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  2. [CnL] English/SweVOIP TEAMWORK

    Funny how you even admit the admin abuse, when you violate your server licence like that. Please stay away if you find it hard to comprehend running a public server, where you have agreed by contract a sertent set of rules, to even be allowed to rent the server in the first place. In future outbursts violating legal contracts in the world, specially the ones you write in online forums, choose your words more wisely, or you will end up in a lawsuit one day, if and when you disrespecting the wrong guy with to much time and money. Or god forbids even end up being a victim of self prosecution (these days its really not that hard tracking people down on the internet, when you have security clearance within the anti terror law. And trust me, a clearance like that is just as easy to come by) Buy your own game if you absolute have the urge to compensate for sertant things. Being a nobody must be hard, and i feel sorry for your degree of self-pityness. But letting it out on people who actually have decent respect for other people. And how dare you disrespecting Project Reality like that. You where the bsame toxic type we tryed to get rid of back then, and then you just move on to the next community try to ruin. You think like mentioning ("Project Reality" times) making you some kind of god, and there by excused for your sorry behavor. You really must be dellutional.. Well hmmmm am i the guy with to much time and legally resources, am i the guy who got my clearance way to easy, or am i just the guy wanting everybody to know what we all think of you, and really dont give a damn what sorry excuse of being such a sorry example, you what so ever trying so hard to be... But as we all can se, most guys, we just go with the third option, cause we dont talk behind peoples back, like many are allready doing...
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  4. 3rd Special Forces Group

    Bump We now have more than 10 members. Most of the time people like to play later in the evenings, after 1900EST, though we do have some that play earlier and others that go later.
  5. [CnL] English/SweVOIP TEAMWORK

    After i left their discord, they start pm me with their low IQ They also started making jokes of the Squad developments, with comments like just report admin abuse to the child support. Makes you wonder if they even understand the concept of it, or just imitating the lousy comedian on stage laughing at their own jokes. Really hope they get their license taken away, but then again this kind of low self esteemed dimwitted nimrods, just gonna make a new one and start all over to kill the game slowly peace by peace over time. Sorry to sink as low as them by using these kind and mature expressions, but those are the kind who should get a big fine, and banned from all game related content, for not only abusing a game server contract like they do, but also spreading bad PR. Might be he only language they would comprehend to understand.
  6. [CnL] English/SweVOIP TEAMWORK

    no argument there. kicking people cause they want the role. and kicking reason. you suck..... the special kind of stupidity and imature admins in the whole fing community. When pointing out wrong doings in their discord admin support, they disrespect by sending all kind of pics and vids.. This server is a bad example for the community, and they surely know that its close to impossible to report their toxic way of disrespecting players.
  7. Great EPIC Quixel Announcement !

    sounds fan-bludy-tastic!!! my only concern is how much this high resolution stuff would actually be used, in reality. love (read: hate) how these sort of people keep going on about how a few simple clicks can produce your dreams; such LoL! - just like the new Squarespace ad's telling you how building a website magically creates a physical business - "a website makes it real" - omg, how pretentious can you get. the Bridge&stuffs needs to be embedded into UE4, for better workflow - just having 3d painting inside UE4 would be a better feature, tbh.
  8. [CnL] English/SweVOIP TEAMWORK

    Play on another server if you don't like it. We run our server by squad reservation don't se the problems to be honest. Follow the rules and you don't get in trouble. You can always apply for your own license. We run it like the most servers did during the "Project Reality" times. "After the argument we had, his clan members started to type "read the rules, bla bla bla" in the chat. " Now this is the best part. "bla bla bla" your on our server and not respecting our rules? Please stay away if you find it hard to teamwork.
  9. online server browser

    not sure if this is what your looking for but here it is. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/squad
  10. [CnL] English/SweVOIP TEAMWORK

    This guy has been banned on several servers for being troll with a VAC Ban says alot. Not going to comment more. Have a nice evening.
  11. online server browser

    is there a server browser like this that will show you stats like what map the game is on, what game mode, etc https://www.realitymod.com/prspy/
  12. Server Licensing General Info

    Hallo, I just received a negative response for the License Application. The reason stated in the email is as follows: CPU not eligible for a license. My CPU is a AMD Ryzen 5 5600, which has a very high Single and multithread performance. which CPU should be used instead? Best Regards, Legotan?
  13. Great EPIC Quixel Announcement !

