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  2. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    AA settings do not impact that much. AA in this game do nothnig much and require super sampling and super sampling impact 30-50 fps on ultra depending on map.
  3. Mortars

    Hi, Right now mortars are not very effective. You can shoot in a bucket, but don't do any damage. I mean that people don't care about a mine landing at 10 meters. This is why I thought to reverse it. Making dispersion inscreasing with distance & Increase damage radius. Thus, we get: - mortars used in their real purpose, good supress before an assault, scare people - can be used by more people and not be "reserved" only for those using squadcalc (because more effectiveness), avoid people shooting right on habs (for example) with squadcalc, avoid killing vehicles with mortars (they are not made for it but for inf) Two birds with one stone For balancing reasons mortar's rate of fire can be decreased, ammo cost increased ?
  4. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    Honestly I don't know why this should be so difficult to solce actually. If they could have vegetation, albeit ugly as hell, that you could hide behind in operation Flashpoint from like 2001 or something they obviously can do it in Squad at low settings in 2018! Most people here look at the problem in the wrong direction however. It is not about forcing people to buy expensive hardware (for obvious reasons not a good idea) but instead to lower the advantages that are gained on lower settings. I mean, for all I care introduce some cheap random pixel noise among the foliage when shadows are off! How hard can it be really? It is already ugly so if people want nice then go buy the hardware. If they want playable on low-end, then accept the artificial noise introduced to reduce advantages gained from shadows off! The problem has been solved well in other games. It is solvable. Devs should prioritize this. It is truly annoying I agree!
  5. check out what i wrote at another tank thread that was discussing something simuIar : "can surely understand tank gunner and commander , but in my opinion ( becuase of the player count restrictions ) we should make the driver and the commander be the same role , allowing the driver have acsses to both the commander turret , and even the mounted small machince gun on the top ( using the gun / commander camera turret with the mouse while still drivering with the keyboard ) , and loader should be an "npc" ( not a real npc , i mean like an automatic function for all the tanks ) that tied to the tank and he can't leave it" - Maybe there could be a comnander option ... But if no one is in the slot the controls would be passed to the driver , in this way , 3 man tanks won't be an essential thing for operating a tank properly ... but the option would still be there for the "extra pair of eyes" . what do you think ?
  6. Hi all, i have recently purchased post scriptum and no servers would show over the entire test weekend - i then today decided to buy squad and i also now have problems as well as no servers show on that either ? i have tried all methods to get these to show such as whats on this web page https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/234684847-No-servers-in-server-browser is there anything else i can do ? i can see the servers in steam but when i click on one and it loads into squad i am just looking at no servers and red box saying steam offline ? some help would be great as maybe this may be linked with my post scriptum woes ? and no i dont have a msi motherboard its a asus p6t V2. Thanks for taking the time to read this and some response would be great.
  7. Actually....without those things you mentioned...its way worse than battlefield.
  8. To get the best first impression of what kind of game this is, you experienced SL's and even players with higher experience in general must be leaders for these ducklings. If they are left with other free weekend beginners making squads and not communicating, they will think of this as little more than Battlefield with more restrictions.
  9. Improvements to vic system

    To clarify: It shows the vehicles that are available at the beginning of the round and it won't change if a vic gets destroyed or whatever. It only shows how many of each vehicle spawn.
  10. Medic mechanic overhaul!

