talking to me, just kicked me. Well i got a warning saying something like "vehicle rtb" - but you know what, not everybody is familiar with your stupid abbreviations like you are, maybe THINK before you act. English isnt even my native language. You didn't even try to talk to me, just got kicked - and that's some bullshit. And I realized after what was even going on, but you know what - i checked the squad names before taking the vehicle and this guys squad name was "Spand", like srsly how shall I know that he meant SPANDREL and not SPANDEX or some other ****ing thing. Name it ****ing SPANDREL and everybody knows what's going on. So it definitely wasn't clear to me, but yeah, be friends with the admins and you can call the shots I guess. That's some of the worst management /admin abuse I've seen in a long time - other admins on other servers are way nicer and try to at least explain why and what... but you guys are just on another level. And I thought of jumping on your Discord, but since you didn't even wanna talk in the first place, I wanna let ppl know how you behave and treat newer players. I'm gonna stay away from your server from now on.
  6. Been playing since it came out, been following its progress, and its smooth, although issues always lie with the community, people stopping you from playing a certain role as their friends want to pop in, with no regard for others. Server map rotations that make servers boring, and don't hype people enough to play seriously, and other miscellaneous things. I'm going to buy a server, or servers, but I don't want to run them, I want to play on them, and have a say in how maps rotate, I propose it to be mainly, not always but mainly US Vs (??) Launch jihad fridays, where its only jihad play, or raise the flag for the danes brothers the canadians, where its only canadian for a day, or two, or whatever. But again mainly have it be US Vs ??? I'm ready to leave all responsibility and power in whoever seems up for the task, with the exception it being Mainly US Vs ?? If there's anyone up, feel free to hit me up. The name... You decide.
  7. New Squad Videos 2019

    It's been a while since I last posted in here and thought I might share some of my new videos I recently uploaded. Coming back to Squad after a few years has been really been worth the time taken off. Feel free to leave any feedback and stay tuned for more.
  8. Community Clan Fight Night

    66th in Yehorivka pls
  9. [WIP] Bushehr [ squad map]

    Indeed. looks a Cracker.
  10. HAB disable by radio health.

    One of the changelogs had it as known issue that "only shoveling below 75% and not other sources" triggers hab disabling
  11. HAB disable by radio health.

    I had a slightly different but similar strange thing last night. HAB was dug down, Radio was at around 75%. No enemies around, it was a pretty open field area. I dug the hab up and people spawned immediately. Then the HAB went red. I hunted for enemies but found none. We dug the radio up a bit and it was fixed. Was a strange one because no extra damage occurred to the radio and there was no enemies but the HAB status changed.
  12. Community Clan Fight Night

    DADS in Sumari
  13. Strugling with lag spikes in the middle of combat

    What does your PC setup look like? Have you try to clear the cache? Reinstalled the game?
  14. Since v15, when radio health goes under 75%, it should disable the hab. Last night, we had a 30mm firing at our fob. The 30mm wrecked the radio down to 25-30% but the hab was not disabled at any time during the firing. When it was being dug back up, at some point our hab went into disabled state and when it reached 75% it was spawnable again. No enemies were near at the time of digging the fob back up. Anyone encountered this in v15?
  15. Community Clan Fight Night

    UTF Skorpo AAS v1
  16. Muzzle flash

    Ok, heres the thing: In real life there's no issue of a pixel count for distant objects in the render process so in that case, very small things happen at distant ranges, and if they are high velocity and bright, we see them fairly accurately because of how our eyes adapted over the eons to detect dangerous things. In game the dev is weighing the obvious position blow of having too many of a small count of pixels lighting up. here's my point, medium/medium to long range is too hard to see, and when bullets fly really close to you there is no vector to see it's origin. So those are two opportunities where a more reasonable pixel percentage could indicate position without turning all long range shooters in miniature Koopa bosses.
  17. Gents, project ATHENA is finally reaching the phase where we would like 3 to 4 modders coming on board to help out the development. The current missions are listed below. If you have modding experience with the game engine. Please PM me for more information. Modify Movement Modify ATGM Damage Modify Mortar Damage Modify Vehicle HEAT/TOW/Tank Damage and health Two Minute Squad Creation Timer Add more blur and darkness to suppression Dedicated Vehicle Squad Mechanics Increase C4 Timer to 14s and engineer hold more Admin Warning Message Map Voting (I think already a feature?) Player join server announcement
  18. reduce fall damage

    Falling to the ground like when a team member deceides to run you over with a car, is a nice addition to falling from first floor stuff or a bit higher. And indeed get rid of the bleeding.

    Covering fire is effective when approaching corners as well, have one guy pumping bullets into the wall or ground whilst your team approaches
  20. Just recently, i have been experiencing severe lag spikes that can last for several minutes only when i am in combat, specially when vehicles start shooting close to me. This has start recently, only i week ago, to the point that i can't no longer play the game (which is very annoying, every time it gets laggy i got kill). I dont think is my internet conection because is normal in other devices. Are any of you is experiencing or has experienced with this problem?? what did you do to solve it?? Any advice will be helpfull PS: sorry ofr my english, it's not my first language
  21. reduce fall damage

    I woudln't test your theory by jumping out of a two story building if I were you.
  22. Community Clan Fight Night

    TPB Skorpo AASv1
  23. Yesterday
  24. Same here... Do roundtables with community is still a thing? Maybe i missed something... Congrats to Gatzby! Every new SquadChat looks better and better. Can't wait for tomorrow to happen
  25. Community Clan Fight Night

    100% in yehorivka aas v3
  26. Community Clan Fight Night

    Chefs in Yehorivka AAS v3
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