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  3. Sure, too bad there is no direct way to access it without doing all the basic stuff before.
  4. Trust me, its fun, and no spoilers, also read the the main post very carefully. Also hint: AI
  5. **** the firing range! No ones got time for the shit
  6. In the most recent rounds of v15 I already saw twice that a full burning vehicle recovered and didn't eventually explode as it was before! One time I even noticed a Bradley didn't need repair it just stopped burning and was just left damaged but useable. Is this intentional or a bug? I even have a video if needed I can upload. /cc @fuzzhead Thanks and Mauti out.
  7. Start up the New Tutorial and go to the area behind the firing range, Then report back here! SL out!
  8. [YA] Yellow ants

    Squad firefight compilation [YA] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeKY0L6vqnk&t=41s
  9. Flashbang

    Flashbangs aren't really necessary in Squad honestly. There's no civilians at stake, which means fragmentation all the way. Here's a good example of when it is applicable (skip to the last part of my CQB group trailer): This entire video was captured from live PvP matches, including the last part with the 3 hostages. So yeah, frags are the only thing needed (until we get civilians added to the game).
  10. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Hey you fine old farts, from our even more old and grumpy community, addicted to bumbum pewpew in Squad. So i dont play a whole lot on your server, since im not the biggest fan of stacking clans and such. But that´s A whole other story, than what this is about. This night i joined, and even tho not much admin, but that´s also another story of general growing disease of Squad servers sadly. Or at least some of this is not about that. Let´s say we imagined, that i´m satisfied with all those things.... So this guy TOXIC guy (with an R inside the O), say the least not a stranger in Squad, being realy rude to everyone, like F U, F this and that doing hes own. This night he was running a long run from rus main on Narva, so at first i did not nottise who it was, so "like the friendly neighborhood Nuzzi i am", i offered them a lift, and was meat with this "TOXIC" behavior. Tried my best to use the basic psychology, as simple as good old Freud, we used as a good tool, working with croud control, where a situation with an aggressive person, needs to be dealt with. But this type of person is easy to determent, cause you cant reason with him, as a person in general. In real life, we had to go to more strict physiological measures. Well this is a virtual world, but the principals are the same, except that here you can only deal with these type of people, by kick them of the server. So to say, just like in real life "get rid of the Problem" That said, as i told earlier, i dont play a whole lot on your server. But usually this kind of behavior is fast dealth with, by admin on servers as mentioned in server license, or the Discord close by, and admin will have a talk with the guy/girl. So this TOXIC person i mentioned, later in game, had not communicated at all the whole game, he suddenly can speak English, demanding ammo crate. We tell him there is ammo creates he can see on the map. So this Freud psych i mentioned, just explodes in him cause someone he cant talk down to, Start teamkilling.. Imagine this person in real life situation.. Well he start shouting hes Russiangeprokhen English F-Verbals. So a told everyone to just mute him, and i will report TOXIC person. Well Here is my critisicm to you RIP clan. There is no way to reach you, unless you register. As you see i dont mind taking my time to do someting. But if you like me just dont want to be registred, in every corner of the world. Then you cant report. So if anyone has complains, they just leave it be, and the "TOXIC" just keep growing. Lets say in theory i registred and got to your forum to post this kind of "TOXIC" You have to fill out this, that, picture, recording, as evidence. Like some Justice Department Cord Off Law. Except, unless you live in Canada, as i wage recall stands out, in some countries, the evidence violates the idiots civil rights. So if he is reeealy sneaky with to much money, to many lawyers. You just risk, that you are the one on trial instead of this ****er. But where does it leaves this TOXIC behavior. Just find the servers without admins, even better, the ones where its "easy" to be reported. Hmmm how can they find Public servers without "a licence stated number" of admins online presence, as i recall... Hmmm yes how indeed "CALFCALF" ;-) So the rest of my "TOXIC" infection, i will go out and discuss with the morning newspaper, cofee and a carton of smokes, and just sit together on the ###### and letting the infection out in public... Im out.. May the Farts Be With You At All Times...;-)
  11. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    I wouldn't mind a mod like ACE (Arma) for Squad. Though, I think the better approach would be for the developers themselves to shift toward a more "realistic" approach. As of right now, we have a wide variety of weaponry, in-game radio, incredible maps, and exceptional graphics/sounds. So, the key question is, what is missing? To me, I often look at Squad as almost a modern day version of Battlefield 2 but with more to offer (in-game radio, ballistics, cook-off, etc). However, Squad seems to be moving a little more on the arcade side with its built-in systems that are more or less aimed to dummy proof the game for newcomers while reducing the consequences of poor tactics. However, there are two ways we could get that PR type gameplay: 1. The game's complexity needs to go up (not too much though). There's a reason games like Minecraft and Call of Duty are so popular. They are simple and require little thought. Now, compare that to a sim like DCS or Arma w/ ACE. Complexity indeed has a significant impact on the community. 2. A tightnit community server could be a game changer. A key reason why PR seems to have offered quality matches is that the people who play it are "veterans" or weekly regulars. They understand every aspect of the game and how to play it right. I can say from my own experience with Ground Branch back in the "glory days" (i.e. before Steam launch) how there was a very small but dedicated community that knew how to play the game incredibly well (if one saw how we played, you would think we were hardcore milsim when we were simply playing public matches). You would almost need a community server just for this type of gameplay (lone wolfing, friendly fire, sabotage, and not playing the objective will result in a kick). Anyways, that's just my thoughts on the subject matter. I still think the devs have done a fantastic job with development so far regardless. Maybe we just need to shift our attention to modding as our solution.
  12. Squad on Console

