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  2. Well few min ago me and my team EXYU get banned for no reason. One of my member argue with some SL about BTR and they started to fight with words. Im not defending my team member but admin of Mublerines banned all my team members from EXYu incl. me without explain. Can i get answer why we are banned?
  3. At $149 its giving a select few a big advantage over others.
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    what even is?
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  6. We are working on it, and we hope to have a solution sooner than later. No ETA at this time.
  7. Any thoughts how long for solution. Like the skins
  8. Developers have taken note of this thread... check..... Unfortunately, I typically do not get involved in normal disputes like this. Especially where there is admitted wrongdoing from both parties involved. You have been banned for 1 month. Be thankful it wasn't a perm. ban if you enjoy playing on this server so much. A server admin is allowed to ban who they want. As I was not there for the altercation, so, I will take their word on the chain of events. However, if you truly have a problem with this team and their server, I would suggest shopping around for another server. As far as the administration guidelines are concerned, I just finished redesigning most of them so I am well aware of the and what they entail. Should they update their post on the forums, yes... @Nordic @hexx please get this done. Thanks. They have actively investigated and concluded the same results it would seem. You have almost their entire admin group here responding to your thread. As far as I am concerned, this is the end of this before it becomes a bigger flame war than it already seems to be. /LOCKED
  9. Yeah i know, but as you said yourself there are alot of other good server Also Hexx, in the guidlines Merlin asks for ~ Server policies should be made clear to players in game, and should be listed and kept updated in a thread on the Official Squad Forums. Just to answar your "we have rules on steampage" Secoundly, he asks for admins to ~ Admins should be active in the Game Server Feedback section in the Squad forums. Admins should actively investigate, and address any reasonable concerns or complaints posted for the attention of their server. I cant see alot of investigation in "we are the admin, and therefor the ban isnt to any diskussion. My hope is that you will someday follow these guidlines, made by the games creators, and which are the reason you are allowed to even host a squad server in the first place.
  10. ok, noted. you are still banned
  11. I will remind you of the game server guidelines given by merlin, notice point 2 and 3.
  12. the steampage and discord should have the most uptodate copy of the rules. will have to look into updating that esportify page. not that it really matters. at the end of the day: yes the admin's view and decision has priority over yours. does that leave room for abuse to occur? yes. but we feel we have enough checks and balances to monitor this. however we do not feel your ban was related to admin abuse, and we are not going to argue and debate over it. you can claim that you were a victim of abuse was and that is fine, you are more than entitled to that viewpoint. to wrap up all i can say is that if you don't like our server's rules and policies, then there are lots of other great squad servers to play on.
  13. Hey guys! We're really kicking up our recruitment efforts, we welcome anyone and everyone. We have out own official server and also, we started Scrimmage Nguyen other clans as well. Stop on by and check out our site or drop in our teamspeak today!
  14. Cool story, OP. Pretty convincing proofs and no way it can be a resentful attempt to publicly throw some shit on a server admins* for whatever reason.
  15. Well SgtHerhi, i geuss you have some kind of connection to the mublerines, and is why you are replying to this post. First of all can you point out in the chat i had on discord with Nordic, were he is polite or in your post were you are polite ? And please if you have evidence of anything you are saying, please feel free to post it. Scoundly i dont care what people says to me ingame, im upset about the ban i recived, remember the first reason i got was that I was talking in a bad manner. And at last, between your comments of me being a ****, a little shit and a preteen, which i dont expect you to know much off. I am trying to get some focus from the developers, whom made instructions for the server owners, to notice this admin abuse.
