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  2. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    You're both exactly the same so don't try and act all high and mighty about it now - Don't expect me to be patient with you if your replies aren't giving any respect in the first place that's hilarious Also don't just gang up on me because I disagreed with one of your previous comments Yup, get it back on track now that you've got your word in lol I'd say B hinders the game the most - FOB placement is more of an issue than rallypoints - I'm literally playing a game now where all of the FOB's are slapdashed down way too close to the objective and the entire team zurgs into the capzone from a single direction - Or they're driving directly into the enemy capzone to plop down a FOB The meta used to consist more of placing the attacking FOB at a distance as a backup and for the team to spawn, then using rallies to attack the objective directly using it as the primary spawn for the squad - Now that we have persistent ammo a FOB is seen as required for any kind of effective attack due to AT's, medics and people who expend lots of ammo frequently needing to resupply I would like rallypoints to be more useful and seen more of a primary spawn for the squad, such as having their own ammo supply with a similar resupply mechanic to the FOB so FOB's aren't placed right next to enemy capzones for ammo crates, rallies encourage squads to come in from individual directions and keep the squad together If the devs made rallies less effective in any way then SL's will be even less inclined to use them and more inclined to spamming fobs
  3. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    It was an interesting debate and then you started being disrespectful. The fact that you didn´t play PR is something that should fill you with curiosity. After all, Squad wouldnt exist without PR. Maybe you are unaware of how Squad came to be and how Squad copied most of the basic PR mechanics. Now. Trying to get the debate back on track. If you had to choose only one of the following to explain Why squad has become too gamey, what would it be? A) Rallies being permanent with a very small overrun radius. B) All squad members being able to revive, rather than just medics.
  4. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Wow. It's easy to see why most of this game's thoughtful community are dropping like flies, along with the poor developer design choices the community is full of internet argument trolls which are part of the reason why I only play 10hrs a week now and why most of my Steam friends barely play anymore - You'll struggle to find cooperative teammates anymore... It's turning into a shitshow, I knew I shouldn't have bothered coming to the forums ---- Your replies are an utter joke and your're scraping the bottom of the barrel for things you can come up with to hold up your flimsy argument Switching servers never helps, they're all just as useless - Simply suggesting to switch servers shows me you don't play enough to properly understand the current state of the in-game community Incentive for 2 medics? No mate you'll get the opposite effect, you'll end up with even less people wanting to pick medic - Like I said it's already hard to get people to take both medic kits Like I said your medics will just be bunching up and getting multikilled, no matter how much you 'git gud' - Maybe you should 'git gud' and learn to keep your medics spread apart - If your entire squad is in 1 tiny area you'll get your entire squad wiped in the space of 40 seconds You play havoc the idea of splitting the medics up the squad into fireteams, now that it's impossible to allow them to get shot - People won't play it if you make them sit at the back avoiding all contact because they can't afford to get shot Focusing on it killing lonewolf potential? You were the one focusing on that -------- My entire argument was that I want them to remove anyone being able to revive a teammate because the fact anyone can revive gives the average player a mental safety net to take more risks with fewer consequences during skirmishes ffs!
  5. HAT Question

    This game isn't realistic so HEAT-Tandem/HEAT for vehicles and HE-frag for people, no overlaps. (not even unarmored vehicles; as HE often fails for whatever reason)
  6. How do you automatic-rifleman/machine-gunner?

    Room clearing with hipfire.
  7. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    That explains why your ideas are no good. PR is important part of squad's origin so...you're supposed to at least hear about it from Squad being often (inaccurately) referred to as "spiritual successor" of it. "multikilled" - sounds like a gitgud problem, for enemies too if they're killing your 1 medic multiple times without wiping your squad. "require 2 medics" - also a gitgud problem, could just work with another squad; but that is an option - choice between more firepower and more safety. If you can't convince someone to take a medic kit right now(with all of the advantages it still has despite grenade being taken away from a certain faction's medic); leave server because that game is going to be a shitshow anyway. They can't run very fast if heavily injured and are likely to get shot to death anyway. If they're running off to find another medic - that's teamplay, inter-squad cooperation for the win. Players do enough of that without any medic around...it's because they're not punished enough for taking hits/dying. Which is even more reason to punish single medic for taking hits/dying; make medic more likely to go down (assuming medic plays too much like rambo) to drain the squad of patches, soon they will not have the "safety net"(as other scrubs in squad take hits/waste their own patches, and medic keep dying due to pretending to be rambo yet not being able to heal to full hp)...if they survive that long. That also gives more power to rifleman ammobag, which can only be a good thing. That plus incentive for 2 medics per squad is great because a squad consisting of only/too many special(kit)snowflakes should suffer as intended. You can even pretend none of that happens and only focus on the fact that it kills lonewolf potential of medic kit; that alone makes Squad less "gamey and meta" so it's a win anyway.
  8. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    I didn't even play PR so I'm not sure how I was meant to know, 90% of the people who bring up PR are just trying to sound smart lol Your medics would just be getting multikilled, you'd also always require 2 medics which can be a pain, even after thousands of hours I can't sometimes convince someone to take that 1x medic kit without kicking someone - I get your point though it would stop players from just using it to heal themselves, but I'm not sure how common those players are, I never pick the medic kit just to heal myself I'd rather just pick a more fun kit - And I'm not sure if making them seek out another medic when they get shot would actually improve their teamplay, they'll just go running off to find themselves a medic when half of the squad needs healing Also my entire point was that it gives players a mental safety net, and makes them think they can get away with risking their life to get a shot on some enemies because you can just get anyone to revive you
  9. Graphic Updates

