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  2. Best story yet! Hey, it happens... best thing to do (with time) is to learn to not rely on nametags (PID by uniform). Try playing with your HUD disabled - now we're talking.
  3. How to slow the gameplay

    Build fobs , that would be the solution.
  4. Soooooo true ;-) Dont get worked up my friend i am sorry to hear its your worst xp ever.But dont get worked up.Some of us on here actually know how to distinguishing uniforms in a fraction of a sec or always open and close the map so you can see where frendlies are this is so important when you are in a vehicle. My advice is dont get worried that much my friend you will get in a hang of it in a little while and then you will only tk guys with a bad nade. And that SL guy sounds like he is no good at all a simple sorry works for me and most of us.We laugh it up wait for a medic or spwan again. The only problem many have is USA ws Russian army in the desert maps becouse of uniforms similarity. I wonder what will guys that are agains name tags say about no name tags on thous maps.
  5. virtual reality headset

    Is it not working anymore?
  6. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Wise words. Liking how QFF have been running things so far on their servers for me as a lowly PuG player so I'll have a look to joining you guys on a more regular(ish) basis. Eventually I'll have sufficient time on server to be invited formally by yourselves. Only clan/group I'm in currently is Holdfast: Nations at War exclusive, and whilst a couple from the same group play the game, I don't foresee any issues.
  7. xIGuNDoCIx's Combat Footage From The Front

    Man vs MRAP Again scouting for my squad with the sniper kit, only this time as the Insurgents using the Dragunov. Make call back to SL letting him know that MRAPS are inbound. Decided to take a few shots at one and this is what happened. Enjoy and thanks for watching!
  8. This is why I sometimes love this game...

    so annoying
  9. You've made a great start already. Making sure you've tried all the weapons, all the roles and used all the vehicles to learn some of the basics plus watching gameplay videos is a huge step in the right direction. I'm not experienced myself either but my suggestion is to just choose a server with a decently low ping for your region and jump in. Join a squad (never start one yourself at this stage) and the first thing to do is just say hello to the squad leader. Ask if he/she has any preferred role for you to play and go from there. Maybe medic to start? You can avoid combat but get plenty of experience with the flow of gameplay by chasing your squad about and trying to keep them all alive! Most importantly is communication. Asking where people are, giving directions of contacts, just making a joke as you patch someone up as a medic "Remember I need a receipt for that bandage" etc. Sometimes you get a squad who are wholly uncommunicative from Squad Leader to Infantryman...it happens...just move to a different squad next game and keep trying.
  10. Virtual Reality and Squad

    Bringing this topic up once more, as i really wanna get into Squad using/trying my Oculus DK2, i've seen some guys on youtube doing it, but telling us how we could make it work too, is just not happening If anyone here found a working way to use a VR, please tell me
  11. Today
  12. The truth is that shit happens. You teamkilled the SL, shit happens. The SL kicked you, shit happens. If your attitude is to giveup every time shit happens , well ...
  13. "...worst gaming experiences in my entire life...." Quite new to the internet and MMO gaming in general are you? Hate to point out but load up something like World of Tanks and end up crying into your lap at the helplessness and uselessness of all existence within an hour due to how childish, self-fornicating and pathetic "teams" are in 85% of the matches in that game! haha! (and still wondering how I can get rid of my WG account in a worthwhile way)
  14. How I Manifested Hate for This Game in Seconds

    Any games based on communication will have his parts of un cool communication like you had. You should be happy because i have been kick and i kicked people for less than what you did. Once I was doing all jobs and got kicked by some retards. I felt really bad, I went back teamkilling them. I felt even worst for acting as much as a kid as they did. But that's life.
  15. January 2018 Recap