  16. Hi Silverfox! It looks like you got banned for being a ****. From what I've seen you in the past couple hours on the [M] discord and on this post here it appears to me that you are a little bit of a ****. You posted a very emotional story of how you got mistreated as you were gloriously holding the front surrounded by your enemies and as friendlies turned against you. Truly exceptional work from you, I have to admit that I shed a manly, patriotic tear at it. Then you got called on out on your horse shit story and given the other side very politely. Which you deemed unnecessary to read and/or think if it was actually you that did something wrong. Sure, the admin told you to **** off. Whoopdy-****ing-doo. If this was the first time someone said a bad word to you on the interwebs, my condolences. Nonetheless you took it to your heart and decided to be upset about it. Valid strategy for a preteen. After which you decided it'll really reinforce your case to argue semantics and nitpick the wording in the statement given to you. I don't quite know what you hoped to achieve here today. All I know is that you still appear to be quite a ****. I would recommend looking in the mirror. You entitled. Little. Shit. Kind regards E:Disclaimer, I've got nothing to do with the server beyond being a regular and a friend and an active nuisance on their discord. You could consider me a part of the "community" you addressed here
  17. There aren't any special CHARACTER skins. Only weapon skins.
  18. Yo Odin, is there pics of these vet skins? Was in game a while back and dude commented on my uniform. I though he was just talking about the desert rifle paint job but he said i had a totally different character skin?
  19. Okay can you show me where this rule is with • Excessively whining is concidered griefing and is not be tolerated. , and do you have any actual prof of this? This is your rules: And as the previous link shows, i did not try to argue over the ban, i was simply trying to understand why i was banned. The problem was that you keep giving conflicting reason. This is also shown in the uploaded pictures of our dialog, if you call that spam, every conversation is spam.
  20. doh! nuts! ...i think it's the same rock!
  21. Okey I see Disable the Vet skins works for me so I'm gooood Hope Steam solves it soon .
  22. basically you got banned from both server and discord because of you apparent inability to follow simple rules: from our server rules: • Excessively whining is concidered griefing and is not be tolerated. • Respect other players at all times. and Admins are present to enforce the server rules. The priority is to maintain high quality gameplay and good teamwork for the benefit of all players. They retain the right to act accordingly with any undefined disruptive behavior that is not defined by these rules however they deem appropriate. from our discord rules: When the admins have reached a decision it is considered final, that means you may not appeal the ban any longer, any further discussion is pointless. it may surprise you but the mumblerines do not have the resources to administer the server in some kind of ''democratic'' way that you are thinking. of course our admins views count more than yours in matters like this, so it is pointless to argue with the decision. you may consider this ''abuse'' and you are entitled to your opinion. But we can only do the best we can with the limited resources we have. our view is that it is not really in our own interests to abuse our admin powers and kick and ban people for no reason, as it would ultimately be self defeating. our mission is simple we want to give all players the best squad experience so the best players choose our server over the competition. if we attract the best players, they show new people how to play the game well, and then we consistently get the best, most enjoyable games. it's a win win for everyone. Personally I think the fact that our server is so popular reflects that we are carrying out our mission with some success. we will take your feedback on board, but the time ban still stands and arguing and debating will not change that. you can PM me if you want to be unbanned from the discord and agree not to spam it. Best.
  23. Ok then i will.
  24. This is incorrect @Dundish. Each account has had varied results. For some its just the vet skins, others its the founders skins, etc. To be safe you need to disable all. Then by trial/error you can enable the ones that doesn't cause the issue for your particular account.
  25. Do you care to prove this by uploading some screenshots of the conversation? Regards
  26. Sigh. You were informed that you were banned because of your bad behaviour and lack of respect. You were also informed that you will be unbanned the 12th of february. After that you kept trying to argue with me over nonsense stuff and another admin grew tired of it infecting our support channel so he gave you a timeout. As I said, you're welcome back with a better attitude the 12th of february. "He should have banned himself" > I made a typo, I'm so sorry for this terrible happening I'm sure the gods will forgive me in my next life.
  27. Just an update, i went to [M] Discord channel, to appeal the ban, and to report the player who banned me. I have taken screenshots of the dialog, but i am unable to post the pictures in this thread. Unfortunatly i got banned from the discord channel, after asking which of the reasons, he later gave, i should focus on. The new reason for a months ban is, quote "you got banned because you tried to "backtalk" someone with another squadleader" Now i am confused and a little upset that they dont wanna talk to me. Kind regards
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