    With the eventual overhaul of a more in depth medic game play and the dragging mechanic, the following proposal could not only compliment the changes but add a simple and further emphasis on rewarding teamwork and SL decisions in the heat of a skirmish. I will break them down below! How it works: Players will be categorized into two sections, only a medic can see the state of a player (or player model). These two states are as follows A. Incapacitated (current "downed" system with live player waiting for a medic) B. Critical (player is no longer live, but player model is a valuable target [read full article to see why and how]) Section 1: Systems defining the state of a player A: Causes for incapacitated state Low caliber hits & frag rounds to the body & or multiple hits to the limbs B: Causes for Critical state High caliber hits to the body & low caliber hits to the head (high caliber hits to the head = deceased as per current system) Section 2: Rules for each player state A. Incapacitated Player screen: Incapacitated players go through the same process as they do now, dimmed screen waiting for a revive. Players who press Respawn cause their player model to go into Critical (Their RESPAWN timer is NOT affected) Bleedout to deceased state as per current system B. Critical Players placed in Critical go to respawn screen. Respawn timer +20 from current system Medics who bandage the Critical player model cut down that player Respawn timer in half! Medics who bandage the Critical player model put it into a Stabilized state Stabilized player models have the current bleedout timer increased (for survival gameplay purposes; more on this later) Once the bleedout timer expires, the Critical player models changes over to deceased Section 3: Special Buildings required for game play in further sections A special building is required at a FOB for the two types of systems to be in play. They are the following: 1. A medic station 2. An intel radio (must be manned by a live player) More on this later Section 4: Friendly Critical players gameplay Friendly Critical player models are important and require a medic (and possibly other dedicated players for super efficient transportation) Rules for mechanics to be in effect: A special building (medic station) is required at a FOB for this mechanic to be in play (if it disappears or is dug up, the mechanic will not work) Critical player models may be brought back to MAIN BASE For every # (X) Critical player models brought back to MAIN BASE 1 ticket is refunded (rewarded) Section 5: Enemy Critical players gameplay While some squads may make it a priority to rescue critical player models, the enemy may too. These will be broken down into two sections (C & E) Note: X means up to the devs/community for balance reasons Rules for C: Reduce enemy tickets A special building (intel radio) is required at a FOB for this mechanic to be in play (if it disappears or is dug up, the mechanic will not work) special building does NOT HAVE TO BE MANNED by a live player ENEMY Critical player models may be brought back to your MAIN BASE For every # (X) Critical player models brought back to your MAIN BASE; enemy team has 1 ticket lost Rules for D: intel on the enemy a special building (intel radio) must be manned for this mechanic to be in play (for reasons below) For every X Critical ENEMY player model brought back to your MAIN BASE; the following situation happens The live player manning the special building receives the general location (the SAME current system used for CACHES in Insurgency mode) in YELLOW on their map and their map only The live player will then use these general locations to relay to their SQUAD LEADER and/or local VOIP If the special building is not manned or is removed; the map locators are wiped If the special building is rebuilt, it is a blank slate and the number and revealings of critical bodies continues (see below) The number and revealings of Critical bodies brought to your main are as follows: 1. 5(or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy SL 2. 10 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy SL rally point 3. 15 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy vehicle in use 4. 20 (or X) ENEMY Critical brought to main = General location of an enemy HAB /FOB Radio 5. After 20 (or final X) Critical brought to main = rolls over and resets back to step 1. Section 6: Rules for vehicles Vehicles may pick up Critical player models Vehicles may only carry 1/2 of their normal live player seats Empty vehicles with Critical player models can have them removed (or rescued) by a player using the "use button" (to place the player model into a dragging state or just next to the vehicle The proposed system would not only place emphasis on the medic class but also add an additional layer of gameplay for both sides. If played correctly by one side through coordiated teamwork, they can receive a great advantage over the enemy. Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions, I will happily update if this discussion evolves! Best, Gz
  11. Improvements to vic system

    So just for clarity sake because I think i'm still confused about your suggestion. If you're in a match and a vehicle gets destroyed what happens in your suggestion? Does your suggestion influence this element like would there be a section of information on the map showing the vehicle had been destroyed or does your suggestion not influence this aspect?
  12. I'll wait...

    3 x 0-1
  13. Physics?

    Well, they have to overhaul it eventually. I don't see helicopters working with the current state of vehicle physics. Can you imagine rubberbanding mid air?
  14. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    Short version: antialiasing = TAA, effects NOT on ultra (mine is on high) & don't use Vsync. Enjoy. OR - Read this thread....
  15. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    Damn you have a meat machine and can't get 60... mmm... set apart the fact that I'm really sorry I think that no, is not normal for a PC with this spec to don't reach it at 1920x1080 resolution. You should get more for sure Now I remember the graph setting that can hit the FPS, the "super sampling" parameter
  16. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    I am playing at resolution of 1920x1080. I am not after to get 60fps with low graphical settings while I have this kind of setup if I can do it. I am just asking is this normal. Also I did not cleared cache if you mean the clear cache setting under the settings menu.
  17. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    - CPU : i7 5820k - GPU : Strix 980 Ti - Ram : 64gb 2800mhz - Resolution : 1920x1080 Last time I play, on an 80 player servers (depend on the map) FPS were 70/90 with drops to 40/45. It's strange because your 8700K have a clock frequency of 4,7 GHz and game like Squad have a great benefit on this (since they use 2 cores at max). At what resolution do you play ? Did you try to "play" with graphic setting ? (usually it does not change the FPS except for one parameter, but I don't remember the name) And standard question: Did you clear your cache ?
  18. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    I am also remembering changing to my monitor's speakers and go back to headset but no difference.
  19. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    Can anyone confirm performance issue? Is it normal to have 30 fps on ultra?
  20. As there's still some work being done on graphics and maps, we're not working on integrating that into tournament mode *right now*. It is on our mind and will likely see some updates. Nordic is a big proponent of tournament mode too, and doesn't let us forget it needs updates. =)
  21. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    Have you folks run Windows Update recently? One of the last updates reset default sound devices for many, many users, which has caused problems in programs that otherwise detect those for use: Unreal Engine, OpenBroadcastStudio, etc. In some cases, the programs are unable to detect the old device. The good news is, setting your device choices again should resolve it. If that doesn't do it, and the help here doesn't fix it, you can email [email protected] for further assistance.
  22. Not quite. It would still be AAS except these "flags" have an area of dominance similar to territory controll. In this area on the map the team that holds it is able to build stuff.
  23. Update to Squad Voice Chat

    1000x this!
  24. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    I forgot to mention that I already verified the game through Steam and also checked whether headset gone full mute or just game and it turn out just the game. I have Logitech G430.
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