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  2. Logi passengers able to fire.

    I don't think it's going to be so much of an issue if logi passengers would be able to fire. It will be damn near impossible to hit anything anyway unless the truck is stationary.
  3. FINALLY playing Squad

    well, you must like battlefield games then i am having each time less and less fun, playing each time less and thinking of uninstalling there is nothing special about squad anymore, its just a BF clone
  4. Today
  5. FINALLY playing Squad

    Im still having a lot of fun with it..
  6. BTR-82A laser rangefinder

    Russia does need some love in general, this here is something that would be really nice to have yeee.
  7. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    You really are just looking for conflict, huh? A) I didn't report you and you are free to check this with mods etc. B) Where does your 'for once' come from!? This thing isn't a conversation, so I'll bow out, I think.
  8. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    So you'll not report me this time, and actually respond with logic and facts, to be constructive for once?
  9. BTR-82A laser rangefinder

    All sources suggest that TKN-AI commander sight used on BTR-82A has laser rangefinder, and that the gunner sight also has rangefinding capability. http://www.kurganmash.ru/en/machines/bmp3u/fire_power/tkn-ai/ (notice how the commander sight is that of BMP-3) https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/2014/10/bmp-3-underappreciated-prodigy.html This uses the pulse laser searchlight for rangefinding. https://squad.gamepedia.com/BTR-82A " The gunner's searchlight was replaced with a PL-1, and later an LP-1 infrared spectrum pulse laser searchlight. " Some sources also say BTR-82A has TKN-4GA-02(possibly a post-2016 development, with TKN-4GA-03 of the new 2019 BTR-82AT having thermals added in place of older nv) https://tvzvezda.ru/news/forces/content/201503291027-casm.htm Use google translate. Basically, TKN-4GA-02 sight complex has laser rangefinder and air-burst shells are programmed in an apparently unusual way(by shooting laser at it starting at 50m instead of programmed as it was loaded?). If we're pretending this is the earliest BTR-82A that came out of factory(considering the fact that we can't have T-72B3 obr.2016 either), at least the Commander should get a different sight + laser rangefinder. Why add this? This indirectly buffs BTR-82A slightly(since it's still deficient in quite a few ways) while promoting teamwork(someone has to sit on commander seat to range the target at least). At the very least, a bit more elevation is needed for commander seat.
  10. Logi passengers able to fire.

    Except they carry way too much stuff.
  11. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    OK pal. I think you might want to take heed of the mods at this point.
  12. Logi passengers able to fire.

    Those little atvs are great.
  13. Logi passengers able to fire.

    Yes, that is one of the reasons MRAPs exist. (BRDM-2 just blows up instantly) Well if they use the vehicle properly, there is no need to have the ability to shoot from vehicle seats(unless it's an armored vehicle with firing ports...etc.). Also I do think there should be a low-capacity logistics option that is bulletproof. Canada has those tiny ATVs with tiny bit of supplies on it as well. The new info is that you can stand on vehicle at low/medium speed and shoot from it that way, try it first.(before devs nerf/"fix" it)
  14. Logi passengers able to fire.

    Ok if you hit a mine they will all die to. So I see your point as being that you believe that people will use the vehicle in a more inappropriate manner. Which is potentially true. But what if they dont? What if it's actually just a nice thing to have. I see your point and we disagree. I leave it at that because I feel like your not giving me any new info. I appreciate your insight though I disagree.
  15. Logi passengers able to fire.

    It does, actually. To show you that even a tank's 3000hp + main gun + smokes won't save you. Most encounters(people driving into ambush while not aware) are like this, by the time you figure out where/who shot you, truck is already burning from the first rocket and you have roughly 10 seconds to get out to salvage the truck. (your average 2-man tank squad couldn't even do that) As usual, speed or safety, you can only pick one. " Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast " - I'm sure someone here at least heard of that at least once. If you want to drive into a "semi defended" point full speed, that's your risk to take and you're rightfully punished for it when enemy blows up the logi.
  16. Logi passengers able to fire.

    Your one scenario which doesnt reflect most encounters in squad rendered the change to be useless for your point its kinda a perfect environment. Why did you put a video up of a person blowing up a vehicle?
  17. Logi passengers able to fire.