    Cuz your a n00b. Fixed it for you. BTW this a HUGE news, tasty!
  14. Great EPIC Quixel Announcement !

    Great news for all the mappers ! (total fail in embedding the video)
  15. Mic not working in squad

    Same problem. Mic doesn't work after release ALPHA 15, and doesn't work only in SQUAD. Tried to fix through steam — to no avail. Simple mic with 3.5mm jack.
  16. new to squad

    Hi and welcome to Squad Felicitus !!
  17. LOUD Main Menu Heli Sound

    i thought thats what the (btw great) soundtrack was for ... and pls dont remind me of that generator!!
  18. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Usually we prefered to hold onto the vehicle rather than destroy it because destroying it meant leaving it behind, which usually meant the enemy would come and salvage parts from it in order to build a new one. So no, destroying it didn't mean a new one magically appeared, but it meant a higher potential for a new one to be built by utilizing whatever working parts were left after we destroyed it. Contrary to popular belief, we didn't carry around C4. Destroying an asset usually just meant destroying a specific part of the asset. We used specific because we figured "if we always destroyed asset Y by breaking part X then they will always have a need for part X and can't simply take 2 broken assets Y to make a new asset Y since both have the same broken part." On a smaller scale, we always took firing pins from abandoned firearms because they rendered the firearm useless and it was easy to destroy iterally hundreds with only a slight weight gain in gear. But yes, destroying and abandoning the asset led to the enemy getting some working parts off it and rebuilding it while capturing it meant complete deprivation.
  19. LOUD Main Menu Heli Sound

    Actually, it does serve a purpose strangely enough though. You can turn the out of game volume way way down just to the point where you can barely hear it. That way when you're alt tabbed out watching YouTube or whatever whilst sitting in a server queue when you "don't" hear the chopper anymore you know you're in a server. Before it was the lack of a generator sound.
  20. Can we have the option to turn down the heli sound in main menu? Soooo annoying hearing it every 15 seconds.
  21. Problems with Helicopters

    agree with most of what you said, even in real life TOW missiles do not necessarily completely destroy a helicopter such as a blackhawk or MI 18. I think a tow missile hit on a heli should destroy engine and force landing. A tank round should still kill though in most locations. I also agree with the 100 player servers and 100% agree with you on the helicopter response to pitch controls when you are at low collective; i just didnt know how to articulate that issue.
  22. A better armor and Gear system

    It still amazes me to this day that people think, line infantry units get to customise and change their weapons around. Shit doesn't happen in the British Army. What you get issued, is what you get issued. I'd rather have an ACOG over a Light weight day sight, but I get the latter. This fantasy of soldiers fully customising their weapons, with barrels, flash hiders, sights and paint jobs is just that. A fantasy. (From a serving Brit.)
  23. Battle of East Novo

    it's, really super slow, yeah ... that might be coz i can't actually see it though - no link
  24. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    back in JO we sometimes stole/kept-safe (usually to use against them but mostly for denial) the enemy vehicle as a new one would not spawn until the existing one was destroyed. allowing vics the time to burn out and then goto re-spawn-timer, rather than outright destroy, also held the enemy up as well, just not for as long. of course we could steal/comandeer vehicles in that game as well, so there's that.
  25. Shot Effects

    OWI are hoping experiment with the medical system post 1.0 release(which is when dragging will be focused on too). I wouldn't expect something super detailed like Arma's ACE advanced system, but we'll have to wait until 1.0 to see what OWI experiments with.
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