    Squad on Console? I was wondering if Squad will be on Xbox or PS4. I wish I could play squad but I do not have a PC. Thank You.
  13. because there is intense files activity when updating... this happens to me too (I am on SSD) its very shitty, but they might fix/change this in the future, for now, I dont think there is much to be done from us but live with it
  14. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    The term 'spiritual successor' is used a lot, but it's also supposed to be distinct from PR. How do you square that if 95% of the game has identical DNA? It's pretty natural to want to connect the dots of that last 5%. I think there's bitterness there. I can understand nobody wants their ownership questioned and there's been some quite flippant responses when people bring up PR. It's disappointing though because that last 5% is where so much of the spirit of PR lies, temporary rallies etc. It's kind of like a zombie PR. Body intact, spirit lost somewhere along the way. Infinitely reviving and respawning and nobody listens to SLs. Okay metaphor is strained but nevertheless
  15. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    i honestly just want a functional damage model with body armor. im tired of bleeding from every little scratch and there needs to be a bigger difference between INS and conventional factions. shit even INS is getting tank v tank gameplay. its simply not even enjoyable to play infantry at this point. as they keep adding more vehicles theres hardly going to even be any more inf gameplay lol
  16. Yesterday
  17. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    I would say this is the reason for fewer super FOBs in current version. However, I do agree with the dev in the abstract ammo supply at the moment. As a regular game progress with a fully populated server, there will not be enough players filling the front-line if a squad is working on FOB tasks; boring or not. With 2 squad attacking, 1 squad defending, 1 squad in FoB, 0.5 squad on assets, that's all you can do and there won't be any spare unit left of for special OPs (finding enemy FoB/ flanking). On another hand, if the squad in FoB is freed up from the duty, then players will have the chance to make some tactical moves and may the game less predictable. Therefore, I would only agree to ammo running duties when the game support 50 vs 50, where the extra manpower can be distributed towards flying, AA and FOB duty.
  18. Edit: seems I was way late to the party. Gameplay: Regards to run/sprint speed, why was it increased as oppose to increasing duration? Side note: I can run/jog with 30kg pack for 500m easily and I'm not that fit or big, but what I can't do is run really fast at all with it. Any plans to be able pick other players, friendly and foe grenades or bandages, or get these from enemy ammo crates/rifleman bags? wouldn't expect ammo because of different ammo types. Modding: When is whitelisting mods going to occur? before beta? after release? Any plans to promote modded content more? how and when?
  19. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    This rocked though. Resupplying emplacements by hand with physical ammo cans is awesome. Compare it to the bizarre, abstract way dumping supplies from trucks works in v15
  20. ROADMAP - but why?

    Something is better than nothing. gives a little insight to what major content that have planned for the next major updates. You also have to take into consideration that with the new 4 - 6 week patch cadence, can't really say extra X content/feature/mechanic will be in, as it might miss the deadline for release. Also, the Squad chat this morning is full of info; In-depth commander feature discussion, talk on Gary, Insta death, Buddy rally, Movement inertia/momentum etc etc
  21. ROADMAP - but why?

    http://joinsquad.com/roadmap/ finally a roadmap... but I wish this was released, hum, 3 years ago? anyway, this roadmap is so mediocre, sorry to say, so little information that might aswell not give us a roadmap at all besides, I could predict that choppers would come soon (V16/V17) and that the BETA/commander was close to be released too so.. nothing new there, unless they will detail the roadmap at anytime with more info, because right now, nothing new/or almost no info the only thing that I wasnt sure was about new factions, good to see, we need them just for comparison, Sandstorm's roadmap, thats a roadmap: http://newworldinteractive.com/sandstorm-roadmap/ I didnt catch the chat live today, but will listen to it on weekend... I hope for good news!
  22. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Regardless, the current state of the game is much more new players friendly and the player population is increasing according to steam chart. Although I would still prefer a much more PR approach (looking at you revive system and rally point system), I would accept the current game mode as the default. Don't forget, we were gaming the riflemen kit in supply crates to resupply ammo for emplacement in PR too. In my opinion, we can consider modding after the devs done developing the flying assets. I believe that will be the true point of departure between casual gamers and PR supporters.
  23. Squad crashes every round end since V15

    yup that helped , still the same old cache problem .. But now it crashes just in a game..
  24. Sometimes my PC would almost be frozen for around 20 minutes and it'd turn out to be Squad updating. In 20+ years of playing games, I've never experienced anything like this. I've had to un-check the "automatically keep this game up to date" option in Steam. I would rather download the entire game from scratch than have this. I need my PC for work! At least 20 mins downloading I could use the PC for other stuff. Squad is on my OS drive as it's an SSD. There's not a lot of free space on it which probably doesn't help in this manner (around 15GB of a small 111GB usable drive) but everything else works fine and dandy, OS loads fast, programs load fast. As mentioned no other game updates kill my PC in this fashion so why does Squad? While updating, my D drive (where Steam is installed) fills up a bit, and actually goes in to the red. It's a 1TB (931GB usable) which has 100GB free which goes down to about 85GB free when Squad is updating. So why do files which are unpacking and presumably extracting on to the D drive, (when the game is installed on C) cripple my PC for 20+ minutes?
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