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  2. I just cant stand to fight over Papanov anymore... Kohat and Gorodok come to my mind for some new layers.
  3. What Map would you like to see new layer(s) on?

    For instance: -Gorodok -Yerovka -Belaya The first two have an huge potential for some new layouts, belaya could have a little bit of variations!
  4. But this topic is about suppression and what people think about it, so just saying "Go play DH if you like the suppression" in this thread really does nothing for anybody. We even have a dev in this very thread saying they will rework the suppression so why not continue the conversation? We know that you like the suppression in Squad the way it is right now, you made that clear.... but it is also clear that it will be changed in the future and that is what the talk in this topic is mostly about: the future of suppression in Squad or references what people like in other games.
  5. Contrary to the belief the soldiers weren't like terminators that could easily get used to being fired at. There's always some level of fear and stress caused by simple flying bullets past your head in real life. And no matter what you'd always find hitting target much harder than if being in a normal non-stressed situation such as firing at a target range. There is never going to be fear of getting hit in a game. And not only the suppression mechanic simulates this and brings it down to a more realistic level of firefights. The sway/flinch mechanic doesn't just simulate fear. It is actually a genuine instinctive reaction that you would have in real life that soldiers have during the firefights. BF4 not having those mechanics which affects your aiming just shows how arcadey that game is compared to Darkest Hour. The fact that with the suppression mechanics you actually end up with a much more realistic firefights using cohesive suppressing fire rather than individual marksmen picking each other off. And Darkest Hour has that perfect balance, you can still overcome it if you properly train to it, and still actually hit enemy targets while being suppressed. But it's not as easy to hit accurately if you're being suppressed and that's actually brings a lot more realistic level of firefights than without it.
  6. I would not peek that corner, or maybe I would only on Sumari. Simply because I don't want to watch the respawn screen for 45+ seconds, then run for minutes to catch up with my squad. And probably you would not be revived either since, the medic would be killed by the same MG. He likes Darkest Hour, he plays Darkest Hour. I like the suppression mechanic as it is now in V10.1, so I play Squad.
  7. Comms Drop?

    My friends and I who aren't even in a clan play with discord in the background almost all the time... so we can organize which server we want to go to, who is going to squad lead on a given round etc. You can't assume people will "do the right thing", so we have to cater to the lowest denominator and thus it will end up like how it is currently implemented
  8. You just again described your personal feeling about it, I think if an MG is firing at a corner no one should even think about peeking that corner because he should be scared and punished to do so. But that is what I think. Saying "Go play Darkes Hour if you want that type of suppression" in a thread that seeks conversation about the suppression in Squad is really not doing anything for this topic.
  9. I also explained this in one of my previous comments. If You are an MG or any other class and suppressing a guy, and then the guy peeks and kills you, then his kill is well deserved, since you had superior cover and position (assuming you have an MG with a bipod deployed and you are in cover). If he peeks and has enough time to line up an ACCURATE shot on you without dying then it is YOUR fault and his kill is well deserved. Your aim was off or you were not paying attention. Weapons in Squad are so accurate which they should be, since most service rifles are sub 4 MOA rifles, that if you miss, then it was your aim, and not RNG. I have thousands of hours in SWAT 4 and in BF games (pre BF4 games). Non of them has a suppression which messes up your ability to fire back accurately, and their gunplay is good. But it doesn't matter because they are not Squad. If you want a Darkest Hour suppression just play Darkest Hour.
  10. Kohat for sure. There’s so much potential there.
  11. I agree that Gorodok needs some love, but I assume it's coming with the map's optimisation. Also, it'd be good to see layers use different base and attack directs more frequently, so instead of the bases sitting on opposite sides East and West have more layers that go North to South or more asymmetric with base and flag placement.
  12. Ranging for rocket techi

    @SpecialAgentJohnson While in the passenger seat (default F2) you need to use your forward key (default W) to raise the angle to fire further. Click W 3 times and you get about 80-100m range. click your backward key (default S) to decrease range. Everytime you leave the seat it resets to the shortest range. Rockets do not explode at short range. There are no obvious visual indicators for the player controlling this weapon but it is quite fun to use anyway You will rarely know if you hit anything...
  13. Today
  14. I enjoyed Gorodok before it was expanded. The battle for the bridge was fun. Most current layers on this map are painfully big, some areas of the map never see battles and could be fun. Generally i'd like to see some more areas used in all maps for small quick INF layers to use the existing assets for more playability. Maybe some versions of maps with both bases located near the middle and flags around the edges for a gameplay experiment where resupply is close but with a lot of risk? In my head this would result in some extended front lines crossing the map and a lot of ambush. Layers with a lot of unarmoured vehicles. Lots of movement with infantry and deployed weapons being very powerful. Layers with assets that spawn on flags held, not at main. OR spawn at main when a flag is held. Layers with exposed cap areas, eg fields or forests rather than villages and buildings. This might be a superfobbers dream come true
  15. Penalty for early give up

