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  2. Rally Point Changes Needed

    Great Discussion Lads, Glad to see its sparking some conversation from both sides of the isle. I'm not holding my breath on seeing any of these changes take place in Vanilla Squad, as I would have expected the Dev's to have implemented the PR spawn mechanics by now and have already spent all this pre-1.0 release time having players adjust to the more tactical/challenging, yet extremely more satisfying game play. That being said, with B19 around the corner, there is a Mod being developed that I highly suggest you watch which is implementing both the FOB spawning and Rally spawning mechanics mentioned above. There is also a unique medic system that more closely mirrors Project Realitys bleeding/wounded state and puts the importance back into the medic class . That Mod is called "Athena" for those who are unaware of its existence, and they are waiting on B19 to release for public release and update of their Mod. Not that Modders should have to fix the game but that's sadly the reality in so many circumstances.
  3. Rally Point Changes Needed

    Put in this way, I can understand the 60 seconds proposal.
  4. Mortars "have to go"

    Limit those motars!
  5. UE crash

    So after a short brake ,2-3 weeks, i cant start the game at all. When i first started it, there was a small update, but after that it just crash with.: An Unreal process has crashed: UE-SquadGame. In the background, the startloading screen shows but standing still. I press Send and Close/Close Without Sending, the Cresh Reporter closes, but it still shows the loading screen. If i press Send and Restart, the Crash Reporter closes, but it still shows the loading screen, and then a second loading screen pop up, still not loading anything, and a second Cresh Reporter pops up. I tried the usual stuf.. Reinstall game. Clear download cache. Delete save files. Reinstall Steam. Anti Virus off. Firewall off. I tried just about every thing, that usually can be the reason, but nothing... Other games start up just fine, even other Unreal Engine games i can play with no probs. file:///C:/Users/Far Nuzzi/Pictures/Capture.PNG
  6. Rally Point Changes Needed

    HABs aren't difficult to set up at all, especially given how OP they are. The most powerful FOBs in PR are TOW positions - as spawns they are always inferior to rallies, leaving the rally a niche to fill, and a framework for squad cohesion to develop. Squad's rallies are redundant, and they always have been.
  7. Rally Point Changes Needed

    I just wanna leave a comment here saying that this discussion is very cool to read. No flaming, no passive agressiveness, just people trying to explain and understand eachother, and learn, you guys are awesome!
  8. Admin abuse at caroleans server?

    You might try to read the rules first. • First come first serve! EG. First named squad gets asset priority! (Tank / Helicopter) So this whole complaint is kinda moot.
  9. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    Keep to the original thread topics and issues wont be had. Turning every thread you enter into the same complaint posts, derailing original topic, especially after warnings have been given, is going to result in warning points and potentially a temporary ban. Feel free to head on to the discord and leave feedback in designated channels, or create your own threads on the forum with what ever topic you wish to discuss.
  10. Rally Point Changes Needed

    Yes, this sums up both the whole problem and it's solution nicely. Rallies should be a reactive respawn option, not a proactive one. HABs already fill that role, and they are considerably more difficult to set up exactly because of how powerful such spawpoints are.
  11. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    So saying Squad caters to casual players is offensive, got it! Also, how much time will it take to fix the useless RU optic? It's been like that for over a year. I don't see how you can have any "bigger fish to fry" in the meantime.
  12. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    There's no censorship happening, rules are being enforced which you agreed to abide by, when registering on this forum. Continuously going off topic from original topics, to continue complaining about the same things is spamming. There's more things in the pipeline for Squad to come, including balancing and system/feature tweaks and improvement - It's the nature of being in Beta. Bigger fish to fry this moment, such as making sure B19 is functioning correctly with the engine update. Here's a bit of a refresher of the rules.
  13. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    Deleting my post to avoid the inconvient truth? A little censorship we got here I see. What happened to the "the spiritual successor to PR" slogan? Did you guys run out of PR veterans to make money from? FYI, fix your broken game and the complain will stop. It doesn't take a genius to know that allowing a BTR-82a to survive 3 LAW shots into its bump is gamebreaking.
  14. just a question

    you are right on many points and thank you for your answer. I really should have bought the game shcon rather, but I didn't have the time for and thought. Now stand under qarantine and would like to have a little distraction with the game. thats it.
  15. Worst Squad server I ever joined.

