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  2. An Idea for being sneaky

    A few videos shouldn’t be indicative of the overall success of a tactic. Solo operations in Squad is an overwhelmingly lopsided affair, which is why the game is played with the intent of working with a squad of players. Just because the attacker is well concealed, doesn’t mean they aren’t now compromised. That player could’ve easily alerted their SL who alerted other squads to the fact there is a player attacking a location or moving around to disrupt operations. And just like stealth is gone. Squad doesn’t need commando style kits. If you really want to run around and try to disrupt operations with demolitions, use an Engineer kit. Adding a brand new kit for the sake of encouraging more soloing and lone wolfing is pointless. This game already has a big enough issue with people straying from objectives or wandering around areas with little of no importance and depriving the team of much needed defenders or attackers.
  3. I would certainly like to see that to get in certain seats of a vehicle, you have to go to the corresponding door. For example, tank gunners and commanders having to enter on top of the vehicle, infantry dismounts having to get in through the rear hatch or the side door in the case of the BTR. This might be a middle ground between what the OP is suggesting an what is currently in the game. I've always hated that everyone can just hold f and get in from any point.
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  5. An Idea for being sneaky

    I'm kinda of the a opinion that there should be no other classes added to the game at this point, especially the 'special forces/commando/whatever' types. With all the specialized classes we see in the current version of the game, too often am I forced to fight a dude to pick up a medic kit or a rifleman kit to keep my AT guys and medics supplied. I really never enjoyed how the combat engineer turned out, most of the time, I see some dude pick it up only to run of 200 yards from the squad to place down a random mine or fob hunt. Some special forces saboteur would only encourage this tactic. Taking out fobs behind enemy lines can help the team tremendously, especially in those 'every ticket counts' matches, but nothing is more annoying than losing a whole fob out of nowhere because some guy was able to sneak in and bomb the radio. This style of play may help the team but encourages a play style that is opposite to the core aim of Squad (as I see it). Maybe I just miss the days where everyone would stick together without having to micromanage a couple of them.
  6. I'd love to see it. Too many times have I found myself in a position where crouching is a little too low or prone isn't high enough. Coming from Arma myself, it was one of the few features that worked and didn't seem excessively clunky. Hopefully as the devs continue fleshing out the game, we will see it in some form.
  7. no, no, noo, please no. (another reason people don't play ArmA) also i think this has been brought up before, quite a long time ago. i think weapon resting, which has already been looked at iirc, is a much better way to go. if there is an option to disable "complex stance sys" for those of use who are not into the whole Mil-Sim/RPG thing, then i'd say yes, but not at the expense of other more important things already roadmapped/posited for dev.
  8. An Idea for being sneaky

    seen it happen in rather a few vids lately - quite effective (FOB/HAB hunters, instigated by the SL, running as a solo FT). if you're bad at stealth, yes. communicating where a player went down is of little help if the attacker is effectively hidden. this is also hilarious in the face of all those peeps complaining they can't see anybody because of foliage and lighting. not necissarily. oh, and there's this: " Like the sniper kit for Canada. " - before anyone else does solo'ing-is-bad-m'kay. i'm not defending the OP's idea, as such, just pointing to a different opinion. i played a number of years, pub & comp in a clan, as a "stealthy" player in JO, many times without the stealthy accoutrement. imho, Squad is eminently open to this style (if not class) of play and can be highly effective if you're not a complete peanut.
  9. I think you're mistaking me for someone else. Either that or I was simply mocking someone by parroting the narrative that's been pushed from the beginning that alternative game modes would fracture the player base. Right from the start I gave the suggestion of including the classic modes like TDM, CTF & TKOTH and was flamed by a bunch of PRaphiles that are long since gone. And as recently as last month I made the suggestion of splitting off a "Classic" version of the game that was Infantry only.
  10. Reactionary sound design

    if the ambient sound cues can be triggered OFF when an active sound volume overlaps it, then it may be possible - i've no idea if it is or what consequence on performance would be, but i'd guess relativley low; would come down to importance of it relative to develpoment wishes, methinks. great idea tho
  11. Mk 19 in project reality not squad why?

    Sorry dude but that is just incorrect. The Mk 19's standard round is HEDP, meaning it will easily destroy BTRs and BMPs so it is most definitely not crap against armor. The only thing 2A42 has over Mk 19 is velocity because the Mk 19 is capable of penetrating 2 inches of steel. I'm all for AGLs being in-game just like @Vewt but you can't downplay their effectiveness when advocating for them. The only faction that wouldn't have HEDP would be the insurgents but it's honestly no different than them already having SPG-9s instead of an ATGM launcher like the TOW or Kornet. So it's not like it would create an imbalance that wasn't already there before and plays into the asymmetric warfare thing we already have going on.
  12. We need smaller maps for more close combat action

    "The PR clones we guys want" Errr….no. We have been asking for different game modes for quite some time now. And you used to be against having different modes. I´m happy to see you have changed your mind.
  13. BMP-1 Vs BMP-2

    The BMP-2 is far better. Not only does it have more elevation for the main gun(a lesson learned in Afghanistan), it's up armoured and more engine power, better sights and night vision, updated NBC system and has a more powerful and accurate ATGM. That's why it's called a BMP-"2" instead of BMP-"1+". The BMP-3 is even more crazier, if we get that in the game it might even be OP. That has a 100mm gun/missle launcher, a 30mm and a coax machine gun and is even more up armoured and better in everyway. It would really destroy the Bradley's out there and become even more of a threat to MBT's than the BMP-1 or 2.
  14. Any Scottish Clans out there?

