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  2. Which is why it'd be ideal if the devs took this and made it standard in the steam files for everyone or made their own implementation based on it.
  3. Female soldier models

    so include them where it makes sense?
  4. Buddy rally poll

    I believe what Gatzby may be referring to is “volunteer sampling bias,” where only the people who are passionate about something take the time to vocalize their opinions or respond to a poll. Some people don’t really care about buddy rallies, or would like to see them implemented in a way where they can’t be used as a teleportation device, and don’t want to speak firmly for or against it. Others hate the new mechanic, and that drives them to speak out about it. That isn’t to say that this thread is an example, but it is very possible this is what is occurring. Personally, I think the buddy rally is okay for keeping the fight together and preventing the steamroller games that occur every so often (usually because SL comms break down or a solid enemy flank), but it’s not a good mechanic when used for advancing to the next point or position. It should (somehow) become a last resort, an option for making a withdrawal from a location and not what it is currently.
  5. Female soldier models

    He still makes a point. Trying to argue against the model differences on the basis of realism is not going to do much. Women have and continue to fight in all sorts of armed conflicts. Not going to say adding new models is a good idea, though.
  6. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: LOANED_u aka Col. O'Urinal Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/LOANED_u Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 46 feel 80. Timezone or Region: CST [GMT+8] Nature of Interest: MilSim , Competitive Gaming Background: CSgo, Pubg Additional Skills: Marine but will act as a solder here. Status: Unsigned /noob
  7. Female soldier models

    The SDF aren't in the game
  8. Female soldier models

    The SDF do far more front line fighting in the middle east than the US military does
  9. Female soldier models

    generally speaking females don't fight on the front lines, I'd prefer the game stay authentic to this
  10. Female soldier models

    I think it would be a cool, not inmediatly necessary, but never the less a nice feature if they added an option in the settings where you can either customize vaguely a soldier for each faction or the possibility to choose beetwen male and female soldier models (for every faction, a standard model like there is now, but with females too) As in the armies around the world there are not only men but women fighting. I would like it very much if it was added.
  11. Squad founders- where are they now?

    Still check out the forums from time to time but haven't played in months. I've been sucked into the world of Rust.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Alpha 13.1 Released

    The thing is, it's hard to argue against that. It's business, in the end, and made for that purpose rather than solely as a labour of love that could afford to aim for a specific vision without any commercial aims or requirements - as PR was. It's something I lament, but can't argue against. Nevertheless, I genuinely don't understand the buddy rally thing at all - but if I'm the minority, what can be done? It's no different in politics. The mass of a vote is in no way a reliable indicator of what is best - but it does indicate what's popular, and in some situations that's the bottom line.
  14. SquadChat - 12 - ft. Phil Merricks (Producer)

    I do hope he plays Squad more and changes his mind on making it more arcade. He's obviously not speaking from personal ingame experience yet. Though i do respect his job, sounds like he's got a lot to do on the team!
  15. Off topic, how much RAM does your squad use? I think highest I've ever seen is 12 - 13
  16. SquadChat - 12 - ft. Phil Merricks (Producer)

    Still Nowt!?..Oh well this was my reply YT. Omfg! Thought I heard of You(Phil Merricks).He worked for "Novalogic" DF:BHD 2005. Oh man one of the best games in History...Hope you can bring some of those Most Epic day's into Squad!
  17. Current bullet damage system

    I don't think the system is bad at all, I've one shotted people to the chest with an SKS and the 7.62x51 guns occasionally before. Granted it uses a 7.62x39 and 7.62x51 respectively. Since we don't have body armour implemented I think it's a good balance. How would you feel if you shot someone 6 or 7 times in the chest and didn't kill them? Most level IV armour with the ballistic plates can take mulitple rounds before being defeated. I think the balance is fine for game play and the context of the game. How would you feel if you were on the insurgent side and it took 7 rounds to kill a US or British or Russian soldier, but they killed you in one center of mass shot? Would you ever want to play the insurgents? We have to consider gameplay as well as realism.
  18. Free look / TrackIR Support

    That's great idea! Can you imagine always having free look until you ADS... I think if you implemented it and demonstrated it, people would realize how awesome it would be.
  19. Buddy rally poll

    but that isn't more interesting, it just means the logi driver has to take a longer route in the end he's still just driving a truck, it's hard enough to get one squad member to do a 5 minute logi run, it will be impossible to get 3 for a logi + escort on a longer route
  20. Alpha 13.1 Released

    It’s ok. The loud minority has the “owi is catering to the masses and changing squad into an arcade game to sell more copies” argument ready
  21. Another way to deal with running speed in v13

