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  2. Squad is dead or not ?

    Desperately needs new maps, game modes, the game right now is half-finished sandbox gameplay as the playerbase will never learn to play the game as they did in PR.
  3. Computer specs

    Lots of money later I have the computer downloading right now thanks for all the help yall maybe we can be in a squad sometime.
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  5. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    GREETINGS, Just thought id throw a quick bump onto the thread. We are still around and kicking, last night we just hit 2 months of being pop'd daily with our server sitting in the top 10. Our server has been running 80/80 green server health and we are always looking for new members. Very laid back group with the semi regular competitive events. As always swing by the server and say hi, Thanks for your time. Discord : discordapp.com/invite/xurkfxs
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    ToG-L squad 2 Chora AAS V2
  7. New Player

    Sure, what region of the world do you live? Aka what timezone
  8. We're looking for an Exemplary Staff

    Have moved this thread to correct place.
  9. We're looking for an Exemplary Staff

    Please keep your advertisement restricted to the proper forums, this should probably be in the teams and clans part.
  10. Hi guys, did you ever ask yourself how rain would look and play like in Squad? Look no further and watch my imagination of a heavy rain firefight at Sumari. Hope you like it and leave some feedback here or on Youtube. Cheers, Mauti
  11. Fallujah fTW i want to rek noobs already
  12. Mouse/Screen Bug

    I had the same issue, I managed to navigate to the %localappdata%\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor folder and I just deleted the whole thing. Game started up in windowed, went to settings, changed to fullscreen and changed resolution to default and it worked.
  13. New Player

    Anyone want to play with me?
  14. Yesterday
  15. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

  16. Game needs non owned servers

    I would never make generalizations about organized groups that host the game and allow us to play. Furthermore, you should know I've personally donated a considerable amount of my own money to different groups to help defray server costs because I don't like free rides and plus I simply want to help out. That said, I would never make the hax/exploit assertion of any group simply because EAC has that end of things locked down pretty solid in my opinion. On the other hand though why on earth would you even need such a thing when there is a much greater potential for abuse of the admin camera function and plenty of other shenanigans involving ghosting etc. going on? Listen. I'll say it again. People that pay the bills have essentially taken ownership of the game and have become the defacto front end of the game. This means that for the last 3 years the combined actions of all the privately owned servers have become the face of the game and represent how the public perceives the game. I don't know how anyone could argue with that. So from a Public Relations and Marketing standpoint that seems a bit concerning to allow external parties to have complete control of the overall experience that your customers have. Bottom line, there will never be a pure vanilla experience for users that is completely neutral, unbiased and free of supplemental rules until official servers are hosted.
  17. Another Can I Run thread

    Above picture is current System Requirements for Squad. Both of your CPU and GPU is far below the minimum requirement unfortunately. There have been numerous optimization patches in the past but I don't think your set up will pull it as you wish to...
  18. New Layers

    Also, part of the whole experience of the squad is added downtime, 5 minutes or so.. It adds to stupid conversations, prepping and what not. Maps like Logar, and other small maps have none of that and are swarmed by try-hards, with the focus on corner peeking and pre-firing
  19. New Layers

    Those small layers lack any sort of immersion that the big maps like Talil do.
  20. Another Can I Run thread

    Hi I have been away since version 7 or 9 i think it was I was able to just barely run the game when it was first released. I had lots of fun but decided i needed a better pc to get more out of game. I still have the same PC just wondering if optimization has been done i7 4510u 2.2ghz 3ghz Boost 2 Cores 4 threads Gt 840m 2gb 8gb ddr3
  21. Game needs non owned servers

    Yes they do but sometimes on some servers that are clan owned i get that feeling that the clan is exploiting the servers with lets say hacks or game exploits couse the server is theirs.
  22. Game needs non owned servers

    Most Clan servers have a Gentleman agreement, Play fair and don't be a jerk in short.
  23. New Layers

    All the big maps remade without a dull 5-7 min drive at the start. I'd also like more layers with infantry focus. Eg Talil with out the tanks is way more fun for inf, the layer with MRAP vs BDRM. More servers to play the skirmish layers beyond seeding might be enough for now.
  24. You are a gentleman and a scholar!
  25. Game needs non owned servers

    I know that you have never really been a great fan of clan based servers and supplemental rules but many of those rules were added because within the context of the game it was somewhat difficult to actually maintain without human intervention. Wasting vehicles, digging down others fobs, rushing flags as you say just downright idiotic abusive players many of the things we have discussed god knows how many times. I agree with you it might attract others to the game and I would have a choice where I would want to play so to avoid such servers if they were toxic. However I have never really come across a clan server where it is controlled to such an extent that it interferes with the game (I played on European servers)...
  26. Computer specs

    Yeah, just look for decent squads where everybody is communicating and you'll have a great experience.
  27. Isn't it time to fix the weapon sounds?

    I always say here that the sounds gives a lot to a game. And i love every single little or huge improvement you guys do to the in game sounds.
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