    Well I'm in the Sinclair clan and our coat of arms has a rooster on it with the words "Commit thy works to God" if that helps any.
  15. Make Militia/Insurgents more common

    I'm the opposite I love playing the insurgents, after all....A little Jihad never hurt anyone... Get up close and personal and use ambush shoot and scoot tactics.
  16. You know when you go into a town or tight terrain you are in CQB correct? Even if it takes you miles to get there...
  17. How do you even know this? Right now the big helicopter maps are usually the most played.
  18. Hi, While playing through the new maps (and even on the older ones) I'm shure we all noticed the little awesome details sound design brings to the sound experience, like the wolf howling, or that little annoying bird solo chirping. My idea is to have it changing according to what's happening. If there's a gunfight, or a shit load of troops, it makes sense that the bird stops chirping, or the wolf stops howling. That would give clues to anyone trying to sneak in and would add more to the experience per se by making it more immersive. Imagine that you're shooting in the field where you hear the cicada. As soon as you shoot, it stops making sound.
  19. Alpha 16.1 Released

    120mb for me
  20. An Idea for being sneaky

    A single guy wandering around on the map looking for stuff to sabotage isn’t going to go very well. You’re going to be grossly outnumbered and ill-equipped to fight anything short of a single guy, and any attempt at stealth is going to be nullified by the fact information can still be passed when downed, which will mean anyone with a pulse will converge on you once you are spotted or kill someone. Working with riflemen also nullifies the use of a suppressed weapon, since anyone else that fires with you will give your position away. At present, there’s just too many gameplay mechanics that hamper attempts at stealth, the biggest being anyone can open their map and see when and where someone was killed, or the fact people can still communicate with their squad when downed. So unless you manage to slip through enemy lines undetected, the moment you’re seen or you kill someone, you’re compromised.
  21. Its only struggling because of the exact opposite reasons in my opinion. The game could easily be programmed for diversification to satisfy the Competitive, Casual and PR communities. Consider CS:GO as the model with its many different modes. Thousands of people playing freestyle rap surfing all the way to hardcore competitive for real money. If tomorrow the game was changed to nothing more than the exact clone of PR that you guys want the daily peaks would be lucky to crack 500.
  22. INS/MIL VS HELI factions

    In real life asymmetrical warfare do you think the Militia or Insurgents are going to have "role restrictions"? Probably not. Once you've got more dudes with mines and RPG's on the map helicopters and tanks get autobalanced.
  23. INS/MIL VS HELI factions

    more start of round spawn points for small factions and more randomness. an unknown gun emplacement for example. a few (limited and destroyable) ammo caches in villages. Allow SL with a squad [limit to first 3-4 squads with over 5 people - variable] to create a random rally at round start to give them options. I've mentioned before that this will give life the the empty map and add some risk to rushing. Drop a start of round squad rally beside a damaged chopper out in the field and we can all re-enact Black Hawk Down Repeat with an extra logi or even a tank and make it an effort to recover it. Damage the vic using an explosive or just drop the thing upside down...we all know how random flipping a vic can be... Simple with existing assets and so powerful in the way it adds varied gameplay. To make it work in comp play the scenario could be a fixed number where a random number would be used in public games.
  24. soldier salute

    drfreee i am just suggesting that the ball scratching animation would be a more realistic addition to an entirely fluffy lace covered full featured game with realistic tutus (no idea how to spell that ballet dress thing....its ok i looked it up....). No disrespect intended. how about squinting when facing the sun? realistic sweaty armpits, dusty cheeks with smear marks from wiping your eyes.... digging latrines! so many important things are missing
  25. Link to a video showcasing it. I really think that squad has a lot of moments where I'm struggling to fire over obstacles or through windows due to stance limitations compared to said obstacles/windows height and I think this would make the game so much better. What are your thoughts??
  26. An Idea for being sneaky

    P On the other hand though from a true "realistic" standpoint pretty much all of the simulations in both Squad and PR are completely made up fantasy engagements that would never occur in real life though. Especially regarding the supposedly "symmetrical" matchups between Russia and the USA for example which make very little sense at all considering key elements of CAS are completely missing, nevermind the tiny scale at which they're occuring. And that's completely disregarding the fact that in both Squad and PR you Star Trek materialize all over the map in Arcade fashion as well. Needless to say, the only engagements that would even remotely make sense within the context of a 40vs40 conflict would be an unconventional battle between heavy armed special operations forces and local insurgent forces. Bottom line there are no conventional units consisting of this makeup. That's why at least the Delta Force games kind of made sense in that respect.
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