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  2. Game Mode Suggestion

    I posted this on Reddit and didn't really get much attention from it so I thought I would post it over here. So i know a lot of people are looking forward to more game modes being added and I had my own twist on a game mode that might help with current frustrations that AAS and Invasion brings. The game mode would work like something as follows: - Both teams start at main base with no vehicles. - After the first cap point is captured, only transports and Mrap's/ techies spawn. - After the second point is captured, logis spawn. - After third point is captured, APCs spawn. Since in my idea the bigger vehicles cannot spawn until the third capture point, something like this would only work on bigger maps, and it would be made so that you would only see the enemy's first capture point after you captured your first capture point. Now, I know from a developer/ programming aspect this would probably be a little difficult to do, but I had thought about something like this for awhile that would stop everyone from rushing middle cap and would similar to randomized AAS. Thoughts?
  3. Could be useful, I think only Terrorist and Millita would do it. USA and British would never fire blindly into unknown objects =)
  4. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    Most players just don't want to run a long distance from the FOB. They want to be in the action with maybe the occasional setback when you lose the rally or forget to refresh. Its laziness over everything else. If rallies get killed, then people will just kamikaze FOBs right next to the objective so they don't have to walk/run. In fact, a lot of games right now no one even bothers to put down a FOB and they just use rallies. Which is kinda dumb, but it happens a lot.
  5. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    The major problem with playing on public servers as a squad lead is the general public just wants to get in the action and get kills. So as a squad lead you are always balancing the needs or strategy with keeping your squad mate engaged. Rally's are a good way to keep them engaged. Maybe just give people full ammo but no nades or rockets, they would have to get ammo supply for that or spawn at FOB.
  6. Suggestions from a Player with 600+ Hours in Game.

    It would be impossible to have a map in the game, allow player freedom, and also stop ghosting 100%; however, making it just more difficult will probably deter 90% of the problem. If you would have to start up a squad, get at least 1 or 2 other people to join it, and then spawn in to see the location of a FOB it would be a hassle most ADD gamers would not go through for cheap thrills. I think a lot of it too is coming from friends who maybe end up on opposite squads then give hits over teamspeak. Again, this is shit that is impossible to eliminate 100%. Regular players would not see the location of the FOB on the map, just a label on the side of the map, like it is right now, with a name that a Squad leader assigned it. The player would obviously see themselves on the map when they spawned in, and could probably see where other players were moving from on the Map to guess the location, but it might deter some if it. Right now its way too easy thought, you can just switch teams real quick and open the map, then flip back to your original team. Its basically on the honor system lol. And we know a lot of 12 year olds have no honor =) Really overall, they just need to figure out how to balance the teams. After a match no one switches sides, so if one side has good communication and good players/squad leads, the opposite team will just get hammered over and over until the players log out for the night or people rage quit and the server dies. There is no team balance system so you get matches with 30vs22 and such once a bunch of people rage quit from losing 4 matches in a row. If a team balance system was deployed probably just make it switch an entire squad over not individual players. People usually play on the same squad over and over if your any kind of decent squad lead. I've always had good experiences with voting systems as long as they are executed correctly. Keeps the players happy, and the server population up. Squad games are long (as they should be) so many players op to just leave the server when something goes wrong or you get a bout of bad squad leads or whatever. Having the option to vote forfeit would keep the players engaged and give a team that is losing over and over the opportunity to try and start a map right by having a do over, on the same or next map. They could set it high, like 60% of a team votes yes, or prevent a vote from happening until X amount of time on a map has passed to prevent people from using it to change maps.
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  8. Why can I not choose a role?

    If the other team has a lot less players, then the server admins are not doing their job. Find another server.
  9. Community Clan Fight Night

    W♥S in Kokan AAS 1
  10. M4 burst mode

    are you sure about that? I have noticed this behavior for the same class. ie M4 rifleman & British L123A2 grenadier
  11. Why can I not choose a role?

    I understand why they made the roles as they are it's just that one team could overwhelm another team if the other team has a lot less players.
  12. filters are okay a few servers are running right now but I have been getting some lag today.
  13. Low FPS

    Hello, I started playing Squad again after 3 weeks break and my FPS went from 40-50 down to 18-30. I changed graphics, sometimes I have steady 22 on high and 27 on low. I tried everything I found (cleared cache, updated driver/bios, changed settings in nvidia control panel), but nothing helped me. Is there anything else I could try? I'm playing on MSI notebook: i7 5700 2.7Ghz geforce gtx 960 2gb 8 gb ram
  14. M4 burst mode

    It doesn't depend on the map, but rather the class you pick.
  15. Sometimes i just like to watch a round and see how it plays out. I can see how some admins would abuse it tho..
  16. Commander in every APC / IFV

    It should not be possible
  17. [TLR] The Last Rifles

    @Gio070 Ban Appeals can be made on our forum https://tlrgaming.com/forums/ban-appeals.28/
  18. Change the menu music to old rock.

    BF:V had the greatest soundtrack.
  19. Change the menu music to old rock.

    let's just play fortunate son and a helicopter flying around.
  20. Piracy gamemode

    Oh yeah! A classic.
  21. promoting teamplay

    Jevski: While I agree with that, I still think that mantra is only so helpful. In the end, it's why mods are still so important much of the time in ensuring a good experience for all - in the end, it's simply social behaviour to allow the majority to enjoy something the way they want. There's also something of caveat emptor about this: if a player buys Squad expecting COD, then more fool them, and they shouldn't simply be given a license to play as they wish if it entirely disrupts the game for others past a certain point. I leave awful servers in the end too, but really there is in my view, a responsibility for the community at large - yeah, the players - to kind of set expectations and standards to a degree.
  22. promoting teamplay

    i dont think there is any need to take away K/D ... of course its important in a shooter but my point is to provide those working as a team the benefit of doing so and limiting the impact in someway by those that dont care about tickets. losing vehicles/no medics in a squad/lone wolfing/giving up early/not reviving downed players these sorts of things ...
  23. Piracy gamemode

    this was a great game https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Sid+Meier's+Pirates+1987&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X ....back in my day gameplay was all we had
  24. I like chatting with the ghostly admin.
  25. promoting teamplay

    If I find myself on a server with no teamwork. I leave. Simple as that. You cant force players to play a certain way. Blame the player, not the game.
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