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  2. Right now my performance is great, 80-130FPS at 3440x1440 all EPIC 1.5 SS and SMAAA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk At last! Someone else with the same issue! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Name: Liam Steam Profile: Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 20 Timezone or Region: EST Nature of Interest: MilSim Gaming Background: I played WoW for the majority of my time on pc. Recently I have really enjoyed playing Arma, Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) and now Squad. Additional Skills: I like to think I have decent aim. Status: Unsigned
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  5. Haha indeed. I think a lot of people don't necessarily realise how quickly people can achieve what they want with adequate training and muscle memory. The reloads and weapon switches in game are beautifully long but seem to represent the lowest order of training/skill with regards to the combatant.
  6. Nope, this is what an easter egg looks like...
  7. Yep.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to integrate OceanProject_4.13 to Squad_4.14... unfortunately, no matter how I've tried, I am unable to compile/integrate OceanPlugin to Squad. Here's what I did: 1) Downloaded a stock copy of the source UnrealEngine 4.14.3 source code from Github 2) Using the plain vanilla UE 4.14 source codes, compiled and integrated OceanPlugin4.13.Works well (side note, OceanPlugin 4.15 does not seem backward compatible to UE4.14) 3) Using the fresh compiled OceanPlugin4.14, copy and pasted to the Squad Plugin folder 4) OceanPlugin is able to load into Squad4.14, but BP_Ocean is unable to load (crashes the UE4 Editor) Any subsequent attempt to use Squad's attached UE4 Editor to start a Visual Studio project results is not successful (Engine source code is not present) I'm aware of previous OceanPlugin efforts for Squad, but those did not involve the re-compilation of plugins. Anyone able to help?! Much appreciated! Thanks and best regards, Tim
  9. @bilsantuI can see where you are coming from, you want other individual skills than reaction time and movement/aim to be more important. But I wonder what it would look like? Are there any games out there that exemplifies the type of mechanics/gameplay you wanna see? Is Project Reality a game which mechanics are closer to your taste, as far as what skills are required from individual players?
  10. It was a tough night for TKers. Had to leave the server earlier for a bit.
  11. I could care less about appealing the ban. I would like to know exactly where you guys get off kicking players for not complying with tactical suggestions from the admin. Suggestions that at best are questionable and at worst down right exploitative. Me and my squad play very regularly on Free candy van,and have many times been told not to build sandbags "on or near caches". So my refusal to do so ending in a kick,makes no sense. I can own up to deserving a ban for arguing. But that is beside the principle of the play,if the game was designed to be micromanaged by one admin on a power trip,then there would be no complaint. But the game is designed for squads to be led by individual squad leads. When my ability to govern my own squad goes out the window,I fail to see the point of the game.
  12. Thank you for the awesome compliments guys, much appreciated. Enjoy and visit us on
  13. Not possible yet
  14. it goes against the concept of the game; a squad based tactical shooter... how does allowing 2 man "squads" become a good thing?
  15. I pretty much only play on RIP, excellent atmosphere. Thanks for hosting a brilliant server.
  16. I dont get a error Message it freezes at the loading screen before you load into the browser my Drivers are up to date and my Specs are GeForce GTX 960M Driver Version 382.33 Intel(R)Core(TM)i7-5700HQ CPU @ 2.70GHz 15.92 GB RAM 3840 x 2160 60Hz @beginna
  17. Yep, thats the plan guys! I just quickly levelled off that space to drop it into the world, but it will be attached to a plaza complex of sorts in a slightly urban retail district.
  18. Tried it. It's what they wanted RO2 to be. The best aspects of COD and RO, combined. I don't like it as much as Squad, but I'm sure some people will prefer RS2.
  19. Hey there, Please post your ban appeals here The forum I posted allows us to track appeals and to deal with issues like the this. I have spoken to the Admin that banned you and it seems that as Verdn was spot on....Also I had several players explain to me that your instructions were to place sandbags in the room. Not on the cache please post any defending evidence on the forums i just provided you. Thank you
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  21. I'd say were banned because you went back into the server to argue with an admin....and rightfully so in my opinion. If you have an issue, go to a clan/community website/forums or discord to "talk" the situation out. Don't go back into a server after being kicked, to argue that you were right.
  22. Thanks! Hahahaha yeah I still have a lot to learn. Getting better at spotting people, but still have a long way to go. I do find that I like playing medic a lot right now, probably cause of my handicap. Yeah I figure that will come much, much later. Cause watching RIP vs The World and a few of the other clan comps live looks like a lot of fun.
  23. absolutely agree!
  24. I just got banned from this server for not stacking sandbags on the cache in insurgency mode. I have been told before that this is an exploit and not to be used. However the admin ordered me to do so,and when I disagreed he kicked me from the server. I rejoined to argue the point,and he banned me The admin was DRK TacticalHippie16.
  25. Hi there, I am just curious is there way to look at past chat logs? I run a server and I just dont know if this option is possible or i am looking in the wrong file while looking thought the sever files.
  26. Should place the carpark in the centre of a busy urban area. It wouldnt really make sense to be at a random overpass if there is not at least a town arround it.
  27. You would need a shopping mall or something to make the car park a realistic addition. It would make for some good fights though.
  28. Nah, man. Squad is a game of innertia(momentum), teamplay and skills. Proper FOBs, ammo crates, repair stations matter the most, then teamplay, then personal skills, like reaction and such. If you have, like, 8 FOBs on the map, you have your grenadiers on ammo crates spamming enemy flags(grenadiers are 100 times better artillery than mortars, no joke, no sarcasm, they are better, don't use mortars at all). And you have your vehicles on repair stations on the overpowered positions spamming enemy with infinite ammo, it doesn't matter how skilled your enemies are(how fast they react, dolphin dive or shoot towards critical body parts). If your enemies don't abuse ammo crates, repair stations, spawn points and all of that meta stuff, you're going to win by using game mechanics, unless enemies have very good FOBs, ammo crates and repair station themselves. But yeah, if your enemies play with kdr 5 even after you placed all of that properly, then you deserve to lose. But it isn't a problem of a game, it's a problem of a team and players which have scissors instead of hands and sawdust instead of brains. The thing is, I never saw anyone(I played enough matches myself) to play a proper-proper Squad yet, when a team is working as an mechanism: But we'll get there. Well, then the team isn't good enough to stop this player and this team deserves to lose. When both teams are good, it is very easy to stop these 1-2 highly skilled players. There are tonns of grenades, grenade launcher, rpgs and all of that. If a team can't stop 1 player(which is all by himself without his squad) with their whole Squad, then this team deserves to get stomped. Simply saying, Squad is about git gut or git rikt. And I love that this game is about it.
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