    That's not true at all, they were overplayed because of how simple they were. Muttrah always plays the same, it's a classic stalemate map with no room to manoeuvre. People like it because of the low effort they have to put in.
  16. Alpha 10

    netcode, yeah that's what i was thinking too but in this case it should be a bit more constant. it's definitively not "gut feeling" and how does my PC have anything to do with this? i am talking about distances where you can not even really see the player model and every time it's a full auto headshot, yeah that's indeed a quick explaination! as for hitting players,, as an example, i was supposed to scout a forest area where the SL suspected an enemy marksman. i found the marksman, sneaked upon him, and executed a precise headshot. before you ask, i know that i did hit him for several reasons but the most obvious would be the "blood splash" coming out of his head. however, the marksman did not die, he made an extremely quick 180° (while prone!) turn and i was dead. well, i am no expert this could indeed be a network problem but i also do not understand how people always instantly deny that it could be a hack. people are hacking all the time, even some rather famous youtubers have been exposed as hackers and they did a hell lot of videos and live strams and nobody noticed until it got too obvious. tere are also tons of videos showing people hacking in SQUAD but yeah, it's more likely that i am trolling and lying to people on the internet...
  17. Can't you make it high noon as in actual Kashaan Desert? This evening dusk is kinda gives gloomy depressing feelings and maybe make some things in shadows hard to spot. Kashaan probably is fun cuz it doesn't have lots of trees and buildings, its very easy to spot enemies and engage them like in shooting range. I used to play alot on kashaan 24/7 servers
  18. isn't it childish to instantly "manifest hate" for a game where he made one bad experience, saying that the game sucks and that the problem is anywhere but not with him. i did not say that it's impossible to confuse "unoforms" but you must be extremely unaware and uninterested in the first place for this to happen! it also does not matter if you are new to this game or any game, unless the player is colorblind it should not be a big deal dstinguishing GREEN from BEIGE/BROWN! i also understand that on some maps the russians look indeed very close to americans, but if you pay any attention it should not be a problem at all, a teamkill can happen if you are new or/and unaware, so what, this happened to me aswell but i did not dramtically blame the game for my own inability.
  19. January 2018 Recap

    Phew, I was slightly triggered when I saw that scrolling through, are they not also going to get the plastic mags? Last time I worked with the infantry they pretty much all had those within the rifle coys. Should just have the ironsight on the smaller aperture throughout, been a while but there isn't a distance zeroing function on the ironsights. Once they're set, they're set. I'm sure after the CGS's comments at the RUSI we'll have those funds soon Excited by the prospect of the Brits coming to Squad. Loved that they were a focus in PR development, shame though they haven't been updated in PR for some time now.
  20. The map only zooming in... what is wrong with out!
  21. Community Clan Fight Night

    W♥S in
  22. This is why I sometimes love this game...

    I feel you sometimes it can be annoying but in perfect moment like those it can just truly make you laugh and want to play more, you have all the serious moments and within those you can get something to chill you out.
  23. Mud effects in-game

    I have been playing Battlefield 1 and have been enjoying some of the realistic effects such as mud. Could you add a feature where your gun becomes dirty and that your scope can become blocked out from mud, making you spend time to clean it (by wiping it with your hands), which could be done by just pressing down the fire button.
  24. I mean, this thread is a pretty good example of why I'd love to see nametags removed/nerfed.
  25. hey, im from europe, finland and in v9 i saw all US servers. Now after v10, just couple, any idea what might be wrong? Steam own server browsers shows them, but not squads internal. edit: after ~30 refresh i got more us servers showing, but after next, some again disappeared..
  26. The RedCoats - Actively Recruiting

    Nice to see the RC back up and running
  27. Got to admit I'd be pretty salty if a player looked me square in the face for a good handful of seconds and 1) I hadn't shot them 2) I'm wearing the same uniform as them And they then proceeded to hose me down! Squad is a semi-sim game and its helpful to have watched a few gameplay videos before diving in so you, at least, know friend from foe from within 10m lol! However the key to take away from this for the OP is: 1) YOU WEREN'T VERBALLY ABUSED (far worse could have happened than being kicked!!) 2) Being kicked was fitting punishment as you hadn't even introduced yourself on squad chat before proceeding to hose your SL down 3) Go watch some gameplay videos 4) Spend a good hour in the Shooting Range to practice weapons, vehicles & roles 5) Get back in and try again 6) SAY HELLO AND TELL THEM YOU'RE NEW SO THEY DON'T TAKE YOU FOR A RANDOM TROLL
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