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  2. Snipers

  3. Hey, ich bin Olli, 24 J. und hab mir vor ein paar Tagen Squad gekauft, aber hab schnell festgestellt das man im Team viel besser unterwegs ist. Meine Frage wäre ob jemand Lust hat, einen kompletten Squad Neuling ein wenig einzuarbeiten? Gruß olli
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  5. I am not sure if I am seeing this right. One video of Squad has 10 million views and another has 8.9 million. https://search.bilibili.com/all?keyword=Squad&from_source=nav_search
  6. Teleport from main base?

    I think once off map assets become available, superfobbing will become less popular since arty/airstrikes will blow them to smithereens. The guys who spend 30 minutes creating the alamo will all have sad faces when their creations are wrecked in 15 seconds and everyone inside is in small pieces. A change for the better IMO. I agree, once trans helos are in, a review of the spawning meta is called for. Maybe limit the number of FOBs up at one time. I could see having some way to respawn on orphan vics being useful if it was limited in some way. Either only a specific role could do it, or each vehicle would need a "repair" to make it more vulnerable. You can't just spawn on a vic in the middle of a firefight and drive off. I've always advocated for a free respawn to anyone who drives a vehicle into main to encourage returning them. For example, if you were driving a vic for 45 seconds, and are now in main, you can jump out and respawn at a forward spawnpoint without a ticket or time penalty. This would eliminate people spawning at main, driving a vic out and back in in 10 seconds and then insta-respawning.
  7. Fuel, Food & Water

    You get 7 drinky-poos with a canteen in PS. Sometimes it refills when you rearm at an ammo crate, sometimes not, so you do have to manage it. I'd prefer less than 7 tbh, I've rarely ever gone through all of them in one life. I thought it was pretty silly at first, but I've gotten used to it, and it adds a small strategic element because you're obviously vulnerable while you have a canteen in your hand. It's really not much different than going prone before an assault in Squad to up your stam, its just faster and used in the same situations. PS has slightly different amounts of sway and stamina, I think you have less stamina than Squad IIRC, so the canteen is there to help you manage it. I think adding in a new type of supply points for logi to haul around is unnecessarily complicated.
  8. Community Clan Fight Night

    HSR Kokan
  9. Hit windows key and type %localappdata% Then delete the "Squad" folder.
  10. Community Clan Fight Night

    W♥S in Kokan
  11. Fire-team Radios.

    Maybe have squad chat key as usual and a modifier with it for fireteams, e.g. v and the numpad numbers so that they're used for direct ft talk as well as direct sl talk or something.
  12. Apart from jensen's range because it's limited . Something a little more customizable.
  13. Fire-team Radios.

    I suppose if that is proposed FTLs would have squad communication right?
  14. Snipers

    I'd say about 70% of players who automatically take marksman are a) idiots b) really bad generally c) don't play the class well or add much value to the squad at all
  15. Fire-team Radios.

    use search function.
  16. Game Mode: King of the Hills

    You cannot spawn on the objective, but you can place a FOB/HAB on it if you wish.
  17. Fuel, Food & Water

    not sure the maps are big enough to justify fuel running out in the vehicles ... you get into the realms of pubg with super fast fuel consumption just to fit a certain mechanic in the game. after all its bad enough now with people leaving vehicles (fully fueled and full of ammo!) lying across the map.. what you suggest is whats in SCUM.. which simulates night and day and is built around stamina/food/bowel movement etc.. .. Whilst id like to see a shift towards a more realistic game a 2 hour realtime match should not really require food and water... the last thing I want to be doing is running around dying (not sure you can run around dying but you know what I mean) because there is no water or food at a supply point... I just think its a step to far .. but as discussed on another thread... droppable supply crates without the use of a radio would be useful and im still going to say that enemies should be able to hijack and use supply drops.
  18. Last I heard, Xianyu was the one organizing all those matches for SAGA.
  19. Ok I messaged "YYBL", hope he replies soon.
  20. Community Clan Fight Night

    SpecOE in Kokan
  21. Yesterday
  22. Fire-team Radios.

    When fire-teams are assigned, wouldn't it be beneficial to have fire-team based communication instead of squad based communications? I believe that a feature like this would improve overall squad performance by allowing for a more organised communication structure. thoughts?
  23. inconsistency with tank armour profiles?

    The issue is,in the event that a tank gets the drop on an enemy one,there is still potential that tank one could lose,and never had a chance to begin with. If tank one fired 3 times with no effect,and tank two fired 3 times with effect,then its GG,and the skill is removed from the equation. With no way to know if you are shooting sabot or confetti,the tank game is really frustrating.
  24. Mic won't work in Squad but works in every other game

    I've checked that I have my mic enabled and set to default and I don't know what else to do in all honesty
  25. Some say low audio works. Also there have been some windows 10 updates that seem to muck up peoples sound setups, sometimes it just a simple restart of Squad and it works. Check you have you mic selected in windows and works.
  26. I've tried just about everything I could find and nothing is working. My mic works in every other game I have, but not Squad. Any help?
  27. Community Clan Fight Night

    13.Jg in Yeho
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