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  2. Ladies & Gentlemen.... Elvis has left the building!.
  3. Holy Moly....Epicness!.
  4. I really thought Squad was essentially a rewrite of PR using an updated engine so the Squad devs, who mostly used to be PR devs, could escape BF2 engine bugs* and limitations, plus add new features like sticky IEDs and helicopter drop-ropes. Also, coming from PR I agree with point (1) above, including dying from having a crate dropped on your head! Good to hear the devs might eventually get to that point. I guess the current FOB build point value (top-left of screen when you're near a FOB) will reflect what's left in the crates. But which comes first - crates or helicopters? [*] "No creating squads before 1:30!"
  5. "Meh." would be the word I'm looking for.
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  7. From what I understand, he is talking about the issue of an server admin going into admincam during a scrim / pcw, which shouldnt be possible if the server owner has configured things in a fair matter. You can set up the match server so that you have access to admin-commands that lets you switch maps and turn off vehicle claiming (etc), which are necessary for a match, but giving no access to things like admincam. Only referee (and dedicated streamers) should have access to admincam. I agree with the creator of the thread, specifically in the case of a clan vs clan match, it would be very helpful to see whether the server is set up correctly, in that no participating player should have access to admincam (or other abusable cheat commands which can be done undetected). Perhaps there can be a server setting which, when turned on, will make it transparent what kind of admin rights each player on the server has? Or just broadcasts playername whenever admin commands are used, like thread opener suggested. Either way, having such an option in the server settings would be useful when configuring a server for competitive play specifically.
  8. Very nice. I hope the devs don't force you to divide those big open areas with obstructions. I hope it stays open like the original.
  9. Gonna give you an unorthodox suggestion... Use your friend pc and give it a try. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk If it's works, go through the in-game settings one by one to make sure nothing is different. Then you'll be able to pinpoint the problem easier. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  10. Just give the US hills some tree cover like the militia side has to limit the overwatch ability. Is very hard to flank a protected Crows when they're up there especially in dark camo in a light environment.
  11. @scubbo Thanks, that's an interesting read. It's still a bit speculative in its conclusions but it certainly looks promising for AMD. They just might of caught Intel napping again.
  12. Those are promising numbers. Their 4 core cpu's should be pretty damn fast then.
  13. Yeah that's the only thing that makes squad not look staticy, but enough beer and the ghost tracers go away
  14. Do you hear us damn Epic Games?! We hate your Temporal AA ghosting crap!!
  15. Heat shimmer? We already have that effect if you turn on AA.
  16. Ikr. Eventually we'll probably need 2 keyboards for all the different keys. But I don't think anyone should complain as much as the medic. Two of the most important resources clustered together Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  17. We need the "put your arms out and shoot like a wussy while keeping your head safe" stance. A "shitting" stance (it's a legit one, some people prefer it over the high kneel ". A one-hand per rifle" rambling stance ". And a jumping to a prone "arty! Arty!" Stance Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  18. It's looking amazing, very nice work!
  19. Going to have to agree with Dubs here. That would cause so many more problems than it would solve.
  20. That video makes me so happy! I look forward to having long battles on that map!
  21. Welcome. There are a couple of good guides out there. These are a bit old but good imo
  22. What a beauty, epic music
  23. Would do more harm than good. The side effects would be alerting people who are doing wrong to stop before getting caught. It would make catching water glitchers, wall glitchers, griefers etc a whole lot harder. You can only rely on the kill feed that shows up for admins so much before you need hard proof. Especially for server owners that want their admins to get all available proof when banning someone.
  24. Hi devs, Can I suggest that a message be automatically broadcasted whenever someone activates the admin cam ? Not that there is any report on abuse. Just that it will be a transparent thing when there are disputes over cheating when there is clan v clan.
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