    " the few who are having FPS issues " If you're not running a consistent 144fps; you're having fps issues and have no say on this matter. Squad optimization is shit(UE4 was never made to work with 100 players properly; check out a PUBG replay to know what I mean) and there is plenty to be worked on before graphics can be improved.
  10. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    "Just buy a better monitor/gaming chair" - people complaining about having any zoom on ironsights
  11. Tank reload

    The answer is that he doesn't get a straight answer from developers; a rhetorical question fits perfectly here. Your sad attempt at trolling failed.
  12. Tank reload

    Because you didn't even include any indication of your intention in the message, requiring him minimally to ask about what your intention, besides answering your question, and without knowing how much he knows in the field, it's easy to suggest that just answering your question will bring him nowhere, thus your question is more of a waste of time/trolling/toxic notice rather than an answer. If you search, you will find a lot of displeasure for answers made in form of questions in any form of respectful discussion
  13. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    That's...the point. People did it in PR. It makes medic kit less of a lonewolf kit with infinite heals taken away(since you can't decrease its patch number without unnecessarily affecting number of revives) and encourages squad to have more than one medic(or have medic be more mindful about taking damage).
  14. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    I don't really have the same optimism as you but I think the game can be fixed through a community mod. Maybe the PR guys can make a mod to make it more hard-core to what it used to be. some of the crucial things that have contributed to what OP is talking about: - Easy and unlimited spawns on Rally points. - Everyone being able to revive each other rather than just medics. Encourages squads to be more reckless with their lives. Also punishes squad cohesion because before the entire squad would want to stay close to medics who would usually stick closer to squad lead. Thus, squads would stick together. - People figuring out the optimal meta game of driving around and putting habs every where. This is currently too easy. Especially with choppers around now. This is mostly a balance issue which can be fixed by requiring more squad members to be near a squad lead or increasing the supply cost of HABs so a single logi cannot put down multiple HABs. It doesn't really make sense how a single chopper that small can carry both the construction material for a HAB and all that ammo. Helicopters should be a means of reinforcing HABs not constructing new ones (unless you make multiple chopper runs or have multiple choppers unloading supplies into a radio) - The new drone and artillery features which further punishes any defensive play. Also makes Habs and radios too easy to find. - The engineer class who is encouraged to go ninja and blow up enemy radios. I doubt combat engineers have a role in real life to sneak into enemy bases like they are Solid Snake and blow up things. Right now combat engineer is the ninja role.
  15. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    the zoom is meant to represent 'focus' which you can't do through a game monitor. when aiming in real life you don't zoom but you can change your focus on your eyes so that things further away are easier to see. The only way for the game to represent this is with zoom.
  16. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    You could never pick people's medic kits up in Squad Also I can't see how not allowing medics to heal themselves would affect the gameplay, it would just mean the medics will all be wandering around looking for other medics when the mortars land
  17. Besides the single core performance thing ecchi mentioned, the cpu you're using is a bit different from something like a 1700x or 1800x because the cores are much further apart, worsening performance in some cases.
  18. I'm going to be a snarky shitter and tell you that the bolt on all the rifles slide.
  19. This game has poor optimization for multicore cpus, didn't anyone tell you? You *need* high singlecore performance.
  20. Especially considering the instability of this game and ability for admins to abuse this feature to neuter opposing team's CO.
  21. Mortars "have to go"