    good point @Romby Why is the timer hidden before you give up??? In any talk of penalties for respawn we have to consider that it is more fun to have more players involved in all engagements. If you have half the enemy team waiting to spawn you have half the targets and the server feels empty. No-one wants this. I don't know the best way to make waiting for a medic better than respawning. It is true that there are few reasons to wait right now but I do not think a spawn time penalty will improve this, it will more likely result in a drop in player numbers due to frustration and agro at medics who are probably already trying their best. Some suggestions to try and move this along: Require medic for some healing, eg leg damage to repair a limp which has a movement speed or stamina penalty. Arm damage effects accuracy or speed to ADS or ADS+hold breath time. These penalties should not be for every leg damage or every arm damage to avoid player frustration. Make players collect their specialist kits from a supply point every time they die and respawn. Adding this task would make respawning more than just a click and go. Ammo supply at a spawn point becomes essential to allow special kits, as the alternative is a bunch of recruit kits. More people will spawn at main or at well supplied FOB than at overrun FOBS. The person who waits for a medic gets to keep his loadout as is, no need to collect their precious kit. You could allow a fast kit selection for someone who bleeds out, perhaps adding a voluntary accelerated bleed out if no medic is within a radius. Weapons/Kits become scarce if a team has no supply runs happening. Heli drops become bigger than xmas. Rally points would need some alteration to allow kit gathering (i'd like to see them as visible air drops, perhaps with dummy drops to mask sneaky movements)
  16. Comms Drop?

    Yes ok fair comment, but really how many people are using Teamspeak and the like? Clans should in my opinion more than others play in the spirit of the game.
  17. Can't say i understand your logic or thinking on this or your heavy use of exclamation marks. How is walking up to an enemy vehicle, getting in it and being rewarded with some intel not acquiring it 'physically'? (Whatever that really means.) Not sure how that would affect your flanking tactics? The intel could easy be given just to the one person who performed the 'act', and it could be up to them how they share that intel with their team. I never prescribed in detail how to implement this suggestion as it was a broad idea that could be implemented in many different ways. IMO it would add a little something to gameplay and help penalise people abandoning vehicles, which is an issue. I fail to understand your negative view.
  18. Yep ^^ exactly this, I wouldn't have almost 5000 hours spent in game Darkest Hour if it didn't have a good gunplay. I really love how suppression in Darkest Hour has a perfect balance between MGs being effective in suppressing the enemy and you're not being able to just pick him off the second the MG starts firing. But at the same time isn't as strong as in some other games where it totally incapacitates you, and this is where people get the wrong idea that the suppression is bad because they look at the wrong titles. Suppression in Darkest Hour is kinda perfect for me that you still able to fire back, but not as accurately as when you're not being fired at...
  19. This is what is the problem about this topic, for me it is fun in games like Darkest Hour when I try to aim and then an MG is suppressing me so I hit the ground because otherwise I would not make the shot because of the suppression and most likely die. Also it is fun for the MG because suppression actually does something. But that is where the problems lies, everyone has their own opinion about suppression. I like the flinching and simulated fear of death, other people hate it. Personally I would really like harder suppression effects in Squad.
  20. Penalty for early give up

    I think give up button/being down should be change. I really dont get why you can't see spawn time when down!? Think you should see spawn time when selecting a fob/rally and when you want to spawn you need to wait for timer and then press "give up and spawn". So you go directly from down to spawn. This way people would stay ground at least 45 sec.
  21. Hey everyone, lets hear what maps you'd love to see new layers on!! Or what map layers you feel need some love. Cheers -fuzz
  22. What are you working on?

    I looked the topic up now. As i expected: There is work to do and i will try it out. I ll message u via PM to discuss the topic further! https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37482958/dealing-with-autocad-objects-in-unity
  23. A game is always going to be just a game. If you can't implement something properly, then it is best not to try and find workarounds, and go for the mechanic that is more fun. Missing your perfectly lined up shot, just because someone shot in your general direction is not fun. The whole point of Squad is fun, soldiers probably don't have fun in Afghanistan/Iraq etc. I just go out and run for 20 minutes, after you are done running a 30 second rest won't restore your "stamina". You would need minutes or hours to get back to 100%, and that is without heavy gear. Squad would not be fun when towards the end of a match you would not be able to sprint, or if you would be shot in the leg, and now you would not be able to move. Or when everyone would only have one life.
  24. Ranging for rocket techi

    Rocket techie seems to aim straight into the ground almost on flat surfaces even. Maybe if nothing else just make it aim higher please! Right now it is basically useless.
  25. What are you working on?

    Hey Psyrus! As i wrote: I guess they will need some refining to be completely Gameready (even though ArchiCad got a new FBX export function). But im willing to try this out. We need to make SQUAD great, so PR can be great again.
  26. Comms Drop?

    Gives clans/people who are on discord/teamspeak/skype etc a massive advantage over the rest of the playerbase. If we could get squad to literally mute their windows microphone device then it would work, but it doesn't generally happen that way.
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