    It's Jensens Range. Anything goes I am afraid. Now if they act like that on their non training maps server I'd be concerned but it doesn't look promising.
  16. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    Stop bringing that to every single thread you post in.
  17. Last week
  18. So this evening I figured I'd f*ck around a little on Jansen's range. I joined a server with about 6 people called "2ND BRIGADE COMBAT TEAM, 10TH MOUNTAIN DIVISION (Recruiting)". My god what a dogf*ck that server is. The server was all TKing each other (as is usually the case on the training map). So the admin says stop TKing. I stop, but I keep getting TKed by the admin clan. I shoot back and get kicked. I come back in, join his squad and ask what that was about. He says I either stop killing them or I join the other team. I joined the other team and start killing them fairly. I get kicked again. Apparently admin commanded the enemy team to cease fire. I cease fire. Then I keep getting killed by the admin clan (who I'm not allowed to shoot back at). Finally I just said **** it and started killing them and got kicked again. I come back in, the admin shoots me and I get banned. I could understand if there was some training going on and I interrupted it, but that certainly wasn't the case. As I said, it was about 6 people and maybe 2 were public members. In fact, in the 20 minutes or so that I was in the server, the admin who kicked me probably called about 20 airstrikes. If you're looking for a good server or a good clan, look elsewhere.
  19. Rally Point Changes Needed

    Yes, Life in Squad is worth nothing. Being present in all the firefights and yet surviving all of them means nothing. It is actually counterproductive. The game is currently run - gun. It is Insurgency with a microphone….not even.
  20. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    Squad is arcade shooter. Come to terms with it. Probably it will be up to modders to fix the game is my guess.
  21. Helicopter Joystick Support

    Trackir and joystick support - when?
  22. Steam Inventory?

    Two from Kickstarter; Desert tan m4 and tribal AK74 Three from Veterans day; Vet LAW, Vet INS RPG and Vet RU RPG
  23. Steam Inventory?

    How many skins are there ingame, just from Kickstarter and Veterans day?
  24. Rally Point Changes Needed

    Ok, I think I understand. Right now rallies are used as a spawn point before you get into combat. You are proposing making it a spawn point after you get in a fight and lose a few guys. Definitely a huge change of pace if the SL dies in the first contact. This would stray from the arcadish type gameplay that OWI are leaning towards (because who doesn't want to draw in more people for more money and players, right?). I can see how your proposal would be good for making Squad more serious. I'm starting to like the idea of the 60 second rally. I miss the feeling of importance to a single guy on Squad and your proposal might bring that back. Actually sounds pretty nice right now with all the new guys running around playing for themselves and not the team lol.
  25. Rally Point Changes Needed

    That is the thing. Believe me. It worked in PR. It would work here. The rally is supposed to disappear quickly. 60 seconds is more than enough time. Look at this example. Squad spawns at fob and rallies all together. Sl decides tehy should investigate x área because commander using UAV suspects there is an enemy fob. Squad goes on a long flanking manouver (trigger blue) to find enemy hab. In the middle of the way they ran into light enemy resistance and 3 members are downed. 1 insta dead, the other one bleeds out, and the other one gets revived by medic. Light resistance is eliminated. The two members ask the sl. Should we hold spawns? The sl answers: "Yes, hold spawns. We Will get into those tres over there and drop a rally." After 1 minute, the squad finds a safe place. They consider they are mostly undetected. Sl drops rally and says "Spawn at rally". Both members spawn at rally, and squad keeps the flanking manouver trying to scout for enemy hab. After 60 seconds rally disappears. It has served its purpose: RALLY THE SQUAD. Now the squad lead can´t drop another rally for a couple of minutes, so if they encouter resustance, they better survive. Specially Squad lead + 1/2 members. That is it. That is how it should be in Squad.
  26. Rally Point Changes Needed

    I never played PR so I don't know about how well it worked with 60 seconds but I strongly believe it will not work as well in Squad. One minute can maybe get you to a point that you are attacking and then it will burn and you will have to spawn at a FOB, no one will be able to even spawn on the rally to use it (especially with respawn timers after they die). 60 second timers will only encourage people to rush to get a use from the 60 seconds on rally.
  27. Helicopter Joystick Support

    I hadn't played squad for a long, long time ... and then I saw that helicopters had been included, so I reinstalled squad, loaded it up, went to configure my Thrustmaster HOTAS and after a few minutes of not being able to figure it out I came onto this forum to find a solution. Less than 1 min later I uninstalled the game and posted this message. I will never buy another game in Alpha/Beta stage.
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