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  2. Humvee Gunner Crouch/Duck-Down?

    It really surprises me when i see a suggestion this old,that is great and needed in this game of ours.And the developers do not care about this. Its pure and simple no one wants to use an open top humvie or mrap.In a gunner seat that is.
  3. Stop bitching about teamwork.

    promise unfulfilled
  4. Command voice chat/channel

    Try to encourage better radio discipline. If people get loud on either channel tell em to speak one at a time or anything to that extent. As long as you aren't a *** about it most people will see that it was getting a bit out of hand.
  5. 3rd Special Forces Group

    Active Almost Nightly, Really active from Thursday - Sundays. Stop on in for a couple of games!
  6. Squad not responding

    You've done the simple stuff right? Clear cache manually. Verify game files. Check your tempratures of cpu/gpu and the usage. Might be another program interfering with squad.
  7. Are there any plans to make armor of vehicles and building, damage and penetration of weapons more consistent (close to real life). Maybe the whole new damage system? So you will be able to penetrate buildings with 50 cal, you can penetrate BRDM with 7,62, you can destroy more vehicles with rocket launchers.
  8. ah ok, that makes sense.
  9. Handbrake indicator in vic HUD

    somewhat sub-optimal, yeah.
  10. I think numbers arent immersive. i'd prefer the rally bag icon going from red to orange to green like the healing system.
  11. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Mayor O'Doyle Steam Profile:http://steamcommunity.com/id/drzizmor Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 42 Timezone or Region: EST [GMT -5] Nature of Interest: I'd like to find a clan that's organized and has a time each week that they play. If they have a server for training that's a plus. I'm fine with Milsim, but just finding a good group to squad up with is my chief concern. Gaming Background: Played a lot of PR and all of the Battlefield titles. Also had a fair amount of time in ArmA 3. Other than that, mainly casual games. Additional Skills: Nothing relevant, I don't think Status: Unsigned
  12. How Armored Combat Feels

    This is what I'm worried about. But now that I think about it, it would be less of a burden if able to override driver controls from the command seat, as opposed to switching back and forth. You've convinced me.
  13. profile pictures

    a higher size limit for profile pictures on the website?
  14. How Armored Combat Feels

    Trust me, this wouldn't make the driver irrelevant. A tank squad leader can be responsible for communication and coordination between the team, his squad, his own tank, and spotting/shooting with his remote MG. Driving on top of all of that renders him woefully overworked. IMO it's just too much of a burden to ask players to have a group of people to queue with, just so that they can get a decent experience in armour. Right now, playing any other role is fine if you play alone, armour not so much. I think this is a pretty good solution that is also realistic, I think pretty much all tanks have this capability (Commander overriding driving controls).
  15. Yesterday
  16. 1. Because correcting marker by another SL is a thing 2. Player is always the issue, it doesn't mean you can't get technical solution/help to such issues. Providing ability to identify and verify the marker by contacting the player directly is the solution
  17. Handbrake indicator in vic HUD

    Holding spacebar when exiting a vehicle stucks spacebar control in pressed state until you press it again handbrake meme, nothing hard in fixing such bugs in general, except for Squad that's just a standard to keep such bugs in game for years
  18. Handbrake indicator in vic HUD

    zomg! why is there even a handbrake? i thought this was Squad, not ArmA. programming-wise what's so hard about: Turn off Engine = cannot roll / auto-handbrake ... ?
  19. 1. why aren't the markers player-specific as far as placement and removal/lifetime, is concerned? 2. won't be able to do much about misleading/incorrect markings, it's the player placing them that's the issue, not the game and as such the player should be pulled up about it.
  20. Humvee Gunner Crouch/Duck-Down?

    i thought what i said was plainly obvious, but anyhoo ... tit for tat is used like that in some cases where i come from - no matter, i'll change it to ... 'six of one - half a dozen of the other', or 'on one hand, ... etc.' my intent, as you can probably work out, was to highlight the "someone in a armored turret with protection is a formidable" versus "who can be picked off at ease <relatively> by a soldier" - i have no issue here, there is balance of a kind and i think it is reasonable given this is a game (pls note my additional <relatively>). you want a powerful positive then you must accept a powerful negative as well. if you simply want a position you can dominate relatively easily from then go buy a CROWS. also: what @Mauti said, above has been known for ages, try it, it's virtually guranteed protection.
  21. Can't Believe I Have to Ask This

    i also got stuck bunnyhopping until i found "just the right spot", but only once - the other time i tried it worked perfectly and first attempt <Shrugs>
  22. EU servers with best quality of games?

    I would say that you shouldn't rely on "whole server population" in regards of quality of game and level of skill, but instead strive for getting stable group to play with (e.g. clan), and play where they play Unfortunately, even that itself isn't as simple in the current state of the community
  23. The cost of simply letting to delete only own markers will make a lot of normal uses expensive: correcting position of fob/vehicle marker is normally done with deleting old marker to avoid confusion/multiple markers in same area. MB as "anti-griefing" mode turned on by the SL, which doesn't let to delete own markers by all other/concrete another squad (if he gets a way to know who deletes his markers, e.g. via log) that would work, but it's already relatively complicated Idea of color-coding own squad markers from other squad markers is actually interesting and useful by itself.
  24. Hi, What would you guys consider the best EU servers in regards of quality of game and level of skill? I've been hopping through servers, and some are better in this regard than others, but not sure which one would take the first place. Curious to hear others' experiences so I could try out some servers for a while that I haven't played much on yet.
  25. Maybe lock markers and color code them to squads. Only markers an SL can delete are those their squad put down. Color coding markers would make it so you'd instantly know which belong to each squad.
  26. Squad not responding

    Page file size is set to automatic
  27. Handbrake indicator in vic HUD

    Does "hand break" even work when person is outside of the vehicle? If not, then it is just a control bug of not resetting state of controls put in a feature meme status
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