    Invasion layers tend to have much worse/fewer vehicles for defending side so it's generally worse to dedicate a vehicle to mortar-hunting. Especially considering how bad SPG-9 are these days(also highly vulnerable to smallarms fire). Having more tickets doesn't matter that much if you don't have enough bodies on/around point to defend the point. Because at that point you're forcing defenders to attack a superior force(vehicle wise if nothing else) while further weakening defense; this also requires you to out-flank the flankers on attacking side(which means more time spent - and you risk running into enemy MBT which is often maneuvering around the point instead of going straight toward it if they're not terrible). This is on top of commander firesupport(which afaik isn't disabled in that mode). As previously mentioned: even when you destroy the fob completely - they can set up another one in under 10 minutes elsewhere if they don't build too many defenses. Many maps(if not all of them) do not even allow logistic vehicles to get to the first cap before round starts to even the odds. That's assuming attacking team didn't just bumrush the cap while you're looking for mortar fob. Finally, not when it costs a lot less to set up than it is for other side to take down(taking into account the risk of going after a mortar fob instead of defending the cap in a more direct way). Now if a radio getting taken down by enemy costs 50-100 points - that's a different story.
  22. It is really disgusting when a Commander stays in the role and he then gets kicked / disconnected. When another Commander enters the role, the timer for attacks reset.
  23. Mortars "have to go"

    I would be on board with an increase the ammo amount, especially given the introduction of helicopters and the large supplies trucks have now. That would encourage a better logistical game. I disagree with your assessment in the context of invasion layers (90% of my squad playtime has been on invasion layers). The majority of the time the offensive team will be using the mortars first since they know for a fact that 80%-90% of the team is going to be within a 300-400m radius of the cap point with a high probability or they are trying to attack static defenses with indirect fire (sadly commander has greatly diminished this role). That being said, the defenders are going to be countering the mortar FOB most of the time. For defenders on a full 40v40 invasion map, devoting a 6-5 man squad or one BTR or SPG is not a resource drain on the team because the defenders have 800 tickets to start with, a head start on each objective and the advantage of always defending. Conversely, the offensive team has very little tickets, no head start and the disadvantage of attacking; which means they are not going to be able to afford devoting a 6 man squad just to defend a motar FOB...which means it should be lightly defended. I've seen all three tactics used many times with both success and failure. Furthermore, I find mortars to be rarely used in AAS games....of course that could just be speaking to my lack of play time in AAS. But my intuition tells me mortars are much more difficult to utilize effectively in AAS than invasion. Finally, if it is a resource drain in AAS...shouldn't that be a reward to the opposing team that managed to place a well concealed mortar FOB and are coordinating there indirect fire with their team? Mortars are another communication/team work aspect to the game and I would hate to see it get nerfed or worse removed, as you have suggested.
  24. Mortars "have to go"

    That's a lot of resources spent on countering something that cost very little(in manpower, time, and tickets) and require almost zero skill to use(just need to punch numbers into calculator and click/reload away; yes you can pretend there is more advanced techniques, but basic point-and-click is already effective in most cases). 1. 5-6man off frontline already did mortar's job for them (on top of however many mortars were able to kill/suppress) 2. vehicle taken off frontline is already a win, as above(considering mortars rarely are able to kill vehicles anyway); since mortar fob can have defenses that can 1-2shot whatever vehicle you throw at it, assuming it has enough supplies (if it's constantly spamming as OP described, it probably does) Above two assumes they actually get the job done instead of get hit/killed along the way(which makes them far worse as "counter"). Because if you're not camping enemy team's main base; they will just pop up another mortar fob in another location within 10 minutes after losing paltry amount of tickets. (it takes far less time to set up another mortar fob behind frontlines than it does for people to sneak around the edge of map towards enemy main) They also do not take much teamwork/communication aside from maybe commander spotting it with UAV. Since you're not actively working with rest of the team while hunting for a mortar fob(unless you count giving emotional support over voicechat). 3. Sounds great in theory, but when the only viable/economical counter is the the exact same thing...there's a problem Mortars can be easily(and it should be) toned down a bit by making mortar ammo cost more points(ATGMs also cost a lot of points so there is no reason not to). Can begin with bumping it slightly up to a nice even number of 100ammopoints per mortar magazine. It can even be removed in invasion layers on Blufor side. (like how PR removed mortars for Blufor on insurgency modes) Or have different values between factions for balance. Also, it almost doesn't need to be in the game considering commander firesupport exists now; those two combined can be too much(as if building static defense isn't already inefficient enough) for certain maps.
  25. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    New revival system is far less of an issue as people used to just pick up teammate's, or even enemies', medic kit and revive people anyway. This is just Squad doing the same thing without letting people take others' kit. Could be easily solved by not allowing medics to heal themselves(as it was in Project Reality, so medics were restricted to relying on other medics or their own patches to keep themselves healthy).
  26. Tank reload

    Why do you think I actually want him to ask the question instead of realize that the answer to both are similar/same.
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