    It would hurt current gameplay as it encourages people to use logi/transport as assault vehicles. Hence it's overall a negative one with inconsequential "positive" placebo effects(actually that illusion of safety will only make people make more dumb decisions). They could be spotting enemies, someone might be reading the map to tell driver whether to turn on the next intersection...etc. Or they could be holding their spawn for a rally when SL+1 reaches destination... You're the one going around in circles; you simply could not address the facts presented - that you can have dismounts and already can stand on truck/shoot from it. As above, it's overall a negative change with inconsequential "positive" placebo effects(actually that illusion of safety will only make people make more dumb decisions). If you think that's a good change, wait until your logi get drive-by by a pickup truck with a RPG guy on the back... That's my critique, facts don't care about your feelings. I recommend trying the above-mentioned methods before requesting for potentially disastrous changes.
  18. Logi passengers able to fire.

    Well of course their circle jerking. What are they going to do shoot people? No because they cant. Why would you present a scenario where they all die already as if it provides support to your wierd circle of points whirlwinding around the question. Why not other than your actual feelings? I want critique not feelings.
  19. Logi passengers able to fire.

    the proposition would allow situations to exist where you could defend yourself from an ambush to get past or safely find an alternate route, it would not hurt current gameplay and would add to the variety of gameplay and would not have a negative impact on the game, only a positive one.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Logi passengers able to fire.

    If ambush is spotted then you can turn offroad...etc. Or you could have chosen to have dismounts securing the route... None of that have anything to do with giving people ability to fire ineffectively from unarmored vehicle to feel better. If you think that's a good change, wait untl your logi get drive-by by a pickup truck with a RPG guy on the back... The usual is like this: Not even a tank will save you. Also it's not a "perfect" environment; a perfect environment would be two LATs killing truck instantly. Truck driver and guy standing up dying in one burst isn't exactly rare since recoil pushes aim...upward.
  22. Logi passengers able to fire.

    yes that situation can happen, but it can help in many situations not like that one. you're looking at a perfect ambush in a perfect environment in a perfect situation to kill the occupants before they can respond. if all reasoning was like that, vehicles would never be introduced because they can be hit by rockets.
  23. Logi passengers able to fire.

    AT weapons are also hand-held. So it is basically a role change. Not to mention you can already fire from logi by standing in it beforehand.
  24. Logi passengers able to fire.

    No man it's not a role change it's nothing overpowering its three dudes basically able to shoot in limited sectors with a truck bouncing around everywhere. It's not like we are sticking a tow on the logi.
  25. Logi passengers able to fire.

    What "facts" do you have? That sometimes people shoot you and you feel it's unfair that 8 people sitting in back of truck are too busy circlejerking instead of looking around? Once again, move infantry in to secure the area if it's "semi protected." Once again, you can already stand on truck. How about: driver/standing guy in front get shot in one burst, and eat rocket, logi is burning and blow up before rear two guys even find anyone to shoot? In these cases you're not going to survive even if you're in a tank.
  26. Logi passengers able to fire.

    driver and passengers get shot out, vehicle still rolling, roll past the enemy, rear two guys able to fire at enemy. before driver gets shot, guy standing in middle of logi has opportunity to shoot in front of truck.
  27. Logi passengers able to fire.

    You still have not touched on any of the facts presented before you. You are using your methods and tactics as reasoning for there to be no change. Some people push into semi protected objectives drop a hab and steamroll objectives there are so many ways to play. It's all based on the situation presented before you. You dont always have all star squad leads with you. Sometimes you are the push for the team you cant always just park your lodgie and slowly push in. I'm not saying that isn't a tactic that is effective. A deliberate methodical push is good stuff.
  28. Logi passengers able to fire.

    It does work, once again, driver just needs to drive more slowly. Speed and Safety, pick one not both. They are placebo effects because of how ambushes work(i.e. not standing in middle of road, in front/behind logi); the ideal ambush spot won't let you spot the ambush until you're in the killzone(with side of logi toward ambushers, unless it's an L shape which means you're extra screwed)...
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