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  3. im really bad at this game on a keyboard, like to the point where i cant even attempt to play. is there anyone who has a layout/mapping file for xpadder or joy to key for an xbox controller? ill probably get a refund if not because i cant play this game at all
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  5. That’s the sway when you’re out of stamina. I mean when u move your weapon side to side or up and down. READ.
  6. How do i find Server?

    Gonna lock this one off since you're all set. =) Sorry for the confusion!
  7. [TFU] The Forsaken Undead 16+

    Thread has been updated
  8. Last week
  9. OWI please see my prayer, please give me back up sights
  10. Throwing knives

    Stop the overly dramatic posts and troll threads.
  11. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    Ingame T-72 also have the advantage of not having its ERA panels expended when hit. In reality all the fancy protection would be gone after the first hit, leaving only the relatively weak main armor left.
  12. They do see the light. There is nothing bad with them making money. Just lets keep asking for them to develop / support more realistic gameplay. Whoever likes arcady vanilla is fine. But those who want to have something more "authentic" should support this game as it can be our platform to enjoy great mods like SQUADOPS ONE LIFE.
  13. Throwing knives

    Gotcha!... Long time no see Jevski. Suggestions like this are quite common these days. Squad has become somehting so different.
  14. Suppressors

    Suppressors for tanks is a MUST. When the Abrahams shoots its too loud. Besides, it reveals its position. Maybe we can have a ranking system per class. And when you get to lvl 50 as a crewman you unlock some cool perks. Like suppressors for the abrahams,.. Or even a magnetic pulse that can defuse enemy vehicles for 30 seconds. It could have a coll down timer of 5 minutes.
  15. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    I stand corrected. The T72B3 requires immediate buffs.
  16. Suppressors

    Was asked Last night while playing " Can't we get suppressors for the trucks, as they're so loud ". Lol Made nice change from weapons. made me do a double take.
  17. Throwing knives

    You are so God damn right
  18. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    Hey Covalnet, Iv been trying to monitor how many admins we have had on as of late, I know a few of them have taken a bit of a break to play Tarkov but from my monitoring there is' almost always at least 2 members online on the server to help you, and if not our discord has an almost immediate response to assist should no one be on. Again I apologize if there hasnt been adequate coverage. As for the first to claim rule you are talking about, I try to manage rules that are both super easy to understand and super easy to police. I feel like late a night when we may be stretched thin from an administration stand point its easier to just have whoever gets the vich as opposed to having 20 messages a night with people complaining about stolen vehicles. The first come first serve rule has worked for us the last couple of year with only minimal issues. In regards to the terrible teamwork I cant comment as I was not in whatever game you were at the time. But I do know we have a very solid core of regulars that help keep things fresh but our learning friendly server has suffered a bit as we try to encourage new players to try things they normally would not in more of an educational environment. I would 100% agree that more seasoned players should avoid the server if they are easily annoyed by newer mistakes but our 24/7 heli server has been getting alot of good feedback from vet players for the game play there, I would recommend checking it out. Thanks for your feedback and Ill talk to the guys about some of the point you brought up.
  19. Maxing VRAM on any graph setting

    Just wondering, does server status affect FPS? A few years back while I was still playing ARMA3, I got a moderate increase in FPS after every server reboot.
  20. Maxing VRAM on any graph setting

    I'm assuming you mean dips below 60fps. This is normal for Squad as it gets bottlenecked by singlecore performance. CPU usage doesn't actually mean much; you need to look at per-core usage. It usually maxes out vram, might be a bug but I'm pretty sure it's not the cause of stutters...etc. unless you turned on HBCC on Vega gpu, which you don't have. Basically, all you can do is wait for developers to optimize the game. I heard B19 is engine update.
  21. Mortar Design is inherently flawed

    Yeah, I have to agree with you on this one, especially when it comes to the mortars. If the target is at a range that can't be measured using the mortars own internal calculator, I am basically forced to use some retarded, bootlegged calculator off the internet. The whole thing needs to be redesigned from the ground up.
  22. Squad has traded authenticity for popularity - they want more money. The chance is indeed very slim that the devs see the light.
  23. Throwing knives

    By the emperor...
  24. Throwing knives

    You mean like all your other posts? 2 posts about suppression 1 about Fast-roping 1 about ballistic shields 1 about "special operations" class with "some kind of insta-kill backstab knife attack" Instead of trying to sound like your posts just was a joke instead of either accepting its a bad idea or defending them, just lacks class.
  25. Throwing knives

    i mean, this was meant to be a joke post but if y'all want to discuss it seriously then alright
  26. Squad Workshops

    To all new Squad players, and those who may be interested, for the next 30 days we'll be offering several workshops on various roles in Squad beginning on February 18th. Of course you can always watch the many videos, or read the numerous articles online regarding these topics, as we have. But most of the information is outdated, lacking details, or just people wanting you to watch them play. Our workshops will allow you a hands on experience, with coaching, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback. And afterwards, we'll even go in game with you to help you practice what you've learned. Tuesdays - (9am, 10am, 11am PST) Medic - (30 minutes each) Wednesdays - (9am and 11am PST) Infantry Tips and Game Settings - (1 hour each) **be sure to turn on your Steam "in game overlay" for this workshop Thursdays - (9am and 10:30am PST) Squad Leader and FTL - (1 hour each) **this may go longer depending on amount of questions Fridays - (9am, 10am, 11am PST) Medic - (30 minutes each) Saturdays - (9am and 11am PST) Infantry Tips and Game Settings - (1 hour each) **be sure to turn on your Steam "in game overlay" for this workshop Sundays - (9am and 3pm PST) Medic - (30 minutes each) Sunday (11am and 5pm PST) Infantry Tips and Game Settings (1 hour each) **be sure to turn on your Steam "in game overlay" for this workshop Sunday - (1pm and 7pm PST) Squad Leader and FTL (1 hour each) **this may go longer depending on amount of questions If your interested, all you have to do is show up at the posted times. Each workshop starts at the top of the hour. The server is located in the "Custom Server" and will have the upcoming workshop listed such as "Medic Workshop". (or whatever workshop is being provided) **Mortars and HAT/LAT workshops coming soon. Staff Sgt.
  27. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    After playing 10+ rounds on one of the servers, I've only got to say: They rarely have admins on during prime EST hours. Terrible 'first to claim' vehicle rule instead of NAME CLAIMING like every server. Terrible teamwork among many of the players. Wouldn't recommend for serious players.
  28. That has also been proposed. The problema is that clan members/friends Will vote each other positively always. On the other hand, You are giving a lot of power to people you maybe shouldnt trust too much. A troll Will vote an sl down just because he is not doing what he wants the squad to do. Yet, that can be an excelent sl. One might argue that in the end it would balance out. Anyway, an experienced player realices if the SL is decent in the first 45 seconds of the game.
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