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  2. Driver Crashes on Startup

    What program do i use to run a benchmark?
  3. The Wrench - July 2018

    No offense, but how is Canada going to be any different in-game than USA? Just new skins basically, right?
  4. Today
  5. Ye, thats what I meant with you can disable and build freely as it is at the moment But I'm glad that some others like my idea I hope some dev's maybe become attentive on this thread and try to add this feature
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    TLR in Gorodok AAS v3
  7. Music!

    pouya is good shit. i learned that if it hadnt been for pouya, $b might never have taken off. pouya was already pretty well made in a bigger rap scene and he hyped up the boy$ on twitter or something and they got a ton of attention. their No Jumper interview is pretty cool. also their first interview. runnin thru the 7th has one of my all time favorite verses by $crim, hands down. running from the cops through the mother****ing 7th six bodies dropped and nobody went to heaven block stay hot when i'm creeping with the weapon gotta keep the pills in me all because of my depression city of the crest i'm riding with the smith & wesson got a ********* guessing when i hit em with the blessing 2 shots to the dome, 6 shots in the chrome more shots for your home nah that's a crime zone s-u-i-c-i-d-e scarecrow creeping with uzi lucifer please come save me the crucifix is at my feet walking through the depths of hell watching as the oceans swell grey 59 that's los cartel nothing but death in every cell its also got that lofi vibe beat that i love, same reason i love Antarctica.
  8. Music!

    Yeah cant wait either, I love me some $uicideboy$ I highly recommend checking out Pouyas FIVE FIVE album if you havent already. His project with the boys was my fav so far (South Side $uicide)
  9. Direction Indicator when hit

    I understand your suggestion. But just a pure no from me guys in war when hit even with armor on them thy dont give a s..t where thy are shot thy aither get down flat on the ground moaning or limp away to hide. In this game it would just be a lot easier to turn and kill your enemy even if he is hiding somewhere.
  10. Music!

    ive got a lot of new shit to listen to. Travis Scott, bones, denzel curry. im patiently awaiting $uicideboy$' new shit coming out next month, cannot wait. new bones
  11. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    im excited for this. but im also staying extremely skeptical. Venice Unleashed looks and sounds dope, once i'm reuinted with my gaming rig ill try to get in on some games if it's possible then. BF3 with the annoying blue filter removed, great tickrates and no dying-behind-corners sounds absolutely fantastic.
  12. Music!

    That whole album is just freaking amazing!
  13. Music!

  14. Is this maybe FPS related? I get a lot more FPS when playing Squad as most people do I guess. Squad as a whole feels a lot more fluent for me because of the performance, especially aiming.
  15. What is the purpose of modding?

    To OP: People fear of modding cause of Arma... its was never executed there well (that game had terrible network issues all the way back to Operation Flashpoint). I think these devs are well aware of that fact. Basically, you have this game thanks to modding of BF2. And three maps are ingame thanks to modding (Kokan, Basrah, Mestia). Three developers came directly from modding scene of this game. Now, think about it. You may find your question quite silly then.
  16. Not just me then lol
  17. What is the purpose of modding?

    You do understand there's already user created content in the actual game right? I'm not going to list it all out for you but I'm sure others here can.
  18. What is the purpose of modding?

    I don't understand the logic. If a mod is created for the game you can play it, like the base game, so how is it meaningless? It has just as much meaning as the base game. The problem at the moment is that the modding infrastructure is in its most basic iteration and we don't have any 'killer mods' yet to draw people in. Modding 2.0 is looking to fix the infrastructure issue and there's a sizeable modding community making content. Whether modding blows up is purely up to time but labelling the whole practice as meaningless is ridiculous.
  19. Community Clan Fight Night

    Guardians 2nd squad in
  20. What is the purpose of modding?

    No, it's not that for me, i'ts that: "Oh! Someone built this cool thing where you can barricade the windows... or you know, the Canadian faction...or whatever". Then realizing: "Oh! It's just a mod. I will never get that cool feature unless I play on an empty server with no players on it"... So, basically meaningless for the game itself in that sense. Unless of course, if some maps and stuff could be lifted back into the real game of course.
  21. What is the purpose of modding?

    Modding, ideally, let's people make tweaks, changes or overhaul the game to fit their own personal taste or create a completely unique experience using the game as a base. There's been many examples of mods that extend the life or scope of a game and like PR can go onto to create a foundation for future full fledged games like Squad. There's also a lot of examples of fun little mods that use a game as a base to do things that are unpredictable and really interesting like Zombie Infection in Counter-Strike, Trouble in Terrorist Town for GMOD or Battle Royale for Arma. Though not preferable mods also often work to fix issues in games or fill content voids. Hopefully when development of Squad is finished these type of mods will not be necessary.
  22. What is the purpose of modding?

    From a sardonic perspective though isn't everything in your life meaningless, no? You're born, you go to obedience training (school), get some job you hate, pay taxes, retire, eventually kick the bucket and if you're somebody really important you might get a statue chiseled out of stone or perhaps a clay tablet that mentions your name right? That said, it's about the process, not the result. So yeah, modding was an important part of the grandfather to Squad which is the Delta Force series and it brings people harmless enjoyment I don't see what's the problem.
  23. What is the purpose of modding?

    I think that modding will make this game so much better, I bet in 2-3 years we will have quit a few "community" faction mods and a buttload of different maps from which the most awesome ones will hopefully be even transferred/put into the base game. (And of course complete new game modes, and stuff that is not even "basic Squad" anymore) Modding for me was always the best part about games like Half Life, Half Life 2, BF2 and a lot of other titles. My favourite games/mods I played (PR, CS 1.6, Killing Floor, Red Orchestra) and the current Favs (Squad obviously, PS, CS:GO, Killing Floor 2) all come from mods. I cant believe that people think modding will be bad for this game
  24. What is the purpose of modding?

    Actually a good question. Don't you fear modding will split, an already small community into even smaller groups. What du you guys think?
  25. What is the purpose of modding?

    The purpose of modding is to edit the game in the way people want, wether for fun, or because they think something is missing from the game, doesn't really matter. Modding is never pointless, because if anything it gives more people experience with the game engine. Potentially becoming devs for some studio in the future. Squad exists because of a Battlefield 2 mod named Project Reality. These devs were modders before.
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