    No need to clarify, that sentence was written incorrectly. I wanted to say “that people no longer value making tactical decisions...” At any rate, your definition of not taking tactical decisions seriously has a few flaws. Not committing to a pre-designed plan is tactical decision-making. When making decisions, a good tactician prepares for what he sees and devises a million and one ways to change the plan if this happens or that happens. In Squad, combat is not (nor is it meant to be, as far as development has shown) at the platoon level like many One-Life events. This means that when “reinforcements” arrive, they can take a different approach than the squad which just got wiped. What you seem to be advocating in the above post is pure realism, not a game. While I agree that taking a little more time to make a decision would benefit us all, a “less forgiving system” that means every tactical mistake you make costs you the entire game is not going to be enjoyable with the way Squad is built (many, many limitations would have to be included to make it fun). Second, you don’t actually address your original argument. While you quoted the introduction to my counter-argument, you either ignored or didn’t care to address my real claim: the level to which SLs take tactics seriously is not affected by v13 changes. Squads made approaches from different directions after being wiped all the time in v12, and v11, and v10, etc. All v13 has done is lessen the misery, preventing us from getting stuck with SLs that throw their squads into brick walls and expect them to come out on the other side of said wall.
  22. Running on low perfomance

    UE4 loves RAM. I've got the same processor, gtx970 but 32gb of ram and getting over 100 fps on most maps with custom settings. The only problems I'm having is Gorodok with those hideous looking new oak trees. I simply look at them and my frames drop.
  23. Running on low perfomance

    Since Ram is so cheap nowadays, why not buy another 8Gig RAM stick? I'd wager you probably have a single stick in there running in single channel mode on your motherboard. Buy another 8Gig stick and stick it in the other channel slot. You will speed up everything as the memory will be running in dual channel mode. Double the bandwidth, double the fun. Also is this an off the shelf computer? ie HP, Dell etc. If it's off the shelf they literally use the shittiest parts they can get away with and pop a good CPU in there for marketing. So sure you have a good CPU, but you have a "Pride of the Proletariat" motherboard, a hard drive they found in a forgotten VC bunker complex on the HO Chi Mihn trail for $5 and they put the lowest amount and slowest of RAM to run the OS. To be honest if you have the texture caching off I suspect you are caching textures on your hard drive, and if it's not an SSD it will slow the hell out of ANY game not just this one. I'd say 8GIG of ram is bare MINIMUM just to run Windows 10 properly which is a bloated POS compared to Windows 7. Up your memory so that the textures can cache in memory instead of the hard drive and I guarantee you, you'll see at least 10-20 FPS increase. I've been a computer tech and building gaming systems before some of you were born(remember tweaking config.sys and autoexec.bat in dos to get a mouse to work in a game? :-))a computer is more than a hot CPU, every part has to be optimized to really get the most out of it. I've seen this before many times, people go out and buy a Dell and pop in a good video card only to realize the computer is a piece of shit and having that video card in there is like running a Ferrari with wagon wheels, it just won't work. The irony is they could have had an awesome computer for cheaper if they built it themselves or had it custom built. You're paying for a sticker, not the parts that go in there. Install something called "CPU-z" and tell me these specs: CPU: Clock, model and generation RAM: Clock, model and generation and latency Motherboard: Model and chipset Hard drive: Make and model I'll help you improve what you need out of those 4 to really get the most out of what you have without being raped at a computer store. If you can't read off the numbers just post some screenshots(much better) of the TABS in CPU-z and I'll figure it out for you. Without seeing any of this I would say increasing the RAM to 16Gig minimum and going dual channel would solve a lot of problems. Also don't EVER use the driver disk that the card ships with. Not only are the drivers months, to sometimes years old, they install a whole bunch of bullshit on there to slow your computer down even more. Go to Nvidia and download the latest reference drivers....always. In fact as soon as you put in the card, destroy the disk it came with so you are not tempted to install them and immediately go to Nvidia and download the latest drivers. If you have the shit drivers in there, go download the new ones, uninstall the shit ones and re-install with the latest.
  24. You shouldn't have an issue with that setup. < Are all drivers up to date? < Monitor temps, check for throttling < Try turning shadows to low
  25. Buddy rally poll

  26. Buddy rally poll

    Thank you for dropping by! It´s nice feeling that one is being Heard. Yet in this one it´s kind of tricky. Because I think this poll is quite valuable. 1. I don´t know why you say it´s a sympathetic audience. When I posted I specifically say that I would keep my thoughts for later because I didn´t want to ask a (too) biased questions (that´s almost imposible). Even later in that thread when it was 20 NO vs 0 YES I asked for people to come in and comment why it would be a good Idea. 2. This poll has an option to vote and speak your mind. It´s more legitimate in the public aspect tan some other methodologies. 3. SOmebody also mentioned this. It´s not just the people who voted in this poll, but all the people I´ve been asking around in-game. Situation: Riding a logi form main, long ride: Guys what do you think about v13? and what about buddy rally? I´ve had NO POSITIVE ANSWER IN 2 WEEKENDS OF GAMING. I would be very surprised if the result of that survey on the launcher had a different result. Because the number is obviously much more tan the current 60 people that said NO. Thank you again. Keep up the good work. Just get rid of buddy rally...;)
  27. Running on low perfomance

    As simple as install MSI Afterburner and monitor system performance (CPU load, GPU load, HDD/SSD usage). As I can say: overclock CPU reduce graphic settings buy SSD move game to SSD move pagefile to SSD and make it like 20-30Gb I have i5 6600k on 4.5Ghz + 1070ti and my FPS is 60-70 with supersampling 1.5 and TXAA on.
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