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  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    HSR in yeho
  3. Emplacements and Mobility

    Thanks for replying, yeah I think that's a simplistic thought process 2, and I feel keeping it simplistic is best. I had been doing some thinking and wanted to share the ideas, and get a discussion going about this.
  4. PC upgrade suggestion

    How significant the difference will be in compare to Ryzen system? It looks like the GTX 2070 is better for gaming overall, and considering I'm not going to upgrade anything in next 5 years I would like to have as much potential as possible. So if we're talking about just a couple fps loss it's complitely fine to me.
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  6. Map looks so great already, only think I noticed is that it would be great to see more refinery-style buildings+assets on that map.
  7. Loading time

    Can anyone help with why it take so long to load into a game and at most time will kick me off server and put me back to the main menu! I keep getting crazy FPS drops never used to but now with the update it happens all the time I feel like I spent money for no reason
  8. Yesterday
  9. To further keep our beloved http://squad.gamepedia.com updated, I'd appreciate if sb. can post the spawntime of MBTs and IFVs such as Bradley here. Is there a way to read it out in the game files (as it is with PR) ?
  10. Problem persists and it ain't the mouse either.

    take one for the team and run logi, instead of mindlessly playing think of ways to make keeping a fob resupplied easier..i like the reserve ammo fobs to store ammo much closer (capacity is 20k now).
  12. The Fix worked for me ! Thanks mate !
  13. Stylie's Videos


    I could get on board with that as well. It would make sense hopefully a DEV is watching the thread and picks up on the concept. It's seems like a fair middle-ground still requiring you to use the resources from the LOGI.

    I'd rather if you could just build ammo crates anywhere you'd like if you have the points on the truck. I don't see the logic of requiring a FOB to leave a box of ammo on the ground.
  16. Emplacements and Mobility

    Simply decouple construction points from FOBs, enable building from supply crates that get dropped from tucks and helos, and from trucks directly. Any unused points can be loaded back up from a supply crate into the truck. Digging down a FOB loads those points back in as well, enabling you to pick it up and replace with another. FOBs in PS come with a certain number of free emplacements, so those in effect can be moved. It works really well in PS, it's easy and simple to understand.
  17. Community Clan Fight Night

    StS in Yehorivka AAS 5
  18. Devil's Brigade - A community changing the rules

    We have a server and populate it daily. Come try us out!
  19. edited, changed thread title to avoid confusion.
  20. yep even on rocks in Gorodok riverbed tanks can get stuck... -.- (happened just now to another squad) edited, changelog:
  21. Emplacements and Mobility

    I feel emplacements in the game should not be static and also should not be apart of the construction resource, and in fact should have their very own resource system.. Here is why and how I would plan to implement something like this. Make Mortars, MGs, and TOWs separate from construction points. Make them re-deployable. your character can pack up the equipment and carry it "slowly" to and from, or you can 2-man carry it with no penalty. use ammo to resupply the emplacements, no radio or FOB needed. However the MGs, Mortars, and Tows require a Ammo box placed closely that can be backpacked by a single soldier. Each box contains extra ammo for said emplacement, boxes are universal and deplete over a single use, not consumed, but emptied, you can replenish boxes from Supply/Ammo from a supply dump or a Logi driving by and delivering more boxes of ammo, "If" said emplacements are not inside of a FOB or radio site. Each emplacement will be given by default their standard ammo counts. Mortars 30 HE 30 SMK. MGs 150Rnds 7Mags, Tows 1x GTGM. The ammo boxes will act as an extension to more ammo, and will be consumed on use for said emplacements. All emplacements can be transported in transport vics, logi's Commanders car, on IFVs etcetera, however depending on the vehicle will determine the max amount of equipment transportable.. each vehicle will sacrifice personnel slots for said equipment.. Equipment will now, "IF" lossed/destroyed will cost tickets to replace said equipment. Tickets will only be used up if logistics "Orders", a new emplacement. The max amount of each emplacement will be determined for example, say 5 max machine guns at any one time, 4 mortars at any one time 2 tow sites at any one time. The advantage will be the fact that these emplacements are now re-deployable assets, that can be packed up and moved at will. The emplacements will spawn at main base, and need to be transported to be used again, or "MAYBE" spawned at a FOB and then be ready for use again Tell me your thoughts and feel free to add more if you think there needs to be more.. This idea will universally improve the overall effectiveness of all emplacements, give emplacements weight and provide enough flexibility for a quickly changing frontline.. In today's PS you are constantly working to push back the enemy and reassess the location of said enemy, whilst this is going on there is no "one perfect spot" for emplacements and there for having the flexibility to pick up and move said emplacements by ANY soldier will bring much more utilization for these emplacements.
  22. Since sooo many tank drivers currently get tanks stuck on Tallil (bomb craters... ) and Gorodok (rocks, any map really) it'd be awesome if OWI can really soon implement a basic towing system to allow the following: - BTRs and T-72s to tow BTRs, MTLBs, BRDMs and trucks - T-72s to tow T-72, BTRs, MTLBs and BRDMs and trucks - Bradleys to tow Bradleys, Strykers, MRAPs and trucks - MTLBs to tow MTLBs and BRDMs and trucks - BRDMs to pull BRDMs and trucks by basic towing system maybe just a static line drawn from the towing vehicle to the towed vehicle (which updates the "draw/rendering" every 25 or 50ms?). Really looking forward to such a system. Sincerely, Daniel
  23. West Coast Tactical

    Need to complain about over zealous admin. Another player made a squad, locked it at three players, and immediately dumped the SL role on me. The admin then kicked me for having a locked squad, using the kick message to threaten to ban me "next time". It wasn't even my squad. WTF? I rejoined the server to explain and the admin had already disconnected. Apparently, he was only online for 30 seconds. Unbelievable.
  24. BB | Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)

    Great server, well adminned and respectful. I have enjoyed coming over to BloodBound and play when im not on our own server. /[RIP] TMK
  25. Community Clan Fight Night

    SR in Kamdesh AAS v1
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